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    Doug Spencer
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  • 3,285 Words

Watergame - 47. Chapter 47

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be some gay sex described in this chapter. WARNING! There is a situation of gay male sex between two 15 year-old boys in this chapter.

In Chapter 47 we pick up on Halloween night when Steve and Dayton return from their Halloween adventure, and spend their first night of sleeping together. They also share an unexpected and unplanned gay event.

* * * * * *

Watergame Chapter 47, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer

It’s Saturday evening, October 27th and the night that the Summerton City Council had designated as the official evening for Halloween activities and Trick or Treat. Jim and Cal had planned an early dinner, entertaining Dayton’s friend Steve for dinner before the boys left out to make their rounds.

Right after the boys left, Cal washed up the dinner dishes and Jim proceeded to mix up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies and bake them. Both men were concerned about the boys, but trusted Steve to keep them both safe while on their outing. While Jim finished the cookies, Cal kept his eyes trained on the driveway, watching for the boys to return. Finally, about 7:45 Cal spotted the flashing red LED lights entering the driveway.

Cal and Jim walked out to greet the boys with Dayton’s wheelchair and assisted in getting ‘Jason’ out of his jail cell. While Cal pushed Dayton up the ramp, Steve turned out the LED’s and grabbed the two heavy bags of treats, following the Dad’s and Dayton into the house.

Barely inside the house, Dayton stated he needed to tinkle and Steve immediately offered to assist him and retrieved the walker. Once in the bathroom, while Dayton supported himself on the walker, Steve pulled out Dayton’s boyhood, and immediately shoved his shorts and tights down. Holding Dayton’s boyhood in his right hand, and his own in his left hand, the boys tinkled together into the toilet, sharing a grin.

Returning to the kitchen, Steve grabbed Dayton, easing him into the wheelchair. The boys sat at the table, both dumping their bags of treasures out onto the table. For the next ten minutes, the boys sorted out their treats, swapping a few back and forth. Out of courtesy, Jim called Dr. Abernathy and informed him that the boys were back, and everything went without a hitch. Dr. Abernathy thanked him for the update, and stated they looked forward to having them all for dinner tomorrow, and they hung up.

Right after that, Cal received a call from Sasha.

“Did you take Leroy and Christine out for Trick and Treat tonight?” Cal asked.

“Nope,” Sasha replied, “They’re twelve and ten now, and know the neighborhood well, so we let them go out by themselves, and we took care of handling the deluge of strange visitors at our door. The strangest ones were Superman and Jason! So just who is Steven Abernathy?”

“He’s Dr. Abernathy, the vets Son, and one of Dayton’s closest friends.” Cal replied.

“So who came up with the idea of their trick and treating, as Superman and Jason?” Sasha asked.

“That was all Steven’s brainchild,” Cal replied, “He and Dayton have become quite close friends, and he felt bad that Dayton had never been able to go trick and treating, and got his Dad’s help to devise a way to take Dayton out. Steven is a really likable young man, and smart too. The boys are sleeping over tonight, and Dr. Abernathy has invited us all for Sunday Dinner tomorrow evening. Jim and I had quite a chat with Dr. Abernathy before the boys went out. For a Doctor, he seems like a really down to earth guy.”

“So I guess you’re making friends in high places,” Sasha stated.

“Maybe so,” Cal replied, chuckling.

“We’re really happy that Dayton is making friends,” Sasha stated, “and Steve seems to be a really good friend, going out of his way to make sure that Dayton had a pleasant Halloween experience.”

“Sasha,” Cal replied, “Steve and Dayton are quite close. You know that Dayton needs assistance, especially for bathroom needs. Steve has learned how to assist him, and does it quite willingly.”

“That’s sweet,” Sasha replied, “He seems like a perfect friend for Dayton. I’m gonna let you go for now. By the way, Elaine is hosting Thanksgiving, and we’re looking forward to that. She has also included Julian’s family to attend. Jen and I are going to have Samantha and little Dominic staying with us for a couple of nights. Christine is excited to have Sam coming to visit, and Leroy has even volunteered to let Dom sleep with him.”

“I can understand that!” Cal exclaimed, “Everyone that meets Dom falls in love with him, I can’t wait to pick him up and give him a hug and a kiss. He’s a genuine Heart Thief! Catch you later.” Cal and Sasha hung up.

“Guys,” Jim asked, “I know you’re busy sorting out your treats, do you think you might have time for some Chocolate Chip Cookies and milk before bedtime?”

“We can MAKE time for that!” Steve exclaimed, grinning. Jim put a container of cookies on the table, and poured four glasses of milk, not wishing to leave Cal and himself out of the cookie treats. After cookie time, the boys were abnormally anxious for bed, Steve stating that he was tired from pulling Dayton around the neighborhood.

“Steve,” Jim asked, “Do you want to help Dayton undress for bed, or would you rather one of us did it?”

“I think I’m capable and very willing to help my friend get to bed,” Steve replied, “I’m sure Dayton can tell me what I need to do.”

“Steve,” Cal added, “I hope you realize, that if Dayton needs assistance during the night, you’re going to be his go-to guy.”

“Been there, done that,” Steve replied, smiling, “It’s not a problem, no problem at all. Steve instinctively retrieved the walker and brought it to Dayton, assisting Dayton to stand and support himself on the walker and then followed Dayton to his room.

Dayton worked his way to the bed, still supporting himself on the walker, with the backs of his thighs against the mattress.

“Steve,” Dayton stated, “If you’ll unbuckle me, you can shove my jeans down and I can sit on the bed. Then you can remove my sneakers, socks and jeans.”

Steve complied, tempted to slide Dayton’s briefs down along with the jeans, and was met with shock! He’d never seen such skinny legs on a boy before. They were nothing but skin and bones.

“Wow, Dayton!” Steve remarked, “Your legs are skineeeeee!”

“Steve,” Dayton explained, “you know what they say about muscles, if you don’t use them, you lose them. I’ve not been able to walk or run, so my leg muscles have never developed.”

Steve lowered Dayton to sit on the bed, and proceeded to remove his sneakers, socks, and pulled off his jeans, laying them on the chair. Dayton pulled off his tee-shirt and handed it to Steve, which Steve then lay on top of Dayton’s jeans. He then raised Dayton’s legs up onto the bed, leaving Dayton to lay, now only in his briefs.

“I’ve got to get out of this monkey suit” Steve stated, removing the red shorts, and the form fitting top, then finally, the blue tights, now totally naked. “Now where did I stash my boxers?”

“You don’t need to wear your boxers to bed,” Dayton suggested, grinning, “if you don’t want to.”

“You mean like—sleep naked?” Steve questioned.

“Why not,” Dayton replied, “but you need to pull off my briefs, so that we can sleep naked together.” Steve responded quickly, pulling Dayton’s briefs down, and off, exposing Dayton’s substantial and attractive flaccid boyhood. Dayton reached over and turned on the lamp on the bedside stand and Steve walked over and turned off the ceiling light.

Returning to the twin bed, Steve slid Dayton over a little closer to the wall to make enough room for him to slide in beside Dayton and pulled the covers over them. Lying close together, their naked body’s touching each other’s felt comfortable and good to both boys. Hands started to roam and Dayton felt Steve’s fingers wrapping around his stiffening cock, and he soon returned the favor, feeling Steve’s growing erection in his own hand.

Jim and Cal walked into Dayton’s room, unexpectedly, and both boys instinctively pulled their hands back home. Both men leaned over Steve to give Dayton a goodnight kiss on his forehead, stopping to also give Steve a kiss on his.

“Steve,” Cal stated, “our bedroom is right across the hall, should you need us during the night, just come in and wake us up. We’re also heading to bed now, and giving you guys some privacy, just in case you need it.” Cal had observed both Dayton’s and Steve’s underwear, and was reasonably certain the boys were in bed naked.

“Goodnight guys,” Jim said, “and sleep tight.”

“Goodnight Dad’s!” Dayton and Steve replied, in unison.

Cal and Jim retired into their bedroom and stripped naked, then slid into their bed and lay close together, as normal.

“Baby,” Jim asked, “Do you think the boys might mess around?”

“Well,” Cal replied, “Steve is fifteen, and Dayton will be in a couple of months. Once most boys reach puberty, the need to relieve those sexual hormones becomes kind of a necessity. We know that Dayton jacks off frequently, like most boys in their age group. We don’t know if either of them may be gay, but even straight boys of that age sometimes do some experimentation. I’d almost bet that they’ll jack off together before they go to sleep.”

“It’s no big deal if they do,” Jim replied, snickering, “and I wouldn’t risk betting on that! Goodnight Baby.” Jim and Cal shared a loving and passionate kiss and hug, soon falling asleep without having any sex.

Over in Dayton’s bed, after Jim and Cal left their room, Steve and Dayton continued to explore each other’s body’s and genitals, both boys growing rock hard erections. Steve had handled Dayton’s penis a number of times while assisting him to pee but never before was Dayton’s penis erect—but it is now! Dayton finally asked the inevitable questions that were on his mind.

“Steve,” Dayton asked, apprehensively, “do you ever—jack off?”

“Of course I do,” Steve replied, “That’s a stupid question, all boys jack off, unless they might have a girlfriend that they’re regularly dicking. Don’t you?”

“All the time,” Dayton replied, “well, maybe not all the time, but at least two or three times a week. I just wondered if maybe you’d like to jack off with me?”

“I’d like to do that,” Steve responded, enthusiastically, and shoving the covers down, exposing both of their erect boyhood’s. “Maybe we can do each other. How will we clean up our mess?”

“I keep a box of tissues on the stand,” Dayton replied, pointing to the box, “and I don’t use many of them to blow my nose!” Steve grinned and snickered, then reached for Dayton’s cock, ready to start stroking it. Dayton also took Steve’s boyhood into his hand, having a desire to make Steve cum.

Steve has handled Dayton’s penis quite a number of times while assisting him to tinkle, and has enjoyed holding it. He has almost grown to love Dayton’s cock, and thinks that it is really a nice one. This is the first time he’d ever held it in his hand when it was erect, and Steve had a sudden desire to take it into his mouth.

“Dayton,” Steve asked, “Has anyone ever sucked your dick?”

“No,” Dayton replied, “the only way I’ve ever gotten off is by jacking off. Because I’m handicapped, no girls want to date me, and no boy has ever offered to do something like that! Do you think you’d like to try it?”

“Maybe,” Steve answered, “I don’t think I’m gay, but I do kinda have an urge to try something different. If I were to suck your dick it would have to be kept a secret between just you and me. If any of the guys at school ever knew that I sucked a dick, they’d label me as a queer or faggot, and make my life a hell on earth, and it would totally shatter my reputation!”

“If you’d like to try it,” Dayton replied, smiling, “I’d be your very willing guinea pig, and my lips would be forever sealed!”

“Let’s see how this works,” Steve said, kneeling and straddling Dayton’s lower legs with his head hovering over Dayton’s stiff boyhood, “bear with me Dayton, I’ve never done this before, and I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I gotta try!”

Even though Steve is a few months older than Dayton, he realizes that Dayton sports about an inch more in length and a bit larger girth than what he has. Finally taking the pill, Steve slid his open mouth over Dayton’s wonderful boyhood, holding the first four inches inside and causing Dayton to exhale a moan of pleasure.

“Steve,” Dayton softly spoke, “I’ve never had sex with a girl, but I can’t even imagine that having my dick in a girl’s pussy could feel THIS good!” Those few words made Steve happy that Dayton was, evidently, enjoying the experience, and drove him to push onward, hoping that he can orally bring Dayton to a climax. His own excited boyhood was drooling a stream of precum that was landing on Dayton’s shins and the front of Dayton’s calves. Then it happened!

“Steve!” Dayton exclaimed, “I’m gonna nut!” Steve ignored the warning, and prepared to take Dayton’s sperm into his mouth, not yet certain what he would do with it. Feeling Dayton’s cock starting to spasm, Dayton shot one, two, three healthy ropes of cum into Steve’s mouth, then the flow subsided. Pulling his mouth off of Dayton’s cock, Steve rolled Dayton’s substantial quantity of sperm around in his mouth, deciphering the flavor, then gulped it down.

“You—you—swallowed it?” Dayton asked, somewhat shocked.

“I did,” Steve replied, grinning, “and you tasted pretty damn good, a whole lot better than I expected! Now we need to get me off.”

“I’d like to return the favor,” Dayton stated, “but there’s no way I can get into a position to suck you off.”

“I understand,” Steve replied, “so just use your hand, I really need to get this load out of my balls!” Dayton quickly and willingly started to jack Steve’s still hard and leaking boyhood. “I’m close, this won’t take long.”

Steve, about two minutes later, “Here it comes!” Dayton grinned, as Steve released his load, much of it landing on Dayton’s hand and arm, the rest spewing on both of their torsos. Dayton instinctively brought his hand and arm up to his mouth, and licked Steve’s ejaculate up with his tongue.

“You don’t taste too bad either Steve,” Dayton stated, “The only other cum I’ve ever tasted is my own.”

“Oh!” Steve remarked, grinning, “So you’ve tasted you own cum too! I can’t help but think that yours tastes better than mine! I’d really like to taste yours on a regular basis.”

Steve reached over to the nightstand and pulled some tissues from the box and cleaned his cock, and sopped up his cum from both of their body’s, then dropped the saturated tissues into the wastebasket beside the bed.

“Steve,” Dayton asked, apprehensively, “Are you certain you might not be just a little bit gay?”

“I don’t think so,” Steve replied, “I’ve always considered myself to be straight, but a straight boy would never even consider sucking another boy’s dick, and I just sucked yours. The worst part is that I liked doing it. Maybe I’m a bit gayer than I ever thought I was. If I was gay, would you still want to be my friend?”

“Of course!” Dayton exclaimed, “You became my friend long before we ever did anything together, like we did tonight. I have a lot of gay in my family. I’m sure you realize that my Dad’s are a gay and married couple, and my cousins, Jeff and Julian just got married to each other about three months ago. I have no animosity toward gay folks, it’s just a given fact of reality that some people are attracted to the same sex.” Steve breathed a sigh of relief.

“Dayton,” Steve stated, “I think I need to confide something with you. I do have an attraction for boys. The best part of gym class is to shower with the other boys, and to be able to view their naked body’s and cocks. I never dared to act on my desires, because that would have been social suicide.”

“When you joined our class, and I learned that you needed some assistance to pee, I was eager to learn how to help you. You have one of the nicest cocks in our school, and I was able to handle it, without guilt. Admittedly, I’ve had a desire to suck it, and I finally got the chance tonight. I hope you’re OK with what I did.”

“Don’t sweat it,” Dayton responded. “I don’t think I’m gay, but with my handicap the likelihood of having sex with a girl is slim to none. I’m like all boys our age, and have that need to get a load off quite often, and that’s why I jack off so much. When you offered to suck my dick, the thought of it excited me and there was no way I could turn down the opportunity! You did an awesome job and I totally enjoyed every minute of it. It was so much better than just jacking off, and if you want to do it again, you’ve got a very willing partner!”

“Dayton,” Steve replied, “I think you’ve quickly become my best friend, and I place a high value on our friendship.” Steve moved his face close to Dayton’s and spontaneously planted a kiss on Dayton’s cheek, and Dayton retaliated.

“Steve,” Dayton stated, “I think you’re not only my best friend, but you may be my best friend—with benefits! Thank you for the gift you gave me tonight, it felt really wonderful. Can you turn off the lamp, so we can go to sleep?” Steve reached over and turned out the lamp, then cuddled close to Dayton, wrapping his arm around Dayton’s torso.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Dayton,” Steve stated, “the pleasure was all mine!” The boys cuddled together for about five minutes.

“Steve,” Dayton stated, “if you help me to tinkle now, maybe we can sleep all night without me needing to wake you up in the middle of the night to tinkle.”

“Sure Dayton,” Steve replied, “I should probably also drain my pee too.” Steve helped Dayton to stand, supporting himself on the walker. While Steve held the pee jug in one hand, and Dayton’s awesome cock with the other, Dayton tinkled into the jug. Steve set the jug back onto the stand and helped Dayton back into bed. Steve instinctively took the jug and went into the bathroom, emptying the jug into the toilet, then relieving himself. After rinsing the jug, he returned to Dayton’s room, and crawled back into bed, cuddling close to Dayton. Both boys now relieved of bladder pressure and sexually satisfied, they soon drifted off into Slumberland.

To be continued...................






Ahead in Chapter 48 we pick up on Sunday morning. Steve shares a pleasant breakfast with Dayton, Jim and Cal, and then Steve jumps at the chance to give Dayton his shower. Sunday evening they all share a delightful Sunday Dinner with the Abernathy’s. Thanks to you guys for hanging with me so far. I hope I can continue to win your support. As always- I 💓 COMMENTS! I like to know what you guys are thinking! I 💓 you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  I'm finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with my three stories that are all still in progress, with all these beautiful boys in three regions of the country.  Effective immediately, I am placing 'Watergame' and 'JC' on the shelf to continue at a later time.  I am continuing to write and upload chapters of 'DJ' and once that story ends, I will be picking up the others.  I'm sorry to likely be disappointing some of my readers.  If you're not already following me, I suggest you do so and you'll be notified when I upload new material.

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