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  2. Chapter Eleven – A Risk Worth Taking “A night to remember,” Aidan mumbled to himself as he took the package just delivered by his door, and went inside. He inhaled once and then exhaled. He hoped Heathcliff wasn’t in the mood to make fun of him, by sending him something like knee-high socks and pom-poms. At first glance, there seemed to be no pom-poms. Good. He could breathe normally. So Heathcliff had opted for normal clothes, by the looks of it. What the hell was that guy thinking? That Aidan didn’t have a pair a jeans and a t-shirt? He took a small critical look at the jeggings neatly packed. And then he took out a white tee with some imprint on the front face. With a shrug, he decided to try them on. If they didn’t fit, he could make fun of Stone later, seeing how stubborn he had been about knowing a man’s measurements just by looking at him. Well, the jeggings fit, but jeggings fit anyone. Aidan looked in the mirror and grimaced. Of course, Heathcliff had to choose something that gave his ass a lift job. Like it wasn’t enough that he had that kind of butt. Obviously, Heathcliff still wanted to make a little fun of him. But, Aidan thought, as he looked again critically at his behind, his ass did look good in those jeans. He just hoped the t-shirt wasn’t going to be tight fitting. Unlike the fitness guru he had to babysit, he had no six pack to show off through his tee. Of course, Aidan remembered and his mood dipped. He was invited to hit the clubs with Heathcliff only because he needed to keep his eyes on that wandering dick. At least, the t-shirt was comfortable and not revealing. That pre-washed style was precisely what Aidan liked when he wasn’t in a suit. And it fell below the waistline, so his ass wasn’t going to stick out too much. The jeans were ankle-cropped, so he needed some loafers to match them. No wonder, he thought as he looked inside the box. Heathcliff had thought of everything. He took out the soft suede shoes and tried them on. Not only they fit; they were also comfortable. Aidan took one last critical look at himself in the mirror. Well, he did look nice. He looked nicer than usual, and seeing that he had just put on some jeans and a t-shirt said something about Heathcliff’s taste in clothes. Probably the guy could work in the fashion industry if he didn’t care about being a fitness guru anymore. Too bad Heathcliff didn’t have the same good taste in men. Aidan stopped himself with a grimace. He was acting like a jealous prick, and, even if there was no one to see him doing that, it was still wrong. And Heathcliff had great taste in men. Only the most gorgeous male specimens to ever walk the earth landed in the guy’s bed. So, in the end, he was just a jealous prick, Aidan thought grimly. And why was he jealous, anyways? Heathcliff had basically said that he wanted to fuck him. Aidan could say the word, and that would happen. But then what? Setting aside the fact that it would have been dangerous to get freaky with one of the company’s business partners, there was nothing to look forward to after that. Men like Heathcliff Stone were good to be erotic fantasy material, but nothing else. As he had said before, for Heathcliff, it would have been just another conquest. And that man loved to move on fast from one guy to another, almost as much as he liked men in general. Aidan didn’t want that. He would not be able to face Heathcliff again if they were to screw once and then meet again like they were people working together and nothing more. In a way, he could understand why office romance was so frowned upon at his company. Working side by side with someone one had been so intimately with once the passion fizzled out had to suck balls. Aidan didn’t want to test how much of that theory was correct. As always, he needed to play safe. His phone interrupted his train of thought. Looking at the screen, he smiled against himself. Of course, Heathcliff had to call him, ask if the clothes fit and gloat about how right he always was. “Hey,” he began. “Have you already tried on the clothes, bunny boy?” Aidan rolled his eyes. Was Heathcliff easy to read or what? “Yes, and they fit, thank you very much. Now, before you start congratulating yourself, yes, I admit, they are perfect. Even the shoes. You could be a fashion designer in your spare time, or a seamstress, as I said.” “Have you tried on everything?” Aidan was a bit puzzled. “Come on, Stone, you don’t suspect me of not knowing how to put on a pair of jeans, I hope. And I have plenty of jeans, you know?” “Bunny boy, listen closely. Have you tried on everything?” “Yes, you spoiled fitness guru, impossible being that you are,” Aidan said with a huff. “I currently wear the t-shirt, the jeggings, and the loafers. Are you satisfied now? How much of a control freak can you be? I won’t make you look bad at the club, don’t worry. I promise you won’t even know I’m there.” “Hmm. You haven’t tried on everything,” Heathcliff said. “I hope there wasn’t some snafu with the delivery. Go look inside the box.” “Okay,” Aidan replied. “Can you please tell me what should I be looking for?” “It’s a surprise,” Heathcliff’s voice dropped low. “Just look for it. And, of course, once you find it, put it on.” Aidan shrugged and began rummaging through the box. With a frown, he extracted a small package he had missed before. He pressed the phone between his cheek and shoulder so that he could rip open the package. And almost dropped the phone when he looked at the small strange object in his hands. “Seriously, Stone?” He threw the offending thing on the bed. “Of course. Come on. Your outfit will not be complete without it.” “A thong? Pink on top of everything else?” Heathcliff’s chuckle on the other end was making him shiver. The man had some nerve. “What? I think it would show your naughty side.” “I don’t have a naughty side! And for your information, underwear is worn underneath your clothes. So there’s nothing to show!” “Yes, you do have a naughty side.” Heathcliff was ignoring what he was saying on purpose. “But you’re shy, too. First, I thought black would be a good fit, but I changed my mind. Pink is your color, bunny boy.” “I can’t believe you!” Aidan sputtered. “So, are you going to wear it?” Heathcliff asked, completely ignoring Aidan’s indignation. “What I’m going to do is that I’ll turn it into a sling and I’ll come by your house to break all your windows,” Aidan said with conviction. Heathcliff laughed. “Ha! Good luck finding any pebbles on my perfectly manicured lawn.” “I’ll bring my own, don’t worry,” Aidan replied. “Aww, are you really that upset, bunny boy?” Heathcliff drawled the words on purpose. “Of course I’m upset! You’re blatantly flirting!” “And? Who has ever died from flirting?” “I feel the itch to strangle you a little. Probably with that pink thong you so carefully chose for me. So there’s a start for everything.” Heathcliff was laughing so hard right now that Aidan had to keep the phone a bit away from his ear. “I like you, Aidan Spark,” Heathcliff said as soon as he managed to regain his voice. Aidan wanted to say something but had no idea what he could say to that. Also, his cheeks were on fire now, and it wasn’t because of his indignation over the pink thong. He felt warm all over. “Don’t forget. Nine pm, sharp.” “Are you going to leave without me if I’m there, let’s say at one minute past nine?” Aidan said, trying to pretend he was cool and collected. “No, if you’re not here, I’ll come to get you,” Heathcliff said softly. “And I’m going to have you wear that thong, whether you like it or not.” “I’ll be there on time. I’d rather wear my own underwear,” Aidan said dryly. “Good. See you, bunny boy.” Aidan swallowed hard as he stared at his phone after the conversation was over. Yeah, Heathcliff was playing in the big league while he, Aidan, was not even qualified to be called an amateur. *** Heathcliff whistled a happy tune as he watched himself in the mirror. The long sleeved shirt was dark blue, as his pants. His choice of outfit was a bit more serious than what he usually wore when he went out clubbing, but more than ever in his life, he wanted to impress his date. He opened one button more, but then he reconsidered. The point was to avoid going over the top. Aidan Spark was not going to know what hit him. If the bunny wanted to keep things professional, that was an approach Heathcliff was more than willing to try. But first, he was going to put Aidan through his paces. After all, Heathcliff was dying to see more of the real Aidan. Usually, an ass like that and a cute face like Aidan’s were enough incentives for him to make a move. But now, for some reason, he wanted more. He could not exactly define what that was, but he intended to explore it thoroughly. Yes, Heathcliff admired himself in the mirror one last time. He looked like he meant serious business. He checked his wrist watch, and, on cue, his doorbell rang. The bunny was there, right on schedule, as expected. He opened the door with a bit of impatience and smiled fondly as his eyes set on his babysitter. Aidan looked perfect in the clothes Heathcliff had picked for him. Also, he looked more his age, and more relaxed. His hair was a little tousled, too, and Heathcliff expected that some hairstyling attempts had been made in that area. Aidan looked good, but also, very much surprised. “Is this what you’re going to wear?” Aidan pointed at Heathcliff. “No ‘hello’, no nothing?” Heathcliff chided his guest, opening his arms wide. “Sorry, hi,” Aidan said right away. Heathcliff knew he couldn’t help it. He reached out and ruffled Aidan’s hair. A pair of miffed eyes stared at him, their owner obviously taking affront. But Aidan didn’t move his head away, so Heathcliff’s touch turned into a caress. For a couple of seconds, they stared at one another. Aidan was the first to react, breaking the silence. “Well, what’s with the business smart yet casual look? We won’t look good together! I mean --” Aidan stuttered. “I thought you were only going to lurk from the shadows? Where are your NDAs, bunny boy?” Heathcliff inspected Aidan like he expected him to produce official papers out of nowhere suddenly. Aidan took out his phone out of a back pocket and showed it to Heathcliff. “It’s not customary for how my company does things, but I think going digital for one night won’t hurt anyone,” he explained. “Oh, I see. You’re always ready, like a boy scout.” Heathcliff smiled. “What don’t you like about my clothes? Don’t you think I can get enough attention dressed like this?” He pointed at his body on purpose. Aidan’s eyes were looking him up and down with a hungry look. It was a good thing that bunny boy was so young. He had no censure when it came to things he didn’t think visible with the naked eye by others. “Of course, that’s not the point.” Aidan shook his head. “But you’re overdressed, and I’m underdressed, given the circumstances. I thought you were worried I’d make you look bad. Now it looks like you only care about me doing exactly that. I could have worn a suit,” he said, pursing his lips. “No, bunny boy, you couldn’t have.” Heathcliff smiled and stepped out of the house. “Now let’s go. Since we’re in a professional relationship, I only thought it suitable to dress the part.” Aidan shook his head and exhaled. Heathcliff had every reason to be pleased with himself. Regardless of what he was saying, bunny boy was into him big time, and Heathcliff was going to capitalize on that attraction. He only needed to play his cards right, and his prey was going to be ensnared before the night was over. *** “Why are you walking two steps behind?” Heathcliff asked, throwing a curious look at him. “I don’t want people to have the impression that we’re together. While I’m here on official business, I have no wish to sabotage your chances to get laid,” Aidan said quickly. He was pretty nervous if anyone asked him. Not that he had never been in a gay club, but this time and this place were different. First of all, they were inside some posh establishment, and they had gotten in without waiting one minute at the door. The bouncer had thrown Aidan an appreciative look and acted friendly toward Heathcliff. Then he had allowed them to walk inside, not without throwing a short ‘nice catch, Heath’ at Heathcliff, and being met with an all-knowing smirk. Oh, Aidan had seen everything but said nothing. After all, it was no wonder that bouncers and whatnot knew Heathcliff. What was surprising was the bouncer telling Heathcliff that. Seeing what kind of men were usually in the man’s bed, Aidan must have looked homely and average. Maybe it was some inside joke. Maybe, from time to time, Heathcliff chose some random guy for a pity fuck, and that was it. With that conviction in mind, Aidan decided to stay a little back and let Heathcliff bask in the usual attention. It looked like his companion had a different plan. Heathcliff grabbed him by the shoulders and made him walk side by side with him. If things were going to keep up like that, he was lost, Aidan thought. He could smell Heathcliff’s expensive cologne and feel his warmth. If the man was going to do as little as breath in his direction, his legs were going to buckle under him. Good thing Heathcliff was keeping him close. “Are you okay, Aidan?” Heathcliff whispered into his ear. “Are we on the first-name basis now? I thought you were all business tonight,” Aidan whispered back. It was nice to hear Heathcliff calling him by his given name. Too nice, actually, and that was a huge problem. His legs weren’t quite bucking under him, but he needed to draw all the irony he could muster to avoid making a total fool of himself. The more he wanted to swear off Heathcliff and to entertain any idea of erotic nature about him, the deeper he was sinking. Aidan had a mind to make a run for the door and spare himself the embarrassment. “I like your name, you little fire,” Heathcliff’s voice dropped low. Aidan gasped. What the hell? Had Heathcliff been looking into the meaning of his name? Why? With some difficulty, he got a hold of himself. “I like your name, too, although you’re nothing like the tortured hero from Wuthering Heights,” he replied casually. “Would you like me to behave like a tortured hero?” Heathcliff asked smoothly. “No, actually, I’d like you to have fun tonight. I know it’s been a lot. People at my company can be overbearing sometimes. So feel free to hook up, and I’ll take care of NDAs and whatnot without getting in your way.” Heathcliff chuckled. “So generous of you.” “People are looking at you.” Aidan gestured with his chin toward no one in particular. Of course, there were plenty of interested looks thrown their way. Aidan wasn’t in the least surprised. Carefully, he extracted himself from Heathcliff’s hold. “Come on,” he said. “There are so many gorgeous men here tonight. You must be thrilled. Look, someone’s already coming your way.” Aidan was sure he was babbling like an idiot, but he could not help it. A man in his late thirties, with a nicely groomed beard, dressed up about the same as Heathcliff was making his way toward them. Well, the guy was handsome, tall and strong, but he was not precisely Heathcliff’s type. Probably Heathcliff was going to let him down gently. Aidan stepped aside, determined to give his companion free rein to mingle. But, to his surprise, the stranger stopped in front of him. “What’s your name, cutie?” The man towered over him. Aidan almost took one step back. From up close, the guy was pretty impressive. “My name … Um … Sorry, I’m working tonight,” Aidan said quickly, putting his hands over his chest in an unconscious defensive gesture. The man blinked a couple of times and then smiled. “May I ask what your job is about? You don’t look like a waiter or a bartender. Are you maybe a stripper?” The stranger leaned in closer, and Aidan gulped. A stripper? That was not exactly a good idea for a joke. But the man’s interest seemed genuine. “No.” Aidan shook his head energetically. “I must look after someone. I can’t say more. It’s, um, confidential.” He searched with his eyes for Heathcliff. His charge was several feet away, relaxing on a sofa, and already engaged in conversation with a handsome man. Heathcliff’s companion was a guy in his late 20s, with longish brown hair, and by the looks of it, he was also pretty attractive. The pang of jealousy Aidan had felt earlier squeezed his heart. But that was why he was there. Heathcliff would do what he wanted, with whom he wanted, and Aidan wouldn’t stop him. “Mysterious. I like it.” The man who had approached him drew closer. Aidan looked up. “I’m sorry. I wish I could, um, make your acquaintance,” he struggled to find his words, “but I’m working tonight.” “It’s okay,” the man said with a broad smile. “Here’s my card. If you’re ever not working, and in the mood for a drink and more, call me.” Aidan was pretty stunned as he stood there with the man’s card in his hand. Eventually, he shook his head and looked over at Heathcliff. Well, it didn’t look like there was any progress on that front. Heathcliff seemed to enjoy his conversation with his companion, but, by body language signs, there was no sexual interest just yet between them. Aidan decided to scoot over and climb a high seat at the bar so that he could observe his charge without being too intrusive. Suddenly, he felt a pat on his back. He turned to look at the bartender who welcomed him with a bright smile. The man was as young as he was and wore what could be called fascinating eye contacts that made his eyes look like a tiger’s. Aidan was probably gawking. The bartender smirked. Of course, he shook his head. If he sat at the bar, he needed to order something. He was going to ask for some sparkling water and hope he didn’t have to break the bank for it, seeing how posh the place looked. “This is for you.” The bartender pushed a small tray with three drinks on it toward him. Aidan stared stupidly at the tray. “What?” he barely managed. “I didn’t order anything. And I can’t drink!” “Oh, baby, you’re so sweet.” The bartender guffawed. “Just take the tray over to Heath’s table. The red one’s for you,” the man added and winked at him. “What’s in it?” Aidan looked at the tall glass suspiciously. Well, obviously, neither the Old Fashioned nor the Roman Holiday could be for him. “Don’t worry, darling. It’s just a Shirley Temple. For a cutie like you, it’s just what you need.” By how the bartender grinned, Aidan was pretty sure that wasn’t a Shirley Temple. But, with a sigh, he took the tray. What was Heathcliff playing at? Wasn’t he supposed to lay back and let Heathcliff fool around? For the moment, he wasn’t going to protest. He was just going to take the drinks to Heathcliff’s table and find out what was going on. Maybe Heathcliff didn’t like that guy and was using Aidan to pretend he was taken? It wasn’t exactly in his job description, but Aidan could do that. However, there were three drinks there, so that scenario was unlikely. He walked over with the tray in his hands. Heathcliff seemed deep in conversation with his companion, just as before. Could it be the two were just friends? Aidan felt relieved. He placed the drinks carefully on the table. Heathcliff finally looked at him. “How come you’re not on the dance floor? I thought someone was already courting you.” Aidan pursed his lips. Was it okay to give away what his role was, in front of the other? “I’m Michael.” The stranger stretched out his hand, putting a stop to his dilemma for the moment. He took the man’s hand and shook it. Michael was indeed a looker, from up close, too. But he didn’t seem to be Heathcliff’s type. He didn’t seem the flirtatious type, nor was he the kind to star in fashion magazines. Michael had an appeal that didn’t come from the way he looked. His brown eyes were honest, as was his smile. Aidan felt instantly drawn to him. “I’m Aidan,” he replied. “I know.” Michael’s fully-dimpled smile broadened. “So you’re in charge of our dear Heath here?” “Um, sort of. I’m just …” Aidan trailed off, not really knowing what to say, and looking desperately at Heathcliff for a cue. Who was looking at him like a tomcat waiting for a little mouse to make a move. So he was made a fool of, after all. It didn’t matter. Two could play that game. “I must make sure that all of Mr. Stone’s sex partners sign NDAs so that they don’t go running their mouths off to tabloids and ruin our brand,” Aidan said in one go. Michael stared at him, a bit surprised, and then burst into laughter. Aidan didn’t have the guts to look at Heathcliff right now. Probably he wasn’t grinning anymore. “Well, that’s a noble mission, Aidan,” Michael said. “Come, sit next to me.” “Aidan will sit next to me,” Heathcliff intervened. Aidan remained unflinching, looking first at Michael, and then at Heathcliff whose face, no surprise there, looked now like cut in stone. Oh, damn, had he gone too far by blurting out the truth? Sometimes, he needed to check himself. Only a child made such mistakes. “Oh, Heath, please, let’s not fight. Aidan will get bored while you go hunt down your hookup for the night. I only wish to keep him entertained.” Oh, good, Michael wasn’t the hookup for the night, Aidan thought, feeling relieved. He seemed way too nice to be some one night stand. “I’m sure you’ll make him neglect his duties,” Heathcliff replied smoothly. “I can sit between you two,” Aidan said, and instantly thought he had just committed another faux-pas. Two pairs of eyes, one brown and warm, the other blue and slightly pissed, set on him. “Good decision, Aidan.” Michael encouraged him and made room so that he could take his seat on the sofa. The moment he sat, Heathcliff stretched one arm and draped it over his shoulders. “Aren’t you a bit overbearing, Heath?” Michael laughed. “Give our little friend here some room to breathe.” Casually, Michael put one hand on Aidan’s knee. “If you’re ever interested in ditching your job as Heathcliff’s babysitter, I’d like you to come work for me. Do you have any experience with nightclubs?” Just as quickly, Michael removed his hand. The man was a bit of a flirt, after all. Wait, nightclubs? Aidan finally felt his brain catching up with the surroundings. “Is this place yours?” he asked directly. Michael chuckled. “Yes. How do you like it?” “It’s really nice,” Aidan said enthusiastically. Heathcliff’s hand on his shoulder squeezed, and he was being pulled slightly toward the other. Michael seemed to observe everything with an amused smile. “But, unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with nightclubs,” Aidan added, this time regretfully. “No worries.” Michael adjusted his position so that he could face Aidan. “I can show you all the ropes.” “I don’t really think I would be qualified. Plus, I don’t think I have any experience with, well, anything.” Aidan felt the need to be honest. Michael’s eyes lit up. “You’re so adorable! And modest. I understand why Heath is so taken with you.” Aidan gulped and cast his eyes down quickly. Taken with him? Heathcliff? Michael didn’t know his friend that well, then. But Heathcliff was taken with many men, on a regular basis, so it was normal for Michael to say something like that. “We have only a work-related relationship,” Aidan said without looking up. “Interesting,” Michael commented. “Heath, what do you have to say in your defense?” “Maybe that you’re too close to my babysitter. Seriously? Offering him a job? Good babysitters are so hard to find. You wouldn’t believe it,” Heathcliff replied. Aidan exhaled. Of course, it was all a joke. Good, now he knew where he stood. “Are you having fun, Aidan?” Michael asked. “Your club is fabulous, Michael, but I really am here because of work,” Aidan said apologetically. “I feel for you.” Michael patted his knee. “But I was actually wondering if you’re having fun as Heath’s babysitter.” “I wouldn’t call it fun. It’s, um, interesting,” Aidan said slowly. Talking to people like those he was seated with at that table felt a bit like walking on eggshells now. “Then let me help you do something fun for a change,” Michael stood up and stretched out his hand. “Let’s dance. And maybe I can convince you that my offer is worthy of your consideration.” Aidan stole a nervous look toward Heathcliff who was still holding him by the shoulders. “Go on,” Heathcliff smiled at him. “I think you’re entitled to a little bit of fun. Also, I trust Mikey here to fend off the competition.” “Okay,” Aidan replied, not really understanding what Heathcliff was getting at by that. “But it’s only one dance, and I’ll get back. Please, if you hook up, at least take the guy’s name so that I can, you know, do my job.” Heathcliff burst into laughter. “How fast do you think I can hook up?” “You’re you,” Aidan said simply. “I bet you can raise one hand and say one word, and you’ll have to beat everyone off with a stick.” “Hmm, maybe I should do that before you leave the table,” Heathcliff purred and began caressing Aidan’s nape with the tip of his fingers. Aidan shuddered. Everywhere Heathcliff touched him felt electric. Or maybe he was impressed by being there and in such company. He stood up a bit brusquely and took Michael’s hand. As he turned to look over his shoulder, he noticed Heathcliff’s eyes. The man was looking at him in a way that was not easy to define. Was there a tiny bit of longing? No, that couldn’t be. Heathcliff was not the longing type. “I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised with Heath.” Michael helped him move to the rhythm on the dance floor, still holding his hand. “Why?” Aidan asked directly. Michael knew how to move. It was like he was made for the dance floor. The best part was that Aidan found it easy to take after him. At least he didn’t appear to have two left legs. The curious and even somewhat jealous looks thrown in his direction told him that Michael didn’t keep it a secret that he was the owner of the place. But even without that, the man would have drawn plenty of interest. He didn’t have only the moves of a dancer, but also a body that seemed shaped by such activities. “Because he brought someone like you with him. Usually, he’s all about social butterflies.” Aidan nodded, not knowing what to say. Michael suddenly pulled him close, almost making their bodies touch. But his talents as a dancer shone through, and Aidan was just close enough to feel the other’s body heat and nothing more. He could tell he was a little overwhelmed. “It’s just work.” Aidan shook his head. Michael was a bit taller so he could stare down at Aidan. “By what Heath tells me, it’s more than that.” “Um, what does he tell you?” Michael chuckled. “That you’re a fascinating person.” “He says that because I’m not the usual type he hangs out with. Not that we’re hanging out. I need to watch over him because, you know,” Aidan said quickly. “Work,” Michael completed his phrase and looked at him a tad amused. “I mean it about the job, Aidan.” “But we just met,” Aidan pointed out. “There is no way you could know I’m qualified. Or at least that I have what it takes to assist you.” Michael nodded, and then pushed Aidan slightly away, only to make him twirl and end up with his back flush against him. Aidan felt a little dizzy, and not because he had just performed a perfect pirouette like a ballerina. Michael smelled nice, and Aidan could feel his breath on his cheek. “Heath tells me you’re talented. Bright, even. Also, that you know how to deal with difficult situations.” “He’s just saying. Also, I believe he has too much fun teasing me. So, please, take what he says with a pinch of salt.” Michael’s low chuckle sent shivers down his spine. “Heath is rarely impressed with a man’s intellect. You’re an exception, sweetheart. So, if we could get over your modesty, please tell me, what would you do to bring this place up to speed with the 21st century?” Aidan was taken aback by the sudden question. But, as Michael continued to guide him and make him dance, really dance, he began thinking. “How is your social media presence?” he asked. “Facebook page, Twitter account, Insta, all that jazz,” Michael replied. “What about engagement? What’s the average number of likes, tweets, and so on when you post something new?” Michael laughed. “Let’s say that I’m doing a fine job keeping people interested in my venue in the real world. I don’t think I’ve posted anything new in about three months.” “Three months?” Aidan expressed his surprise. “Then I’m sorry to break it to you, Michael, but that’s like the equivalent of being social media dead.” “I thought so,” Michael sighed. “What about your website?” “Err, let’s say I haven’t had enough time to take care of that,” Michael replied and smiled charmingly. “You need a website,” Aidan said, trying hard to ignore Michael’s enticing sway of the hips as the man pulled him close again. “And a social media manager. For starters, I mean.” “See? And you say you have no experience,” Michael said brightly. “Let’s go back and enjoy our drinks. Heath must be already bored out of his wits.” Aidan looked back at the table, only to find the place empty. Instantly he felt the now familiar pang in his chest. So Heathcliff had found someone quickly after all. “Ah, he’s gone already,” Michael noted, too. “I hope I can be good enough company. What do you say, Aidan?” “Sure,” Aidan said. “But please, don’t let me keep you from seeing about your evening, as usual.” Michael’s face was all a smile. “We could talk more about what I can do with this place.” “Certainly.” Aidan nodded. “But are you sure you want to spend your Saturday night talking business?” “Definitely.” Michael gestured for him to take a seat. “Okay,” Aidan began, but his eyes began searching around. “I’d say that you should start …” he trailed off as he noticed Heathcliff standing not far away from them, and talking to a young man dressed in a white tee that probably showed a perfect set of six packs. The kind he didn’t have, Aidan thought ruefully. A pat on his shoulder woke him up from his thoughts. “Do you want to know what you should do right now?” Michael asked him. “I’m sorry.” Aidan shook his head, feeling guilty. “Where were we? Ah, we were talking about--” “We can talk some more about that another time. Now take a sip from your drink,” Michael encouraged him, “it will give you strength.” Of course, as the guest, Michael probably wanted to know his opinion about the cocktails served there. Aidan dutifully took a sip through the straw. “There’s alcohol in it!” Michael laughed. “Of course. It’s a Dirty Shirley, not your usual Shirley Temple, but that’s just a small detail, right?” “I wouldn’t call one ounce of vodka a small detail,” Aidan said wryly. “Someone knows his cocktail recipes.” Michael laughed. “Now take another sip of liquid courage, go over there, and ask Heath to dance.” “Why would I do that?” Aidan asked, feeling a bit hot, and not just from the drink. “Because he told me that’s what he’s hoping for tonight,” Michael replied promptly. Aidan blinked a few times. He looked at Michael, but it didn’t look like the guy wanted to play him. “Why? Is he getting cold feet? Does he think one percent of the male population here would reject him or something? I bet he aims at a perfect score,” he babbled. “What does he need me for?” “Why don’t you find out?” Michael said with a small, secretive smile. Aidan looked at his host, then over at Heathcliff. The young man in the white tee was well into Heathcliff’s space, yet, Heathcliff didn’t seem to take the reins, as expected. Aidan took a long sip from his drink. What was the worst that can happen? In a few words, he would make a fool of himself. Heathcliff could tell him to fuck off so that he could see about his mating strategies for the night. Somewhat, with Michael’s encouragements, and the alcohol in his system, Aidan felt like the worst was a risk worth taking. TBC
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    We'll see. I bet I'm right though and I only bet on sure things.
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    I am enjoying getting to know Tom and Charlie! Looking forward to more. Thanks.
  7. Howzat


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    Howl at the Moon

    😊 I feel you and I understand their feeling kind of.... The first day I read silverwolf, I was enjoying the story and fighting with it in my imagination to be a certain way and it always refused to be. I get pissed,relaxed then I enjoyed it again. The day the emotional reader guy fucked the wolfguy,believe me I was pissed I don't know why, but every time the wolfguy get the upper hand I get happy again. *let me just say the story is a great one,but it twist readers (myself) soft spot.* the feeling is like your sport team is getting fucked and you want them to do the fucking😁. I Loved it BTW. I could picture everything in my mind like watching a movie while reading it.💕💕
  9. Wayne Gray


    Definitely. 1,000%. Because I'd never mislead my read... *remembers Guarded* Well, I'd never mislead my readers AGAIN. ... unless it was good for the story. Nevermind.
  10. Geemeedee

    Chapter 18

    I agree on the flashbacks. And I don’t think Jason introduced him to the enjoyment of a same-sex partner; he just opened Desmond’s mind to the possibly of enjoyable sex.
  11. northie

    My garden again

    More photos from my tiny, containerised garden. Studies of flowers mostly, sometimes insects.
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  14. You'll notice you can't see any women in the picture – that's because they're flying the chopper! ;–)
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    Chapter 22

    I'm thinking Lex negotiated the fee....he's just that kind of person. I'm sure the salesman was happy with the commission regardless of the fee. No merchant likes to pay those fees, but they usually won't turn the business away. I worked in travel for many years and it never failed to amaze me when a client wouldn't even bat an eye at charging over $70k for a suite on a 75 day cruise. Some days I don't even have 70 dollars to my name! 😂 I think you may be right about Lex and Ian getting a new neighbor! I don't think they'd survive a new roommate!!😜
  16. travlbug

    Chapter 5

    Josh sees what's going on between Joe and Xander, but he doesn't have the same clarity to realize what's going on between Gavin and himself. (He really did hit his head hard a few chapters back!) Now that Taylor has fired him, I hope that Josh isn't too stubborn to accept Gavin's offer. Hope things are going better, KD. Glad to see you back. ❤️
  17. That's a path I wouldn't mind meandering along.....
  18. FanLit


    I agree, 1,000%. Also of course because the author said it, it’s absolutely true. 😬
  19. Trey and Dion left early with the boys on Monday morning, because Trey had a meeting before school started. This meant they dropped Wyatt and Tristan off earlier than usual at the elementary school and they had to wait outside until the doors were unlocked. Tristan said he had just gotten there when one of the boys in his class came up to chat with him. “Hey, I’ve never seen you here this early before,” the boy began. “Yeah, we got dropped off earlier than normal today. How ‘bout you?” “My bus drops us off this early every day.” “That kinda sucks.” “Sometimes, but I don’t mind waitin’, cuz I get to talk to the other kids until we go inside. So did you have a good weekend?” “Yeah, I did. My dads took us to see a movie and we played all kinds of games, so it was fun.” “Wow, I didn’t get to do any of those things. I wish I could have spent the weekend with you.” “Maybe you could sometime, but I’ll have to ask my dads if it’s ok.” “That would be great, cuz I’d love to be your friend and get to know you better.” “You would?” “Yeah, you seem really nice and I’d like it if we could spend more time together.” Tristan seemed to be lost in thought for a few seconds, and then a light switched on in his head. “Hey, were you the one who gave me the really special card on Valentine’s Day?” “Yeah, that was me. I was wonderin’ how long it was gonna take before you figured it out. We talk almost every day.” “Yeah, but that’s cuz we sit next to each other in class. I didn’t know that you liked me and wanted to be my friend.” “Yeah, I like you a lot and would love to be your friend. You know, your really special friend.” “Special friend?” “Yeah, and then we could start hanging out with each other when we’re not in school.” Tristan took a second to consider his comment. “Uhhh, do you mean you want us to be boyfriends?” “Yeah, why not? You live with the Curries, don’t ya?” “Yeah, I do, but why does that matter?” “Cuz I figured you wouldn’t mind havin’ me for a boyfriend, since a lot of the Curries have boyfriends or husbands.” “Oh, yeah. I didn’t think about that.” “I did, and I was really hopin’ you’d figure out it was me so we could start hangin’ out together.” “I’d like that a lot. I’m sorry that I didn’t figure it out sooner, but I wasn’t sure if the card was from a boy or a girl. The handwriting was really nice, so it might have been from a girl.” “Yeah, I took my time when I wrote the note because I wanted it to be perfect.” “So your parents didn’t mind that you bought the card for me?” “Not really. It’s just me and my mom, cuz my dad died of cancer when I was four, and she didn’t ask who I was buyin’ it for.” “So you don’t think she’d mind if we started hanging out together after school or on the weekend?” “Nah, she’ll just be happy that I have a new friend.” “Won’t we have to hang out at one of our houses?” “Yeah, we could do that or just stay after school and hang out on the playground.” “Ok, then I’ll check with my dads tonight to see if they’ll let me do that. I’ll tell you tomorrow what they say.” “Great and I’ll check with my mom too. I hope they let us do this.” “Yeah, me too.” Their conversation ended once the doors to the school were unlocked and then they headed to their classroom. From what Tristan told me when he got home, they didn’t have a chance to talk again until lunch, and that’s when they talked about different ways they might be able to spend time together. Brandon and I didn’t know about any of this when we got home from work, so we were mildly surprised when Tristan came rushing up to us as soon as we walked through the door. “I know who my secret admirer is,” he said as he began hopping around excitedly in front of us. “That’s good, but does your new friend have fleas or bedbugs?” “No, course not,” he answered as he looked at me oddly. “Then why can’t you stand still? I thought maybe you were being bitten and that’s why you were jumping around.” “No, it’s cuz I’m so happy and excited.” “I see, and I’m glad you finally figured it out.” “So who is your secret admirer?” Brandon followed. “His name is Revin Kramer. He’s in my class and we sit next to each other.” “That’s an unusual first name,” I muttered as I considered what he’d just told us. “Yeah, it is. Revin said his mom and dad took parts of their names and put them together to make up his name. His mom’s name is Rebecca and his dad’s name was Kevin, but he’s dead now.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” Brandon offered, “but I’m glad you finally know who your secret admirer is.” “Yeah, me too. Revin said we should start hanging out on the playground after school or spending time at each other’s house.” “It would probably be better if you didn’t do it after school, because you can’t walk home from there and you’d have to wait too long before we get out of work. We’ll have to make arrangements for you boys to get together on the weekend.” “Can I ask him to stay overnight with me this weekend?” Brandon and I glanced at each other quickly before we answered. “We don’t have a problem with that, as long as it’s ok with Revin’s mom.” “Then tomorrow I’ll tell him to ask his mom if he can do that.” “Ok, so do you want to do it on Friday or Saturday night?” “How ‘bout both nights?” Brandon and I looked at each other again before I answered. “I think you’ll need to have him check with his mom first, to see what she thinks about that. If she doesn’t mind, I suppose it would be all right for him to stay both nights, but he’ll have to go to church with us on Sunday morning. That means he’ll have to make sure his mom is ok with that too.” “Alright, I’ll tell him tomorrow. Man, I’m so glad I know who it is now, cuz he wants us to be boyfriends.” “He does? Did he tell you that?” Brandon followed, looking mildly concerned. “Yeah, he did.” “I see,” Brandon said as he mulled it over in his mind. “And what do you think it means if you two are boyfriends?” “It means we’ll spend lots of time with each other and maybe do some other stuff too.” “Then I want to make something perfectly clear before we agree to let you do this,” I quickly announced. “If Revin stays over, then you can’t do the same things with him that you do with Benny and Joshie,” “Huh? Why not?” “Because we don’t know how his mom will react if she happens to find out about it.” “Then we won’t tell her.” “But Revin might slip up and say something, or she might find out when you boys are at their house.” “So does this mean I won’t ever be able to do that with him?” “Not until we get to know him better and we’re sure it won’t cause a problem with his mom.” “K, then I won’t do it with him yet, but I hope I get to see him naked.” “That would be ok, as long as he does it on his own. I don’t want you asking to see him naked.” “But how can I see him that way if I don’t ask?” “If he happens to undress in front of you when you’re changing, then you might see him naked, but it will probably be the only way.” “Ok, I hope he does that when we change into our pajamas, but I won’t ask him.” Much to our surprise, Tristan’s demeanor had dramatically changed overnight. For the past several days he’d been worried and unusually nervous about his ability to discover the identity of his secret admirer. However, now he seemed to be walking on air and totally excited as he began making plans to have his new friend stay over. Brandon and I were thrilled that this minor episode in his life had finally been resolved, although we were slightly concerned that this new friendship might lead to other problems. We hoped it wouldn’t come to that, and we would keep a close eye on Tristan and Revin while they were here so we can make sure things didn’t get out of hand or escalate too quickly. As Tristan got ready for bed, we could tell he was looking forward to going to school in the morning so he could tell Revin that we’d agreed to let him spend the weekend here. We were hoping Tristan wasn’t so hyper that he’d have trouble falling asleep, and I made a mental note to check in on him before I went to bed. After tucking him in and kissing him on the forehead, we wished him sweet dreams, turned off the light, and left the room. When I looked in on him later, Tristan appeared to be sleeping and I was hoping it was a restful slumber. I didn’t want him to be tired and then fall asleep in class and get into trouble. Tristan appeared to be full of energy when he joined us for breakfast, although it might have been the result of an adrenalin rush due to his excitement over making plans with Revin. I felt that with a little bit of luck, he should be able to make it through the morning and afternoon without crashing from his adrenalin high, and we told him to have a good day before we left for work. When we came home that evening, Tristan rushed over to tell us how it went. “I asked Revin if he could sleep over this weekend and he said he’d ask his mom.” “Ok, so now you’ll just have to wait and see what she says.” “Yeah, and I hope she lets him do it.” Tristan was jittery all through dinner, because he was worried that Revin’s mother wasn’t going to allow him to spend the weekend with us. We kept telling him that he’d find out soon enough and to quit thinking about it, because it wouldn’t change anything. I’m not sure if my advice helped, although he did seem to calm down after that. However, I later discovered that Benny and Joshie had taken him up to their bedroom for a little fun after we’d eaten, and that seemed to be what helped the most. Tristan was hyper again when we saw him the following morning and was in a hurry to get to school so he could find out if Revin was going to be able to stay over. He couldn’t seem to sit still while we were eating breakfast, and Benny and Joshie seemed to understand what he was going through. Wyatt, on the other hand, was slightly confused. “Why are you actin’ that way and why are you in a hurry to get to school?” he demanded. “I’m just excited, cuz I’m gonna find out if my friend can stay over this weekend.” “Which one?” Wyatt demanded, since he knew some of Tristan’s friends and had hung out with them. “His name is Revin, and you haven’t met him yet.” “He’s Tristan’s secret admirer,” Benny added, hoping it would clarify the situation for Wyatt. “Oh,” was all Wyatt said, but he didn’t look happy. I wasn’t certain, but it looked as if he was jealous that someone else would be sleeping with Tristan this weekend. Brandon and I didn’t know what to expect when we got home that evening, but as happened the previous two nights, Tristan rushed out to greet us as soon as we walked through the door. “Revin said his mom wants you to call her tonight and he gave me their phone number.” He then handed me the slip of paper on which it was written. “Ok, I’ll do that after dinner.” “Ok, just don’t forget.” Tristan was antsy throughout the meal and he kept wiggling in his seat as he wondered what Revin’s mom wanted to talk to us about. We’d barely finished swallowing the last bites of our meal when Tristan reminded us to call her. I told him we would and suggested that he should go into the other room for now, because I didn’t want him pestering me while I was on the phone. Reluctantly, he agreed to do as I asked. As soon as he was gone, I punched in her number and put the phone on speaker so Brandon could hear as well. “Hello,” a woman’s voice said. “Hello, Mrs. Kramer. This is Danny Currie and Brandon is here with me too. I was told that you wanted to speak with us.” “Yes, I do, and it’s so nice to finally be able to talk to you. Revin said that he was invited to spend the night at your house this weekend. Well, what he actually said was that he’d been asked to stay over both Friday AND Saturday night at your house? Is that right, or did he misunderstand?” “No, that’s correct, but only if it’s ok with you. We would love for him to spend the weekend with us, but if you have other plans then you can pick one night or the other, or we could do it another weekend.” “No, we don’t have other plans, and I already know who you are and don’t have a problem with Revin staying there. I just wanted to make sure he was asked to stay both nights and didn’t get confused or make it up.” “No, Tristan wants him to spend the weekend with us. I hope that’s not a problem.” “Not at all, and it will be nice to have a weekend to myself. I think I’ll see if I can make an appointment to have my hair and nails done, and maybe I’ll ask one of my friends if she wants to get together one night and share a bottle of wine.” “That sounds lovely and you deserve some special time like that.” “Yes, it’s rough being a single parent and I don’t get much time to do things like that any more.” “Well you will now, and we were sorry to hear about your husband.” “Thank you. Even though it’s been six years since he died, I still miss him, but most of all I wish he was here for Revin. He needs a male role model, and I’m grateful that you might be filling that role for him now.” “We’ll definitely do what we can.” “And I’d love to have your son stay with us sometime, possibly the following weekend.” “I’m sure we can work something out, but you don’t have to keep him both nights. One or the other will be fine. Just so you know, if Revin stays with us on Saturday night then he can go to church with us on Sunday morning.” “That’s not a problem. We usually only go to church on the holidays, but it won’t hurt him to go more often.” “That’s good to know, and if Tristan stays with you on a Saturday night then we can pick him up, or both of them up, the next morning so they can go with us to church.” “Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you very much for inviting Revin to stay over, because he’s really excited about doing it.” “And Tristan is just as excited about having him stay over.” “Thank you again, and I’ll send everything he needs with him on Friday morning. I have a small duffle he can pack his things in, and I’ll make sure he has something nice to wear to church as well.” “That will be fine, and we look forward to meeting you when we bring him home. Is there any special time you’d like for us to do that on Sunday.” “Not really. You can either drop him off after church or any time before we have supper. We usually eat around 6:00.” “Great, then we’ll probably drop him off around 3:00 or 4:00.” “Ok, I’ll see you at that time and thanks again.” When the call ended, we went to find Tristan to let him know how it went. “Can he stay both nights?” he asked after we called him out to join us. “Yes, his mom said it would be fine. She just wanted to make sure that we invited him to stay both nights and he hadn’t made it up or misunderstood.” “Oh, ok. So will he be coming home with us on Friday, or is she gonna bring him here.” “He’s going to take his things to school on Friday morning and will be riding home with you, the other boys, and your uncles.” “This is gonna be great,” he squealed as he began jumping up and down while pumping his fist in the air. “Just don’t get too carried away with your celebration. I think Wyatt might be a little jealous that you’ve invited someone else to stay with you this weekend.” “Really?” “Yes, he enjoyed sleeping with you this past weekend and I think he was hoping to do it this weekend too. I’m afraid he’s feeling like you’re replacing him now.” “Oh, I don’t want him to feel bad, cuz I like him too. Do you think Uncle Dion and Uncle Trey will let him sleep with me tonight and tomorrow then?” “That’s not a bad idea and it might make Wyatt feel a little better too,” Brandon agreed. “I’ll go ask them and see what they say.” “Thanks, and I’ll make sure we let Wyatt do some stuff with us when Revin’s here.” “That’s a very good idea too,” I concurred. “Uhhh, can I have Revin’s phone number back?” “Of course, but let me add it to my contact list first. May I ask why you want it back?” “I want to call Revin and talk to him. I’m gonna tell him to meet me when I get to school, cuz he gets there before I do. I’m gonna have him put his stuff in the SUV before Uncle Dion and Uncle Trey leave, so none of the other kids will be able to steal anything.” “I see, and that’s not a bad idea.” As we were speaking, Brandon returned, and even though the next two evenings were school nights, Dion and Trey didn’t have a problem with Wyatt sleeping with Tristan. Tristan agreed to shower with Wyatt too, and Wyatt looked a lot happier as they were heading upstairs to undress. When we went up to tuck them in later, Wyatt had something to tell us. “Tristan’s lettin’ me sleep with him tonight and tuh-morrow, and he said he’d let me do stuff with him and Revin this weekend.” “That’s very nice of him and it sounds as if you boys will have a wonderful time.” “Yeah, cuz I like spendin’ time with Tristan.” “And we can tell he likes spending time with you too.” That brought a smile to Wyatt’s face, so we tucked them in, kissed each one on the forehead, and wished them sweet dreams. It was going to be an interesting weekend and we couldn’t wait to see how it was going to work out.
  20. FanLit


    I'm good." His voice wavered, and he cleared it. "I'm real good." I bet, lol. This was more like it, a more involved interaction on both parts without guilt or blame. No matter what happens now, Caleb will always remember his first time. It’s heartbreaking that Wren believes he’s the reason his father left but not altogether surprising; It’s amazing how much responsibility children take on for the status of their family’s dynamic, not understanding most all fuckups are strictly on the grown ups. I too, tend to be a bit concerned about Wren and Caleb being spied on by the uncles, I feel as though they underestimate them, even knowing they are capable of nefarious actions. “I'm sure this means nothing but smooth sailing from here on!” 🤨 Okay, Wayne....
  21. KD_stories

    Chapter 5

    Hawaii has been insane, I love it here. The flight wasn’t that bad either, I spent some time with Gavin. The weirdest thing happened well besides the paparazzi showing up places was the fact Xander took up with Joe instantly it’s hilarious watching them too get along so well. I have also got to spend some time with Joe, it’s been nice having my twin again. Nico didn’t want us to come on this trip without him, but Gavin argued his case with Clint, and he agreed. We had Jane, and Oli here with us we didn’t need Nico. Plus, after the whole fiasco with me Gavin didn’t want him near me at all. I hear a knock at my door and it’s Joe, “Brotha.” He says. “Joseph” I say back. “So, Xan and I are about to go out for the evening.” He says smirking. I roll my eyes, “I know that.” “Well, did you know Jane and Oli are accompanying us?” He says with a smirk. I raise my eyebrow at him, “Okay, and what has that got to do with anything?” “Well, I am glad you asked. Cause you and a certain hot celebrity will be here in the house all alone.” He says wagging his eyebrows. I roll my eyes, “Shut the hell up Joe. He probably doesn’t like me like that.” He scoffs, “Did you see the way he was acting at the airport to block your face from the paparazzi.” “No more than you did for Xander.” I point out. “Xander is a kid you aren’t.” He says. “He doesn’t like me like that Joe. Besides, it could never happen with me and him. I am a sex worker and he is a celebrity.” “Josh, I love you, but dude you are so damn dense. The way that boy looks at you says he has it really bad for you. When you talk he damn sure pays attention and hangs on every word you say. He likes you man.” “He’s just nice.” Joe rolls his eyes at me. “He gets into the hot tub in like an hour FYI.” I laugh, “Whatever, have fun and be safe.” I tell him. We are staying in Gavin’s house. It has access to the private beach so that had its advantages like me being able to see Gavin shirtless and no paparazzi around at all. It was cool seeing Jane, and Oli relaxing a bit too. My phone rings and Taylor’s name flashing on my screen I hit accept. “Hey Taylor.” “Hey, Josh….” He says with a hesitation in his voice. “Is everything okay?” “No, not really. A reporter came by the house today.” I lean against the headboard. “Fuck, what happened, do they know what the house is used for?” “No Josh. My actual house!” Taylor says a bit more frustrated. “Wait, like home? How did they find that? Why would they ask for me?” “They found your old high school, and my address was on a paper they got from the school. My guess is they paid someone to get the address.” “I am so sorry Taylor, what did they want?” I ask getting off the bed and starting to pace in the room. “They know who you are Josh. They produced a picture of you and Gavin in Hawaii.” I gulp, “Do you they know about Joe?” “I don’t think so. There is more bad news.” “Okay, …what’s that?” I ask. “I had to close the workhouse for a little while. They asked about that address asking if you lived there or not. Josh, I didn’t want to do this, but I can’t have you working for me anymore.” I stop pacing and sit on the edge of the bed, “Are you firing me?” I don’t hear anything for what seems like for forever. “Yes.” “Taylor, please don’t do this.” I beg. “Josh, please don’t beg. I have to do this, I have everyone at the house to worry about their identities.” “Taylor….” I say trying to stop the wavering in my voice. “I’m sorry Josh, but I have to let you go.” “What am I supposed to do.” I ask as my voice cracks. “Anything you put your mind to Joshua. You are so damn smart, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway.” “Fuck!” I say in disbelief trying to hold back the tears. “I am still going to pay you your vacation hours.” “Taylor….Am…. I…. are you…are you going to…fuck!” I say trying to catch my breath. “Josh, am I what?” He asks. “Are you going to not want to see me anymore?” I ask. As soon as I feel my stomach drop, I want to puke. Taylor answers right away but those few seconds seems like an eternity. “Of course, baby boy. Joshua, you are like a son to me. I would never turn my back on you. I tell you what how about every Sunday we have dinner the wife would love that. You are like are son Joshua we love you so much and we want to see you succeed in life.” “Okay…I gotta go Taylor.” “Okay Baby boy. Call me when you get back.” “Okay.” I tell him and hang up the phone. Tossing the phone on to the bed, I don’t know how to feel. I’m so used to not letting things bother me this much, but it feels like I was punched in the gut. I had to get off the phone with him because I didn’t want to breakdown and feel like a weak kid to him. Making my way to the door I open it hoping that Joe hasn’t left yet. I stop by his room and it’s empty. I scratch my head and realize that it’s only me and Gavin left in the house. I look out the bay windows and I can see the silhouette of Gavin in the hot tub. I wished I had my phone to take a picture it looks like something out of a magazine. The sunset behind him is beautiful, I make my way out to the patio and slide the glass door closed behind me. “Hey.” Gavin says looking over at me. “Hey…” I say flipping my sandals off and sitting on the edge of the hot tub putting my feet in. “Did I interrupt your alone time?” He moves to face me and shakes his head. “Not at all. I am actually glad you came out.” I scrunch my nose, “Why?” He shrugs, “I haven’t gotten to see you, or spend any time with you.” I am so glad it’s a bit dark out, so he couldn’t see my blush. “Yeah, it’s been a crazy few days.” “I mean, I am not complaining. It has been fantastic, also I am a bit shocked how much Xander has taken up to Joe of all people.” I laugh, “yeah who would have ever thought that?” Gavin doesn’t answer at first, he just stares at me, he reaches over and hits a button on the raised part of the patio. The hot tub lights up, and soft lights come on around the patio. “It’s really pretty out here.” I say taking it all in. “I think the view is better from where I am sitting.” He says his voice all husky. I snap my attention back to him, “but it’s just me.” He smirks and moves right in front of me, “it’s amazing how you don’t realize how fucking beautiful you are.” I bite my lip trying not to smile so hard. “I’m not the model. Besides, I am nothing compared to you or people I have seen you do shoots with.” He lets out a low sigh, “They aren’t real like you.” He says and runs a hand up my leg, and I can feel my cock starting to stir in my gym shorts. “I’m a mess.” I tell him trying to ignore the fact I want to jump in a kiss his full lips. “Join me.” He says looking at me intently. “I…my bathing suit is in my room.” I tell say shyly. Before I can react, he grabs my hands and pulls me fully clothed into the hot tub. “Gavin!” I yell. He doesn’t say anything, and I realize he is less than an inch from me. He looks at me smiling, he moves his hands cupping my face and he moves in laying the softest kiss on my lips. I open my mouth and he slowly slips his tongue in and I kiss him back as I fight his tongue with mine. He tastes like berries. He kisses me with a little more force almost as if he can’t get enough of me. I push him back and he is forced to sit on one of the ledges in the tub, I straddle him never breaking the kiss. I can feel he is rock hard underneath me and this makes me smile more. Can he really be hard from kissing me? I break the kiss and look down at Gavin, his eyes are pleading with me as he bites his lip. I pull my soaking wet shirt off and toss it off and onto the deck. Gavin rakes his eyes over my bare torso and leans in and kisses the middle of my chest. I let out a soft moan and run my hands through his hair. I straddle his lap again, I can feel that he is fully hard underneath me. I move back and forth as we kiss he moans into me. “That feels so good.” He moans. I move harder and he groans. (Gavin’s POV) I am kissing Josh when the orgasm hits me, I moan into his mouth as he continues to grind on me. I push him off and get out of the hot tub. Fuck I cannot believe that just happened, I can’t believe I fucking came by him just grinding on me. I finally make it to my room, I shut my door and yank off the boardshorts. I wipe myself off with the outside of the shorts and grab a towel from the bathroom when I hear a knock on my door. “Gavin, you okay?” “I’m fine.” I say trying to keep calm. “Can I come in?” Josh asks. “I said I’m fine.” I yell The door opens, and Josh comes is shutting the door carefully “You don’t seem fine.” I have my back to him, making sure the towel is secured around my waist. “Well, I am.” “What happened out there? Did you cum?” He asks and there is no sarcasm in his voice. I finally turn to face him, “Yeah…I did.” His eyebrows shoot up, “that’s okay it was intense.” I sit on my bed and run my hands through my hair. “It was embarrassing.” Josh laughs, “No it isn’t embarrassing is getting caught jerking off to a picture in a shared bedroom.” “You mean the one of me when Joe found out you were gay?” I ask. Josh’s mouth falls open and stares at me, “you know?” I can tell he is getting upset. I get off the bed and grab his hand, “Yeah I know. Joe let it slip when you were in the hospital. It wasn’t malicious or anything he was just worried and said he wished he wouldn’t have said anything. If it makes you feel any better, I was flattered.” He kind of smirks. “I don’t know what to say.” I shrug, “Nothing to say, just don’t be pissed at Joe.” “Why did you bolt from the tub?” he asks. “I was ashamed I came from you grinding on me.” I tell him. He gives me a doubtful look, “Gavin, so what we were in the heat of the moment everyone has that happen to them. It’s not like it happens every time you do it.” “I’ve never done it.” I tell him. “There’s a first time for everything man.” He says shrugging. I shake my head he doesn’t get it. “Josh, you don’t get it. I have never done IT.” I tell him. “Wait, you mean you’re a virgin?” He says laughing. I throw my hands up letting his hand go, “is that hard to believe?” He looks me up and down with his eyes, and he unconsciously licks his lips. “I mean have you seen you? Your abs look like they were chiseled onto your body. Plus, I heard Jane say something about having so many NDAs being done for you.” I roll my eyes, “Jane says that shit, so people don’t ask questions about my sexuality. Yeah, I have had people sign them, but we end up just chilling or watching a movie. I have kissed a few people but that’s about it. With my status I have had to be careful, I don’t want my nudes on the internet like the other social media boys or end up being blackmailed.” “I just assumed you would be having a ton of sex. I didn’t think it would be that complicated.” Josh says leaning against the door frame. I make sure the towel is secured before I move towards him and place a hand on his bare chest. “There is a lot about my life that I don’t make public.” He moves closer to me and I can feel the heat off of his body, “Like the fact you go into gay chat rooms, or that you have never had sex?” I look at his lips as I lean in closer to him. “Yeah, that’s a few of them.” Josh leans in and kisses me slowly. I run my free hand through his wet hair this kiss is different it isn’t fevered like the make-out session we had in the hot tub. It’s slow and soft, he finally breaks the kiss and he is blushing. “Sorry, I just couldn’t help it.” I laugh, “Are you always this bold?” He shakes his head. “Not at all. I don’t know why I am acting so bold with you, I guess when it comes to sexual tension and kissing I am all for it. Anything else I kind of just stand in the background, that’s Joe’s thing he has the personality for that stuff.” “So you’re saying that you are shy unless it’s making out then?” He shrugs, “No. I don’t know maybe. I am just comfortable with sexual things because of what I did.” I cock my head trying to understand, “What do you mean did?” “I meant what I do.” He says stumbling on his words backing away from me. “No, don’t do that. You can’t just go from being all open to suddenly shutting down and not wanting to talk to me about something.” “It’s nothing.” He snaps. “Josh, are you fucking serious right now?” “Gavin you wouldn’t fucking understand!” He says getting upset. Just when I thought his defenses were lowering there they are higher than ever now. “No, Gavin I probably don’t but it doesn’t mean I can’t listen. You aren’t doing the cam model stuff anymore are you?” He lets out a breath. “No.” he says almost in a whisper. “What happened?” I ask. “I need to change clothes first before we start this.” He tells me. I walk over to my dresser and open it to see the extra gym shorts and toss them to him. “Here just throw these on.” He snatches the shorts from the air. He goes to my bathroom and shuts the door, I from a little bit I kind of wanted to see him naked. I grab a pair of Calvin boxer briefs and slip them on before he comes out of the bathroom. I look at how the gym shorts fit him, and they look amazing, I can also feel his eyes look me up and down. “So you wanna tell me what happened?” He lets out a sigh and sits on the bed folding his legs underneath him. I sit beside him looking over and he looks like he wants to run out of the room. He talks a gulp of air, “Taylor fired me.” “What? Why?” I ask. “He had to let me go because there were a few reports coming around asking about me. He couldn’t jeopardize the other models’ identities because of me and my new-found popularity I guess you could say. Just sucks because this was the only job I know that I am good at, I have always been good with this and I liked it.” He says blushing not looking me in the eye. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that being around me would cost you your job. Josh, you are probably good at a million other things you just don’t know yet. I have to know did you and Taylor sleep together?” He laughs, “No! That is gross Taylor is like a father to me, besides he is married and has a kid. He took me in when I had nowhere to go.” “Work for my dad. He owes you anyway it’s our fault you lost your job.” I blurt out. This is all true but to be honest I want him to work there because that would give me a reason to see him more. He shrugs his shoulder, “I don’t know.” He says. “Wait why don’t you know?” “Because it’s in Denver Colorado! What am I supposed to do up and move there…what about Joe he is still in College and we don’t want to be separated.” He says in a high-strung voice. “Josh, you will have a place to stay my dad owns condos, and Joe can stay, or he can come with you and transfer to the college in Denver. Why not think about it? Have you talked to Joe about this?” I ask turning my body towards him. “I haven’t even told Joe this yet, we’ve just been so good. I can’t ask him to uproot his life.” I can’t help but roll my eyes, “Dude he loves you. You are his freaking twin he will do whatever he has to, to keep you and him close.” He tenses, and looks at me screwing up his face, “you don’t know anything about what he wants and neither do I, Gavin. You don’t know the position I am in, because you have never been in it. You have never been poor, homeless, starving and doing shit that still fucks up my head to just survive. So don’t sit there and act like all this is just some snap of the fingers easy decision because it isn’t and I don’t know if I can get you to understand that, because when we go home you can go back to your famous life and not have to worry about what you are going to for a job because you post one picture and you get so much money.” He snaps at me getting off the bed. I pop off the bed and grab his wrist spinning him around, “Don’t you ever fucking think my life is easy! Sure, being famous seems so fucking glamorous on the outside cause you see pictures and shit of me but it fucking sucks! I have to watch what I eat, what I wear, what I say, oh and who I fucking like. Yeah, I may be able to post one picture or YouTube video and get money off of it, but they are all fucking planned. Most of my life is fucking planned down to my boxers and my fucking socks. If I post a picture with a brand that I am not supposed to promote that day I could lose my sponsorship with another brand and if they are partnered with another I could lose that one as well. One night I may be in Paris, but then I need to be in California, then off to New York. I may not get any sleep but fuck it that’s what makeup is for as long as I walk down a runway or I could be in a meeting. So no matter what is going on in my life I have to be there. Yes, I know how incredibly lucky I am to be in this position and I know not a lot of people get to be in this position. Honestly tell me what part of my life is easy?” He looks me in my eyes and down to my hand and back to me. “Let go.” He says with no emotion in his voice. I let go and back up from him. I don’t like how he is acting right now. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to leave.” I hang my head knowing I probably just fucked everything up. He grabs my hand, and I look back at him. “How many more times are you going to say fuck?” I blush, “it just feels good to say it.” Josh leads me to my bed, and I follow him I don’t ask questions. He lays on his back and pulls me into his side. I lay my head on his shoulder my heart beating a million miles an hour, and all I can do is hope to god I don’t get hard laying next to him, I can feel the heat radiating off of his skin. I start tracing random patterns on his chest and he laughs. “What?” I ask stopping the tracing. “Don’t stop, it tickled at first.” I resume tracing patterns on him and getting used to the rhythm of his breathing. “I didn’t realize how insane your life can get.” “Don’t get me started on fashion week. It is literally fucking hell.” We don’t really talk about anything for a while until I look up and he is sleeping I smile because he looks so peaceful and not this stressed and walled off person that he always is. I leave my head on his shoulder and I look at him and realize how comfortable I am. It’s like I don’t want to be anywhere else but with him in my bed right now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel a light tapping on my shoulder. “Huh?” I mumble. “I really gotta pee.” Josh says smiling. “Oh shit, I guess we fell asleep huh?” I ask. He laughs, “Yeah it’s 7 am. So how about moving so I can go pee?” “Fuck, sorry,” I say moving off of him so he can go pee. I sit up in bed waiting for him to come out. He finally does running his hair through his hands as he comes out of the bathroom. I get off the bed to go pee, when I get out of the bathroom Josh is sitting on the edge of the bed. “I need coffee.” He says. “I am sure Jane is up and has breakfast, and I know damn well she will have a pot of coffee on.” We walk out of the room, and sure enough, Jane is sitting at the counter with donuts and a pot of coffee on and glasses for OJ. I take a seat next to her as Josh makes his way to the coffee pot and pours himself some coffee and leans against the counter to blow on it looking up from his cup at me. I can't help but blush that he caught me staring again. I look him over he looks so sexy with no shirt and in my shorts. I look over at Jane as I grab a donut and she cocks an eyebrow and I give her a scowl. Jane eyes Josh and back to me with a questioning look. I pull a face and shake my head, I don’t know why but she looks relieved. I give her a questioning look, and she mouths later. “You don’t need any creamer?” Jane asks Josh. He finally looks up, “Uh. No Thank you though.” I hear the padding of light footsteps and I know it must be Xander. I want to ask him how the night out went. I grab a glass and pour some OJ and grab another donut and look over as Xander sits next to me. I do a double take at my little brother, he cut his long hair off. “Xander your hair?” I running my hand through his messy hair that is sticking up every which way. It’s not short but not long anymore. “Do you like it?” He asks getting off the stool and grabbing a cup of coffee. Xander leans into Josh, “I told Joe I thought about doing it and he said I should so I did.” I look at Josh whose body as gone rigid as Xander has leaned into him and face is screaming help me out here. I can’t help but smile and cough to try to hide it I look over at Jane and she is hiding her smile behind her cup of coffee. Joe walks out of the hall yawning and stops looking at the scene in the kitchen. “Xander dude, you do realize that’s Josh right.” Xander’s mouth drops and he looks up at Josh who nods. “That’s not fair.” He says moving away from Josh and sitting on the stool next to me. I can’t help but crack up laughing and so does Jane even the Twins are laughing. Xander rolls his eyes and snags a donut. “Sorry, Xander.” Josh says. “You should have told me.” He says. “Dude it’s fine. I have made that mistake so many times.” “Even our aunt makes the mistake,” Joe says grabbing a cup of coffee and leans on the counter next to Josh. All three of us at the bar look at the two of them as they fall into synch with each other drinking their coffee. They are leaning the same with their right ankle crossing the left, and even holding the coffee in the same hand. “That’s freaky.” Xander says. “It is weird but fascinating.” Jane says. “What?” Joe asks. “The two of you together are like the same.” I tell him. Josh just rolls his eyes, “So you talked Xander into a haircut?” Joe straightens up, “I mean, he said he wanted a trim and I said why not more than that and he said he didn’t know if he would look get with one. I said he shouldn’t hide behind his hair so much.” “I wanted something different I was just scared to actually do it. Joe gently pushed me to make the change that I wanted. He said he would help me style it and he helped me realize a lot.” Xander says to Josh giving him a stern look. Josh raises his hand, “I just wanted to make sure it’s what you wanted.” “Well, why else would it have been done.” Xander says. “Well Joe was right, it looks really good.” Josh says smiling at him. I can visibly see Xander relax. I pat his shoulder, “I’m jealous I may get that haircut.” I tell him. He rolls his eyes at me. “I want to do my first interview.” I choke on my orange juice. “You what?” “I want to finally do my first interview and photo shoot.” He says taking a bite out of a donut as if this was just casual. I look up at Joe, “What did you do to him?” I accuse. “Oh my god, do any of you just trust me? Jane was there I didn’t do shit. Xander talked to me until late last night about his anxiety and the public and growing up in a famous family. How there have always been so many people wanting him to do a photo shoot or an interview, but he always felt forced and that has scared him and it triggers his anxiety. I asked if he ever wanted to do a photoshoot he said yes.” Joe says but Xander interrupts him. “He’s telling the truth. I have wanted to do a photoshoot and an interview just always felt pressured. So, Joe said why don’t I do it on my terms….as in I pick a photographer and I set the questions for the interview and the second I feel uncomfortable, or I feel my anxiety triggering I stop it and walk away from it.” I look at Joe, and then back to Xander. I was honestly happy about this we have been trying to get him to do the interview or a photo shoot or something for the longest time. We figured if we did the paparazzi would back off him and stop bombarding him if he made a public appearance granted I knew it wouldn’t stop them but it may taper it down where it wasn’t so intense. “So, when would you want to do this?” He shrugs his shoulder, “guess when we get back home.” He says taking a bite out of a donut. “Do you have a person in mind that you want to do a photoshoot with?” I ask. “Yeah.” He says nonchalantly. I look to Joe who just grins and Josh who is watching the whole scene with an unreadable expression. “So who would that be then?” I ask. “Oh, you want to know like right now?” Everyone laughs, “well yeah so we can get it all lined up, NDAs signed and all.” Jane says. Xander blushes and pulls out his phone. “I want him to do it.” He says showing me a photo from a shoot a did almost a year ago. “You want Darren to do the shoot?” I ask in genuine shock. “You know his photos are more grungy style and most of the guys do it shirtless or more revealing of course no nudity. “Yes. What you don’t think I would look good shirtless?” He asks pointing to his bare torso. “Of course you look good, after all, you are related to me. Ok so I can call him up if he is free do you want to do this the day after we get home that way if you want to change your mind you can. “ I tell him. He nods his head and looks to Joe, “Will you be there?” “Uh…yeah of course dude.” He says giving him a reassuring smile. “I am going to get dressed and make the call.” I say getting off the stool. Josh follows me back into the room. “You okay?” “Yeah.” I say shortly. He grabs my arm and pulls me to face him, “Your lying Gavin. You're jealous about Xander and Joe being close.” “Just I haven’t been able to convince him to do this anytime and in one-night Joe does?” Josh laughs at me, “dude, you can’t even see it can you? You are his big brother you are also a model and all these other things. None of this is a big deal for you, but for Xander it is.” “You don’t think I know this!” I spit out. “I know you do, but he also probably feels like he has to live up to your expectations. I know that for a fact because I feel like that with Joe. I don’t feel that with you, and he probably doesn’t feel like it around Joe plus Joe is super charismatic not saying you are it’s just different when it’s not family. You know Xander has anxiety, but do you know what triggers it?” He asks. I shake my head, “No, because he has never told me.” “You expect him to tell you, but have you ever asked him?” “No.” I say. “I have never told Joe a lot of things, but also he hasn’t asked. We all assume someone will ask and no one is willing to give that information away because we think it will be shrugged off or someone will say don’t worry about things, or you worry too much.” “Fuck, I’ve told him that before.” I admit. “Exactly, so he may not be comfortable talking to you about his triggers. Joe has said things like that and I feel like I am being dramatic if I say things about my feelings.” I hang my head, “I am a fucking terrible brother.” Josh laughs, “no you aren’t. You are an amazing brother but sometimes we need someone with an outside perspective to listen to us.” “So I shouldn’t be jealous?” “Ha, no way not of Joe at all. Xander loves you and you are like a hero to him. He just doesn’t talk about these things in fear of disappointment.” “I would never though.” Josh shakes his head, “I know but it doesn’t work like that for someone who has anxiety.” I pull him into a hug, “You are an amazing human you know, that right?”
  22. travlbug

    Chapter 22

    The idea of charging an SUV (and getting the points!) is very cool, but here in Southern California, the max that dealers will accept on a card is around $5,000: After giving the best price possible, as per negotiation, the last thing the dealer wants is to pay a credit card company up to an additional 4% of the selling price (unless that fee was a part of the negotiation)! The nicest thing that Lex could have done for the hopeful salesperson is to have paid with a check. Hmmm. The Great Helen Carnak has foreseen love and romance for Cassie at a time when Cassie is bored with her job and ready to leave it: Will she meet her future spouse at the wedding? Somehow, I think that Lex and Ian are about to get themselves a new neighbor!
  23. what a beautiful chapter and extremely well written!
  24. mikedup

    Alo Chapter 28

    Awesome chapter, idiots are never far away, i almost want to add that some idiots should never be allowed to breed
  25. You're welcome, my Brother. It's always an honor to work with you.
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