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Team Recognition 2013

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A huge thank you goes out to the two members of my writing team:


TalonRider | Craig


Together, they strive to ensure that my stories are the best they can be.


Thanks guys! I really appreciate your support!

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A huge thank you to: - :worship:


Special Thanks and Love to


^_^ Rndmrunner ^_^


For being an awesome Editor


All my thanks to :


Sacred Love












:2thumbs::wizard: For reading my stories and making it so much fun to post each chapter.  I really do Appreciate your support. :2thumbs::wizard:


You guys Rock!!

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Well, I don't have a big team, but the guys/gals I've worked with are amazing!


:hug: They make my work so much better and I can't thank 'em enough!!! :hug:


I couldn't do it without you!


Editor / First Beta : Rustle

Betas : Comicfan, Mark92, Joann414, and Frostina


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While i am not as active as some of the other authors on here, I have been blessed to work with some of the finest editors and beta readers one could hope to have.  Thank you for helping me to tell my stories.


Editors: LJH and MJ85

Beta Readers: Cia, Podga and Tranquility



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I haven't started posting the two stories yet, but I'd like to thank Wayne (Comicfan) and Rob (Yettie One) for beta reading what they have so far.  I'm hoping to start posting chapters some time in the Summer.


I'd also like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed my stories, and of course all those who voted 'A Friend In Need' as best anthology story of 2012.

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My team is mostly relatively new but I'd really like to thank my editors Sharon (sat8997) and Colin (colinian). You guys are the best -- I always make a lot of stupid typos. And my beta readers: leisureguide, James (jamessavik), and morganisagingekid.


Oh wat would we do without beta readers/editors? xD

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I have an amazing team.  


Nathaniel is the best beta reader that I could ever hope to have.  Even when we are arguing over a scene or disagreeing over a character, he always helps make my work the best it could be.  Sidlove and Tranquility have also been awesome and amazing.


Editors have been hard to find, I'm glad that Johnathan Colourfield still puts up with me  :P  And Adam Thomas has also been an amazing help, thank you both.


And props to Joann414, who has supported so many people in so many different ways.   :Vic2:   

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Okay when it comes to my writing I am  terrible. I want to work with many people and the best. I guess I do and often.


Thanks to Sharon, Andy021278, Cia, and Renee who have worked countless times as my editors so the final product is worth reading.


Thanks to my betas who suffer through the multiple rewrites, lost words, unexplained actions, and who have me fill in all the gaps so that they read smoothly. Again thank you to KC Grim, Renee Stevens, Quonos, Cassie, and Xtro.


These are the people behind the scenes whose tireless work and nagging help me get something worth reading out.

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Thanks to Myr , AJ and Cia and Talonrider and Trebbs and Renee Stevens for all their hard work, without whom this site would not be a great site. Well done folks.

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A very big thanks to LISA for bearing my countless mistakes and being such a sweet heart. I have no idea what i would have done without my amazing proof-reader.


I also want to thank all my reviewers and those who liked my story, especially:


LISA (once again)










Love you all :*) 

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I don't know many people here yet and yes I'm going to change that hopefully soon.

I want to thank Lisa for being a terrific friend and bringing me here to GA. Without your encouragement  and your flavored coffee RRS would never have passed 4th chapter state, nor would any of my other stories have ever left my head. Thank you so much my ff.

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Thanks Steve (Wildone) - The Editor that puts up with me, but never really has to work, since I don't write much. :P

A.j. Beta Reader - Added to my writing team, but hasn't been put to work yet.

Bee for any Poetry concerns I have - if I wrote more poetry, I'd bother you more with them.

Lisa - Although not an official team member she reads, reads, and reads and gives great feedback and asks questions about plot points that are kind of sketchy.


And readers as well. :D


Myr and the gang of Administrators and Moderators.. keeping us all in line and the site from crash and burning probably is a headache and a half.. and these people are the nutty volunteers for the most part.

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:worship: "Thank You"  :worship: 

to Sharon (sat8997)

Without you, Sharon, my stories would never have had the same impact and would have been a heap of typos and errors.



:2thumbs: Huge "Thank You"s to all beta-editors I had the chance of working with. :2thumbs: 

Marty, Cia, Graeme, BeaStKid, Francois (Bondwriter), Sterling... you guys have helped me in many ways.  


:thumbup: Also a "thank you" to the WST Team for putting this Team Recognition Month. Very well done.  :thumbup: 


:D And of course, "Thank you" to GA for being here for me. :D 





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:hug: :hug: :hug: Big THANK YOU to LISA and FLEETING RAINBOWS for being my Editors! :hug: :hug: :hug:


You are both so wonderful to work with!


Big THANK YOU to all of my readers as well, thank you for continuing to read, review and encourage!

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Sorry I'm late to this!!!


I can’t say enough good things about my team. Without them, my writing would be just files gathering electronic dust on my hard drive, never seen by anyone but me.

However, that’s not all; they inspire me. Sometimes it’s very lateral; one will make a comment on something, maybe not even about writing, and then, or later, it will bubble to the surface and make its way into a story. Or, while looking at a typo one of them caught, I’ll see how a paragraph or scene could be improved. There are many ways they have input to the writing, and I am quite sure that they don’t realize just how much they contribute. They do even more than they know.

I consider the stories that go out under my name to be not just mine, but ours. They truly are a team effort.

Who are my team? That’s complicated. First, the guys who work on every chapter and story, and work it is. What they do is hard, oft thankless work. Bear in mind, I’m dyslexic, so typos are huge issue, to name just one. I try hard, via proofreading and running spelling and grammar checks in Word, to catch all I can before inflicting the chapters on the team, but a lot gets through. Catching typos, though, is just one small part of what they do. All make comments and offer opinions and ideas, which I find more precious than gold.

Here are the regulars, the ones who have to put up with me week in and week out, and I’m going to do this alphabetically, for I could think of no other way.

Emoe, Editor extraordinaire: He is, as he has been for many years, my guide, my teacher, and the man who polishes, fixes, and smoothes. More times than I could ever count, he’s taken a phrase, sentence, or passage that was convoluted and awkward, and changed it, making it better than I could have ever managed.

Graeme: My mentor, a great author who guided and taught me when I was learning (and I’m still learning!). He is wise and insightful, with a special gift for characters and personalities, and for seeing what I cannot. More times than I can count, he’s come up with an idea for how to fix or improve something. He’s also inspired me many times without even knowing it, when something he has said triggers a new train of thought.

RedA: A technical expert in many things, he most often reads for technical accuracy, and also lets me bounce what-ifs off him, to see if they’d work. It’s in large part his knowledge that gives my current novel, Circumnavigation, its real feel when it comes to yachting, and he helps in many other aspects as well.

MikeL: The oft-grueling task of spotting and fixing my typos often falls hardest on his shoulders; he is usually the first who reads for typos and errors to see the draft pages. He also makes comments, observations, and reads for continuity, and asks questions that let me know how things look from the other side of the page.

TalonRider: He offers his keen insight and thoughts, along with his skills at the grueling task of catching my goofs. His comments tell me how things are coming across to the reader (it’s often hard for an author to know exactly how something will read to someone who does not know the plot).

Low Flyer: Truly gifted, an expert in grammar and structure, and he has keen eyes for spotting things that are amiss. Beyond that, his comments are insightful, and he has caught many things that I have missed, and also his comments have provided inspiration.

Now, two guys who have helped me tremendously, including betaing an occasional chapter and scene, whom I certainly consider to be members of the team. However, their insightful comments in the forum are also an inspiration and tremendous help to me;
Benji & Wildone.

Also, to all the wonderful people who leave me feedback in the forum, reviews, PM’s, and E-mail; you are my inspiration, and your feedback give me the invaluable insight of letting my see the story through your eyes. Thank you.

There are so many more I should thank, and so many things I should say about my team of friends, but were I to list them all, this post would be novel-length. smile.png

All I can really say to sum it up, is THANK YOU for all that you do, and it is my honor to work with you.


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I've only just really begun to work with a team, and while I am enjoying the process, I am a slow writer so have not been as active with them as yet right now.

However my thanks to LJH and Fishwings who have both been fantastic help and encouragement recently and whom I respect a lot. I'd also say thanks to NNN who took a lot of time to explain a lot of stuff to me in the early days.


But I'd also like to just take a moment to thank the writers that have allowed me to be a part of their creative process, and put up with my nagging and criticism of their effort and hard work.

To Stellar and Andy, you guys produce amazing stories that I so enjoy being a part of and get so much out of being a part of the fine tuning process. It is an amazing experience working with you guys.


I find myself wishing I could be involved with so many of the wonderful stories here on GA. It would be really amazing to be able to really get into the mind of some of the writers I love to read, and explore their creative process. So to all you who work so damn hard to write such amazing stuff that keeps the likes of me entertained for hours on end. My eternal thanks and respect. :)

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Sometimes CJ's typo's can be on the funny side. For example, in one chapter he has a character getting their noses pinched.


The current chapter, in its first draft, included:


          "...Xavier reared back to deliver a powerful click kick, splintering the doorframe near the lock."


          "The two speedboats had responded to Bridget’s orders to heard herd Atlantis to her by been running line abreast near the shore..."


          "He lunged for it, his fingers connection connecting, only to slip off the wet tube as it toppled into the sea."


          "A sudden, blazing flash of flue blue lit Atlantis, followed half a second later by booming thunder."


Never a dull moment.   :D

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Oh Lordy, where do I start. When I first started out, I had many questions regarding the rules of the site, how to do things, and needed encouragement in the process.


C James was the one who gave me this encouragement, answered my questions, and let me loose to wreak havoc on the writing world. Without him I would have never started.


David McLeod, a true inspiration for writers ever. He was my first editor, my first beta reader. Without his insight, many stories I have written would have never been. (Yeah, I know, so many aren't even completed yet. I have not forgotten). You've lead to many truly inspirational paragraphs being written, and without you, many of my characters wouldn't be whom they are. Thank you.


Cia, my first beta-reader, an editor in her own right, and an amazing story teller as well. She has always faithfully worked with me, and even though she's busy busy busy, still continues to work with me. She even tracks me down every six months or so just to make sure I am still alive and kicking. Thank you.


Nephylim, without whom Patrick and his family would not be possible. Many regards for giving me access to your daughters knowledge of the welsh language, for encouraging me, and for brit-picking my Spider Webs, and just for being you. Without your insight...I don't know. Thank you.


Colinian, for being fantastic as always, especially when I informed you that you were now on my team, not giving you a single moment to get out of it. I'm sure it wasn't easy for you, especially since you're still in college and were busy busy busy. Thank you.


Amelia, for being a great reader, providing reviews when I wasn't getting very many. In the end, just like Colinian, I dragged you onto my team, kicking and screaming every step of the way, but I never regretted a minute of it. Thank you.


KJames, for knitpicking at the continuity and providing insight. You were another I roped onto my team, and I haven't regretted a single moment of it. Thank you.


Benji, you were there from the first and are extremely valued. I thank you for giving me much needed insight when my emotions were all blah and encouraging me to keep going. Thank you.


Rush, one of my first beta readers. You've always been fantastic, and in more ways than one, a second mom ever since I got here.


Sat8997 - When David got sick you were there to pick up the pieces when he wasn't able to do so. You tightened my paragraphs up, corrected my spelling and grammar, and you always managed to do it so fast.


I thank all of you, and my readers too. You were patient with me, always picking up where we'd left off everytime I disappeared for one reason or another, encouraging and buttkicking when you all needed to be.

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To Join the fun  I must give a huge thank you to my Beta/Editors for all their hard work.  Thanks Kim (naptowngirl) for working with me all these years lol and always being willing to talk with me about stuff and give me advice.  and to Mikie(comewhatmay) For coming onboard.  You rock my friend

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I was pondering that over the past four and a half years, I've written over 4,000,000 words.  That's a lot of freaking words.  I've also won three GA Reader's Choice awards for best story (Bloodlines, 2009; Millennium, 2010; and Paternity, 2012), a Reader's Choice award for best villain (Neil, Man In Motion, 2009), and a Reader's Choice award for best protagonist (George Granger, Bridgemont, 2011).  Those are pretty big achievements.  This thread gives me the opportunity to point the credit for those not to me, but to my team. Without them, I doubt I would have been able to write a fraction of what I've done, and I'm damn sure I wouldn't have won a single one of those awards.  They are the wind that blows my writing frigate forward:


Sharon:  She fixes my grammar and spelling, and while she doesn't say too much, when she does talk, she does so with meaning.  She's reeled me in from some major plot and character disasters.  But she's also a friend, and I know that she's got my back. 


Jeremy (Methodwriter):  Jeremy gives me lots of ideas.  I use a few of them.  He keeps an eye on my lingo and the culture of the era, letting me know when I'm being anachronistic.  He's always willing to do research if I need him to, and he does a lot of legwork with the timelines for my stories.  He's also taken over music recs for my stories, which I enjoy, and he's started a thread for faces for my characters, which is one of my favorites. 


Adam Phillips, George Richard, Jay (not on GA), and Harry Grace (not on GA) give me a lot of support behind the scenes, sometimes involving details, sometimes just strong encouragement. 


Peter A. Nonymous (not on GA) is another key member of my team.  Peter takes my stories and really pores over the details, looking for inconsistencies, and for things that just don't make sense.  He's the guy who calls me on the impossibility of leaving California at 9:00AM and landing in New York for a lunch meeting. 


Dr. Peter Anderson, who gives me fantastic medical advice for my characters.  I think the scenario he built for me for Matt in Bloodlines was just amazing.


A newer member, Daisy139, has an extensive knowledge of the figure skating world.  She and Jeremy have worked diligently to help me work out a career for one of my characters (JJ Schluter).  She's so pleasant to work with, and she has such good ideas about skaters who are fuckable.  :2thumbs:


For my last story, JCashell was fantastic, filling in details on Harvard-Westlake.  He's busy with real life, and I don't have a character in that school anymore, but I appreciated the help he gave me. 


I think it would also be totally unfair to not mention all the feedback I get from my readers in the forums or reviews.  So many times, they've given me ideas or input that just made a story work.  And so many of them have been willing to help me out, responding quickly to my PM's begging for information.  Whether it was Centexhairysub on kinky shit, or PrivateTim on waterpolo, or Westie on how British aristocrats comport themselves, to many others, they've been incredible. 


To all of you who have helped me out, I bow and remove my hat with a George Granger-esque flourish and salute you. :2thumbs:

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I do not have many to thank, so I will keep this brief.


First would be to Ryan, the beta I had when I began posting on GA. Though he won't read this since he no longer frequents the site, he deserves those thanks for the simplicity and effectiveness that made it so easy to work with him. In some regards, I was spoiled by the bar being set rather high on the first instance, but those thanks are well earned nonetheless.


Second, to my current betas; Rob, Paul and Cassie. All three of you bring different perspectives and while I know my own mind very well, that extra dimension and way of looking at things while the creative process is churning along is invaluable. Rob (Yettie) deserves a special mention here, for the simple fact he often goes above and beyond the requisite duties. He puts up with the many foolish trivial questions I pepper him with, in very good grace, all the while secretly wanting me to shut the hell up, I'm sure. It is hard to find enthusiasm and dedication like that and I am grateful to be in the company of such people.


Third, to Myr, for showing an interest and for providing the forum for authors to begin with, and to those regular audience members who take the time to offer encouragement and meaningful constructive opinion. While it would not be the end of me without a vocal audience, having that reinforcement does ease the path.

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Without such AMAZING people in my corner. My stories wouldn't ever see the greatness that they have. First and foremost, my team isn't always thanked enough, or even credited at times. I love them to death for sharing the vision that I have for my storie(s) released and unreleased. They have been my sounding board, my deepest of friends, and true patriots for my corner. I love them dearly.


Andy021278 (My Editor, who has been nothing but fair, just, and very easy to get along with. He explains things very well where things don't line up, or the likes. He's a man to have in your corner.)
joan414 (My friend who loves to hear me talk about J&K and some small glimpses of unreleased chapters. Without her, I wouldn't have the drive to write at times, she's AMAZING)
Lisa (My Beta, who I love dearly, first a fan of my writing and then a beta for pitiful me.)


Secondly, all three of these wonderful people have been there for me, emotionally, as I've struggled with my own demons and life’s situations that have left me paralyzed. Without them I don't know where I'd be. These are the three main people in my corner and I love them dearly.


Also of note, I would love to thank all my fans, those who follow my story, and comment and just plain old read what I write. As there would be too many to list I'll cover you all in a blank and call "THANK YOU!" at the top of my lungs.


Yours always, yours forever, yours today



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