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What are you afraid of?

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Hey guys and gals, I was hoping you could help out my kid with a school project she is working on. (8th grade social studies) :)


She is conducting a study on peoples fears and phobias. What are your 2 top fears/phobia's besides 'Death'?

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A few of you have already contributed when I placed it on my status a few weeks ago:




Posted Image KC Grim


Anyone want to help out with 8th grade social studies project? Taking poll: what are your 2 worst phobia/fear (not including death)?Posted ImagePosted ImageSep 06 2012 11:33 PM · Delete · Unlock · Lock


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  • Ghostboy

    hissing spiders and a shortage of pizza

    Sep 06 2012 11:44 PM · Delete

  • Breeze

    being homeless(fear)


    Sep 06 2012 11:44 PM · Delete

  • intune

    lightning storms and public speaking.

    Sep 06 2012 11:46 PM · Delete

  • Cia

    Falling, not heights themselves, just fall off them. I hate that feeling. And definitely public speaking.

    Sep 07 2012 12:03 AM · Delete

  • podiumdavis

    Crystellophobia (phobia)

    Broken glass (Fear) [As stated above]

    Sep 07 2012 12:06 AM · Delete

  • Renee Stevens

    SPIDERS!!! absolutely terrified of them... and the Dentist (the dentist is so bad he's sending me to an oral surgeon so I can be put under sedation)

    Sep 07 2012 12:26 AM · Delete

  • Bumblebee

    Falling and insects

    Sep 07 2012 12:33 AM · Delete

  • Edward

    Heights and deep water because of my fear of drowning.

    Sep 07 2012 01:06 AM · Delete

  • Cyhort

    Spiders/bees (there's no difference, they're both horrifying) and heights.

    Sep 07 2012 02:00 AM · Delete

  • Dark

    I have social anxiety, so going alone into a crowd. I also get claustrophobic. Good luck with the project!

    Sep 07 2012 02:07 AM · Delete

  • Elezbed

    I don't like the speed (like when you are skiing)... I think it's like falling and I am clastrophobic

    Sep 07 2012 04:13 AM · Delete

  • podga

    Cockroaches (the big, brown, flying kind). Getting some form of dementia.

    Sep 07 2012 05:31 AM · Delete

  • CassieQ

    Arachnophobia (fear of spiders/scorpions) and claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces). I think those are right.

    Sep 07 2012 06:43 AM · Delete

  • sorgbarn

    Emetophobia, and water (fear of drowning; I would never go on a cruise, too many risks. The boat could sink, or what if the passengers got seasick or the food was bad and people got sick from that?)

    Sep 07 2012 07:19 AM · Delete

  • Gulab Jamun

    Heights and claustrophobia

    Sep 07 2012 07:36 AM · Delete

  • joann414

    fear of failure ( atychiphobia )

    fear of the dark ( nyctophobia ) I hate thinking that I will fail at something that I have to do, and I hate the dark, expecially when I am alone in the house.

    Sep 07 2012 08:15 AM · Delete

  • Ashi

    Fear of rejection.... Well, I think that's pretty much it. My other fears aren't that awful at all.

    Sep 07 2012 01:01 PM · Delete

  • asamvav111

    Entomophobia and Agoraphobia/Social Anxiety.

    Sep 07 2012 03:20 PM · Delete


Thanks you to all of you that have helped out so far.... If you haven't answered, we can use your help! Posted Image


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Heights - I don't get the sensation of falling, I get the urge to jump. (I stay away from the edge.) Yet strangely, I'm good strapped into a roller coaster. Go figure.


Success - I can get really anxious and be the master of self-sabotage. But I'm getter better, LOL

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Falling is up there, however...


I also have a phobia about dental injections. I don't mind the dentist going in without any anesthetic - and if it gets really bad then he'll shoot me up with some stuff - I just don't like having part of my mouth numb. Yeah, I know, I should be locked up with the rest of the psychos, but you had ta ask, didn't'cha!


BTW Nothing wrong with snakes - they taste like chicken

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I guess I'd have to say I have two phobias. Claustrophobia, and a pretty severe case of it - it goes to the point where I can't enter elevators (and I haven't done so in over 10 years), so I always take the stairs. I think even if I lived on the 100th floor, I'd walk Posted Image Or maybe finally face my fear. So yeah; anything to do with being stuck in a confined place terrifies me to the point I get a panic attack - elevators, even being stuck in toilet cubicles or buses. Even traffic jams get me edgy because I suddenly realize I'm having entirely irrational thoughts like, "Oh my god, I'll be stuck in this jam forever" Posted Image


Also, another great fear is the exact opposite; nihilophobia. Imagine being stuck at open sea for example. Scary as hell Posted Image

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I'm not scared of any animals, insects or height and the dark.

What scares me is people, strangers, or visitors that I dont know farming wise. Personal visitors are a big no, no until I say so.

Another fear is mirrors, Stuby's mum persuaded me to put some on the walls, but they are still covered up.


Sorry I didn't see this before KC and JJ. Good luck :hug:

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Fear of being the center of attention in an embarrassing situation

Afraid of getting robbed or losing/misplacing things

Fear of heights

Fear of talking to people functioning at higher positions


Oh and also, I am afraid of being stuck in narrow places. Like if I go in, I will be stuck and will be suffocated to death... things like that Posted Image


Ironically, I dont fear death really. It can come whenever it wants... (ahem, maybe after I have deleted my internet history, please :P )

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  • Site Administrator

Chiraptophobia aka fear of being touched. I can tolerate it without flipping out from my loved ones but I quite often jerk away from strangers, especially if the contact is unexpected. This was almost exclusively related to adults, as I grew up, and now is limited there (thankfully since I like kids and have tons of nieces and nephews to play with). There are only a few adults I will touch willingly.


The second is directly related to the first, called Enocholophobia aka fear of being in a crowd. I've never gone to a concert, I only go to the theater if we go in very early and either leave before anyone else or after everyone else leaves and I don't have to sit next to anyone I don't know, and the few times I've tried to Black Friday shop? Niiiightmares. Literally.

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I don't think there's a phobia for it, but I'm afraid of man-made things underwater. Sunken ships, underwater towns, cars. It doesn't matter, they creep me out. I won't swim in rivers and lakes (I barely swim anyways since I learned) because I'm afraid of being over a ship or something. XP

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I'm a major trypanophobe (fear of needles). I used to be okay as a younger child getting my inoculations (shots), but when I was 8 or 9 and needed an operation, it took the anaesthetist 6 or 7 sticks to get the needle into a vein. Ever since then, I just can't be around them without suffering a vasovagal attack (I get hot, start sweating, get lightheaded, become nauseous and faint) - and it's even worse whenever I need to have a blood test done, or get my Hepatitis A and B inoculations updated.


Please feel free to laugh at me for working on a chemotherapy ward :) The children cope with the constant injections and blood tests a lot easier that I ever could.



Public speaking in front of strangers. I'm fine giving talks and presentations at work, but it's when I have to give them at network events I panic. The main reason, is I tend to stutter. It's not usually noticeable, but it's worse when I'm giving presentations.

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Ok when I left Africa it was mainly due to political strife, and I arrived in the UK with very little to my name. I basically had to start life over again, and ever since I've always had a thing about being homeless. Scares the hell out of me really.


As for phobia's - SNAKES!!!! I'd curse here if I could coz I really really can't stand the things. They are pass out material for me!!!!

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Andy, I never laugh at people who help others - especially those in the medical profession. I lost one partner and both my parents to cancer - you have my admiration and respect (even though the Posted Image is mine! :) )

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Fear of rejection. This is why hubby and i socialize rarely. I am not the life of any party, while hubby talks up a storm i will sit and simply not socialize. I also dont like strangers touching me.

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heights and clowns


Fear of heights was always there.


Fear of clowns, I can trace to a neighbor kid's birthday party. When I was about 4, I walked 3 doors down to a birthday party. The parents ushered me out to a strange van with no explanation, in which sat a clown. My folks were very strict about getting into others' vehicles and talking to strangers (and lots of other things). The parents tried to force me into the van with a clown trying to talk to me and laying hands on me. I fought for my life, blacked out, and to this day, I don't know what happened next. I hope those parents died, alone and screaming in the dark.


Sorry I never saw your status regarding this.

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A massive THANK YOU to everyone who was not afraid to open up to help out my kid. :P Everyone's answers were so very interesting. We all have fears, it make human. She is busy putting all of her data together for her project. I'll keep ya informed of how she does with the grade once it's finished. Thanks again! :D

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Okay, yeah...um...I really do not care for spiders of any kind/size. I'm also terrified of dropping/laying down my bike. I got a brand new Honda cbr and I am totally scared of someone else causing me to lay it down :(


Oh, yeah...one other thing...I am scared to death of really deep water. Like, I mean really really deep water.

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