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GA's Newest Promising Author: lilansui



Please join myself and the Author Promotion Team in congratulating @lilansui in becoming GA's newest Promising Author. lilansui has been a member at GA for almost eight years, and in that time has posted over 1,370,000 words across thirty-one stories. Many of her stories feature complex plots in exotic locations that just draw you in. Browse through them and I'm sure you'll find something you like, and probably lots you'll love! You can find all of lilansui's stories at her author page, so settle back and have fun reading the stories of our newest Promising Author!


Congratulations, lilansui!



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SUI!!!!!!   CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’m so excited for you; this is such a well-deserved promotion!!  :hug:   :worship:  :heart:  

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16 hours ago, Lisa said:

SUI!!!!!!   CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’m so excited for you; this is such a well-deserved promotion!!  :hug:   :worship:  :heart:  

Lisa!!! thank you!!! :hug:

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      Promoted Author Criteria:
      Promising Authors:
      Demonstrate a basic level of writing ability Actively seek and accept assistance to improve their writing Participate in and contribute to the GA community Promote the GA site (ex. If posting elsewhere, link back to GA) Show initiative in promoting their work and growing their reader base, and/or are open to learning how Actively engage their readers (respond to reviews) Promising Authors must be willing to agree to post concurrently on Gay Authors any new material with the exception of personal blogs Signature Authors:
      Have an existing body of quality writing Established a strong reader base on GA Actively participate in the GA Community Cross-promote and link back to GA when posting stories elsewhere Encourage off-site readers to join the GA community Actively engage their readers (respond to reviews) Signature Authors must be willing to agree to post concurrently on Gay Authors any new material with the exception of personal blogs Classic Authors
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      Please join the Author Promotion Team in congratulating Caz Pedroso as GA's newest promoted author! Caz has been a member of GA for just over three years and during that time, she has written sixteen stories to share with the members here at GA. Her most recently finished novel, The Mouse that Roared, is Book 5 of her popular series, Unison Island. If you want to read more from Caz, you can find her poetry, prompt responses, and so much more by visiting her author page (plus you can check out her snazzy new banner).
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    • By Lisa
                                                                      SUI !!!!
                                       I hope you're having an awesome b-day!  
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      Please join the Author Promotion Team in congratulating Valkyrie on becoming GA's newest Signature Author! Valkyrie joined our site in August 2013 and was promoted to Promising Author in February 2015. Since joining, Valkyrie (or Penguin as she is known to some) has posted 23 stories including fan favorites The Hollow Hills, Penguin, and Alex's Legacy. Valkyrie's stories tend to feature flawed individuals who go through some pretty rough times before reaching their happily ever after – if they ever do. As she states in her author bio, she is a big fan of animals and several of her stories feature them. In addition to her writing, Valkyrie is also active on-site as both an editor and reviewer. We look forward to seeing what Valkyrie has in store for us in the future!
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