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  2. Butcher56

    Alo Chapter 27

    Another excellent chapter. I think it’s great that Lloyd spent a little time speaking with Jeremy & Angela. At least they might realize now that Nicholas is bad news to anyone who gets in his way. I like the idea that Lloyd is going to be letting his brother in law and nephew work for him at the station, and I also think that he is being very generous with Alister even though he’s 12 going on 13 with 2 hours per day and only 4 days a week. Lloyd is also going to be getting some distance schooling set up for Alister, which he agreed to as a stipulation of working. I had to laugh at the fact that Davis hadn’t figured out that Lloyd was the owner when he told them that he was going to be gone for 3 days on a business trip which is when he mentioned that they could go with him along with Dave & Sue or they could work on the station. Davis asked Lloyd if the owner should be the one that should decide who to hire or not and that’s when Alister spoke up and said that Lloyd was the owner.
  3. My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat

    Chapter 12

    Hmmmm.... I guess you did warn that some readers would not like the ending but... Oy, how disappointing of an ending this was! I hope there is a follow up story as this ending left a lot of questions unanswered.
  4. I see what you did there 🤐
  5. quokka

    Alo Chapter 27

    “Yes well, it has been a bit of a struggle, Dave and Sue are my Senior staff, and live in a new cyclone coded house on the site of the original homestead, and you may have noticed another cottage where the old backpackers use to be, which is where Matt and Greg were living, but they are now in the apartment, as I have a station mechanic starting next week. I too have a new home, the little stylish one sitting on the site of the old cottage, like Dave and Sue’s home they are both brand new, arriving early this week. We have permanent campsites at 14-Mile and just before Bulbari, for the North and South caretakers, and a new backpacker’s hostel close to there also” I said, giving a brief rundown of the changes. “Yes, we know about the backpackers, we are staying there for the weekend, and no Nicholas is not with us” Angela said. “We are very impressed with what you have managed to accomplish in such a short time, especially with the cyclone and then the earthquake, and we evennoticed that new camp site signs have been made, and placed on the east side of the new gravel track only” Jeremy added. “Yes, well that is to have more tighter control on reducing environmental damage to the shoreline, with access to the beach heavily restricted, and we currently have two Parks and Wildlife Rangers patrolling the Marine park this weekend” I stated. “Well they are big changes, we had a large fire less than month ago, that burnt a huge patch of shrubs and grass, including the main power and desal shed, where the fire started and all the way to just before the fence line, at Pelican Point, over 2,400 acres in area total” I stated. “Oh, that is not good, I recall hearing about a big fire up this way, but I didn’t realise that it was on Coral Coast” Angela said to me. “Yes well it is over, and the area has been quarantined to allow for regrowth to happen, so what about you both, what have you been doing since leaving here?” I responded. “Not a lot really, we were concentrating on Nicolas and his trial, he ended up getting a hefty fine, 6 months on a prison farm and 5-years of probation, when he is released, he will have to find his own way in the world, as we will not be supporting him in any way, since we are currently unemployed” Jeremy stated. “I see, well keep in touch, as I may have something for you both in a month or so down the track, I must go now, as I have a lot to do” I said and I headed through the door, which I closed behind me, and I headed to the conference room, where I sat down to think for a while. About fifteen minutes later the phone beeped, “Lloyd I have your accountant on the line” Sue said to me through the intercom, “Thanks, and have the Dalworth’s gone?” I replied. “Yes, looking a little confused and hurt, by your statement and abrupt departure” Sue said before putting the call through. “Hello Lloyd, how are things progressing up your way” the accountant said to me, “Bloody busy start to the long weekend, and I have finally met my brother in law and nephew, who turned up here out of the blue” I commented. “Oh good, I hope it was a pleasant reunion?” came the response, and I gave a short laugh. “A little unusual, but all is good now,what news do you have for me?” I replied. “Some mixed news actually, we were beaten to buying the two adjoining stations, but there are two other stations that would be just as good, Yaringa Station, with its homestead just 700 metres east of the highway, and is 248,000 acres” the accountant began. “Yes, I know of it, I called into there once, just to introduce myself, soon after I took over ownership of the station, and the other?” I said interrupting him. The other is Eurardy Station, which has been reduced in size a lot, as the state government has turned a lot of the area into a nature reserve, and now it has 257,000 acres, and its homestead is 3 kms west of the highway” I was informed, “Yes, I have heard of that one. Ok, can you let the sellers know that I am interested in buying both, if you thing I can finance the purchase of the two stations, and I will be coming down late next week to inspect both properties” I said. “Very well I will do that, and yes you have the finances to buy both of the stations, talk again soon, bye for now” the accountant said before ending the call. Reaching over, I picked up the radio mic and called Dave, and asked him to come to my office as soon as he is free, and less than five minutes later he arrived, “I was in the machinery shed, so I was close by” Dave said. “I have had a number of chats with my accountant over the past few weeks, and I’ve just finished speaking to him just now. I need to run a few things by you, for your opinion” I began as Dave sat down. “Firstly, how long did you sign the lease of your farm for?” I asked, “12 months and they would like to extend it for another 3 years after that” Dave asked me confused at my question. “I signed for 12 months, with me having the option to pull out after that time. You remember saying to me that the guy who is leasing the farms is based on Brooks Road, Ajana. Well there is only one big farm on that road, split into two sections, by the road, and guess who owns the whole farm?” I said, and Dave chuckled. ”Let me take a real wild guess and say that you own it” Dave responded. “Yes, and the lease is up in just over a months’ time, which I will not be renewing, I have already contacted the real estate agent by email, stating that I do not want the lease renewed, as I plan to take back control of the farm” I said. ‘So what are your plans?” Dave asked. “Well originally, I was going to buy two adjoining stations, about halfway between here and home, but we were beaten by another buyer. The accountant has however found two other properties, that are alongside the North West Highway, also between here and home, so I am thinking of using them to breed cattle, and ship them down to the farm, to fatten them up and send them off to market from there” I stated. “Which stations are you referring to?” Dave asked, and I opened the computer, and clicked on Google maps, where I had already marked the location of Coral Coast Station, Yaringa Station, Eurardy Station, Galena Estate and Chilimony farm, and I indicated to Dave to come and look at the screen. “Yaringa station, which is just south of Wooramel River, which is entirely on the East side of the highway, with the homestead being just 700 metres off the highway, and it is 330 kms south of here and 268 kms north of Chilimony farm, pretty much half way between here and my home farm. The second one is Eurardy station, which is on both sides of the highway, with the homestead 3 kms West of the highway, and it is 524 kms south of here and 80 kms north of Chilimony Farm, so both are very suitably placed” I said to Dave. “Yes, they are indeed, would you think about selling this station, to concentrate on the two closer stations” Dave asked, “I considered it, and decided to wait and see how things go with these two stations” I replied. “So, when do we go to check out these two stations?” Dave asked and I laughed. “You are beginning to know me a bit too well, my friend” I responded, and Dave laughed with me, “Sounds like a hens party in herewith all the cackling going on” Sue said when she entered, and that made both of us laugh some more. “Close the door dear, we have a few things you need to hear” Dave said to his wife, and once Sue had sat down, I looked at Dave, then back to Sue. “On Thursday next week, the three of us are going on a business trip, I don’t want anyone else to know, until the very last moment, and the lads will be fine to keep things running while we are gone” I said to Sue. “Where are we going?” Sue asked sounding surprised. “Just a road trip south dear, so we need to be packed and ready to leave early Thursday morning for three days” Dave replied, and I nodded my head to confirm this. “Ok, but you will have to tell me more, so I know what to pack” Sue said. “I am buying two stations south of here, and we are going on an inspection tour, all the other staff need to know is that we are going on a business trip and that is all, ok?” I answered. “Understood boss, does that mean you are going to sell this place, just when we are getting settled in?’ Sue replied. “No, I have no plans to sell this place… yet, but I will be gaining control of a larger family farm, that has always been leased since my parents bought it, and we will be fattening up station cattle on the farm, once we get the boundary fences into good order” I replied. “I think this is a very good move on your part boss, and I hope that we will be part of this project” Dave said. “I hope so, because if the northern station is as good as I hear it is, that will be your new jobs as station managers” I replied. “Oh wow, now I didn’t expect that, you have been really good to us since, we leased out our own farm, thank you” Sue said to me. “Err, one thing that we had unintentionally forgot to mention to you, because everything has been happening so fast, we actually have a 16-year old son, Bryce, who is attending Agriculture College in Morawa since the beginning of last year” Dave said to me. “I see, well if he does well at college, then he might even get a job with his folks on a 248,000-acre, cattle station” I responded with a big grin. “Well he did spend the mid-year holidays last year, on his mate’s family cattle station, Jingemarra Station, I think it is called, some 130 kms north of Yalgoo, and 270 kms SSE of Morawa, and Bryce said that apart from the heat and flies, he loved it” Sue said. When I walked into my house well after dark, I could smell some delicious cooking, and I saw Davis relaxing in the lounge, while my nephew was busy cooking in the kitchen. “Well a young man with hidden talents, that is good to see” I said smiling at my nephew. “Yes he is an awesome cook, far better than his old man” Davis commented. “Admit it Dad, you are a lousy cook” Alistair commented, which made me laugh. “That’s all I need, is a smart arse 12-year son, about to turn into a terrible teenager” Davis grumbled. “About too?” I queried, “well his voice is starting to change and…” Davis started to say. “And yes, I have hit puberty, get over it, Dad, it happens” Alister said, which made me laugh even more, as Davis blushed with embarrassment. When we sat down to a very delicious meal, I stopped eating part the way through, and thought about what to say about the coming business trip. “What is it Uncle? Not hungry?’ Alistair asked me. “No nephew, nothing like that, I will definitely finish it. I just wanted to let you know, that on Thursday next week, I will be away on a three-day business trip, it will be just a long road trip, attending two meetings. You are welcome to stay here and just relax while I’m away, or you can come with me, and with Dave and Sue” I announced, and there was a long period of silence, and Davis thought about it. “I guess we can stay here and see if we can get my old vehicle going” Davis responded eventually. “I have already had it towed back to the sheds, that car won’t be going anywhere till it is thoroughly dried, plus the fuel and oil need to be emptied, and the pipes drained, to make sure there is no water contamination, then the carburettor needs to be checked, as does the fuel pump, and only then will fresh oil and fuel be added” I stated. “Wow dad, you did a real good job of stuffing up the car” Alistair commented. “Shut up smart arse” Davis grumbled, as he tried to think what to do. “Look you are welcome to stay here as long as you want, I will even give you some work to do, and we will have to get young Alistair here, into some distance education schooling” I said to my brother in law. “Oh bugger, I was hoping to get out of school” Alistair stated, and I frowned at him. “Sorry uncle, yes that would be great if you can organise that” Alistair added, and I smiled and turned to Davis. “That is very generous of you, but won’t the station owner have to make that decision?” Davis asked. “Dad, I think you are already speaking to the station owner” Alistair said, and I smiled and nodded my head yes to confirm Alistair’s guess. “Really? Oh crap, oops sorry. Yes, I will happily accept your offer for work, and school studies for Alistair” Davis said, and this time it was Alistair who was laughing, and I just smiled. “We might even have some daily chores for you too Alister, so you can earn some pocket money, how does that sound” I commented. “Yes please” Alistair replied happily. “Ok, but it will be a maximum of two hours a day, and only four days a week, since you are only twelve” I replied. “Thanks mate, you have been a real-life saver for us, I don’t know what I would have done, if we didn’t find you” Davis said to me. “Don’t thank me just yet, it gets very hot out here on the station, so you need to remember some rules and stick to them. Firstly, when outside, you must always wear a hat and carry fresh water with you . I say fresh water, because this station has artesian water, meaning that it comes from deep underground, it is warm, and it is salty. We have a small desalination plant on the station, to convert salty water to fresh water. Secondly, you must let a station staff member know where you are always going , the station Utes carry extra fresh water and a two-way radio, in case you get stuck. Thirdly keep the vehicles away from the beach and bloody water, I don’t want another drowned vehicle on the station, as you know we are on the coastline of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park, which means, that the coastline is not under station jurisdiction. You are lucky to not have received a $800 on the spot fine earlier today, and once they have been issued by the rangers, there is nothing I can do about it. Lastly, you are not to go travelling all around the station, there are tracks all over the place, and some of them lead to very remote locations. The station is 48 kms long and 26 kms wide, so it is a very big and harsh place.
  6. Thanks. 🙂 And yeah, I'm feeling like some spite writing is in my future. Luckily, I also enjoy writing Silverwolf. I can give gays who think every relationship should be monogamous uncomfortable boners when my main characters fuck around AND write something I like at the same time. Win-win.
  7. CassieQ

    Howl at the Moon

    I sometimes write things that get pretty dark. I also write things that are cute and sweet. But if someone told me what I should be writing, I would probably lose my shit. And then write more of what they didn't like out of pure spite. Write what you like. If they don't like it, screw 'em, they can find something else to read, but no one has the right to tell you what to write...or what not to write.
  8. Buz

    The Council Stands

    Thank Luna! It so awesome to finally have a 'target'. Now for Retribution!
  9. Thanks, Thorn. I know it shouldn't let it bother me. I keep coming back to the idea that if I were younger and less invested in doing this writing thing, then crap like this could push me to just stop. But, I'm stubborn. I want to write too much, and I will continue to do so. Your encouragement helps. Thank you. 🙂
  10. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 20

    Neredos seems to know Veil's secret of controlling other people's minds and maybe knows how she's lived so long. I wonder how he came to this conclusion. Grim's and Veil's meeting will be an interesting one. I wonder how long it's been since they've talked. Have they talked since she disowned him in the last book?
  11. As I've said already, fuck those guys. You're an awesome storyteller. If they don't like the story you're telling, they can stop reading, but e-mailing you and telling you to stop writing is just being a dick. It's not like a person has a finite amount of creativity, you're working on and writing both, and not writing one won't necessarily make you write more of the other. Keep doing your thing! ❤️
  12. I'm glad we went with a toy cat, and maybe Theo will go for a Siamese... :) I have no favorite type, though I've owned some of each of the three models: Traditional, Classic and Modern. The modern ones are so overbred to show standards that they are unhealthy due to the growing wedge-shape of the heads and thinness of the skeletal structure. Classics were popular in the 50s-60s when I was little, and we raised them for a time--not skeletons and the heads were just right and tails were still kinked and eyes crossed. Healthy and svelte. The Trads were the original model that came from Siam in the 1880s and were sturdy, muscular, with the blue crossed eyes and kinked tails that were said to prevent the loss of rings put on them while the owner bathed. The one in my avatar is a Trad, Genghis, and I had his sister Bortai at the same time. He was a Seal and Bortai was a Tortie-Seal. The most recent Classic I had died in 2008 and was a Seal. Before that and when I owned Genghis and Bortai, I had taken in a Modern Lilac point from a neighbor who found him on the street. Enough on Siamese, except to say that mine were always friendly to me and my friends, and only the Lilac was very talkative...the others meowed occasionally, but mostly purred. The Lilac who I called Kublai, loved to meow when I talked to him and when I'd get home from work before settling down to purr at me. He was on the message of my old answering machine until it died and I had no way to copy the micro tape. He died of kidney failure at age 21 just before I got Genghis and Bortai. Can't wait to see what the tattoo says!
  13. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Thorn. These two are a weird mix of immature, loving, reticence, hopeful and fearful - all in varying degrees, sometimes moment to moment. It's going to be a wild ride.
  14. Wayne Gray


    Hehehe. It's true. Caleb definitely has some growing up to do. He's 22, never had anything close to a relationship, and used to getting things done his own way. Wren has some maturity to find as well, though.
  15. KEVIN Kissing Edward, Vince insinuated Nick DIDNT
  16. Thorn Wilde


    It's such a tender, beautiful scene, first by the fire with the quilt and then on the cot in the tent. And that last part is hot as hell, too, of course.
  17. NoSkis

    Chapter 1

    wow, so much to process. very interested in this new culture (influenced by the Turkish culture?) in your writing. thanks!
  18. Fae Briona


    They look lovely! I saw a couple of young deer run across the road on my way to work the other morning which was nice -- but made me wonder if they messed up and forgot to put a greenbelt in so they could cross under the bridge they just rebuilt.
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