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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYKINS (that's Marky to the rest of you) :P

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Posted Image HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!! (MARKY :P)Posted Image


Posted Image I love you my darling :):hug::wub: :wub: :wub:

Without this man I would still be a wreck, so on this day please wish Marky a very happy birthday :)
(Couldn't wait until midnight to post it Posted Image )
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:music: :music: Happy Birthday Marky (Babykins) :music: :music:


Just there isn't some confusion, I thought I'd wish you birthing day salutations in both your names :)

Hope your day is greeeeeeeeaaaaat!!!
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Holy Crap, I thought you just had a birthday - Then again, I can't believe this is Halloween #2 with 'lil q so it's probably just time all melding together for the old man. But I digress -


Happy Birthday Mark, may this year bring more wonderful things than the last and the promise of many more good ones to come.

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I don't care if it is your birthday. I don't care if you're another year older. I don't care if you squirm if I call you boy or kid; I'm going to, anyway. I luv ya, Mark, and wish nothing but good things for ya.


May the fences fall, the gates crumble, may you finally see yourself clearly in a true mirror, and realize just how special you really are.


All the best, stud.


happy birthday



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Ha! The big guy with a heart the size of a friken planet, it's your birthday, which means ya another year older, another year wiser, another year more mature, another whole year more grown up..........


Who am I trying to kid???

You are Marky Mark Mark, the guy who will always be a big barrel of laughs and fun for so many of us, and heck bro you deserve the very best on your special day. :)

So as the hours tick by, I'm not gunna worry you too much about the wrinkles that have started to appear, or the grey hairs I can see sprouting out your scalp and all the other gags I could use for getting older, but merely say, hope that the day brings you great happiness, much joy, love, and attention. Keep smiling, stay strong, and enjoy. May today and the each day of the year to come bring good things, and even on those days when the tide seems to turn, may strength, happiness, and your loyal friendships carry you through the day.

Huggles big man. Happy Birthday. :hug:

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To one of the best of the elite, Happy Birthday Marky. In your honour, a wee ditty:


Our Fylingdales man, to be sure,

Has a heart that is loving and pure

Because he's so class

We honour his ass

He makes life so much easier to endure.



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