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Happy Birthday, Thorn Wilde

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When last we spoke I promised you reviews. Truth be told, I have not read anything here since the 4th of Oct 14. The first story I will read is yours, hopefully soon. Enough said, I do want to...


Wish You


:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :music: Thorn Wilde :music: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:


A Very Happy Birthday!!!











The other videos seemed a bit

too risque for here

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               :D             :D   Happy Birthday, Thorn        :D                       :D


                     I hope it's a great one and may you enjoy many, many more! 

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:wizard:  :wizard: :wizard: Happy Birthday, Thorn!  I hope you have an awesome day!! :wizard:  :wizard:  :wizard:  


Glittery beat me to it, but here's another Deadpool cake for you.  ;)



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Happpy birthday, kiddo! Damn, you're young.

May the coming year be full of peace and health and may your muse stick around all the time so we may enjoy more of your writing.

I'll think of you when I watch Deadpool a couple more times this weekend (the DVD is now on sale!)



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I ran out of likes, but thank you all so much! I had a wonderful, if exhausting birthday, as I played a gig last night. Great way to spend a birthday, I think. Not the first time that's happened.

You guys are all amazing! Thank you so much for birthday wishes and cakes and everything! I am so moved, and feel so loved! :hug::kiss::heart::wub:

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