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Team Recognition Month

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Now that the nominations and voting for the 2011 Readers Choice Awards is behind us, it's time to recognize the teams, and others, that made it possible.


Authors, now's the time to mention the team that works with you.


As the Writer Support Team Lead, I'd like to say thank you to the rest of the team for their hard work.


Cia, WST Deputy

sat8997, Editing Lead

Lugh, Tech Support

Renee Stevens, Mentoring Program

Tiger, Mentoring Program




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I dont have a big team. But here goes:

First my muse Stuby, he can give me a sentence and I can write chapters from it. :)

Then Comicfan (or Unc) he's my beta, my editor, and my kicker of the arse.

Kate and Glenn, they are my proof readers. Or maybe they just like getting in there first LOL

Couldnt be without any of them :hug:

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I don't have a big team either but here goes:


I thank my BF who has been my support through the good times and the bad, and who has been great in allowing me to bounce ideas off him


I'd also like to thank Cia for all her help and input and for the occasionally deserved chastisement :) It's with her help that I feel the technical side of my writing has improved.


And of course I thank everyone here who has read and provided feedback on any of my stories. Without all you and your feeback, I would not develop as a writer and my stories would never get read.

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Thank you TalonRider! Happy to do what I can to help with the site!


As for my own team. I have worked on my stories with many different people over the last year, but my current team consists of three people.


Cia~ Thank you for all the encouragement. Even when I'm not sure I can do it, you're there to help me push through the blocks. You're always there to bounce ideas off of and help to make the story ideas stronger. Once done, I don't know what I would do without you. You're never afraid to suggest rewording an entire sentence (sometimes a paragraph), or telling me that some visual needs work. You are invaluable to me as a beta, an editor, and a friend. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making my stories what they are! Sometimes I might grumble, but in the end, I usually have to admit that you're right and make the changes you suggest! lol


Lugh~ You're always willing to help me flesh out a story idea and are always willing to suggest ways that a story could be even better. The times that have hashed out ideas with me have helped me more than I could possibly tell you. Once written, you have been wonderful in pointing out the flaws as you find them and you help each story that you work on become the best they can be. You've been there not only as a trusted beta, but as a friend, and I thank you for everything!


Wayne~ You're the newest member of my team, but thank you for always being willing to look over a story or talk out an idea. I don't know how many times I've written the beginning of a story and if I'm not sure about it, you're always there to tell me to hand it over. It's never seemed to matter how busy you are, you always make time to help a friend and have become and trusted member of my team. You're never afraid to call me out on something you disagree with and have caused me to re-look at sections from a different point of view. Thank you for everything you do as both a beta and friend.


While these are my main team at the moment, I have worked with others over the last year, especially on Joined by Blood. Both Nephy and Frosty were an awesome help and along with the rest of my team, they helped me make it through to the conclusion. Thank you both of you for all the help you've given me!


As a last, but certainly not least, thank you. I know there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep GA open and improve the site. I'm not going to name names, because with my luck, I'd forget someone, so.... To all of those who put their time into making GA what it is, thank you.

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There's only one person I'd like to thank... Anyta, who I think is the nicest person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is she a very talented writer and a very talented beta-reader, but she's also a great friend. Cheers Anyta Posted Image


Oh and everyone here has been very friendly too, so thanks for that. Except Cia... Didn't much like her review of my story at all Posted Image

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Wow Posted Image Lots of people to thank hehe


People who have helped me throughout my writing:


Cia (Goddess of an editor... don't know where I would be without her)

Tiger (God of the above Posted Image)

Maria (Great Beta Reader)

Lugh (Arse kicker)

Myr (Arse kicker)

Frostina (all of the above Posted Image)

Sharon (for telling me off, then telling me it was good once it was rewritten Posted Image)

Nephylim (inspiration ^_^)


I'd like to also thank those I edit and beta read for Posted Image







Chris Pieto

Dezyree Salvatore (hope thats spelt right Posted Image)

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I don't have a lot of people to thank either, but the first would be Emoe, for being my editor. I'd also like to thank C. James and Rustle for their help with some of my stories, plus Myr for being there for me when I need him. I would also like to thank Lugh, Renee Stevens, Graeme and Comicfan for answering question for me from time to time. I'd also like to thank all of the readers who gave me feedback on any of my stories. If I forgot anyone, I apologize in advance and blame it on a 'senior' moment.

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I can’t say enough good things about my team. Without them, my writing would be just files gathering electronic dust on my hard drive, never seen by anyone but me.


However, that’s not all; they inspire me. Sometimes it’s very lateral; one will make a comment on something, maybe not even about writing, and then, or later, it will bubble to the surface and make its way into a story. Or, while looking at a typo one of them caught, I’ll see how a paragraph or scene could be improved. There are many ways they have input to the writing, and I am quite sure that they don’t realize just how much they contribute. They do even more than they know.


I consider the stories that go out under my name to be not just mine, but ours. They truly are a team effort.


Who are my team? That’s complicated. First, the guys who work on every chapter and story, and work it is. What they do is hard, oft thankless work. Bear in mind, I’m dyslexic, so typos are huge issue, to name just one. I try hard, via proofreading and running spelling and grammar checks in Word, to catch all I can before inflicting the chapters on the team, but a lot gets through. Catching typos, though, is just one small part of what they do. All make comments and offer opinions and ideas, which I find more precious than gold.


Here are the regulars, the ones who have to put up with me week in and week out, and I’m going to do this alphabetically, for I could think of no other way.


Emoe, Editor extraordinaire: He is, as he has been for many years, my guide, my teacher, and the man who polishes, fixes, and smoothes. More times than I could ever count, he’s taken a phrase, sentence, or passage that was convoluted and awkward, and changed it, making it better than I could have ever managed.


Graeme: My mentor, a great author who guided and taught me when I was learning (and I’m still learning!). He is wise and insightful, with a special gift for characters and personalities, and for seeing what I cannot. More times than I can count, he’s come up with an idea for how to fix or improve something. He’s also inspired me many times without even knowing it, when something he has said triggers a new train of thought.


RedA: A technical expert in many things, he most often reads for technical accuracy, and also lets me bounce what-ifs off him, to see if they’d work. It’s in large part his knowledge that gives my current novel, Circumnavigation, its real feel when it comes to yachting, and he helps in many other aspects as well.


MikeL: The oft-grueling task of spotting and fixing my typos often falls hardest on his shoulders; he is usually the first who reads for typos and errors to see the draft pages. He also makes comments, observations, and reads for continuity, and asks questions that let me know how things look from the other side of the page.


TalonRider: He offers his keen insight and thoughts, along with his skills at the grueling task of catching my goofs. His comments tell me how things are coming across to the reader (it’s often hard for an author to know exactly how something will read to someone who does not know the plot).


Low Flyer: Truly gifted, an expert in grammar and structure, and he has keen eyes for spotting things that are amiss. Beyond that, his comments are insightful, and he has caught many things that I have missed, and also his comments have provided inspiration.


Now, two guys who have helped me tremendously, including betaing an occasional chapter and scene, whom I certainly consider to be members of the team. However, their insightful comments in the forum are also an inspiration and tremendous help to me;

Benji & Wildone.


Also, to all the wonderful people who leave me feedback in the forum, reviews, PM’s, and E-mail; you are my inspiration, and your feedback give me the invaluable insight of letting my see the story through your eyes. Thank you.


There are so many more I should thank, and so many things I should say about my team of friends, but were I to list them all, this post would be novel-length. :)


All I can really say to sum it up, is THANK YOU for all that you do, and it is my honor to work with you.



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I have a small team, for the most part it's just Rustle and me. I hate to overwhelm him and have pulled in help from a few others here and there when we've needed. The projects for GA as well as some for other events have went really well and I can't thank him enough! :D

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My team:

Nathaniel, who has been my beta reader for as long as I can remember and who isn't afraid to be perfectly honest, isn't afraid to make me cry and still puts up with all my crap after all these years. He gives me the best feedback and helps me make my stories the best they can be.

The editors I have worked with, abersloth, harcallard and Cia, have been awesome with their detailed feedback.

And to my new "team members" Lugh and Johnathan Colourfield…I just hope you know what you're getting into :D

All of you are awesome!!

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Well let's see... I work with many people here on GA!


To the Writer's Support Team: Thanks for always being willing to help out with projects! When I've asked for help when I was getting overwhelmed you guys stepped up and it's been great! So thanks again!


To all the other mods/admin: You guys are so great! Working as a team is really the only way to manage the site and I think we have a great group that all manage to work together, each picking up the areas they are best at and the slack when someone needs a break. I will always appreciate getting to know you all better.


To all the authors I've managed to sucker . . . ahem . . . convince to let me beta read/edit for them: Thanks! There is nothing I like more than new reading material and so many of you are authors I really admire. Getting to talk writing, plot, characters. . . all that is so much fun for me. So thanks!


Now, to those who have been on my personal team.


First and foremost I have to thank Renee Stevens. What can I say, other than great minds think alike? I've so enjoyed working with you on projects, both yours and mine. When I look back at my work before I met you, and after I met you, I can see a definite improvement. Not only in catching my mistakes, of which there are a lot, but smoothing out my writing in general. Whenever you learn something you are always sharing it with me first thing. I can never say thank you enough.


Lugh: Even though you still rarely admit you read my stories, I still like you! You are your own worst critic, but when I need someone who will be harshly honest, I know I can count on you to turn that same eye for detail to my work. You give me great feedback when I bounce ideas off you and I appreciate that so much.


John: I love to hear your thoughts on my plots and how they work to the average reader. Sometimes Renee thinks too much like me and we miss how something wouldn't make sense to the readers. You point that out and make my work just that much better. Thank you!


Comicfan: Okay, so I haven't really worked with you yet, but you have agreed to help me with a very important project. :D I'm very grateful, so thank you!


For all my readers, thanks! Especially Bandage, who ALWAYS takes the time to comment in my forum. Without your feedback I wouldn't have nearly the drive to write. Your encouragement and obvious enjoyment of my stories is the best reward I can ask for.

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I think we all need someone who help us see the mistakes, the gold, and guide us to making our own writing the best it can be. When it comes to myself, the old saying of "no man is an island" is true. I'm sort of a slut when it comes to working with people and enjoy new ideas and opinions, but I've been lucky to work with some truly talented people. "It takes a village" in my case to make my stuff look respectable. Therefore, I'm never one to miss a chance to thank people so here goes.


Maria - She was the first to read over and make any suggestions about my poetry.

Frosty - She has worked on more of my stuff and kept me honest.

Renee Stevens - She has beta'd and edited for me. She has no problem telling me when I have screwed and need to redo, rewrite, or rethink something. Hey I appreciate the honesty. She is there for writing or as a friend and that is always worth knowing.I happily try to return the favor when she needs it.

Cia - She has worked with me, but on my stuff. She is another one who is honest about missing the boat, correcting the syntax, and all of that. When you have someone who wants your stuff to shine, who complains?

KC Grimm - Friend, beta, or editor he does it all. When you want someone to be honest with you, can't go wrong with asking KC. The only thing KC usually asks is for more sex in my stories. Posted Image I've helped with his stories when asked and growled at him when I thought he was shorting his stories and himself.

Lugh - He might seem grumpy but when you ask him for a hand he is down right honest and insightful. Isn't that what anyone wants when you ask for someone to look over your work? Here is someone who is fun to bounce ideas off of, because he is harder on himself than nearly anyone I've ever worked with.

Andy(Quonus10) - He is presently helping to beta a story for me. It is changing how I approach things and hopefully will make my writing a bit more exciting.

Intune - She stepped into the void left by others and helped me pull Accidents Happen together with her editing. Thank you again.

Jian - He stepped in and added some wonderful ideas while he helped to beta for me. I can't thank him enough.


Then there are those who keep me looking at new ideas and seeing things through completely different sets of eyes. I gratefully work as their team.


Mark - Adopted family or not he has a lot to say and sees things in new ways. I am happy to do what I can to keep him writing.

Billy Brat - The man has story to tell and I do what I can to help him fill the gaps and dress the settings.

Daniel - His first story was a pleasure to help with and to any who work him I know you will enjoy it as well.

MysteryMan- Okay I will uncover his secrets but presently enjoying his tale and seeing where he is taking it.

Edited by comicfan
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First and foremost, I'd like to thank Nephy. She's my rock. She has edited more than sixty of my stories. She's been there to work through the crap and has even helped me with plots. She's really my mother hen.

And then, Jen for her to shadowy support.

And then my steadfast readers, lin, Hermaticaly Sealed, LEN, adamo, and co. Thanks ya all.

(Did I thank Nephy yet?)

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When I first had a go at writing - badly - here on GA, I was a bit of a loner. Maybe it's a personality thing. I would get a chapter finished - at least in my own eyes - and rush to publish, staring frequently at my inbox for any sign of a review. Frankly, those were the only feedback I got and the only thing that kept me going. And yes, if the feedback was bad - or worse, non existent - it was pretty devastating.


Nephy picked me up and, lying through her teeth, told me my stuff was good, but needed a little editing. You don't say! I, had this fetish,, with,,, commas! She would spend hours stripping thm out!


What can you say about Nephy that many haven't already? A lady with a heart of gold and a boundless capacity to care.


Then I start a story based in America. What the heck was I thinking? I can't even speak the language! Research only gets you so far, and you need an insider. Steve3 helped for a while (Not sure what happened to Steves 1 & 2!). We lost touch a bit - my fault - but he really helped me along.


And then along came Andy (Quonus10). Ruthless or what!


He offered to help - as if, like Neph, he's not busy enough as it is. We kind of made a contract that he would help me with the Americanization, but leave me alone with my 'head hopping' perspective messes. Did he stick to it? Like heck he did! Learning to listen to 'well, that paragraph was a total cluster **** now, wasn't it!', takes some getting used to!


The truth of it is, having Steve and Nephy and Andy is the best thing that happened to my stories. I used to think 'these are MY stories, I'm not risking anyone else messing with them.' Maybe you feel that way about your own creations. Or maybe you have an editor/beta reader, but you don't like to hear their criticism? Been there, done that. Staying there never helped!


I can only talk for myself. I've discovered that the journey of writing, with the help of my editors and beta readers has become as fulfilling as clicking the submit button and waiting for a few reviews; making it better, as important as making it published. And, if a chapter doesn't pick up as many reviews? Well, that seems to matter less.


If you're just starting out (even if you're not), find a team; even just one other person to read over your stuff and give you feedback before you publish. GA is full of gazillions of talented and friendly folk who'll help if you ask. You won't regret it. I never have.


And to all those who work behind the scenes supporting budding authors - thank you for your incredible gift!


Riley Jericho

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Let's see.. although Phantom and Rush were once valued member of my Team, they both became increasingly busy! Very nice and insightful and helpful with my writing. Momma Rush would try to kick me into gear when I didn't write very much.. lol. And we would bounce story and plot ideas off one another. Eric would read for me as a Beta Reader and would tell me if it sucked or not. :P Mostly he was supportive. So I don't want to forget how much they helped me.


Now, I am really working Steve, Wildone, to the bone.. right Steve? Total slave driver.. lol. He can keep up with me as I jump from story to story... and he's been trying to encourage me to write. He worries that he makes too many comments and edits when he looks over my work.. but I am totally grateful for all the comments. Makes me see things I totally would miss otherwise. He also Beta Reads and helps me with little research my stories to need at times.. lol. So yes.. Steve is my team right now. :) Don't feel too sorry for him.

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There's only one person I'd like to thank... Anyta, who I think is the nicest person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is she a very talented writer and a very talented beta-reader, but she's also a great friend. Cheers Anyta Posted Image


Oh and everyone here has been very friendly too, so thanks for that. Except Cia... Didn't much like her review of my story at all Posted Image




I agree with you that Anyta is a talented writer and beta reader, just don't invite her over, she'll bring you wads of cookies that are really good and you'll eat them for days . . . . oh wait, that's a good thing - nevermind. :P

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Okay let me have a go at this -


First I'd like to thank me - errr. . . wait, wrong speech - never mind that. Posted Image


If life is a journey then GA is reflective of that. When I first signed up a certain young lad was kind enough to offer his help - Jian taught me quickly this was more than just a web site to post things on, it was a community of people who were supportive and helpful. Without him, I might not have stuck around. He also encouraged me - mightily - to develop Purpose a story I've always had kicking around but never really put too much effort into. It is/was different from anything else I tried so he kept me going on it. Thank you, John!


John led me to Anyta. I could wear out my laptop talking about how much she has helped my writing and the way I look at writing, but the thing I am most grateful for is her friendship. She is one of the most generous people you'll ever meet. When we met in person it was like we'd known each other forever. She is truly a wonderful person who has made my life better for knowing her so Thank you, Anyta!


Nephy - okay so there is Nephy overload on the thanks, but really, it's all well deserved. She has this boundless energy toward others. She must be an amazing mom, because she is so good with everyone here, especially the newbies that she strikes me as super great mom. She taught me a few writing things and a few life lessons. All appreciated. She also kept me away from too much legalese in my legal story so y'all should be thankful to her for that. Thank you, Nephy!


Which leads me to Frosty. She of the ever present red pen. Personally I think she likes red and likes to mark up things. I also think she's a bit disappointed in me because I've gotten better at eliminating mistakes and she can't red me up so much. But she's always been there to clean up my stuff and is quick to comment for readers old and new. Thank you, Chatterbox!


So that's basically all who've worked on things with me, but four others have helped with the odd piece here and there. Conner for telling me my story was crap and helping me avoid embarrassing myself - you know which story I mean so nuff said, but you also pre-read other things for me that have not been post for reasons other than they're crap ;)


DaddyDaveK - yes sir you've always been there. Mostly as a supportive reader, but I've asked for help now and then and you never refused thanks to you.


KevinD, yes I remember how much you helped me during Second Shot - you've also put a bug in certain person who i live with's ear about old cars so I ought to be mad, but I brought that on my self. Thanks mate.


GeorgeR or GeR now - here again, when I've need a bit of help, you've always been ready with a quick yes. Thanks so much.


And now for a who's who on GAdom. Cia, Lugh, Renee, Tiger - thanks for the help on chat when needed. Wildone - yeah you Steve - you just make me smile, IDK, maybe it was how nice you've always been and how you saved me from my day alone in vancouver. CJ - you crack me up - and last but most important - Myr without you, I doubt we'd all be here - and you've never failed to answer my PM's even the stupid ones, so thanks to you as well.


First a Posted Image to everyone


then Posted Image Posted Image


and finally - Posted Image




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