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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 11,838 Words

Watergame - 32. Chapter 32

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older except for the growing love between (now) eighteen year old Kevin and his (now) seventeen year old boyfriend, Jake. There is some gay sex described in this chapter.

Chapter 32 picks up on Sunday morning, September 2nd of Labor Day Weekend. J&J are on the family yacht with Julian’s family, and their teen friend, Lenny Valentine. Brandon took Ryan out for dinner Saturday night, and then to a motel. Kevin, while on Skype with Jake, gets a surprise visit. Johnnie and Angie have spent their first night in their apartment, and Everett and Mickey spent their first night together as dorm-mates (and maybe lovers).

* * * * * *

Watergame Chapter 32, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer

Saturday night, Brandon took Ryan to enjoy a tasty and romantic dinner together at a quiet Italian Restaurant, both boys were prepared for a hot weekend of love. Brandon had taken the liberty to reserve a room in a motel with just a single Queen bed. En route to the motel, Brandon pulled into the parking lot of a drug store.

Ryan, suspecting Brandon was getting some condoms, "I thought we decided not to use condoms, since we’ve both tested clean."

"I’m not getting condoms, baby," Brandon replied, "but we still need some supplies." Ryan followed Brandon to the ‘feminine’ area, where Brandon picked up two bottles of personal lubricant and four of the single use, disposable douches. Ryan hung back while Brandon paid for his purchases.

Back in Brandon’s car, and headed to the motel, "I understand the lube, but what are the douches for?" Ryan asked.

"Just a precaution," Brandon answered, "we need to ensure that our boy pussy’s are clean of—foreign material." Arriving at the motel, Ryan waited in the car while Brandon registered them and got the key for their room. Brandon then drove them around to the back of the motel, and parked in front of the room. Ryan is excited but also a bit apprehensive, uncertain what Brandon has in mind.

Brandon grabbed a bag with some cans of Sprite, and the bag from the drug store, and they entered the room. Brandon placed the Sprite into the small, motel fridge. Turning toward, and facing Ryan, Brandon took Ryan into his arms, and the boys shared a loving kiss and hug.

"What are we going to do?" Ryan asked.

"For starters," Brandon replied, "I think we need to get more comfortable." Brandon reached down and unbuckled Ryan’s belt and unzipped his pants. Ryan took the hint, and both boys were soon stripped of all things clothing, standing in front of each other naked.

"God, Ryan," Brandon remarked, "You’re beautiful, I think I just want to please you, in any way I can! I won’t try to push you into anything that will make you feel uncomfortable."

"Brandon," Ryan responded, "I care for you, deeply, but I’ve never made love with another boy. Maybe you can teach me? I’ll be a willing student." Brandon smiled.

"Ryan, I want to do something that will make you feel really good," Brandon said, "why don’t you go ahead and douche."

"I’ve never done that," Ryan replied, "Show me how." Brandon took two of the douches out of the bag and placed them into the sink full of hot water.

"Warming them up will make it feel better than if they’re cold." Brandon explained, "I’ll douche first, and then you can just copy." Brandon coated the stiff end with some lube and slipped it into his hole, letting the liquid flow into his rectum, then quickly let the ‘mostly’ liquid run out of his bowels and into the toilet.

"There, my pussy is clean, now you do it." Brandon wiped the excess liquid from his hole, and stood, watching, as Ryan douched himself, and dried his ass.

Brandon led Ryan to the bed, pushing Ryan onto his back, then knelt between Ryan’s legs and lowered his face to Ryan’s crotch, almost like he was going to give Ryan a BJ. He encouraged Ryan to place his legs on his shoulders, raising Ryan’s butt up, but instead of taking Ryan’s cock into his mouth, he pushed his nose into Ryan’s scrotum and started to tongue Ryan’s pucker, pushing his tongue through Ryan’s sphincter ring, rimming him.

"OH, FUCK!" Ryan blurted, "THAT FEELS INCREDIBLE!" Brandon continued to tongue Ryan’s sweet clean boy pussy for a few more minutes, occasionally moving to Ryan’s leaking pecker and lapping up the steady stream of precum from Ryan’s pee slit. Brandon’s own throbbing cock was leaking a steady stream of precum onto the sheet.

"Oh, baby," Ryan begged, "Make love to me!"

"Are you sure, Sweetheart?" Brandon asked, "It’s your first time, and it may hurt. Are you sure you want this?"

"I’ve never been more ready, Baby," Ryan stated, "Just take it slow, and give me that awesome cock! Take my cherry!"

"Easy, baby," Brandon said, "we need to prepare you, and me." Brandon grabbed the lube, lubing Ryan’s pucker, and using his fingers to open Ryan’s hole, one finger, then two and then three fingers, preparing Ryan’s pussy for the intrusion. Lubing up his own throbbing pecker, Brandon prepared to breed his boyfriend.

"Are you ready, Baby?" Brandon asked.

"I’ve been ready," Ryan replied, "ever since the first night we slept together, I really want this!"

Brandon, with Ryan’s legs still on his shoulders, aligned the head of his cock with Ryan’s pucker, and started to push, slowly, against Ryan’s tight boy hole.

"Relax your pussy, Baby," Brandon said, "and let me come in." As the head of Brandon’s cock slid through Ryan’s sphincter ring, Ryan gasped. "Are you okay, sweetheart?"

"Hurts a little," Ryan said, "but it feels good at the same time, just go slow, and give me a little more." Even though Brandon had been fucked a couple of times back in high school, this was his first time to be a top, and Ryan’s pussy felt wonderful. Two young men experiencing love for the first time. Brandon slowly pushed a little more of his length inside, searching for the spot that would drive Ryan into orgasm.

"Oh!" Ryan exclaimed, "I think I’m gonna cum!" Brandon still had a couple more inches to go, but if he could bring Ryan to an orgasm with only the first five or six inches he’d be pleased. He was close also, and was attempting to hold off his own orgasm that was approaching. Brandon was actively fucking his boyfriend, for the first time, but at a slow pace, not wanting to cum too soon.

"Fuck!" Ryan blurted, "I’m cumming!" Ryan’s cock started to spew spurt after spurt of his love juice, some landing on Brandon’s stomach and the rest on Ryan’s stomach and chest.

"I’m cumming too!" Brandon exclaimed, as his cock filled Ryan’s gut with his sperm. Brandon collapsed on top of Ryan, squashing Ryan’s ejaculate between them, and Ryan’s legs fell onto the bed. Both boys were panting, trying to catch their breaths. Brandon’s big cock was still mostly inside Ryan’s ass. Ryan’s substantial erection was pinned between their abdomens. Both boys’ peckers were starting to deflate, as they shared a kiss.

Ryan, as Brandon started to pull out, "NO! Stay inside me, it feels awesome, your cock in my pussy!"

"I’m deflating, baby," Brandon said, "it won’t stay in there, if I’m not hard." Brandon’s cock slipped out of Ryan’s ass, and Ryan was unable to hold all of Brandon’s ejaculate in, and some of it dribbled out, onto the sheet. Ryan made a beeline to the bathroom, and sat, releasing the rest into the toilet. The boys mutually decided to take a much needed shower together, using just one bath towel, and used the other one to cover the ‘wet spot’ on the bed before crawling in and cuddling together, soon falling asleep.

* * * * * *

Saturday morning Vi and Art rose, and Vi, wearing just her robe, went to the galley and started coffee to brew while Art took a seat at the table, wearing just his briefs. Both children and all three of the boys slept in a bit longer. The tantalizing aroma of the brewing coffee caused J&J to stir, and they soon became vertical. It was daylight, about 8:30 AM, and J&J held the jug for each other and they both relieved their bladders, then, donned their boxers, and joined Vi and Art in the galley for coffee. Sam was next to arise and entered the galley in her pajamas, giving Mommy, Daddy and both of her big brothers a morning kiss.

"Mommy, can you make me some cocoa?" Sam asked.

"Sure, sweetie," Vi replied, and started to make a pot of cocoa, knowing that Dom would want some, and likely, so would Lenny.

"I gotta go tinkle," Sam stated, and headed to the toilet. It was considered acceptable for the ladies, Vi and Sam, to use the toilet for Number 1’s. Shortly after Sam returned, Dom appeared in the galley, and said he needed to tinkle. Art was aware of the jug in the boy’s bedroom, and took Dom back to the boy’s room.

While Art helped Dom to unzip and lower his sleepers, and held the jug for him to tinkle, Lenny slid out of the lower bunk.

"Mr. White, can you hold the jug for me too?" Lenny asked.

"Sure, Lenny," Art replied. Lenny pulled his pecker out of his boxers, and ‘tinkled’ into the jug, then thanked Art, and Art placed the nearly half filled jug back to it’s place in the corner. All three then returned to the galley. "Son, I think your jug needs to be emptied, and rinsed out."

"OK Dad," Julian replied, "I’ll take care of that after breakfast."

"Lenny," Vi asked, "are you a coffee drinker?"

"No, Ma’am," Lenny replied, "Mama says that coffee will stunt my growth."

"How about some hot cocoa?" Vi offered.

"That’d be awesome," Lenny replied, smiling. Vi ladled some hot cocoa, adding a little extra milk to Dom’s sippy cup, to cool it, and then ladled two more cups for Lenny and Samantha.

They all sat in the (only) six chairs around the table, enjoying coffee and hot cocoa, Dominic sitting comfortably on Julian’s lap. After finishing her coffee, Vi started to fry up some bacon and eggs and Art placed some English Muffins in the gas grill to heat them. There is no electricity, so, of course, no toaster on the yacht.

After enjoying Vi’s culinary skills, Lenny grabbed his swimming trunks from the deck chair, and slipped in to the boy’s bedroom and changed, anxious to get back into the lake. Today was the day the boys planned to introduce Sam and Dom into freshwater lake swimming. Shortly afterwards, Julian helped Dom get his swimsuit on and Vi helped Sam get hers on. J&J retrieved their swimsuits from the deck, but needed no help in getting them on.

Vi and Art were a bit nervous about the young ones going into the lake but trusted that Jeff and Lenny had taught them well. When the time came to let Sam and Dom go into the lake, all three of the older boys were automatically in ‘lifesaver’ mode, prepared to spring into action, if needed.

Dom’s little arms were just long enough to reach the bottom rung of the ladder on the side of the ‘Dream’ and he quickly learned to navigate the ladder to return to the deck.

Suddenly, with no warning, Daredevil Dom dived off the diving board into the lake, and everyone held their breaths. Dom disappeared beneath the surface for a few seconds, and Jeff and Lenny were both prepared to save the little guy. Just then, Dom’s head appeared above the surface and he swam to the ladder, climbing back onto the deck, and everyone breathed again. Vi and Art both rushed to where Dom was standing, with a grin on his face.

"You scared us, sweetie," Vi said.

"I sorry," Dom said, "I can do this, I dint mean to ‘care you."

Sam had not mastered the art of diving, but she was able to swim with confidence. Vi and Art were proud of both of their children, and could relax a bit easier now. Jeff and Lenny have done a great job of teaching these two youngsters to swim. Future trips to the lake will definitely be a family affair!

The kids, including J&J spent most of the afternoon in the lake, the three older boys keeping close tabs on Sam and Dom. In the late afternoon, Art fired up the gas grill, and after putting baking potatoes in the top, started to grill the chicken, and then put a steamer on the side burner to steam corn on the cob. About 6:00 PM dinner was ready, and Dominic switched laps, sitting on Jeff’s lap. Dom, like Sam, loves his two older brothers. Even though Jeff is actually Julian’s boyfriend, they’re both considered brothers by the rest of the family, and sons by Vi and Art.

Dom is not able to handle corn on the cob yet, and Jeff used a knife to cut some corn off of a cob, and slid the corn onto Dom’s plate, so he could eat the corn with a fork.

Like the night before, J&J played Risk with Lenny, and after Vi and Art retired for the night Lenny wanted to talk some more, about his sexuality. Lenny feels very comfortable discussing private things with J&J.

"So," Lenny asked, "if I decide to be gay, do you think I should tell my parents that I’m gay?"

"I hate to tell you this, Lenny," Julian stated, "but being gay or straight is not your decision to make. God decided your sexuality when you were conceived, about nine months before you were born. I don’t know of any gay people that chose to be gay, they just are. Being gay carries a stigma that a lot of straight folks don’t agree with, like we’re sick, or abnormal. Some gay people live a lie for their entire lives, attempting to hide their real sexuality, and never attaining true happiness.

"I can verify that," Jeff stated, "in high school, and my first two years of college. I dated a bunch of girls, and even fucked some of them, but I never loved any of them. I never even dated the same girl twice. I was living a lie, hoping to meet the right girl, and then I met Julian, and he turned my world upside down. I fell in love with him, even before our first date, and then I began to realize just how gay I was. After knowing and loving Julian, no woman could ever satisfy me." Julian smiled, and wrapped his arm around Jeff’s shoulders in a sideways hug.

"As to whether you should tell your parents," Julian explained, "we cannot give you advice. We don’t know your parents, and have no way of knowing how they might react. Hopefully it would work out OK, but it could end up in disaster. I was fortunate, my Mom and Dad completely accepted my sexuality and my loving relationship with Jeff, and they treat Jeff just like a second son. Not all gay kids are that lucky, some parents disown their gay kids and even kick them out of their home, just because they’re gay."

"Lenny," Jeff stated, "even if you determine that you are, in fact, gay, I wouldn’t advise you to be in a hurry to share that with your parents, or anyone else. Keep it under wraps as long as you can."

Soon after the conversation ended, the boys all went to bed. They have one more full day to spend on the lake, and Lenny couldn’t have enjoyed the weekend more.

* * * * * *

Sunday morning Brandon and Ryan woke up about 9:30 AM, gazed into each other’s eyes and shared a loving hug and kiss.

"Thank you for last night, Baby," Brandon stated, "you were simply awesome! How do you feel this morning?"

"Well," Ryan replied, "my touch hole is a bit sore, but I’ve never felt as wanted, and loved, as I do right now."

"You’re both," Brandon replied, smiling, "wanted and loved, and guess what? Tonight you get to take my Cherry! How about some breakfast, with real food, I’m starved."

The two boys got vertical, shared a pee in the toilet and got dressed. Just before leaving the room, there was a knock at the door. Housekeepers, the boys let the two ladies in.

The first lady, pulling the blanket and top sheet down, "Looks like you boys had some fun last night!"

"Sorry about the sheets," Brandon said, both boys wearing some pink on their faces.

"Taint the first time, and won’t be the last," the second lady said, "you’ll have clean sheets to sleep on tonight." The boys left to go and find some breakfast, leaving the ladies to do their work.

"That was embarrassing," Ryan stated.

"Tell Me!" Brandon exclaimed, "Maybe we should put a towel under us tonight, before you take my Cherry. Baby, I hope I can please you tonight, as much as you pleased me last night."

The boys found an eatery, and enjoyed breakfast together, sitting on the same side of a booth. The server took their dirty plates away and refilled their coffee mugs. Unnoticed by anyone else, their hands found each other’s hands, and they chatted over coffee.

Ryan took a couple of minutes to call Kevin, explaining that he and Brandon were staying over for another night at the motel. Kevin smiled, evidently Ryan and Brandon are getting along well, but he was missing having Ryan around, and was all alone in the dorm room on this holiday weekend. God, how Kevin misses his boyfriend! He needs to see his Jake!

Kevin pushed the speed dial, and Jake answered, "Hi Baby!"

"Hi," Kevin replied, "Baby, I need to see you! I’m so lonesome I could cry! Are you busy?"

"I need to get ready for work in about an hour," Jake said, "do you want us to get on Skype for a few?"

"Please baby," Kevin said, "and can you get naked, like me?"

"You bet," Jake replied, "Gimme about five minutes. I’ll see you, literally, in five minutes." Both boys hung up, and brought up Skype, Jake closed the door to his room and got naked. In about five minutes, Jake appeared on Kevin’s laptop screen, in all his naked beauty.

"Oh my god baby," Kevin said, "you look so real, I wish I could reach through this screen and touch you! And kiss you and feel your wonderful boyhood in my hand!"

"Baby," Jake replied, "just imagining your fingers around my cock is making me hard! Can you see what you’re doing to me?"

"I can!" Kevin replied, "I want you in my mouth, baby, and to taste your sweet boy cream. It’s a holiday weekend, and I’m all alone!"

"Where is Ryan?" Jake asked.

"He’s in a motel room, with his new boyfriend, Brandon. I helped Ryan put an ad on Grinder, and he met Brandon, and the two of them have hit it off really well. Ryan and Brandon have slept together a couple of nights here, and I like both of them, a lot. We all hang around together naked sometimes, just as friends. They have both got big peckers, I guess that’s normal for black dudes."

"Have you had sex with them?" Jake asked.

"I sucked Ryan off one time," Kevin admitted, "before he met Brandon, but that’s the only time I’ve done anything with anyone." Just then, Bryan walked in, and saw Jake on Kevin’s screen. Jake also saw Bryan walk up behind Kevin.

"Who is the cute number on your screen?" Bryan asked.

"Bryan, this is Jake Farmer, my best friend from back home, Jake, this is Bryan Mahoney, he is one of my basketball teammates."

"Best friend, Baby, is that all I am to you anymore?" Jake asked with pain in his voice.

"Kevin," Bryan asked, "Is Jake your boyfriend?"

"Yeah," Kevin replied, looking down, "I wasn’t prepared to come out to any of my new teammates, at least not yet."

"Let me say one thing," Bryan said, smiling, "you’ve got a cute boyfriend, with a nice package! I sure wouldn’t kick him outta my bed!"

"Bryan! Your gay?" Kevin said.

"Guys," Bryan said, "I’m in the same boat as you, my beautiful boyfriend, Lance, is back in Houston, and I’m missing him, just like you two miss each other."

"Jake," Bryan asked, "would you approve if Kevin and I kinda took care of each other over some of these dry spells?"

"Maybe," Jake replied, "but something ain’t fair here, Bryan, you’ve seen both of us naked, but we haven’t seen you that way."

"That can be remedied!" Bryan said, snickering, and proceeded to strip in front of the Skype and Kevin. "There, is that better?"

"Much better," Jake replied, "I just wanted to see what my boyfriend might be playing with." Seeing both his boyfriend and Bryan naked caused Jake to become aroused. Bryan and Kevin both instinctively held each other’s peckers in their hands, and grinned.


"Look, Kevin," Bryan stated, "Jake’s showing us his boner!"

"Fuck, guys!" Jake remarked, "I’m gonna need to jerk it off, as soon as we hang up! And then I need to get dressed for work. I gotta run, or I’ll be late, bye Baby, we’ll talk soon, I love you."

"I love you too, baby," Kevin said, "I hope you have a good night at work." Kevin and Jake both shut down the Skype. After that Skype session, Jake was still hot. Fearing he’d be popping boners all night at work, he started to stroke it, and after only two or three minutes he grabbed his soiled boxers off the floor and soiled them a little more, shooting his load into them.

After milking the last few drops out of his cock, he pulled on some clean boxers and then his work clothes. He then headed out the back door, got into Kevin’s car and drove to the pizzeria to start his shift. He can’t help but think that Kevin and Bryan are probably going to have some boy fun together, and wondering just what they might do. Both Kevin and Bryan’s genitals are surprisingly similar in size and shape, the major noticeable difference is that Bryan’s pubic hair is red, like his hair, whereas Kevin’s is a dark brown. The scariest thought that crossed his mind was ‘What if Kevin falls in love with another boy!’

After the Skype session, Bryan and Kevin just sat naked on the sofa together, just thinking and discussing today’s events.

"Until today," Bryan said, "I had no idea that you were gay, and I thought I was the only gay boy on the team, and now I’ve learned that both you and Ryan are gay. I now feel a lot more comfortable around you two, and better, knowing that I’m not the only one."

Kevin, chuckling, "Kenworth U probably has the gayest team in college basketball! Maybe they’ll change our name from the Kenworth Kings to the Kenworth Queens. Where is Devon today?"

"He took some chic to the Mall, and is hoping to get her into a motel room tonight," Bryan replied, "He’s hopelessly straight."

"Does he know about you?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah," Bryan explained, "he was supposed to be gone one weekend last spring, but he returned early and caught me in bed with a dude. He was a little upset at first, but he got over it, and still wanted to be my dorm-mate this year. Despite our differences, we’re still friends."

"I’m surprised he didn’t out you to the rest of the team," Kevin replied, "or did he?"

"Nope," Bryan said, "I think, because we are dorm-mates, he was afraid he’d be pegged as gay by association. He mentioned that he was uncomfortable being in your room with you guys both naked."

"Ryan and I both enjoy the freedom of being naked in our dorm room," Kevin responded, "are you uncomfortable?"

"I think it’s kinda neat," Bryan replied, placing his hand on Kevin’s knee and sliding it up Kevin’s inner thigh, and then wiggling his pinkie against Kevin’s boyhood. "Do I look uncomfortable?"

"Real uncomfortable," Kevin answered, grinning, and then put his arm around Bryan’s shoulders, pulling Bryan tightly to his own body. The two boys shared a grin with each other.

"As you probably overheard, when we were on Skype, Ryan is overnighting again tonight with his new boyfriend in a motel. Since we don’t have any classes tomorrow, would you like to sleep over with me tonight?" Kevin asked.

Bryan, grinning, "I’d love to, I thought you’d never ask!"

"We probably should get dressed, and go get some dinner at the dining hall," Kevin suggested. The two boys reluctantly got dressed, and headed to the dining hall, getting their meals and sitting together. Both boys are anxious to get back to Kevin’s room, and getting naked again.

Bryan, when they returned to Redmond Hall, "I need to go up to my room and get my charger, and my toothbrush, see you soon."

Kevin unlocked the door to B-2, leaving it unlocked, and entered. Five minutes later he was naked, aroused, and waiting for Bryan.

Kevin pushed the blanket and top sheet down and lay on his bed, his dick was already stiff and standing tall from anticipation. They had not discussed what they might do, but something was certain to transpire between these two boys.

Bryan walked in through the unlocked door and he closed it, instinctively locking it, preventing anyone else from just walking in on them, maybe catching them in a compromised position. Of course Ryan has a key, but he is not expected to return today.

Bryan walked over to the bed, leaned over, and kissed the head of Kevin’s excited pecker, and then quickly removed his clothes, laying them on Ryan’s bed. Bryan’s cock was hard and standing straight out from his pubes. Kevin slid over, making room for Bryan to lay next to him. The two boys shared a kiss and hug, neither one of them losing their erections.

"Would you like to—do something?" Bryan asked.

"Yeah," Kevin replied, "I’d love to get a load off, but I don’t want to fuck—I’m saving my man-cunt for my one and only, my Jake!"

"I can relate," Bryan replied, "the only boy I would allow to enter me is my Lance! Maybe we could taste each other?" Both boys were fondling each other’s stiff boyhoods, exploring how they felt, and looked. "Kevin, I think our peckers are twins, I might have a little length on you."

"Let’s find out," Kevin replied, jumping off the bed and retrieving a twelve inch ruler off the desk. He placed the end of the ruler in Bryan’s pubes, right where the shaft meets the pubes, and aligned the ruler to Bryan’s erect cock.

"Seven and three quarters inches," Kevin stated, then, measuring his own erect cock in the same way, "Seven and a half, okay Bryan, you’ve got a quarter of an inch on me! They’re identical twins, but your twin grew just a little taller." Both boys grinned.

"Since I won the size contest," Bryan stated, "that means I get to taste you first! Spread your legs, and give me some room." Bryan knelt between Kevin’s calves and lowered his mouth over Kevin’s stiff member, taking what he could of Kevin into his mouth. Bryan could feel his own aroused pecker leaking precum onto his thighs.

"Oh, fuck!" Kevin exclaimed, "That feels terrific, do you want a warning, before I cum?"

Bryan, pulling off for a few seconds, "Nope—just surprise me!"

While Bryan was pleasuring Kevin, he reached a hand up and started to play with Kevin’s nipples, and Kevin was massaging Bryan’s neck and shoulders. After about ten minutes, Kevin felt his orgasm approaching. Bryan was good, about as proficient as his boyfriend. Kevin couldn’t hold back very much longer.

Another couple of minutes and Kevin’s cock started to spasm, and he shot his boy juice into Bryan’s anxious mouth. Bryan gulped, and went back to milk out any juice that Kevin had left to give. Bryan finally pulled off, analyzing the taste of his friend’s cream in his mouth.

"Dayum!" Bryan blurted, grinning, "You sure do taste good, that was a tasty and sweet surprise!"

"My turn," Kevin stated, and the boys swapped places. Kevin noticed the quantity of pre that had leaked onto Bryan’s thigh, and licked it up, before taking Bryan’s still stiff pecker into his mouth to return the favor.

Kevin had wondered what it might feel like to another boy to suck on his boyhood, and now that he’s nursing on his own pecker’s twin, he has a pretty good idea. He is anxious to bring Bryan to orgasm, and taste his friend’s cream.

After just having released the contents of his own balls, his own cock was in a flaccid state. He was still enjoying the feeling of Bryan’s stiff prick in his mouth, and had a strong desire to please his friend.

Finally, after about ten, maybe fifteen minutes, he heard Bryan moaning, and knew it wouldn’t take too much longer to bring Bryan off. And then it happened! Bryan’s body stiffened, just like Jake’s, when Jake was nearing orgasm. Bryan’s cock started to pulse, and started to fill Kevin’s mouth with several ropes of sweet, warm boy sperm. Kevin was pleasantly surprised, Bryan tasted every bit as good as Jake, maybe even a bit better.

Kevin sucked out those last few drops, and pulled off, sitting on his haunches. Looking into Bryan’s face, Bryan showed an expression of pure ecstasy.

"Kevin, that was by far the best and most enjoyable head job I’ve ever received."

"I’m sure Lance does a better job," Kevin said.

"I wish!" Bryan remarked, "Lance and I have dated for about two years, and I love him dearly, but he won’t take a cock in his mouth. Our sex is almost entirely anal, he likes to fuck me, and will let me fuck him, but we don’t practice much oral sex. I sometimes suck him off, but he won’t do me! The best he’ll do, is to give me a hand job."

"I’m sorry, Bryan," Kevin said, "Jake and I have fucked, but we both prefer oral sex to anal. Different strokes for different folks?" Then, grinning, "I suppose, if Jake and I ever get married, we’ll have to fuck, to make babies!"

"Yeah, right!" Bryan replied, snickering and grinning, "that news would make every supermarket tabloid in the country! I can see the headlines, ‘Gay Husband Becomes Pregnant’." Kevin grinned.

The two boys cuddled together, naked, on the small sofa and watched a movie on TV, and then snuggled up in Kevin’s bed together. They were both sexually satisfied, for the evening. They’re hands roamed, exploring each other’s bodies, and they drifted off to sleep, cozy, comfortable, and happy.

* * * * * *

Sunday night Brandon and Ryan, after enjoying another dinner together, returned to their motel room, and got naked. They lay on the bed, both boys aroused, anticipating some hot sex.

"Are you up for some experimentation?" Brandon asked.

"Everything we’ve done this weekend has been experimental for for me, Baby, " Ryan replied, "why stop now? I’m enjoying the education."

"Can I ride your wonderful pony?" Brandon asked.

"I’m not sure—how that works," Ryan replied.

"It’s pretty simple, baby," Brandon explained, "You lie on your back, and I’ll straddle you, and slide your beautiful erection up into my man cunt. I’ll slide my pussy up and down, on your pony, until you, or hopefully, both of us reach orgasm."

"I’m game, baby," Ryan said, excitedly, "it sounds like fun, let’s do it!"

"Let me douche," Brandon said, "and I’ll give you my virginity!"

Brandon disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes, and returned, a smile on his face, and still boned up. He is totally ready to feel his boyfriends cock inside of his ass! "Just relax, baby, and let me do the work." Brandon grabbed the lube, and lubed Ryan’s stiff and drooling boyhood well, then applied a bit of lube into his pucker, then wiped his hand on a towel.

Climbing on the bed, Brandon knelt, his knees on both sides of Ryan’s ribs. Aligning his hole with the head of Ryan’s beautiful pecker, he started to push downward, feeling the head of Ryan’s cock against his sphincter. He relaxed his sphincter, and started to sit on Ryan’s pole, letting the head and a couple of inches of Ryan’s shaft slide inside, then paused, letting his pussy get accustomed to the feeling, but the smile never left his face.

For the first time ever, Ryan felt the pleasure of his cock in another boy’s ass, but this wasn’t just any boy, this was Brandon! Brandon slowly started to slide his hole up and down over Ryan’s pole, gradually taking in more of Ryan’s length inside. Ryan’s face showed nothing but pure ecstasy!

Brandon couldn’t wait, he rose up a little and slammed down, now every last inch of Ryan was inside. That last slam hurt a little, but the sensation of Ryan’s member inside of his boy pussy was nothing short of fantastic. The two boys shared a grin.

It took a little manipulation, but Brandon finally got the angle, where Ryan’s cock’s head was stimulating Brandon’s prostate.

"Sweetheart, I’m about to seriously explode, you may get a cum shower!" Brandon remarked, his orgasm fast approaching. Ryan covered the head of Brandon’s love muscle with his hand, as Brandon’s cock started to pump several ropes of creamy white ejaculate, much of it going onto Ryan’s palm and fingers.

Grinning, Ryan quickly licked his palm and fingers clean, swallowing much of Brandon’s generous offering. Tightening his anal grip on Ryan’s pecker, Brandon adjusted a little, so that Ryan’s cock was no longer stimulating his prostate. A couple of minutes later, Ryan’s cock let go, deep inside of Brandon, filling his boyfriends gut with his own orgasm. Brandon leaned forward, giving his boyfriend a loving kiss.

Brandon rose up, letting Ryan’s cock fall out of his ass, and, trying to hold as much as possible of Ryan’s orgasm inside, ran into the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, Brandon felt like he had a bout of diarrhea, gosh Ryan sure did cum a lot!

Ryan, entering the bathroom, "How about a shower?"

"You think?" Brandon said, grinning. Ryan started the shower, adjusted the temperature, and both boys climbed in. After washing their faces and shampooing, both boys turned their attention to washing each other, and both pleasured in washing the other’s genitals. Why does it feel so damned good to have another boy wash your genitals? It’s almost as good as having sex!

After drying off, they returned to the bedroom area. Neither of the boys had a desire, or a need, to get dressed. It was nearly 9:00 PM and would soon be bedtime anyway. They each grabbed a Sprite and cuddled on the sofa to watch a little TV. About 11:00 PM they decided to crash.

Brandon, pulling the sheets back down on the bed, "The cleaning ladies will be proud of us tomorrow, there’s only three or four small cum stains on the sheet." Ryan grinned, and the two boys slipped into bed, cuddling, kissing and feeling each other’s bodies.

"Brandon," Ryan asked, "did I feel as good inside you, as your high school boyfriend?"

"Baby, I never had a boyfriend, before you," Brandon stated, "Let me tell you about Billy." Brandon went back almost four years, and told Ryan ‘The story of Billy’.

* * * * * *

Four years earlier:

Brandon was a sophomore in high school, 10th grade, and his first year of high school. Billy was a junior in the same school, and they had something in common, they were both on the high school basketball team. They also both lived in the same sub-division, a few houses apart, and close enough to the high school that they were required to walk to and from school, rather than riding a bus.

Knowing each other, because of being teammates, and living fairly close to each other, white boy Billy and black boy Brandon started to hook up together, sharing the walks to and from school, and they became close friends. On the path to and from school, they passed some woods that were across from the subdivision. One day things changed, while the boys were walking home from school.

"Brandon," Billy stated, "I need to get a load off, let’s jack off together."

"Where can we go," Brandon asked, "to do it?"

"In those woods," Billy said, "no one will see us there."

Brandon followed Billy into the woods, they found a secluded place, both boys removed their pants and boxers, and started to stroke their now erect peckers, and both shot their sperm on the ground. It felt good to both boys, and it was fun doing it together.

They agreed to keep this a secret from the other boys. All teenage boys do it, but so many boys deny it.

Billy and Brandon became regular Jack-off Buddies, and slipped into their secret place at least a couple of times a week throughout Billy’s junior year and Brandon’s sophomore year. Summer vacation arrived, and the boys rarely got together over the summer.

Come fall, Billy was a senior and Brandon was now a junior, both of them were still on the basketball team, and they still walked to and from school together. Shortly after the school year began, they decided to visit their secret spot again. Comparing with each other, Billy had about six inches, erect, and Brandon now sported about eight. Brandon never admitted it, even to Billy, but he knew his sexual interest was in boys. As far as Brandon knew, Billy was straight.

"Brandon," Billy asked, apprehensively, "I’m not gay, but, would you let me fuck you?" At this point, Billy and Brandon had jacked off together more times than could be counted, but neither one of them had ever done more than to jack off. They’d never even shared a kiss. Brandon had desired to suck Billy’s nice pecker a few times, but he never had the balls to suggest it.

"I don’t know about doing that," Brandon replied, "I’ve never even considered having a boy’s cock up my ass!"

"I’ll take it easy on you," Billy countered, "I’d really like to fuck you, please let me try it?"

Brandon was weakening, this was Billy, his closest friend. If he was going to lose his Cherry, he would prefer to lose it to Billy.

"Billy," Brandon said, "if it hurts too much, promise me you’ll pull out?"

"I promise, Bran," Billy said, "I don’t want to hurt you."

Neither of these boys had probably ever even heard of ‘lube’ but Billy knew he needed something to make his cock slippery. He spit in his hand, and covered his cock with saliva. Then, getting Brandon bent over a horizontal limb, prepared to go in, doggie style. Brandon’s consolation was in knowing that Billy only had about six inches, hard. How much can six inches hurt?

Billy entered slowly, and the only real pain was when the head of Billy’s pecker slid through Brandon’s sphincter ring, and after that it wasn’t very painful, and actually felt kind of good. Billy had no expertise in knowing about stimulating a boy’s prostate, and didn’t cause Brandon to come to orgasm. After about ten minutes of slowly fucking Brandon’s hole, his balls released, and Billy shot his hot load into Brandon’s gut. Brandon still had balls full of cum and needed to get off. He used his hand to finish himself off, dropping his healthy load on the ground.

Billy, giving Brandon a hug, "Thanks, buddy, that was awesome!"

Brandon had just been fucked for the very first time, and by his best friend and teammate, Billy. The boys got dressed, preparing to walk on home.

Brandon had forgotten that his ass was still full of Billy’s semen, but realized it soon, as his ass was leaking into his boxers, and jeans. He couldn’t wait to get home, to change his boxers and pants, and hoped the wetness in the back of his pants wasn’t too obvious.

* * * * * *

"So you and Billy never got close, like boyfriends?" Ryan asked.

"Nope," Brandon replied, "I don’t think that Billy was even gay, we were just friends, helping each other out. About two weeks before Billy graduated, I let him fuck me a second time. After his graduation from high school, we never got together again. I still had my senior year to do, and Billy went off to college."

"As a senior, I would have thought you’d have gotten some sexual activity," Ryan said, "especially being a jock."

"There were some guys I saw in the showers that I would have liked to make it with," Brandon said, "but I was afraid. I didn’t dare make a move, for fear I’d be pegged as queer, so my sex was limited to fantasy and my hand!"

"So who was your next boy?" Ryan asked.

"I didn’t date anyone, until I started college," Brandon stated, "I downloaded Grindr and the first dude I found that looked like a boy of interest, was a dude named Ryan Wilkins, and here we are!

I was just looking for a little fun, and I found love! And Ryan Wilkins, I do love you, more than you could know!"

"I’m one lucky SOB," Ryan replied, "I’m so very happy that we found each other! Brandon, you’ve become the biggest part of my life! I only think about you once a day, all day every day. You’ve made my life complete and I’m hopelessly in love with you!"

The two men wrapped arms around each other, shared another passionate kiss, and drifted off to sleep, content, satisfied, happy, and in love. Love is wonderful!

* * * * * *

It’s Monday morning, Memorial Day on the Brighton University campus and Everett is waking up in Mickey’s bed, having shared their second night together in the junior dorm as dorm mates and now—boyfriends. Everett gazed into Mickey’s still sleeping face, and became overwhelmed. How was he, Everett Slocum, fortunate enough to be in bed with the most beautiful boy on campus!

Everett couldn’t resist tenderly kissing the sweet lips of this most beautiful boy and suddenly felt Mickey’s tongue slide in through his own lips, exploring the inside of Everett’s mouth. Mickey’s tongue wasn’t the only part of Mickey that was exploring, as Everett felt Mickey’s fingers exploring his sheathed and totally erect boyhood.

Mickey, pulling his lips away from Everett’s mouth, "Good Morning, my beautiful boyfriend!"

"Back Atcha, my love," Everett replied.

"Would Everett Junior be willing to donate an early morning protein snack to his daddy’s hungry boyfriend?" Mickey asked.

"Maybe," Everett replied, "But Daddy might steal one back from Mickey Junior!" The two boys snickered as Mickey threw the covers down, and kneeled, straddling one of Everett’s legs and lowered his mouth onto Everett’s stiff pecker, starting to nurse. Mickey’s tongue slid under Everett’s foreskin hood and swirled around the head of Everett’s pecker, washing the precum from it.

"OH MY GOD, BABY!" Everett hollered, "That feels incredible!" Receiving head was quite new to Everett, as most previous dates were reluctant to tackle his uncut pecker, but his boyfriend actually likes it. As Mickey’s talented mouth worked Everett’s boyhood, Everett felt his orgasm approaching, and his breathing became ragged, his moans getting louder. Mickey Junior was leaking a stream of precum onto Everett’s shin.

"I’m getting close baby," Everett said, "I can’t hold off much longer." Mickey slid his hands behind Everett’s buns, ensuring that Everett couldn’t pull out of his mouth. "Oooohhh!" Everett moaned, as his balls released their load, propelling it through the length of Everett’s cock and into Mickey’s hungry mouth.

Mickey swallowed his snack, using his fingers to milk the last drops out, and his tongue to clean any excess from under Everett’s hood, and the head of Everett’s pecker. Not a drop was wasted.

Everett used his fingers to wipe Mickey’s precum from his shin and licked it off his fingers.

With no verbal words, the two boys switched positions and Everett prepared for the payback. Kneeling between Mickey’s legs, he took Mickey’s wonderful boyhood into his mouth. Mickey, fortunately, isn’t hung like a horse, sporting only about five and a half inches when totally erect. Everett can take the whole thing in his mouth without gagging, and he never has been a size queen anyway. In Everett’s opinion, Mickey has the nicest and most perfect pecker that he has ever had the opportunity to give his attention to. His boyfriend doesn’t need to have a big one, and Everett totally loves what Mickey has to offer. Mickey does have rather large testicles, and can shoot a decent sized meal!

As Everett bobbed up and down on Mickey’s most perfect cock, and taking the full length of it on every thrust, both boys were moaning, Mickey because of his approaching orgasm, and Everett from the pure pleasure of servicing his lover.

"Are you about ready—to eat?" Mickey asked, and Everett nodded. "Good, cause I’m about to serve you!" Mickey took a deep breath and held it, then with a gasp, Mickey Junior pulsed, shooting several healthy ropes of tasty sperm into Everett’s throat and mouth. Everett rolled Mickey’s gift around in his mouth, and swallowed the last of it, then went back and milked out the last few drops, wasting nary a drop.

The two boys shared another loving kiss, tasting the residue of each other’s orgasms in each other’s mouths.

"Baby," Everett stated, "I’ve probably sucked off fifteen or twenty boys in my lifetime, but your cum is the sweetest and tastiest of all. I think I just may be addicted to Mickey Junior! Mickey Junior fits in my mouth so perfectly." Mickey smiled.

"Everett," Mickey asked, "have you ever done anal sex?"

"No," Everett replied, "my ass is virgin. "I’ve been saving my Cherry for someone special, what about you?"

"I’ve dated three or four that wanted it," Mickey explained, "but they wanted me to fuck them. When they saw my pecker, they ran. One of them told me he was looking for a baseball bat, not a toothpick! They said I was too small."

"Oh, Mickey," Everett responded, smiling, "haven’t you heard? It’s not the size of the boat that counts, it’s the motion of the ocean. IMHO you’ve got the most perfect prick I’ve ever seen—or tasted. I love Mickey Junior almost as much as I love Mickey Jones!" Mickey smiled and Everett hugged him, pulling him close and giving Mickey Junior a loving squeeze.

"Baby," Mickey stated, "I got a problem!"

"What’s that, Baby?" Everett asked.

""Despite the tasty snack that Everett Junior fed me," Mickey replied, "my tummy is still hungry. I need food, real food, and being a Holiday, the dining hall won’t be open until 5:00 PM!"

"Sounds like a Mall day," Everett said, "we can hit Denny’s, they’re always open on holidays."

"Another problem," Mickey stated, "holiday—no busses!"

"No sweat, baby," Everett stated, "I got an UBER account, we can order an UBER to Denny’s, hang around the mall, and get another UBER home when we’re ready."

"Oh, baby, you’re a lifesaver!" Mickey said, "I suppose we’d better get dressed."

"It might be a good idea," Everett said, grinning, "I don’t think even UBER will give us a ride if we’re naked! I just hate to see you cover up Mickey Junior—I love that little guy!" Mickey grinned, and the boys dressed in tank tops and shorts, and Everett ordered an UBER.

According to the UBER app, their ride should arrive in about fifteen minutes. They locked their dorm room, and headed outside their dorm to wait.

Their UBER arrived a few minutes later and the driver grinned, noticing the two boys approaching his car, holding hands. They climbed into the back seat, and Mickey quickly took Everett’s hand back into his.

"Going to Denny’s?" the driver confirmed.

"Yeah," Everett replied, "the dining hall is closed for the holiday, and Denny’s is the only place we know of where we can get a decent breakfast on a holiday, and we’re starved!"

"Maybe I can offer you an alternative," the driver stated, "The Octopus is hosting a Memorial Day Brunch Buffet today, until 2:00 PM. We can change your destination, if you wish. It’ll increase your fare by a buck or two."

"What’s The Octopus?" Mickey asked.

"It’s the gay club," the driver stated, "but the buffet is open to the public. If being around a bunch of gay people would bother you, Denny’s might be the better choice." Everett and Mickey glanced at each other, grinning, and nodding.

"No problem! Change our destination," Everett said, "and take us there!"

The driver, pulling to the side of the road, "I kinda thought you guys would like that option!" the driver updated the destination on his phone, and headed toward The Octopus. Arriving at the club, the driver handed the boys his card, "I’m Jay, and I’ll be driving until about 10:00 PM. Call me, wherever you are, and I’ll be happy to pick you up and take you back to campus, thank you for choosing UBER today."

"Thanks for the ride, Jay." Everett said, "I’m sure you’ll be getting our call later." The boys headed to the front door of The Octopus, and stepped inside, met by two men just inside the door.

"Welcome to The Octopus," one man said, "Are you boys over twenty-one with proper ID?" Everett and Mickey shared glances.

"No," Everett replied, "we were just coming for the buffet."

"You need to be twenty-one to get inside the bar, (pointing to the bar room), but we can sell you tickets for the buffet. It’s $12 each for the buffet." The boys quickly pulled out their wallets, and paid, getting their buffet tickets.

"There’s a $5.00 cover charge to use the dance floor, if you decide to partake of it. Pay the money at the entrance, and they’ll stamp your hands." The boys, both starved, headed to the buffet room. As they entered, a man took their tickets.

There were two tables set up, loaded with food. The shorter table had everything breakfast on it. Hashed brown potatoes, with or without onions, Sausage links and patties, bacon, corned beef hash, pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, with cheese sauce and sautéed mushrooms for toppings, and even breakfast burritos. It was close to Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet.

The longer table contained more lunch and dinner entree’s, some Italian and some Chinese dishes, pot roast, pork chops, fish, and an array of vegetables. The boys quickly filled plates with breakfast food, and they settled at a table to eat. Looking around, it was quite noticeable that there were few, if any, mixed couples. They were all same sex couples. Well, it IS a gay club!

Just a couple of minutes after sitting down, a young man approached their table with a plate of food, and asked if he could join them, and of course Everett and Mickey welcomed him.

"I’m Terry," he said, "I haven’t seen you two here before."

"It’s our first time here, Terry," Everett stated, "I’m Everett, and this is Mickey, we’re glad to meet you, I think." The three boys shared handshakes, and Terry sat down with them.

"University students?" Terry asked.

"Did somebody stick labels on us?" Mickey asked.

"No," Terry said, "you’ve both just got that clean-cut college student look about you."

"As a matter of fact," Mickey stated, "we’re both juniors, and we do share a dorm room in the Junior Dorm, on campus."

"Dormmates," Terry said, a grin on his face, "and boyfriends!"

"Actually," Everett stated, "we’ve just updated our status to ‘Boyfriends’ a couple of days ago. We’ve told you a lot about us, what can Terry tell us about Terry?"

"Well, for starters, Terry is a cosmetologist." Terry stated.

"A what?" Mickey asked.

"A cosmetologist," Terry said, "or hairdresser, beautician, whatever, I like to think of him as a hair stylist. He’s twenty-four years old, unattached, has his own one-room efficiency apartment, and is in search of Mr. Right!"

"I’d like to think I’ve found my Mr. Right!" Everett said, placing his arm around Mickey’s shoulder and pulling him close, and making Mickey smile.

"I’ll say one thing," Terry stated, "you two sure do make a cute couple! Do you guys like to dance?"

"We’ve never been in a place where we could dance together," Everett said, "except in our dorm room. We’d need to pay that $5 cover charge to use the dance floor here."

"Don’t sweat it guys," Terry said, "I got us covered, come on." Terry led them to the entrance to the dance floor, and handed the guy a Twenty, "For three of us, Jake." Jake gave him a Five, in return and stamped all three of the backs of their hands. "Come on, Ev, your first." Terry dragged Everett onto the dance floor, just as the DJ started a new groove.

Mickey watched, smiling, as Terry and Everett ‘got down’ to the music. That song ended and Terry and Everett returned to Mickey. "Your turn, Mickey boy!" and Terry pulled Mickey onto the floor for the next groove, while Everett watched. Everett, Mickey and Terry were having fun! Everett and Mickey both were taking a liking to Terry, he is a fun dude to hang with. The DJ then slowed things up, and Terry and Mickey prepared for a slow dance. It was too Much for Everett!

Everett walked onto the floor and tapped Terry on the shoulder, "He’s mine for the slow songs!" Terry, smiling, pulled away from Mickey, and Everett took Mickey in his arms and the two boys swayed to the music, Mickey’s head on Everett’s shoulder. Terry walked over to the side and became a wallflower.

Thirty seconds later a dude, grabbing Terry’s hand, "Come on, gorgeous, I can’t dance alone!" Terry was in the arms of Mr. X, and the two were swaying to the music, enjoying each other’s closeness.

Everett, noticing Terry and Mr. X, "Baby, check it out, it looks like someone has an interest in Terry." Mickey smiled.

After that song ended, Everett and Mickey grabbed a table and sat down to take a break. Thirty seconds later Terry and Mr. X joined them, taking the remaining two seats.

"Derrick." Terry said, "These are my new college friends, Everett and Mickey. Guys, this is my new, old acquaintance, Derrick." Derrick, smiling, shook hands with Everett and Mickey.

"Everett, Mickey," Derrick said, "I owe you boys a great big thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"

"What did we do?" Everett asked, curiously.

"I’ll tell you what you did," Derrick explained. "For the last year Terry and I have both worked for different shops in the mall. We were like ships, passing in the night. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of times we met, waved at each other, and even stood next to each other taking a leak in the men’s restroom. Somehow we just never introduced ourselves, and our sexuality was secret."

"Today," Derrick continued, "you two decided to dance together, leaving Terry standing alone. I finally had a chance to hold this beautiful boy in my arms, and I grabbed him! Dancing with another boy never felt so good, I was dancing with Terry!" Terry smiled, blushing just a little.

"This is pretty wild," Terry said, smiling, "you wouldn’t believe how many pairs of shoes I have that came from Foot Locker. Even if I didn’t really need shoes, I’d go into Foot Locker just so that this handsome man could measure my feet! He could have measured something much further up my legs and I would never have objected!" Derrick laughed, nearly choking.

"I don’t think I need to measure that," Derrick replied, grinning, "I don’t need to measure what I know I want!" Mickey and Everett glanced at each other, grinned and snickered.

"Terry," Everett asked, "are there any parks around here, where a couple of guys could wander around, and be themselves?"

"Brighton Park," Terry answered, "They’ve got several trails, and plenty of benches where you can maybe just sit, chat and maybe share some kisses and hugs. It’s within walking distance, probably about six blocks from here. Being Memorial Day, we’d likely have most ot the park to ourselves. Would you like me to take you there?"

"Sure!" Everett and Mickey exclaimed, simultaneously.

"OK if I tag along?" Derrick asked.

"Of course Derrick," Mickey stated, "and we can all get to know each other better. Let’s get out of here!" The four boys all rose from the table and headed out the door of the club together, Terry and Derrick leading the way. For the first couple of blocks, Terry and Derrick walked side by side, then Derrick casually reached for Terry’s hand. Everett and Mickey were already holding each other’s hands, following behind the other two.

Entering the park, Everett and Mickey took the lead, and turned onto one of the nature trails, Terry and Derrick following. The further they walked, the more peaceful, quiet, and likable the park seemed to become. Just a few feet up the trail, they met a boy and girl heading toward the exit. The boy hollered out "Fags!"

Everett, tightening his grip on Mickey’s hand, "Ignore them, Baby, I’ll bet we’ve got more love than they do!" The four boys had been chatting together, and suddenly, Terry and Derrick’s voices were no longer heard. Everett and Mickey paused, and looked behind them. About a hundred feet behind them, Derrick and Terry were standing still, sharing a tight embrace, their lips on each other’s lips. Everett and Mickey grinned at each other, and fell into their own loving embrace.

"You know baby," Everett stated, "I really like these guys!"

"So do I," Mickey replied, "it may be good for us to have some good off-campus friends. I have a feeling that Terry and Derrick are going to become boyfriends. They’re really just starting to get to know each other, and love takes time to grow. It took us a few days to fall in love, and boy, did I fall hard! I love you so much, Baby!"

"You’re my perfect boy, Mr. Right," Everett replied, "and I’m totally in love with you!" The two boys found a bench and sat on it, arms entwined, and lips connected. Terry and Derrick soon approached them and sat together on the other end of the bench.

Derrick quietly but stealthily unzipped Terry’s pants, and slipped his hand inside of them, feeling and grinning. Terry Junior was quickly responding to the touch.

"Hey!" Terry exclaimed, "You’re making me hard!"

"Terry, do you have any idea how many months I’ve been waiting for the chance to feel, and taste this fellow? Derrick asked, pulling Terry Junior out, all seven inches of Terry’s nice boyhood, now on display for all to see. Derrick quickly knelt in front of Terry, taking Terry Junior into his warm and anxious mouth.

"OH FUCK!" Terry exclaimed, "you can’t do this here!"

Derrick, pulling off for a few seconds, "Wanna bet, I’m doing it—here!" Just watching the activity, both Everett and Mickey suddenly had tents in their pants, and were leaking precum, forming wet spots on the fronts of their shorts.

Everett quickly unbuckled his boyfriend’s shorts, and pulled out Mickey Junior, and kneeled, taking Mickey’s beautiful stiff pecker inside of his mouth. Both Derrick and Everett got down to business, giving Terry and Mickey oral pleasure, and both Derrick and Everett were about to cream their shorts.

"What if someone sees us!" Mickey remarked.

"I guess," Terry replied, "they’ll get their eyes full, won’t they! Derrick, I sure didn’t expect this, but I’m not complaining!"

Terry leaned toward Mickey, and shared a kiss with Mickey, which seemed to bring both of them even closer to orgasm.

"I’m gonna cum!" Terry gasped.

"Me too!" Mickey exclaimed.

Both boys shot their loads into the waiting mouths of their boys, almost simultaneously, and Derrick and Everett swallowed their treasures, both milking out the last few drops.

"Mickey," Terry stated, "I think we should return the favors."

"It would only be fair," Mickey replied, as the four boys swapped positions, and Everett and Derrick shoved their shorts down, sitting on the bench.

"Wow!" Terry remarked, "Everett is uncut! Can I give it a feel?"

"Just a feel," Mickey replied, grinning, "I’m starved for my meal!"

Terry, grinning, and giving Everett Junior a feel, "I’ve never felt foreskin before, I think it’s neat."

"I’ve grown quite fond of Everett Junior," Mickey replied. A few seconds later, Everett Junior was at home in Mickey’s mouth, and Terry was getting his first taste of Derrick Junior. About ten minutes later, Everett and Derrick both reached their orgasms, and, of course, both Mickey and Terry enjoyed their protein snacks. Fortunately for the boys, no one came along to interrupt their fun.

Terry, as the boys started to walk toward the park exit, "Why don’t we all go to my pad, and maybe share a glass of liquid refreshment together, it’s on the way toward the club." The boys all agreed, and they soon were inside Terry’s one-room apartment. "I’ve got beer, Pepsi and Mountain Dew," Terry offered, "What’s your pleasure?"

Everett and Mickey elected soft drinks, explaining that they were both still underage for alcohol, and Terry and Derrick popped open some beers. Derrick, Everett and Mickey sat on Terry’s twin bed, and Terry sat on a kitchen chair.

"Derrick," Terry stated, "I’d love to invite you to spend the night, but I only have a twin bed."

"Two can sleep quite comfortably in a twin bed," Everett stated, "we have two twin beds in our dorm room, but we only use one at a time. It keeps things—cozy!"

Derrick, smiling, "I’m not above sharing a twin bed for the night, not with someone I’m beginning to care about! I have a full bed at my parents home, but they might have a problem with me bringing a boy home to sleep over with me. They’re not aware of my sexual orientation, at least not yet. I haven’t had the balls to come out to them, yet. I want to, but it’s kinda scary."

"I can relate," Everett said, "my parents know I have a dorm mate named Mickey, but they don’t know that Mickey is my boyfriend."

"I think," Terry added, "that most parents would expect their college kids to have a dorm mate. Kids in college have had dorm mates for ever, but most of them just aren’t in love with their dorm mate."

"We need to get back to campus, baby." Everett stated. Terry, can we use your address to order our UBER?"

"You don’t need an UBER," Derrick stated, "My car is back at the club, only a couple of blocks from here. I’ll be more than happy to take you guys back to campus."

"Wait up, guys," Terry said, "if we’re going to be friends, we need to exchange phone numbers. Get your phones out." Within five minutes, all four boys had all of each other’s names and numbers in each other’s phones. Everett and Mickey prepared to leave with Derrick.

"Guys," Terry stated, "Today has been a most enjoyable and fantastic day! Please stay in touch, especially you, Derrick." Terry and Derrick shared a kiss and hug, and Terry shared hugs with Everett and Mickey.

"Terry," Derrick stated, "if you were serious about that overnight invitation, I’ll be back in about an hour or so."

Terry, smiling, "I was dead serious. Maybe I’ll just ride along with you, and you’ll have to bring me home, and you’ll be here for the night." Derrick smiled, and the four headed to Derrick’s car. Arriving at his car, Terry sat in front with Derrick, and Everett and Mickey climbed in back. Derrick headed to campus, and, with Everett’s directions, pulled up in front of the Junior Dorm.

Derrick, just before the boys got out, "Guys, I think you two have helped to bring a couple of lost souls together, and maybe helped us to form a new and loving relationship. I think Terry and I will be eternally grateful. We love you guys, have a good week!"

Before even heading to their dorm room, Everett and Mickey went to the dining hall to get dinner. That Memorial Day buffet had long worn off, and Derrick and Terry had also decided to get some dinner in a nice restaurant. They decided on Texas Roadhouse.

Terry, while Derrick drove them to the Texas Roadhouse, "I know those boys are still young, but I could feel the love that they have for each other. It just—radiated!

"I know, Sweetheart," Derrick replied, "I can only hope that our love can grow to be nearly as strong as their love seems to be."

"We stand a chance," Terry said, "I think we broke the ice today, boy did we break the ice! I couldn’t believe that spontaneous blowjob you gave me! That was the best head job I’ve ever had in my life!"

"Thanks baby," Derrick replied, "I gave it my all, I wanted nothing more than to show you all the love I have for you. The return was pretty awesome too, baby, I’ve never had better! I love you so much, Terry. In all honesty, I’ve loved you for months, but I had this fear of rejection, and never dared to make the first move."

"You sure made an awesome first move today!" Terry exclaimed. "This is a Memorial Day that I’ll remember for the rest of my life! And tonight I get to sleep with the man of my dreams, and I won’t be dreaming!" Derrick smiled.

They enjoyed a delicious dinner together at the Texas Roadhouse, returned to Terry’s pad, shared a couple of beers together, and then cuddled in Terry’s twin bed, naked, comfortable and very happy.

* * * * * *

Earlier on Memorial Day morning, Art fired up the grill and grilled sausage links to go with Vi’s homemade pancakes. Everyone’s swimwear was nearly dry, and got packed. Lenny was hankering for one last dip in the lake, and since his swimsuit was already packed, he decided to take it aunatural. Vi about had a heart attack seeing Lenny in all his naked glory jumping off the diving board. She was about to scream, and Art came to Lenny’s defense.

"Hun, we’ve all seen naked young boys before," Art said, "it’s no big deal, just ignore it." Vi sighed, and looked away, but when Lenny climbed the ladder back on to the yacht, Sam was looking.

"Daddy, Lenny’s peter isn’t much bigger than Peter’s or Eric’s peters," Sam said, "Why is Mommy so upset?"

"She just feels that it’s improper for children to be naked in front of others," Art explained, "She feels that people shouldn’t display their private parts."

"Well," Sam replied, grinning, "I like to see naked boys. They’re different than us girls." Art couldn’t argue Sam’s point, they are most certainly different, down there.

Art piloted ‘Julian’s Dream’ back to the Dock about noon, and Julian and Jeff tied it to the dock. Vi had stripped the beds, placing the soiled sheets and all the used towels into a big trash bag to take home for laundering.

As much as Julian hated to leave his family, and especially his boyfriend, he needed to make the trip back to Brighton University. The one consolation, only a few more days and the semester would end, and he’d be back with Jeff and his family for the summer.

Julian made the rounds, sharing a looooong kiss and hug with Jeff, then kisses and hugs with Sam and Dom, and Vi and Art, even giving Lenny a warm hug. Julian grabbed his bag, and Jeff walked him to the Toy, where they shared another loving embrace, before Julian finally hit the road, headed for Brighton, with tears in his eyes. The worst part of departure for Julian is leaving his siblings and his loving boyfriend behind.

As Art pulled the SUV away from the dock, Vi was noticing the long face on Jeff. "Are you OK honey?" Vi asked.

"We’ve hardly been apart for ten minutes," Jeff replied, "and I’m already missing my baby! Why are people stupid enough to fall in love, it so often brings pain and sorrow."

"Sweetheart, if you think back, you and Julian have had a lot of good times, and I think the good times will outweigh the few bad times. We’ve watched your love for each other grow, week by week, and month by month. I believe your love for each other is strong enough that a team of wild horses couldn’t tear you apart."

"Son," Art said, "In just a few more days, Julian will be home for the summer. You’ve been with Corbin’s now for about a year, so you should have a vacation due. I think you and Julian should consider a vacation together, just you and Julian. Go someplace or do something you’d both enjoy, and get away from the humdrum of everyday life, and have some fun, if only for a few days. You are only young once, enjoy your youth, while you’ve still got it."

"Thanks, Dad," Jeff replied, "I’ll discuss this with my baby after he gets home for the summer. I really appreciate the advice."

The previous conversation caused Jeff to think back to a conversation that he and Julian had touched on a few months earlier. The remote possibility of maybe getting married before Julian’s last year of college. They really wanted to both be graduated and have their careers secured before marriage, but the potential of combining their vacation with a Honeymoon sounds enticing. It might be neat, going to Julian’s graduation to watch his husband getting his sheepskin! Maybe?

It’s not so much a question of IF they will ever marry, it’s more a question of WHEN they will marry. J&J both have dreams of a married life together, and raising their own family. Anyone that knows these boys well, knows they will make wonderful daddies.

To be continued..............

So ends another chapter in the lives and loves of our stars, J&J and K&J. In the next chapter, 33, the Uncles, Jim and Calvin Ashley-Wilson, make a surprise announcement. Kevin and Jakes relationship may be on a dangerously slippery slope. Wedding bells may soon be ringing. Lenny Valentine finds his sexuality, and Terry and Derrick ‘get it together’. Hang on for more fun.

Thank you for reading my tale - As always, your Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.

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A great chapter and I can hardly wait for the next one, keep them coming.

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