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what time is it at at your place and what you'd probably be doing

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I'm editing a text, which is full of governmental gibberish and I have to try to make it understandable without leaving out the very important information. :yawn:

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it's 5.30 pm here in Sussex Land, i have just got come from work and i am catching up with my GA notifications. husband is out shooting dinner (literally) before it's off to the shops (eight miles away) to but pre-made muffin products for my year 9's to analyse tomorrow.

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And just how analytically will your year 9's get?  Cataloging preservatives could be tedious!


When the initial posting went up i was sound asleep ( 2:45 am EDT).

Now?  1:33 pm EDT and making plans to go to the horse auction this evening - someone take my checkbook away!

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It's 3:30pm here, I just sat down on the porch with glass of ice-tea and my laptop.  I've been hiding under a rock for last few days and have some catching up to do while my kid is at volleyball practice and hubby not home from work yet.  It's quiet except for the crickets out here ((and one of our annoying cats who keeps meowing from the other chair that my hands are busy typing and not petting him! :P

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It's 18:51 here and I just ate supper.


I've had to take some time off to stay with my Mom as she is recovering from surgery.


Thank goodness she likes chicken pies that I can microwave!

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