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    Doug Spencer
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Watergame - 45. Chapter 45

Note: All sexually involved characters in this chapter are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be some gay sex described in this chapter. WARNING! There is a situation of mutual masturbation between Julian and his 14-year-old cousin, Dayton, instigated by Dayton.

In chapter 45, Julian will be spending a weekend with Dayton, and the uncles, at Jim and Cal’s home. Halloween is approaching and Julian will be returning home to join his husband and going out with the youngsters for Trick and Treating. Four families will be finalizing plans to share Thanksgiving with loved ones.

* * * * * *

Watergame Chapter 45, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer

It’s now Friday the 12th of October and Julian is looking forward to spending the weekend with Dayton and the Uncles. Julian’s last class ended at 4:00 PM. Levi gave Julian a loving hug, wishing him an enjoyable weekend. Julian grabbed his overnight bag and headed to Summerton.

Typical for a school day, Ozzie and Dayton exited the handicap bus and Ozzie pushed Dayton’s wheelchair up the ramp, both boys soon inside Jim and Cal’s (and Dayton’s) home. Dayton had previously told Ozzie that Julian was coming to spend the weekend with them, and was anxious for Julian’s arrival.

While waiting for Julian and Dayton’s Dad’s to arrive, Ozzie got them both drinks from the fridge, and they settled together at the desk and knocked out their homework. Not knowing just when Julian might pop in unexpectedly, Dayton elected to NOT jack off together with Ozzie today. Perhaps Julian will jack off with him after they go to bed tonight. Jim and Cal don’t return from work until about 5:30 PM and they always have adequate time to have their boy fun and Ozzie destroys the evidence before Dayton’s Dad’s get home.

Not that Jim and Cal would really be concerned, they were once teenaged boys too. They have long suspected that Ozzie and Dayton may relieve their teenage hormones together. It would only be a natural occurrence between two teen boys, especially when the two boys spend the hours together that Ozzie and Dayton do, due to circumstances.

Shortly after 5:00 PM Julian pulled into Jim and Cal’s driveway and parked, noting that only Jim’s car was there. As a rule, Jim and Cal, usually working the same hours, just take one car to work. Julian grabbed his bag and headed to the back door, finding it unlocked. Entering inside, he was quickly greeted by Ozzie and Dayton, Dayton’s arms opened wide ready for his hug.

Approaching Dayton, Julian lifted Dayton out of the wheelchair to a standing position so that the two could really share a warm and loving hug with each other. Easing Dayton back into his chair, Julian turned his attention to Ozzie, also giving him a warm hug.

“So Ozzie,” Julian asked, “how is everything going?”

“Really well, Julian,” Ozzie replied, grinning, “This one (pointing at Dayton) has been totally excited all week! He’s been reminding me, at least six times a day, that Julian is coming to spend the weekend!” Julian and Dayton both grinned.

“How about at school?” Julian asked.

“Well,” Ozzie explained, “you know that Dayton needs a little help in the boys restroom. There’s these two boys, mutual friends of mine and Dayton’s, Marty and Steve. They have taken it upon themselves to learn how to assist Dayton, which gives me a break. It’s good that they can also help Dayton, should I be tied up, or absent for the day. The four of us usually eat lunch together in the cafeteria.”

“Are you both keeping your grades up?” Julian asked.

“Dayton’s a whiz kid!” Ozzie exclaimed, “He almost always gets straight ‘A’s’. He’s also become my awesome tutor and my grades are a lot better than last year, thanks to Dayton. By the way, we’ve already knocked out our homework, so we’re ready for Monday back at school. Julian, do you know how to help Dayton with his bathroom needs?”

“Of course I do,” Julian replied.

“There’s a school dance tonight,” Ozzie stated, “I’d like to go, and maybe find some chicks to dance with. If I may leave Dayton in your care, I’m going home for din-din and get my Mom to drop me off at the school.”

“I gotcha covered, Ozzie,” Julian replied, “and I hope you have a great time at the dance. I guess we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Julian,” Ozzie said, “Dayton, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ozzie took off for home, and about ten minutes later, Cal and Jim arrived with a bag of Fried Chicken and all the sides for their dinner, and wondered where Ozzie was.

Julian explained about the dance, and since he was now here and could care for Dayton, he’d told Ozzie to go ahead and have some fun at the dance. Jim and Cal understood, and were cool.

Jim threw four plates on the table, opened up the sides, and the four of them enjoyed their Fried Chicken dinner together. After dinner, they all migrated to the living room to watch a movie. All four sat on the sofa together, Jim and Cal sat on the ends, with Dayton and Julian snuggled between them. After the movie ended, it was bedtime, and Dayton was anxious to share his twin bed with Julian.

Before heading to the bedroom, Dayton used his walker to go to the bathroom to tinkle, Julian assisting him while Dayton supported himself on the walker. After tucking Dayton Jr. away, Julian also relieved himself and flushed the toilet. Julian was pleased to notice that Dayton was gradually using the walker more and the wheelchair a little less.

Dayton led the way to his bedroom, and stood with his back toward the bed, supporting himself on the walker, and waiting for Julian to help him undress. Julian instinctively unbuckled and unzipped Dayton’s jeans, pushing them down, and lowered Dayton to sit on the edge of the mattress.

Moving the walker out of the way, Julian removed Dayton’s sneakers and socks then pulled off his jeans, laying them on the chair. Dayton pulled off his tee and threw it on the chair. Julian then lifted Dayton’s legs up onto the bed, allowing Dayton to lie on his back, and pushed Dayton’s body over toward the wall side of the twin bed. Stripping to his boxers, Julian quickly slid into the bed next to Dayton and wrapped his arms lovingly around Dayton’s torso, cuddling close to Dayton.

In reality, with both boys sharing the twin bed, they had no choice but to be close to each other, to both of the boy’s pleasure. Turning out the bedside lamp, the room was left in a dim glow from the hallway light, which was normally left on, and they had left the room door wide open. Dayton’s door is rarely ever closed!

Shortly afterwards Jim and Cal also decided to retire, and entered Dayton’s room. Both men leaned over Julian to give Dayton his goodnight kiss, then also giving Julian a kiss on his forehead. Wishing the boys a goodnight, the men retired to their own room.

As a rule, not only is Dayton’s door left open, but also their own, for Dayton’s benefit, should he need anything during the night. Dayton is incapable of getting out of bed by himself, so Jim and Cal can share some intimacy or even sex without getting caught by Dayton. Tonight is different because Julian is here! If Dayton needs anything during the night, Julian can assist him, so they utilized the rare opportunity and closed their door tonight, for privacy.

Minutes after the uncles went to bed, Julian felt Dayton’s hand slip inside of his boxers, his warm fingers wrapping around Julian’s boyhood. Julian tried to ignore what Dayton was doing, but Julian Jr. refused to ignore Dayton’s tender fondling, and became totally erect, even starting to seep precum. Seconds later, Dayton pushed Julian’s hand down and into his skivvies. Julian couldn’t help but feel Dayton’s nice, erect and leaking pecker. Julian wasn’t quite prepared for Dayton’s advances.

It had been a few days since Julian had enjoyed having sex with Jeff. The previous time was last Saturday night when he and Jeff were having oral sex in the park and joined by the two teens, Paul and Jerry. Julian was totally recharged and at a disadvantage with Dayton, who now had him very aroused. Julian suddenly felt a need to drop a load, and considered going to the bathroom and rubbing off a quick one.

Dayton, his lips close to Julian’s ear, “Let’s jack off!” he whispered loudly. Julian thought for a minute before responding.

“I guess we can, Dayton,” Julian spoke softly, “let me go get us some paper towels.” Julian slipped out of bed, to go to the kitchen for the ‘needed supplies’. His boxers seriously tented, he hoped that Jim or Cal wouldn’t happen to come out of their bedroom and catch him in this state of arousal.

Returning to Dayton’s bedroom, Julian lay the towels on the nightstand, and pulled Dayton’s skivvies down to his knees, Dayton’s magnificent erection springing up and standing tall. Dayton asked Julian to turn on the lamp so they could better watch each other and Julian complied. Julian shoved his boxers down, still highly aroused, and the two boys viewed each other’s stiff anatomies, and both boys started to stroke themselves, watching each other work their erections.

“Dayton, reaching over and shoving Julian’s hand from his cock, “I wanna make you cum!” and replacing Julian’s hand with his own. The feeling of Dayton stroking his boyhood felt sensational to Julian, even better than when he stroked himself. Dayton won't have to work very long to bring Julian to orgasm. This was a rare time that Julian had ever enjoyed another boy jacking him off and he was trying to relax to prolong the experience, but Julian Jr. had other ideas! Julian’s orgasm was fast approaching.

“I’m about to shoot!” Julian exclaimed, “better let me finish it off.”

“Nope!” Dayton remarked, “I wanna do this myself.” It was already too late, Julian was already spewing his boy cream all over his chest, stomach and abdomen and Dayton was grinning, ear to ear, having reached success! “Now you do me!”

“Hold on,” Julian replied, “let me wipe this mess up first.” Julian grabbed a couple of paper towels and cleaned up most of the ejaculate from his body, and wiping off his, now deflating, penis.

Julian, looking at Dayton’s most awesome boyhood, had a nearly irresistible desire to take Dayton into his mouth and giving him an oral treatment. With Dayton not quite fifteen while he is now twenty, and also being his cousin, he prepared to just give Dayton a hand job. Using Dayton’s substantial flow of precum, plus some of his own saliva, Julian returned the favor to Dayton. Having Dayton’s cock nice and slippery, Julian stroked Dayton, sliding his hand over most of Dayton’s length, and stroking over the head, soon causing Dayton to be squirming with excitement and anxiety.

With no warning, Dayton shot his massive load, much of it landing on Julian’s arm and the rest on Julian’s hand and coating Dayton’s pecker. Fortunately, no cleanup job is too great for Bounty, and it was Bounty to the rescue! Just two towels sopped it all up. The boys would likely both be in need of a shower in the morning to wash the remainder of dried cum from their bodies. Julian dropped the cum-soaked towels into the wastebasket, pulled Dayton’s skivvies back up and then his own boxers, turned out the lamp and the two boys cuddled up together and soon fell asleep.

* * * * * *

Saturday, the 13th of October seemed to be a day of multiple phone calls. About 9:00 AM Vi received an unexpected call from Elaine. After warm greetings, Elaine proceeded to explain the purpose of her call.

“Vi,” Elaine asked, “does your family have any plans yet for Thanksgiving?”

“Thanksgiving!” Vi exclaimed, “we haven’t even made it through Halloween yet! Julian is coming home for Halloween weekend, and the boys have come up with a novel idea. Last weekend they took Sam and Dom shopping for costumes, and bought costumes for them too. Instead of just taking the youngsters out for trick and treating, they’re going to dress up and go trick and treating WITH the kids!”

“Awe, that’s sweet,” Elaine replied, “I know that Jeff and Julian both have a lot of love for Sam and Dom, and it’ll give the boys a chance to go back to their childhood, for one night, anyway.”

“Getting back to Thanksgiving,” Elaine asked, “do you know what days Art and Jeff will be off from work?”

“I do,” Vi replied, “Alvin Corbin is an awesome employer, and he’s ceasing operations as of Tuesday night, and giving all of his employees Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. Art and Jeff are both salaried, and will be getting three days of Holiday Pay! The hourly workers just receive Thanksgiving Day with pay.”

“That’s great,” Elaine replied, “Bill only gets Thursday and Friday off with pay. Vi, Bill and I want to have your family join us for Thanksgiving weekend, here in Summerton. We have a big house, and a rather large Dining Room, and can host quite a few for dinner. Since Jeff and Julian are now married, our family has grown, and we consider the White Family as a part of our Family.”

“We’d need to get a motel room,” Vi stated, “at least for Wednesday night, if we return to Dunbar after dinner on Thursday.”

“Nonsense!” Elaine remarked. “Our parents aren’t coming up from Florida this year, so our spare room is available for you and Art, and of course Jeff and Julian will share Jeff’s room.”

“What about the children,” Vi asked, “where would they sleep? I suppose Dom can sleep with Jeff and Julian, and maybe Sam can sleep on the sofa?”

“I have an idea for the kids,” Elaine said, “Let me call Sasha, and I’ll call you back shortly.” Vi and Elaine hung up and Elaine immediately called Sasha. Jen was at work, but Sasha put her phone on speaker so that Leroy and Christine could listen in while Elaine explained the situation. Of course Samantha would be welcome to sleep with Christine, and Christine was already excited to know that Sam might be spending a couple of nights with her.

“Mom,” Leroy stated, smiling, “I’d be happy to share my bed with little Dominic, if he’s housebroken!”

“Leroy,” Elaine replied, chuckling, “Dom is almost seven years old, and I’m certain that he is—housebroken, or at least bedbroken. Housebroken normally refers to kittens and puppies. Little boys and girls become toilet trained.” Sasha and Christine both grinned.

“Rest assured, Elaine,” Sasha stated, “Jen and I will be happy to have Samantha and Dominic in our home for a couple of nights. They’re sweet kids, and they’ve etched a permanent place in our hearts. Christine is already excited to re-unite with Sam.”

“Thank you so much,” Elaine replied, “I can tell Vi that the children have a safe and caring place to sleep for those two nights. As big as our house is, it’s becoming too small for our growing family, we need more bedrooms!” Sasha and Elaine hung up, and Elaine returned a call to Vi, explaining the sleeping arrangements for the children, to Vi’s satisfaction.

Like last Thanksgiving, Bill and Elaine are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, but things are different this year. If we recall, the senior Ashley’s flew up from Florida last year, not only for Thanksgiving but also to attend Jim and Calvin’s Wedding on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. A year ago, J&J were merely two college boys that were falling in love, and had claimed boyfriend status. A lot has transpired in a year!

Back in the spring, Jim and Cal became loving Dad’s to Dayton by adoption, then on August 4th, J&J tied the knot and became loving husbands, bringing Art and Vi, and Julian’s little sister and brother into the fold.

Elaine has gone through some serious changes in her opinions and attitudes. After nearly losing her brother and son, she has totally accepted Calvin as her brother in law and Julian as her son-in-law.

* * * * * *

In another section of Dunbar, Audrey Collins made a call to Mary Mahoney down in Houston. Andrew, looking at the caller ID and seeing the call was from Tennessee assumed it was a telemarketer, and answered accordingly. “Whatever you’re selling, we don’t need it or want it, please remove our number from your damned calling list!”

“Wait, Andrew!” Audrey exclaimed, “I’m not a telemarketer, this is Audrey Collins, Kevin’s Mom.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Audrey,” Andrew replied, “I thought it was one those damned annoying telemarketers! What’s up?”

“Well,” Audrey replied, “I may be trying to sell you on something, but I’m not looking for money. Have you and Mary reconsidered coming to Dunbar to share Thanksgiving with us and the boys?”

“I think you know that I detest long trips,” Andrew stated, “but Mary has nearly broken my arm, twisting it! She’s even offered to do most of the driving. Don’t get me wrong, Audrey, Mary and I really do want to meet Kevin’s family, it’s just the distance, and the hours of travel between us that bothers me.”

“It’s quite a hardship on the boys too,” Audrey replied, “They’re planning to leave campus early on Wednesday morning, and driving straight through. They’ll be a couple of tired puppies by the time they get here on Wednesday evening. So can we plan to have you and Mary share Thanksgiving with us?”

“I guess so,” Andrew replied, “I get Thanksgiving and Friday off from work anyway, but I’m taking Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday off also. It’s too far to travel in one day, so we’ll be leaving Houston Tuesday afternoon, spending a night in a motel and then arriving sometime Wednesday afternoon.”

“Oh, that’s great!” Audrey exclaimed, “Kurt and I are excited to finally get to meet, and spend some time with Bryan’s parents.”

“Just a heads up, Audrey,” Andrew stated, “You and Kurt get to have the boys with you for Thanksgiving, but we’re laying claims on them for Christmas!”

“I suppose that’s only fair,” Audrey replied, “It’ll be Kurt’s and my first Christmas without Kevin, but I guess we’ll survive. It’ll also be Kevin and Bryan’s first Christmas together as boyfriends. I think the boys are very fortunate to both have loving parents that can accept their sexuality’s and their relationship.”

“I think,” Andrew stated, “for Mary and me, it was a choice of accepting, or losing our son. The boy’s relationship seems to be set in concrete, and I expect that some sweet day we’ll be welcoming Kevin into our family as our son-in-law!”

“Have they mentioned getting married to you?” Audrey asked.

“Just casually,” Andrew replied, “nothing in the near future, but they’ve mentioned it, and the possibility of adopting children. With neither of them having siblings, for them to marry and adopt children is the only way any of us will ever have grandchildren.”

“Andrew,” Audrey replied, “I’d hate to think of us approaching our golden years—with no grandchildren to spoil, or brag about!” Andrew chuckled. “I’m going to let you go, and I’m really happy that you and Mary have decided to come up for Thanksgiving.”

“Wait,” Andrew said, “Mary wants to bend your ear,” and handed the phone to Mary.

“Hi Audrey,” Mary stated, “what would you like me to contribute, toward our Thanksgiving dinner?”

“Actually,” Audrey replied, “I’ve got everything planned for our dinner, except for dessert.”

“How about I make some pies,” Mary said, “they don’t need to be kept cool or warm, and are easy to transport.”

“Oh, Mary!” Audrey exclaimed, “That’d be awesome. Pies are not my forte, and I was considering Mrs. Smith’s, because mine never turn out right.”

“Suppose I make a Mincemeat Pie, since it’s kind of traditional for Thanksgiving, and a Pumpkin and maybe a Pecan. Three pies should get us through Thanksgiving, and at least one other dinner, unless you’re planning on more than just us parents and the boys.”

“I’m just planning on the six of us,” Audrey stated, “but I’m still gonna roast a large Turkey! We should have plenty left over to make the boys some sandwiches to eat on the way back to Kenworth and for you and Andrew to eat on your return trip to Houston.”

“Girl! You’ve got ALL the bases covered,” Mary stated. “I know that Andrew and I are not looking forward to the long drive, but we’re both pretty anxious to get to know our Son’s other parents! I know that Thanksgiving is still over a month away and we’ll be in touch with each other a few times between now and then. Talk is cheap, since all these phone companies now offer unlimited long distance without charging by the minute anymore!”

“And we girls can sure burn up those telephone lines,” Audrey replied, “can’t we? Unless there is something else we need to discuss, I’m ready to let you go, so we can both get on with our weekend.”

“Audrey, thanks for calling,” Mary stated, “I really enjoy chatting with you, and we do have a lot in common. I’ll be so happy to be able to chat with you, face to face! Goodbye for now.” The two mothers hung up, Thanksgiving plans completed!

To be continued...............

Ahead in Chapter 46, Halloween approaches, and Julian returns to Dunbar so that he and Jeff can go trick and treating WITH Sam and Dom, and Eric. Dayton’s friend, Steve Abernathy, ‘invents’ an ingenious way to take Dayton out for trick and treating, which Dayton has never been able to experience, due to his handicap. I always like to give thanks to my readers for taking the time to read my stories, and a special thanks to those of you willing to leave COMMENTS! I know I sound like a broken record, I like comments! I like Comments! I like Comments! (And I always take time and interest to read them) I love you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.

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Great chapter. Dayton is really loved by his cousin Julian and has a great friend in Ozzie. Great to see that all the families will be getting together for Thanksgiving.

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