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If You Could Go Back in Time and Change a Moment in Your Past, What Would That Be and Why?


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There's a list of stuff I would change, too many to decide on one. Yeah, they made me who I am, but I could do without a few of them. There's one huge one, and that was falling in love with the wrong person.

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We all have moments in our past that we would change if it were possible, but we all have to come to terms with the fact that it is not possible. So when we look back on those moments we need to look for the positives that can come out of it, however tenuous they may be. It's those positives, no matter how insignificant they may seem, that make us who we are today, and give us the opportunity to influence our futures. Reflect without regret, forgive ourselves for our pasts, and make tomorrow the start of a brighter future for us and our loved ones. I wish everyone the best and a bright and happy future.

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I sometimes wish I hadn’t waited until my mid-20s to Come Out, but on the other hand, if I had become sexually active in my late teens like many others, I might have become one of the thousands who were infected before anyone knew about HIV/AIDS and how it was transmitted…


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9 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

yeah, trust me.. you dont want hiv  xoxo

I lived through the worst days and saw people in the AIDS Ward at Alameda County’s Highland Hospital in the late ‘80s. I also have and have had several friends with AIDS. I did volunteer work for a couple years. I don’t know what it’s like personally and, no offense, I don’t want that to change.  ;–)

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7 hours ago, TetRefine said:

I'd tell my young 20s self to have more of a life focus. Making and starting a plan then would have been a whole lot easier then it is now. 


I would have told 24-year old me not to waste money on a master's degree in history, but honestly, even though it didn't lead a professional career, I feel like grad school shaped me into a better person. I didn't have to be slacker party boy when I went to IUP as opposed to my UD years, and there were a lot of things I feel like I "righted" about myself when I was a grad student.


If I could further back though, I'd tell my 18-year old self to just go to community college, get my grades up, and transfer into a 4-year college after instead of just going to a mediocre college before getting into UD.


I also probably shouldn't have hung out at so many frat parties but honestly, those memories bring a smile to my face. (Even though they didn't lead to illicit sex with straight frat boys like Nifty Archive told me they would. LOL.)

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