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    Doug Spencer
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Watergame - 9. Chapter 9

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is no watergame in this chapter. There may be description of gay sex in this chapter.

In Chapter 9:

Jeff and Julian say goodbye to close friends

Jeff and Julian get moved into their Dorm

Jeff and Julian start their Fall Semester

Jeff and Julian spend Labor Day with Jim and Calvin

Tuesday morning Vi made coffee and the three men soon were at the table to share that first cup together while Vi packed their lunches.

"Guys," Art asked, "did you inform Alvin that this is your last week?"

"Yeah," Jeff replied, "we’re working through Friday. Simon and Gordy’s last day is tomorrow, they’re leaving for Georgia Thursday morning, spending Friday night and Saturday with their families, and then moving into their dorms at Tech on Sunday. God, we’re gonna miss those guys!"

"That’s always been a problem with summer friends—summer ends, and so does the friendship," Art said.

"I don’t think our friendship is going to end that easy," Julian said, "they want to get together with us once or twice during the school year, but we haven’t worked out the details."

"They’re really nice young men," Vi mentioned, "and we really enjoyed having them share the Fourth of July weekend with us. Maybe we could have a farewell cookout for them tomorrow evening."

"Oh, Mom!" Julian exclaimed, "that would be awesome! If they got everything packed tonight, they could even spend their last night here, with us, and leave for Georgia from here on Thursday."

"Hun," Art asked, "are you up for that?"

"Sure, Babe," Vi replied, "if we do ribs, I can parboil them during the afternoon, and it won’t take them long on the grill. I can go shopping today. Julian, why don’t you call them now, and invite them." Julian ran to get his phone.

Julian, five minutes later and smiling, "It’s a go! They’re going to pack Simon’s car tonight and leave for work in the morning. Then after work they’ll be coming here with us, spending their last night here and heading for Georgia on Thursday," Vi and Art both smiled.

"What about Gordy’s car?" Art asked.

"Oh," Jeff replied, "They left it in Georgia, Gordy and Simon only live about a hour from each other, Gordy drove to Simon’s house and parked it there, and they just drove Simon’s car here. That’s why they always drive Simon’s car to work."

"Smart kids," Art commented, "and that way they can swap off driving on the long trips between here and Georgia."

* * * * * *

Wednesday afternoon while everyone was clocking out, Alvin was standing by and pulled Gordy and Simon to the side.

"Guys," Alvin stated, "I understand this was your last day with us, aren’t you even going to say goodbye?"

"We’re sorry, Alvin, we just weren’t thinking," Gordy said, "we’re going to miss the whole crew. We’ve still got two more years before we graduate, I hope we’ll be invited back to work again next summer, if you can put up with us!"

"You’re good lads and dependable workers," Alvin said, "and unless the economy crumbles completely, I’ll have openings for you next summer. We’ll be mailing your last two checks to your home addresses, if that’s satisfactory."

"That’ll be fine, Alvin," Simon said, "and thanks for the summer jobs. Art White’s family has invited us for a farewell cookout tonight, and we’ll be leaving from their house in the morning, heading back to Tech."

"I think you made pretty close friends with Art’s son and his boyfriend, and the four of you made a good work team. I’m going to miss all four of you. Have a good school year."

Alvin gave both boys a warm hug, and all three men had tears in their eyes. It was an emotional departure. Alvin loves his college boys, and they all love Alvin. Alvin is very much aware of all four boy’s sexuality but it isn’t, and never has been an issue.

Art, along with J&J pulled into the drive, Simon and Gordy close behind. Within ten minutes Art had the charcoal going, and Vi brought out the parboiled ribs, Art placing them on the grill to finish. It would be about 45 minutes to an hour before the ribs would be ready, and Gordy and Simon took the opportunity to shower and change into the clothes they would wear tomorrow as they started their trip.

An hour later the family of six were seated at the picnic table, enjoying Vi’s labor of the day, Ribs, Home made Potato salad and baked beans.

After eating, Julian asked his Mom where the photograph of his future siblings was, and proudly showed it to Simon and Gordy, with more excitement in his voice than either Simon or Gordy had ever heard.

"After all these years," Julian stated, ecstatically, "I’m going to finally have siblings! This is Samantha and Dominic, and in a few months, they’ll be my little sister and brother."

"They’re precious!" Gordy exclaimed, "Art, you and Vi are going to adopt these rug rats?"

"Yep," Art said, smiling, "We decided our family was too small, and we didn’t want to go through pregnancy—so we’re taking a shortcut!"

"We’re excited about it," Vi remarked, "but I think Julian is even more excited than we are!" Julian is grinning, ear to ear.

"We’re so happy for your family," Simon stated, "Especially for Samantha and Dominic, they couldn’t be getting better parents."

"Thank you Simon," Jeff spoke up, "Vi and Art are wonderful parents, and since Julian and I have been together, they’ve been the parents that I have loved and looked up to, much more than my own parents."

"Well, Son," Art added, "I think, as of Sunday, you’re making some headway with yours, too, or at least with your Dad." Jeff smiled.

"If you folks will excuse us," Simon stated, "we’re going to hit the sack and get a good nights sleep, we’ve got a lot of miles ahead of us."

"Good night guys," Julian said, "we’ll see you in the morning."

"Work’s not going to be the same," Jeff said, "without those two."

"Another two days and we’ll be history too, baby," Julian added.

* * * * * *

Julian’s alarm sounded at 6:30 AM on Thursday morning. Ever since Mom & Dad had been on vacation, J&J had gotten used to getting themselves up, and not depending on Art to wake them. They got on their feet and pulled on their boxer-briefs, went into the bathroom and stood next to each other while they relieved their bladders, then slipped into the guestroom to wake their friends.

Both boys grinning, they yanked the covers off of Gordy and Simon, exposing their bodies, both males sporting morning wood. Jeff on one side and Julian on the other, they cuffed both sleeping boys’ peckers, bringing both boys to a sense of being awake.

"HEY!" Gordy responded.

"FUCKERS!" Simon remarked.

"Coffee’s ready," Julian stated, grinning.

"We’ll be right out," Simon replied, grinning back at Julian.

Simon and Gordy pulled on their boxers, headed to the bathroom and then the kitchen, where Vi, Art and J&J were already seated. As all the men started second cups, Vi started to prepare breakfast. She had already prepared lunches for Art and J&J to take to work.

"Would you boys like me to fix you some sandwiches to take on the road?" Vi asked.

"No thanks, Vi," Gordy replied, "stopping to eat gives us a chance to stretch and loosen up a bit, but thank you anyway."

After breakfast Art and J&J grabbed their lunch coolers and headed out towards the pickup. Simon got their overnight bag, and returned to the kitchen, where Gordy was hugging Vi.

"Vi," Gordy said, "thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, and I hope we’re back this way to see you and meet the little ones."

"That goes for me too," Simon stated, giving Vi a warm hug.

Vi, with tears in her eyes, "I hope you have a safe trip, I’ll miss you."

As Simon and Gordy approached Simon’s car, J&J approached them with open arms. Jeff wrapped his arms around Simon and Julian wrapped his arms around Gordy, the four boys shared hugs and kisses with each other on their lips, then swapped. All four boys had tears running down their faces.

Art was watching as he was waiting for J&J. He realized that, not only had these four young men become close friends, they truly loved each other. The emotions these boys shared with each other even brought tears to his eyes. J&J watched as Simon and Gordy left, and they walked slowly to the pickup and got in, Art started to drive them toward work. The silence in the pickup cab was deafening.

Just before arriving at work, Julian’s phone sounded, it was Gordy.

"Hi, Gordy," Julian said, "did you forget something?"

"Yeah," Gordy said, snickering, "we forgot to pack you and Jeff with us! Please tell your Dad thank you for helping to make this summer the most memorable and best summer Simon and I have ever had, and we hope to return next summer. We need to stay in touch, OK?"

"I will tell him, Gordy, and that staying in touch is a two-way street, but we’ll try. Have a safe trip, OK? Thanks for being our friends."

"Back atcha, catch you later, bye." Gordy hung up, and so did Julian.

"What did they forget?" Art asked.

Julian, grinning, "He said they forgot to pack Jeff and me, and gave me a message for you—to tell you thank you for helping to make this the most memorable and best summer that he and Simon have ever had."

"I’m glad they enjoyed it," Art replied, "and I enjoyed having them around too. They’re really nice boys. I hate to admit it, but I’m going to miss them too."

They arrived at work and clocked in as usual, and Grady gave J&J instructions as to what he expected of them today. Thursday went by as normal, except that J&J missed their comrades badly. It just wasn’t the same without Gordy and Simon around! The boys were really quiet on the ride back home, and Art noticed.

"Are you boys ok?" Art asked, "you’re awfully quiet today."

"I think we’re just suffering a case of separation anxiety," Jeff replied, "I can’t believe how much different it is, not having Gordy and Simon working with us. I’m kinda glad tomorrow is our last day to work."

"I’m concerned about them," Julian commented, "It’s a long way back to Georgia, and they won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon or evening. They’re supposed to call us when they get home, to let us know they arrived safely."

"I’m a little surprised," Art said, "at how close you four boys got this summer, you’re more like four brothers, than just close friends."

"I guess," Jeff said, "we just clicked, and we all grew on each other."

Friday started as a typical workday morning. Vi prepared breakfast for her crew as usual, but didn’t need to pack lunches, as Friday is pizza day at Corbin Homebuilders. About 4:00 PM Jeff received a phone call and answered quickly, noting that it was from Simon.

"Hey, dude," Jeff answered, "are you guys home yet?"

"Yeah," Simon replied, "we just arrived at my house about fifteen minutes ago, and had a good drive back with no complications. We spent last night at Motel 6, and" laughing, "we feel sorry for the housekeepers, we made a mess out of the sheets, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good fuck!"

"You guys deserved it," Jeff said, snickering, "when is Gordy going home?"

"We’re spending the night here at my house, and he’s driving on home tomorrow. Then Sunday we’ll both be heading to Tech and getting our dorm room situated. Our classes start on Monday."

"So do ours," Jeff said, "we’ll be leaving Dunbar Sunday morning, and doing the same thing, getting our dorm room straight. We’re used to sleeping together, but it’s gonna be interesting, sleeping together in a twin sized bed. They should put full size beds in some of these dorm rooms. Don’t they know that some dorm mates would like to share a bed together?"

"Nope!" Simon replied, "they think that all students are straight, and want to sleep separately. There is an advantage though, in having twin beds. If we mess up the sheets in one of them, we have a spare bed with clean sheets to use the next night!"

"Heh, heh," Jeff replied, "I never looked at it that way. I’ll tell Julian what you guys are doing, and thanks for letting us know you got there safely. We both miss you guys, a lot, and we love you."

"We love and miss you guys too," Simon replied, "sending you hugs, via satellite. Bye for now." Simon hung up, and Jeff shared the information with Julian.

Its Friday, and payday, as all the guys are lined up to clock out and get their checks from Alvin.

"Guys," Alvin said to J&J, "I need to talk with you a minute, can you hang around a few, while I distribute these checks?"

"Sure, Alvin," Jeff said, as he and Julian stood off to the side.

Alvin, now free, "If I’m not mistaken, this was your last day with us?"

"Yeah," Jeff said, "we need to head back to campus this weekend, and our classes will be starting Monday. We’ve enjoyed working here this summer and we really appreciate you giving us jobs for the summer."

"You will have one more paycheck," Alvin said, "should I mail them to your home address?"

"Not mine," Jeff stated, "I don’t want my check going to my Dad’s house, can you give them to Julian’s Dad, and he’ll be able to send them on to our college address, which we’ll know by then?"

"Sure, boys, come here," Alvin said, and J&J stepped closer to Alvin.

Alvin, wrapping his arms around both boys together, "I’m going to miss you guys a lot. I hope you know, that if you’re available next summer, I’ll try to have openings for both of you."

"Alvin," Jeff said, "this is my last year of college, and I hope to have a full time accounting job after graduation, but I’d sure like to have you as a backup—just in case I don’t land a job in my field."

"Guys, I wish nothing but the best for both of you. You’re both incredible young men, and I’m going to miss you both, a lot. Jeff, when you apply for employment, please feel free to use me for a reference."

"Thank you sir," Jeff replied, "I’ll do that. Thank you for everything."

Art, on the way home, "I’m going to stop by the credit union and deposit my check, Son, did you want to cash yours also?"

"Yeah," Julian said, "I’m going to put most of it in my account, so I’ll have it after I get to campus." Julian proceeded to open the envelope holding his paycheck, wondering why the envelope was thicker than normal. In addition to the paycheck, it contained a short letter. The letter read:


Your expertise and knowledge saved us probably around a Thousand dollars, when the system crashed. I just wanted to give you a little appreciation, and have added a $200 bonus to your check. Thank you for volunteering your service.

(signed) Alvin Corbin

"DAD!" Julian exclaimed, grinning, "Remember the day the system went down, and I was able to get it up and running, and then put the new hard drive in Alvin’s computer?"

"Yes, I remember," Art answered.

"Alvin gave me a bonus for that—a $200 bonus, he said I saved the company maybe as much as $1000. I sure wasn’t expecting this!"

Art, grinning, "Alvin does like to show his appreciation, and it’s usually in some form of dollars. Congratulations, Son." Julian was beaming,

"Awesome, baby!" Jeff said, "Dad, would it be too much to ask you to drive by Wells Fargo, so I can deposit my check to my account?"

"Not a problem, Son," Art replied, "Wells Fargo is only a couple of blocks from our credit union, and while you’re in there, I’m going to go across the street and fill the gas tank." Art regards Jeff as his second son, and loves it when Jeff call him ‘Dad’ and when he calls Jeff ‘Son’ it makes Jeff’s heart melt. There is nothing but a lot of love and respect between Art and Jeff, and Jeff wishes he and his own Dad were as close.

Soon, Art and the boys were home, enjoying Vi’s culinary expertise of breaded fried shrimp and fresh cut French fries with the skin on, and coleslaw, topped off with chocolate cheesecake for dessert. The boys were all done with their summer jobs, and Art wasn't scheduled to work this Saturday. Jeff mentioned that he really needed to get a new pair of tires before fall semester and Art offered to take him to a local shop he used on Saturday, and get him a good deal.

After dinner, the boys stripped to their boxer-briefs and sat on Julian’s bed and played some video games, then about 11:00 PM they put the game away, dropped their boxer-briefs to the floor and crawled into bed loving and caressing each other until sleep overtook them.

Saturday morning Art woke the boys early, about 7:00 AM, early for a non-work day. Art was going with Jeff to get new tires, and wanted to get to the shop early, before other customers would be coming in. Art and Jeff shared a cup of coffee together, then Art left with Jeff, in Jeff’s car and they headed to the shop, stopping by Burger King and grabbing some breakfast croissants on the way. They were at the shop when Ward, the owner, arrived to unlock the doors.

"Good morning, Art," Ward said, "I haven’t seen you for a while, your son looks a little different than I remember him."

"Oh," Art replied, "this isn’t Julian, this is Jeff, Julian’s boyfriend, and he needs a new pair of tires before they head back to college tomorrow to start their fall semester."

"Boyfriend?" Ward questioned, raising his eyebrows, and Jeff felt color flooding his face.

"Ward." Art explained, "some boys aren’t into girls, and some girls aren’t into boys."

"Art, no need to explain," Ward said, smiling, "My niece and her girlfriend have been living together for two years, and they are even talking marriage. Mandy and Jill are just as much in love with each other as any couple in love, it’s just a little—different."

Jeff selected the tires that Ward recommended, and had them balanced, and also had Ward do a front-end alignment, and an overdue oil change. When Jeff paid Ward for the work with his debit card, Ward handed him the warrantee for the tires, and told him that any dealer that sell this brand should honor the warrantee, should he have a problem. He did note that he was aware that Jeff’s home address was in Summerton.

"Jeff," Ward stated, "Thank you for your business, and your ride should be in good shape for the school year. Take good care of your boyfriend, and don’t let anybody put you down, just because you march to a different drum!"

Ward’s comment made Jeff feel good about loving Julian, and in his heart, he no longer has any shame. He is gradually becoming prouder to be gay, and he knows that he is totally in love with Julian.

"Thank you, sir," Jeff replied, "and I will most definitely take good care of my pride and joy! Julian has become the most important person in my life, and we’ve been able to make arrangements to share a dorm room together this year. We’ll be moving in tomorrow, and start classes on Monday."

"I sincerely hope that you guys have a happy and successful year," Ward stated, as he watched Jeff and Art get into Jeff’s car and drive away.

After lunch, J&J spent most of Saturday afternoon getting their stuff together, and packing it in Jeff’s car, preparing to head to the University on Sunday. Saturday evening, after dinner, they were just chilling on Julian’s bed, playing games on the console. Jeff’s phone rang, and it was Jim.

"Hi Uncle Jim," Jeff answered, smiling, as he is always happy to talk with Uncle Jim.

"Hey, Jeffie," Jim replied, "Cal and I were wondering when you guys are going to be back in school?"

"We’ve been packing today," Jeff said, "and we’re leaving Dunbar tomorrow morning. Guess what! Julian and I were able to get a dorm room together, and we’re moving in tomorrow afternoon. We both have classes starting on Monday."

"I’m willing to bet you didn’t get a room with a double bed," Jim said.

"You’re right about that," Jeff replied, "but as close as we sleep, I’ll bet we’ll sleep together just fine in a twin bed!"

"Next weekend is Labor Day weekend," Jim stated, "have you guys made plans?"

"Not really," Jeff said, "We’ll probably spend the weekend with Julian’s Mom & Dad on the yacht, but nothing has been said about it yet."

"Cal and I are dying to spend some time with you and Julian," Jim said, "Why don’t you come to Summerton and spend the weekend with us. We’ll probably have a cookout on Sunday, maybe Monday too, and we do have a spare bedroom. Actually it’s Calvin’s bedroom, but we always sleep in my bed anyway, so it’s really a spare bedroom."

"Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "it sounds really cool to me, let me discuss it with Julian, and I’ll call you back with our answer in a few minutes."

"Great, Jeffie," Jim said, "we’ll be looking for your call. Later’s." The two men hung up.

"Baby," Jeff explained, "Uncle Jim and Calvin want us to spend Labor Day weekend with them, in Summerton, what do you think about it."

"I don’t know," Julian stated, "I’d really like to get to know them better, but I expect Dad is expecting us to spend that weekend with them on the yacht. I’m getting a little bored with being on the lake, and it think, given a choice, I’d like to spend that weekend with Cal and Jim."

"If we commit to spending the weekend with Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "and then Dad says anything about going to the lake, we could tell him we already have plans."

"And it would be the truth," Julian said, grinning, "baby, better call Uncle Jim back and tell him we’re game, before Dad has a chance to make other plans for us." Jeff quickly made the call, and Jim answered.

"That didn’t take long to decide, Jeffie," Jim said, "What’s the verdict?"

"We’re in, Uncle Jim!" Jeff exclaimed, "When do you and Uncle Cal want us to show up?"

"Uncle Cal?" Jim questioned, I’m not sure Calvin is ready to be an Uncle."

"Maybe it’s a bit pre-mature," Jeff replied, "but you are my uncle, so when you and Calvin marry, that would make Calvin my uncle too, by marriage."

"I follow you Jeffie," Jim said, chuckling. "Cal and I think of both you and Julian as nephews, and it makes us one happy family, two uncles and two nephews! When can we plan on you two arriving?"

"Our last class ends just before noon on Friday. We’ll grab lunch at the dining hall, and be ready to leave campus about 1:00 PM, and that should get us into Summerton a little after 5:00 PM. We’ll need to return to campus by Monday evening because we have classes again on Tuesday."

"Jeffie," Jim asked, "Do you have my home address?"

"I do," Jeff replied, "we’ll put it into the GPS when we leave campus on Friday. Thank you for inviting us for the weekend, my baby and I are so looking forward to spending the long weekend with you and Uncle Cal!"

"Jeffie, you can’t be any more anxious than Cal and I are to have you guys visit us. We’re not cooking Friday, as both Cal and I are working, but the office is closing at 4:00. Cal and I are taking you guys out for dinner on Friday night, so don’t eat anything on the way here. Goodbye for now, and we’ll see you guys Friday, let us know if anything changes." Jeff and Jim hung up, and Julian was grinning.

"Baby," Julian stated, grinning, "I have a feeling we’re going to have an awesome weekend for Labor Day, I can hardly wait for Friday."

"I always liked Uncle Jim a lot, but my Mom fucked us up, to really get to know each other very well. I think now we’re starting to make up for lost time. I’m really happy that we reached out to him, and he is a very warm and loving person, completely opposite of my Mom."

"Are you going to tell your parents where we’re spending Labor Day weekend?" Julian asked.

"I might tell my Dad," Jeff said, "the day we met with him, he said he had nothing against Uncle Jim, and actually likes him—the hatred is all on my Mom’s part, just because Uncle Jim is gay."

About 10:00 PM J&J finished the game they were playing before Uncle Jim called. Planning to get a fairly early start back to campus on Sunday, they slipped their boxer-briefs off, and snuggled together in bed, soon drifting off to sleep.

* * * * * *

Sunday morning came too soon, and Julian’s alarm reared it’s ugly head, waking both boys. Julian shut the undesirable noise off, and J&J shared a few minutes of closeness, just kissing and caressing each other while they attempted to greet the day. Vi had set the coffeemaker the night before, and Julian quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs and ran out to the kitchen and flipped the switch.

Returning to their bedroom, Jeff also had pulled on his boxer-briefs and the two young men entered the bathroom and stood together in front of the toilet relieving their bladders, and then went to the kitchen and poured themselves mugs of coffee. A few minutes later Art and Vi joined them.

"I know you boys have classes this week," Art said, "but you are coming back for Labor Day Weekend, aren’t you?"

"Actually, Dad," Julian said, "we have other plans. Jeff’s Uncle Jim and his fiancé, Calvin, have invited us to spend Labor Day Weekend with them in Summerton, and we accepted."

"Dad," Jeff added, "they are both really cool guys, and it will give us all time to get to know each other better. Mom cheated both Uncle Jim and me from really spending any time together, when I was younger, and I think we both want to make up for those lost years."

"I think I totally understand," Art said, "do they have room to put you guys up, or will you need to get a room?"

Jeff, snickering, "They’re letting us use Calvin’s room, that he doesn’t even use, cause he always sleeps with Uncle Jim, in his bed!"

"So I guess Calvin’s room is just for show," Art said, grinning.

"Since they’ve come out, and even announced their engagement," Jeff said, "there is really no secret to hide anymore. They really consider that room to be a guest room now."

"We’re going to miss you boys being with us at the lake," Art said, "but Vi and I will be happy, knowing that you guys are also having a good weekend." J&J both smiled.

"When do you think Samantha and Dominic will be arriving?" Julian asked, "I know Jeff and I will want to come and spend our weekend with them as soon as they’re living here, and we’re prepared to share our bed with Dominic."

"Dominic still sleeps in a crib," Vi stated, "and we’re putting that in our room for now. He’s not quite two yet, and sometimes still has nocturnal accidents, so you guys will still have Julian’s room to yourselves."

"Nocturnal accidents?" Julian questioned.

"In other words, Son," Art explained, "Dominic still sometimes wets the bed, and the crib has a plastic sheet under the cloth one, and sides, so he won’t roll off and get hurt." Julian nodded, understanding.

"Julian," Vi said, "I hope you don’t mind if we get your old crib, potty chair and highchair out of the attic and use them for Dominic."

Julian, surprised, "I didn’t even know they were still around, once I outgrew them, of course I don’t mind, and I’ll be happy to let Dom use them, and anything else I might have outgrown."

"I guess we’ll need to get him all new clothes," Vi said, "because we donated all your baby and little boy clothes to the Goodwill store. I guess you’ve already given Dominic a nickname?"

"Both of them," Julian said, grinning, "Sam, or Sammy, and Dom, just like a lot of people call me ‘Jul’." Art & Vi glanced at each other and smiled, knowing it would only be a matter of time, anyway.

J&J had packed most of their stuff in Jeff’s car Saturday, and picked up the few remaining things, preparing to leave.

"Dad," Jeff said, "we asked Alvin to give our last checks to you, and we’ll give you our mailing address at campus so you can forward them to us. I want to thank you and Mom for making my summer break very enjoyable, and thank you for adopting me, like a son. I’m going to miss you two a lot."

"Son," Art said, "Vi and I think of you as our Son, and I hope you know we care about you and love you, unconditionally. We sincerely hope that you can patch up the bad feelings you have for your family, but you know, you have family in Dunbar that cares. We’re going to miss you a lot too. Have a safe trip, and a pleasant senior year. I hope your family makes it to campus to see you graduate, and I know your Dunbar family will make the trip!"

Jeff, throwing his arms around Art, "Dad, that means a lot to me." Art and Jeff shared a loving hug, like any close father and son might do. Julian had already kissed and hugged his Mom goodbye, and while Jeff turned his attention to Vi, Julian shared a loving hug with his Dad. Jeff hugged Vi and gave her a loving kiss on her lips.

Art and Vi walked with the boys to Jeff’s car, wished them a safe trip, and watched, as the boys entered the car and drove off, waving goodbye.

* * * * * *

J&J arrived on campus about 2:00 PM, and Jeff pulled close to the Junior Dorm, and parked as close as possible to the entrance. He and Julian went to the Dorm office to register, and get keys to their room. Jeff could hardly believe it—they were assigned the same room that Jeff had shared with Matt the previous year. Matt, of course, now would have a room in the Senior Dorm, where he and Cliff had made arrangements to share the room.

J&J started to carry their stuff to their room, 101, when Levi pulled into the parking lot, exiting his SUV with a bag of drinks and snacks, and another young man got out of the passenger side.

"JULIAN!" Levi exclaimed, running over to Jeff’s car, setting down the bag and throwing his arms around Julian in a loving hug, which was, of course, returned by the smaller man.

"Where is your room?" Levi asked.

"101," Julian replied, smiling, "it’s the same room Jeff and Matt shared last year, and now Jeff and I are sharing it.!"

Levi, smiling, "I knew you and Jeff would be wanting to get a room together. Guys, this is Caleb, my new roommate, and Caleb, Julian was my roommate last year, but is rooming with Jeff this year." Caleb, Jeff and Julian all bumped fists. "We’re right next door, in room 102, could you guys use some help?"

"Sure, Levi, thanks," Jeff replied. Levi and Caleb both helped J&J carry their stuff into their room, and then went to their room.

"Levi," Caleb asked, "is there a reason you didn’t want to room with Julian again this year?"

"It wasn’t my choice," Levi explained, "Julian was a good dorm mate, but he and Jeff are now a couple, and they wanted to room together, understandably."

"Are you saying they’re Fags?" Caleb asked.

"Caleb!" Levi exclaimed, "they’re my friends, and I find that kind of terminology offensive. OK, so they’re gay and in love—so what?"

"Are you gay too?" Caleb inquired.

"No!" Levi stated, "but they’re both really nice boys, and I respect their feelings and their lifestyle, and their way of life, it’s just a bit different."

"I’m sorry, Levi," Caleb apologized, "I didn’t mean to offend you."

"Caleb, I think we’ll be fine, "Levi stated, "just please try to avoid using derogatory remarks, OK?"

Caleb nodding in understanding, "I guess that’s like white guys calling us niggers."

"I hate that word, Caleb," Levi stated, "I find it offensive when a black guy uses the ‘N’ word, even toward another black guy. I would hope that we’ve progressed beyond that! That’s one of the reasons I never listen to Rap music, why can’t they record songs without using so much derogatory language?"

"OK, Levi," Caleb remarked, grinning, "Sociology class is over, let’s get the rest of our shit unpacked and put away." Levi and Caleb shared a hug and returned to the work at hand, getting unpacked and settled.

Meanwhile, over in room 101 J&J are also busy getting settled. Julian made a call to Art, letting his parents know that they had arrived safely and without incident, setting their minds at ease.

About 5:00 PM Jeff answered a knock at their door, and it was Levi and Caleb. Levi stated that the dining hall was open, and invited J&J to join Caleb and himself and go get dinner, which they did. They all started to chat while eating, of course J&J and Levi knew each other well, and they were all starting to know Caleb. First impressions were that Caleb was going to become a friend with the other three.

Monday morning, J&J showered together as usual and then hooked up with Levi and Caleb for breakfast at the dining hall, and then all separated and headed to their first day of classes. Monday afternoon J&J went to the bookstore and bought the needed books for their classes and other needed material, such as was needed for their labs.

The school week progressed at a snails pace, of course, since J&J were anxiously waiting for Friday and their trip to Summerton, and their Labor Day weekend with their Uncles Jim and Calvin. Even though Jim is not Julian’s real uncle, he considers him so.

Thursday night J&J packed their overnight bags with anything they thought they might need, ready to grab them on Friday when they were ready for the trip to Summerton. Campus would become a ghost town Friday afternoon, as many, if not most of the students would be leaving for the Labor Day Weekend. Some were going home, some going to the shore and J&J going to Summerton to spend the weekend with Jim and Calvin. Most of the professors were kind enough to not load the students with homework over the holiday weekend.

J&J had already put what they needed to take in the car. They shared breakfast together, headed to their Friday morning classes, and met at the dining hall for lunch after their last class ended. They returned to their dorm room long enough to drop their backpacks, grab their phone chargers and headed to Jeff’s car, ready to travel.

* * * * * *

Jeff put Uncle Jim’s address into the GPS, and they left campus, ready for the approximately three hours drive to Summerton. About 4:30 PM they pulled into Uncle Jim’s driveway, noting that both Jim’s and Cal’s cars were parked there, and Jeff pulled off to the side, not blocking either of their cars.

The two boys were hardly out of the seats, when Jim grabbed Julian and Calvin Grabbed Jeff, both men warmly hugging the two boys, and then they swapped, Jim hugging Jeff and Cal giving Julian a bear hug. Both boys had a wonderful feeling of being loved, wanted and welcome.

"Get your bags, guys, and we’ll show you around." Jim said. The boys got their overnight bags and followed Jim and Calvin in the front door. Calvin pointed to a bedroom and told J&J that it was their room for the weekend, and they could put their bags in there. The house was small, and so was the tour, the living room was small, but cosy, the bathroom was kind of normal, except for the shower was super-big, obviously designed for two. Jim pointed to his bedroom, referring to it as ‘our bedroom’ and then they were in the kitchen, which was compact, but had a table big enough for four to sit at comfortably.

The big surprise was the back yard. Jim opened the kitchen door, revealing a quite large back yard, surrounded on all sides by an eight-foot high privacy fence. There were two lounge chairs, opened up like cots.

"Cal and I love our back yard," Jim said. "With that high fence around it, we can be comfortable in our yard dressed the way Mother Nature planned people to dress." Jeff and Julian glanced at each other, grinning.

"You guys actually come out in your yard, naked?" Jeff asked.

"Yep!" Jim answered, "and if we can afford it next year, we want to put in a below ground pool, and then we can skinny-dip!"

"Oh, man!" Jeff exclaimed, "That sounds like so much fun!"

"Jeff," Cal asked, "do you guys like nudity?"

Jeff, giggling, "Julian and I love to be naked! As long as there are no ladies around."

"Babe," Calvin remarked, "this could turn into an interesting weekend!"

"I think," Jim stated, grinning, "we should go to dinner, while we’re all still dressed! We’ll have plenty of time to run around naked, later."

Calvin invited the boys to get into his back seat, while Jim took the front passenger seat and Cal drove off. Jim and Cal took the boys to a nice, quiet Italian restaurant. They informed J&J to ignore the prices and just look at the entree’s and select what looked good to them.

When they all finished eating, Calvin suggested Cannoli for something sweet and not too filling for dessert. Neither Jeff nor Julian had ever had Cannoli before but they were quickly hooked, liking it a lot.

Calvin picked up the Tab for their dinners, including a generous tip for the server, and they headed back toward Calvin’s car. On the way back to Jim’s house, Calvin pulled into a shopping center, stating he needed to pick up something at the sporting goods store. While Calvin made his purchase, Jim and the boys wandered around, just looking at all the merchandise on display, and buying nothing,

Calvin paid for his purchase, and the returned to the car, and Calvin placed the long, flat box in the trunk. He then drove them all back to Jim’s house, grabbing the box on the way to the front door,

Jim, as they were hardly inside the front door, "I don’t know about you guys, but I need to get more comfortable!" Calvin picked up the box while Jim and Cal both headed to Jim’s bedroom, and five minutes later they emerged, both dressed handsomely in their birthday suits.

"Guys," Jim asked, "do we make you feel uncomfortable, undressed like this?"

Jeff, grinning, "Not at all, but I think we’ll feel more comfortable if we change into the same type of apparel, will you please excuse us for a couple?"

J&J quickly went to the guestroom and stripped completely, then came back to the living room and rejoined Cal and Jim. The living room had a couple of smaller chairs and a huge sofa. All four men sat on the well-cushioned sofa, Julian and Jeff in the center, holding hands, and Jim and Cal on the two ends. Jim placed his arm around Jeff’s shoulders and Cal placed his around Julian’s. Both boys felt very comfortable being naked in the company of an also naked Jim and Calvin.

Julian told Jim and Calvin about their college friends from Georgia, Gordy and Simon, and how they had all discovered the pleasure and comfort of hanging around each other naked. J&J almost felt like they were with Gordy and Simon now.

"Did you guys have any sex with Gordy and Simon?" Calvin asked.

"Nope!" Jeff remarked, "Julian and I are monogamous, and so are Gordy and Simon. The most we did was an occasional pecker grab, and that was all in fun. Gordy and Simon slept together, and Julian and I slept together, and we parted as just the closest of friends. We do all plan to try and get together for a weekend, sometime during the school year."

While sitting on the sofa together, Julian and Jeff, naturally, checked out Calvin’s and Jim’s junk, and they were certain that Calvin and Jim checked them out as well. The four men just chatted, and learned more about each other. About 11:30 PM Jim suggested they go to bed, offering their guests the use of the shower if they felt the need. As J&J had showered that morning, the declined the offer.

Jim, just as they were all ready to go to their bedrooms, "Jeff, Julian, I hope you know this is a gay friendly home. We don’t have a drier, but we have a washer, and clotheslines, in case there is a need to wash your sheets. Please feel free to make love, if you so desire, and I promise no one will think you’re doing anything wrong, not in THIS house!"

Jim gave both Julian and Jeff a warm, goodnight hug, accidentally, or maybe purposely, touching their cocks with his own, then turning away and joining Cal in their bedroom. It was almost a given, that all four of these guys slept naked.

Julian, as he lay in bed with Jeff, "I kind of thought, since these guys are older than us, that their cocks would be bigger, but it looks like they are about the same as us, I know my Dad’s is a lot bigger than mine."

"Baby," Jeff replied, "I don’t think age has that much to do with size. Once we’ve gone through puberty, I think we have what we’re gonna have, and I can tell you, I’m totally satisfied with what you have. I wouldn’t want you to have something the size of Simon’s—he’s got a monster!" J&J soon fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

Saturday morning, Cal and Jim both woke up sporting morning wood, which was the case, more often than not. While Jim went to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, Cal slipped into the boys’ room and gently shook their shoulders, arousing them from their slumber.

J&J had kinda wondered how big Calvin might be, now they know, as Calvin's eight inch morning wood was only a few inches from Jeff’s face.

"Coffee’s about ready," Calvin spoke softly, "no need to dress yet."

Jeff, grinning at Julian, "I think Calvin is about the same size as us, when he’s soft. But he’s a grower—and he’s got a couple of inches on us when he’s erect!"

When J&J finally got out of bed, both also sporting morning wood, and walked into the kitchen, the back door was wide open and Calvin stood on the back porch, making a golden arch onto the grass.

"I don’t believe you’re pissing off the back porch!" Jeff exclaimed.

"It’s the best place to go," Calvin said, "when you’ve got that pesky morning wood, be my guest, guys, I’m done." Seconds later J&J were on the back porch, holding each other’s peckers and directing two more golden arches onto the grass, grinning at each other as usual.

Cal and Jim observed the boys and smiled, remembering how they used to hold each other while they peed, and wondering why they got out of the habit. It really was kind of fun.

Jim poured four mugs of coffee, and placed a package of pastries on the table. The four men sat naked at the table, eating the tasty pastries, and sipping on the coffee. J&J had a pleasant memory of doing the same with Gordy and Simon, only a few days earlier, but without the pastries.

Jeff couldn’t help but notice that both Cal and Jim had considerable sun tan on their bodies, but neither of them showed any tan lines. Even Julian, with his darker skin, showed tan lines where his swimming trunks had covered his abdomen and buns, and Jeff had the same kind of tan lines. Curiosity got the best of Jeff, and he had to ask.

"Do you guys have a tanning lamp?" Jeff asked.

"No," Jim replied, "we don’t need one, we get plenty of sun here in the summertime, and just take advantage of it."

"But you don’t have any tan lines," Julian said, "like we do."

"Oh," Jim stated, smiling, "the luxury of having our privatized yard, we can lay in the sun naked when we feel like it, and the neighbors can’t see us, we’ve even practiced sex a few times in our yard."

"That is so fucking cool," Jeff said, "isn’t it, baby?"

Julian, grinning, "It sure is, we’ve never done anything sexual, except in bed."

"You haven’t really enjoyed making love," Calvin said, "until you’ve made love under the blue sky, with a gentle breeze on your skin and the birds chirping in the trees! It’s awesome, and just feels so—natural."

"To be completely honest," Jeff stated, "the only sex we’ve had has been oral. Both of our boy pussy’s are virgin, and we’ve been thinking about experimenting with anal, but we’ve never tried it, yet."

"Are you saying that you guys have never fucked?" Calvin asked.

"That’s exactly what we’re saying," Julian replied.

"Guys," Jim explained, "Anal intercourse is the ultimate form of sex that men can practice, that shows the love between them. It’s the true form of making love, just like when straight men fuck their wives or girlfriends."

"Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "I always thought I was straight, until I met, and fell in love with this one," placing his arm around Julian’s shoulder. I couldn’t even imagine taking a man’s cock up my ass before I met him, but I would allow Julian to penetrate me, and take my cherry, whenever he might desire to do that!" Julian smiled.

"I promised Julian a long time ago that I would never push him into doing anything he was not comfortable with," Jeff stated, "I love him too much to try to take advantage of him. I’ve been ready for a while, but I don’t want to do anything with him, until he feels ready."

"Baby," Julian said, smiling, "I think I’m ready now, let’s go somewhere we’ve never been before!" Julian affectionately wrapped his hand around Jeff’s manhood, causing Jim and Calvin both to grin, and causing Jeff to start getting erect.

"Babe," Calvin said, "I know we’ve never had sex with an audience before, but maybe we could show these boys how we do it?"

Jim, grinning, "Why not, I could enjoy a little morning delight, and maybe we could start a fire in them. I’ll get a blanket, you get the lube and a towel, and we’ll show them how it’s done!" Cal headed into the bathroom, already getting hard from anticipation, grabbed a towel and then entered their bedroom and grabbed a bottle of lube.

Jim, carrying a quilt, "Come on boys, Sex Ed 101 class is about to start."

Jim spread the quilt on the grass in the back yard, and lay on it, his erection reaching for the sky. Cal came out with the towel and lube, Jim raised his butt and Cal slipped the towel under it. The two boys were kneeling on the edge of the quilt, ready for the show, and both sporting hard and leaking erections, as were Jim and Calvin.

Jim raised his legs, placing them on Calvin’s shoulders, as Calvin started to prepare Jim’s man cunt, spreading the lube in Jim’s ass crack and inside Jim’s anxious hole. Calvin is explaining to the boys what he is doing, and then coated his erection with lube.

"You’re not using a condom?" Jeff questioned.

"The main reason for men to use a condom is for disease prevention," Cal explained. "Jim and I both got tested about a year and a half ago, and we were both clean. We have only had sex with each other since, so any chance of disease is slim to none, and we prefer bareback, meaning without a condom."

Calvin placed the head of his erection against Jim’s waiting orifice, and pushed in against Jim’s sphincter ring, popping through, and causing Jim to gasp.

"Uncle Jim," Jeff asked, "did that hurt?"

"It often does," Jim said, "just a tad, but then the pleasure outweighs the pain. The feeling of Calvin’s cock inside me is indescribable, it feels so good, I’d like to just keep it there forever."

"So is this how you guys always have anal sex?" Jeff asked.

"Nope," Cal replied, "we’re versatile, and sometimes switch roles. Sometimes I fuck Jim, and sometime he fucks me. We both enjoy it, either way, and once in a while we just suck each other off."

"So," Jeff said, "you guys are both tops and both bottoms, depending on your mood of the day."

"You got it, Jeffie," Jim said, "it doesn’t really matter who is the top and who is the bottom, as long as you both enjoy it."

"As a top," Cal said, "I try to stimulate Jim’s prostate with my cock, and if I get it right, it will cause him to have an orgasm. The perfect fuck is when both men can cum together."

"Babe," Jim said, "I’m getting close, are you?"

"Very close," Cal replied, "just a couple minutes away."

"I’m about to—oh, fuck, babe, I can feel it rising, I’m cumming!" J&J watched intently as Jim’s cock spewed a huge load of cum onto his pubes, stomach and chest, with a glob even landing on his forehead. J&J grinned, as Cal wiped the glob from Jim’s forehead with his finger and licked it off.

"I just came too," Cal said, collapsing on top of Jim’s body, squishing Jim’s load between them, as they shared a passionate kiss.

"I know," Jim stated, smiling, "I felt you fill me up! Guys, you just witnessed a perfect fuck! We both shot our loads."

"I’m surprised," Jeff said, "Uncle Jim, you shot all over, and neither one of you even touched your cock!"

"That happens," Jim said, "when you’ve got a good top that knows how to stimulate, or pound on your prostate. Are you guys ready to try it?"

J&J looked at each other, grinning.

Jim crawled off the quilt and squatted, letting Calvin’s load drain out of his ass. Cal grabbed the towel and cleaned the most of Jim’s cum from his stomach, then wiped his cock off. Handing the towel back to Jim, Jim wiped the cum off his stomach and then wiped his crack and hole. Calvin squatted down and used his mouth to clean the dribbles of Jim’s cum from his cock. Calvin ran into the house, returning about three minutes later with a clean towel.

"You guys ready for Sex Ed 101 Lab?" Cal asked. J&J just looked at each other, not sure how to respond.

"Julian," Jeff said, "I love you, and I’m ready to give myself to you."

"Are you sure you want to do this baby?" Julian asked.

"I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life, baby, take me, bust my cherry," Jeff begged, "take my boy pussy, make me yours!"

"There are more ways to fuck," Cal said, "than how we did it, maybe another position might work better for you guys, like maybe, going in from the back side, instead of the front like we did."

"Jeffie, get down on all fours," Jim said, "and stick your ass in the air!" Jeff complied. "Are you guys more comfortable using a condom?"

"I don’t think we need to," Jeff responded, "Julian is a virgin, and this is my first time with a boy since way back in high school."

"What about girls, Jeffie," Jim said, "you can catch things from them too."

"It’s been a few months," Jeff said, "maybe we should use a condom, and when we get a chance, we probably should both get tested."

Jim, opening a condom package, "That would be wise, Julian, do you know how to wear this?"

"Yeah, they taught us back in high school," Julian said, as he rolled the condom down over his erection.

"Okay, now lube Jeff’s pussy," Jim instructed, "and then lube your condom, make sure you get some lube inside Jeff’s hole. The slipperier it is, the easier it will be to slide in, and the less it will hurt Jeff. Now push the head of your cock against Jeff’s hole, and take it slow, don’t ram it in."

As the head of Julian’s pecker popped through Jeff’s sphincter, Jeff let out a squeal.

"I’m sorry baby, I don’t want to hurt you!" Julian exclaimed.

"It’s okay, Julian," Jim said, "just hold still a minute, and let Jeff get used to your cock in his ass, and very slowly go in a little more. As Jeff gets used to the intrusion, you can slide in a little more. Jeff, how are you feeling?"

Jeff, snickering, "Kinda full, almost like I gotta shit, but it feels kinda good too. It’s not hurting now."

"Julian," Jim said, "start to slide in and out, real slow, and gradually push in a little deeper, let your lover get used to it."

"Gosh, this feels good," Julian stated, "it feels better than jacking off, but I do think it’s gonna make me cum!"

"Julian, I think you might be a little too low to hit Jeff’s sweet spot," Jim stated, "try to hitch down a bit." Julian moved his hips, lowering his cock’s angle a bit.

"OH MY GOD!" Jeff hollered, "He’s—He’s driving me crazy! I feel like I’m gonna piss!"

"I think," Jim said, "if Julian is hitting where I think he is, he’s about to bring you to a climax!"

"Uncle Jim," Julian said, "I feel like I’m gonna fill this condom—with cum!"

"I’m peeing!" Jeff exclaimed, "and I can’t stop it!"

Jim, laughing, "Jeffie, pee is almost clear, what’s coming out of your cock is white, just pure semen! You just came to a fantastic orgasm!"

"Ooooohgh," Julian moaned, "I just filled this condom!"

Julian pulled out of Jeff’s boy pussy, and removed the condom, holding it up to show a right decent quantity of ejaculate in the condom.

Jeff, looking at the sizable puddle of semen on the towel, "Damn, that’s sure a lot of cum, it’s probably going to take me a week to build up that much again."

Calvin, grinning, "I’ll bet you can replenish your balls again by tomorrow. When I was your age, I sometimes wanked it off two or three times in a day, and I always shot off a good size load! I can almost guarantee you’ll be recharged by tomorrow. Maybe you two can reverse positions tomorrow, and Julian can lose his virginity."

"Jeff is the only boy I would be willing to have take my virginity from me," Julian stated, smiling, "and I’ll give in to him without a fight!" The two boys hugged, and shared a passionate kiss together.

"All this fucking around, pun intended, has taken our breakfast time away, so how about some brunch?" Jim suggested.

"I can’t say we didn’t enjoy the sex ed lesson," Jeff said, "but it didn’t do much to satisfy the hunger for real food, my stomach thinks my throat has been cut! Brunch sounds awesome."

The four men headed back into the house, Jim donned an apron and started frying bacon. J&J shared an opinion, that Jim has some pretty cute buns, sticking out of the back of the apron. Prior to last night, J&J had no idea that their Uncles would feel so comfortable dressed in their birthday suits, and it made J&J feel even more at ease with Jim and Cal.

"How do you guys prefer your eggs fried?" Jim asked.

"Over easy I think," Julian replied, "we like to dunk the toast in the egg yolks, if we’re having toast."

"Cool," Jim replied, "that’s the same thing we like to do." While Jim was frying the eggs, Calvin busied himself making toast, and buttering it. Calvin was sitting next to Jeff, and Jeff couldn’t resist the temptation to reach over and give Calvin’s cock a friendly cuff.

"Careful," Calvin said, grinning, "wake him up again and we’ll never get brunch finished!" Jim placed a platter of bacon on the table, and then served up two fried eggs on each plate, times four, and the four men enjoyed having brunch together.

"Jeff, Julian," Calvin said, "Do you guys want to give me a hand with something while Jim catches the dishes?"

"Sure, Cal," J&J answered, in unison. Calvin went and got the long, flat box that he’d bought last night from the bedroom. They all headed out to the back yard, and Cal opened the box. It was a large badminton set, containing two three-sectioned poles, the net, six birdies and four rackets, plus four stakes and light ropes to support the poles.

"Wow!" Jeff exclaimed, "I haven’t played badminton in years."

"Neither have we," Calvin said, "but we thought it would give us all something fun to do this weekend. Let’s get it up."

"I’ve never played, baby," Julian said, "is it hard?"

"Not really," Jeff replied, "you’ll learn it quickly, and we’ll all have fun." Cal and the two boys had the game up by the time Jim had finished the dishes, and he strolled out to the yard.

"Should we get dressed before we play?" Julian asked.

"Why," Jim replied, "I think we’ll be just fine, playing naked. How we gonna select the teams?"

"We could play Uncles against the Nephews," Cal said, "but it might be more fair if we play with Jim and Jeff, against Julian and me." And that how they played. Jim and Jeff won the first game, then they swapped uncles, and it was Jeff and Cal against Julian and Jim, and Julian and Jim won the second game.

They all agreed that it was a lot of fun, playing naked, and watching the other guys’ cocks bobbing around as they played. There was nothing sexual about it, just four guys having fun, playing naked together. No doubt about it, these four guys all love to hang around, naked.

About 4:00 PM they put the rackets and birdies in the shed, and Calvin fired up the gas grill. Jim brought out four large potatoes, wrapped in foil and placed them on the top rack to bake. J&J took advantage of the two lounges, and stretched out on them, letting the sun bathe them where the sun normally doesn’t shine.

A half an hour later, Calvin, now wearing an apron, brought out a bowl containing four split broilers that had been in the fridge marinating overnight. Using a pair of tongs, he carefully placed the chicken on the grill to cook, closing the lid to keep heat on the spuds. The aroma of the broiling chicken permeated the air, causing three men’s stomachs to start complaining. Jim was in the kitchen preparing tossed salads, so he escaped the tantalizing aroma of the cooking chicken. Calvin periodically turned the chicken and used a basting tool to dribble more marinade on the chicken.

The boys, stretched out on the lounges, we’re unaware of the power of the sun, but Calvin noticed that Jeff’s cock was turning red, as well as his lower torso that would normally be covered with shorts. Even Julian’s lower torso was starting to color more bronze than his normal light skinned black.

Calvin, approaching them, "Guys, I think you need to get out of the sun, or you’re going to have cooked wieners!" J&J both got off the lounges and checked each others pride and joy, realizing they both had sunburn, particularly on those tender private parts. J&J both ran into the kitchen.

"Uncle Jim," Jeff asked, "do you have any sunburn ointment?"

"Not specifically," Jim replied, "where are you burning?"

"Mostly down there," Jeff stated, drawing Jim’s attention to their peckers."

"Oh, shit!" Jim exclaimed, "they aren’t supposed to be red. I understand that organic raw apple cider vinegar will help relieve the soreness, hold on a minute."

Jim went to the bathroom and grabbed two clean washcloths, then put some Bragg’s organic vinegar on each one.

"Here guys," Jim said, "wrap the damaged goods in these, and we’ll soon know if the remedy works, and stay out of the sun the rest of the day." J&J wrapped the vinegar soaked washcloths around their sunburned peckers, each using a hand to hold them in place. After only about five minutes, they started to feel some soothing relief. They then went back outside and settled at the picnic bench, which was in the shade of the house.

Jim started to carry stuff out of the kitchen to the picnic table. He brought out a tray with butter and sour cream, salt and pepper, and four bottles of salad dressings. Next trip was plates, flatware and napkins. When Calvin announced that dinner was ready, Jim brought the tray back out with four bowls of tossed salad, setting the tray at the end of the table.

Using the tongs, Calvin placed a half chicken and a baked potato on each of the four plates, setting the first two in front of J&J and the other two on the opposite side of the table for Jim and himself, then turning off the grill.

Julian, finicky Julian, picked the onion rings from his salad and placed them on Jeff’s salad. He put butter, salt and pepper on his potato, leaving the sour cream for the other three to enjoy. When the boys tasted the chicken, a chorus of happy sounds emanated from their throats which was a pleasant sound to Calvin.

"Cal," Julian stated, "this has got to be the best tasting chicken I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!"

"Why, thank you, Julian," Cal replied, "I’m happy that you like it."

"I have to agree with Julian," Jeff said, "this chicken is awesome!"

"Just for your information," Cal said, "the marinade we used on the chicken is nothing but Italian Dressing, with a little bit of extra garlic and vinegar,"

"Well," Julian said, "I’m not big on garlic, but this was perfect!"

"Guys," Cal asked, "how are those sun roasted wieners doing?"

Jeff, laughing, "A lot better, mine still hurts, but not nearly as much as it did."

"I think that vinegar is really helping a lot," Julian said, "I’m not hurting as much either." Calvin and Jim both smiled.

"When I was a kid," Cal said, "and I had a boo-boo my Mom would kiss it, and make it feel better. I never had a sunburned peter though, and I don’t know if my Mom would have kissed that." Calvin grinned.

"Baby," Julian said, grinning, "maybe if I kiss your peter it will feel better?"

"Hee hee," Jeff responded, "It always feels good when you kiss it!" All four guys laughed. "It’s likely that only a gay guy would ever kiss another guys peter, or even kiss another guy—period," Jeff remarked.

The four men sat together at the picnic bench for a long time after they finished eating, just chatting, and getting to know each other even better. One at a time, the guys needed to relieve their bladders, Jim was the first, and set an example, standing a few feet from the bench and watering the grass. Over the next hour, all of them watered the grass.

Darkness was approaching, and Jim suggested they head into the house. He stacked up the soiled plates and flatware, and all four men grabbed stuff from the picnic table and carried things into the kitchen. Calvin put the dirty dishes in the sink and started to run dishwater in the sinks, to wash up the dishes. Julian went to their bedroom and retrieved both his and Jeff’s phones.

Julian, returning to the kitchen, "Baby, you’ve got a shit load of missed calls, and a voicemail."

Jeff, looking at his phone, "They’re all from my Dad, I guess I’d better check the voicemail and see what he needs." He called voicemail and put it on speakerphone.

"Jeff, I’ve been trying to call you all day, and I even tried to call Julian, and got no answer from him either. I’m worried about you guys, is everything OK? Son, I wanted to find out what you guys are doing this Labor Day Weekend. Please call me!"

"Baby," Julian said, "he sounds worried, I think you better call him."

Jeff made the call, putting the phone on speaker. Bill answered quickly.

"Hi Dad," Jeff said, "Julian and I are spending the holiday weekend with Uncle Jim and Calvin. We left our phones in the bedroom, so neither of us ever heard them."

"So," Bill replied, "you and Julian are right here, in Summerton?"

"Yep," Jeff replied, "we just finished off an awesome dinner of barbecued chicken. We’ve really enjoyed spending our time with Uncle Jim and Calvin this weekend."

"Is Jim close by," Bill said, "I’d like to talk with him."

"I’ve got the phone on speakerphone, and we can all hear you," Jeff stated, "do you want to speak to him privately?"

"No Son," Bill said, "you can leave it on speaker, Jim, can you hear me okay?"

"I can hear you just fine, Bill," Jim said, "What’s on your mind?"

"Jim, I’ve never had any issue with you, actually I like you, but you know how Elaine is," Bill stated, "I think Elaine has had a wakeup call. Jim, would we, Elaine and myself, be welcome to come and visit you and Calvin and Jeff and Julian for a couple of hours tomorrow?"

"Bill," Jim said, "Cal and I are planning a cookout tomorrow, for us and the boys. It’s nothing fancy, just burgers and hot dogs, and some salads and watermelon. We have plenty of food, why don’t you and Elaine join us, and we make it a family affair?"

"Jim," Bill stated, "I like that idea, a lot, let me discuss it with the boss, and I’ll call Jeff back with an answer in a few minutes." Jeff and Bill both hung up.

Jim, hugging Jeff and with tears running down his cheeks, "Jeffie, we might just make a loving sister and mother out of your Mom yet!"

Jeff, also with tears leaking from his eyes, "Uncle Jim, there is nothing I’d want any more than to see you and my Mom loving each other, and to see Mom be more accepting of guys like us."

A few minutes later Jeff’s phone rang, and Jeff answered immediately.

"Dad," Jeff asked, excitedly, "what did Mom say?"

"Son, can you give the phone to Jim?" Bill requested.

"He want’s to talk to you, Uncle Jim," Jeff said, handing Jim the phone.

"Jim, here," Jim said, "What’s the verdict?"

"Jim, Elaine is okay with the plan, but she wants to know what we can bring?"

"Just you and her, if she would like, maybe something sweet for dessert. We’ll plan for supper around 5:00 PM, but you’re welcome to come a lot earlier, and we can chat."

"We’ll be getting out of church around 12:30, and we’ll need to go home and change. We could be out to your house around 1:30 if that’s OK?"

"That’ll be fine, Bill, we’ll see you tomorrow." They hung up.

"What’d he say," Jeff asked, excitedly, "what’d he say?"

"It’s a go! Bill and Elaine should be arriving here around 1:30 PM, and spending the afternoon with us." J&J shared a spontaneous loving hug with each other, both grinning ear to ear. There is nothing these boys want any more than for Jeff (and Julian) to be on good terms with Jeff’s family. It seems like Jeff’s Mom is coming around—maybe.

Saturday night the four men sat on the sofa together again, all naked, and watched another movie. J&J were still holding the vinegar soaked washcloths on their sunburned peckers, which were starting to feel less sore than they were earlier. Julian took a pee break, and when he returned, he lifted the washcloth from Jeff’s cock, and placed a tender kiss on the head of Jeff’s penis, causing Jeff, as well as Jim and Calvin to grin. About 11:30 the movie ended, and they all headed to bed, after giving each other warm and loving goodnight hugs.

To be continued…………

As always, comments are not only welcome, but highly appreciated.

Coming in Chapter 10:

Jeff takes Julian’s virginity-NOT

The men share a wonderful cookout with Bill and Elaine

Jim and Calvin set their Wedding date

Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Sorry folks, this Chapter took more space and time than I anticipated.  J&J probably won't get to meet Julian's siblings until Chapter 11.

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