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  2.  I enjoyed following your characters develop. I looked forward to the next chapters.

    Thanks for writing.


  3. Thanks for writing a wonderful story I've really enjoyed reading it Cheers WB
  4. Geron Kees

    Sweet Summer

    Definitely evokes summer, in all it's mystery and magic!
  5. Philippe


    I too have been binge reading. This story, these characters, and all the mini stories of life are just simply fantastic! Family Struggles encompasses or reminds me of many great classic themes: the good, the bad, the ugly; the magnificent seven; yours, mine, and ours; cheaper by the dozen. Following college, I was a young USAF Officer and roommate to another of similar origins and means. We often made road trips to my roommate’s high school classmate’s family’s house. Many times it was a camp out in the den for those in excess of the shared bed count when many of us flocked “home” to visit; but no one was ever unwelcome or a burden to that wonderful family. Group projects were spontaneous but so were the subsequent socials; this story brings back to life that family and the bonding spirit that otherwise now is unfortunately just memories of earlier times. I very much hope the story continues and we get to share this extended family experience as it has become a part of us. Thank you for giving us this time together.
  6. Image result for it's a girl


    Happy grandpa here! :D 

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    2. Valkyrie
    3. Sweetlion


      Congratulations dear friend! You will be a great Grandpa! :glomp:

    4. Daddydavek


      Congrats Gary!

  7. Thank you, Molly. These comments are so touching and heartfelt. A thousand kisses for encouraging me.
  8. Thank you, Molly. You're a peach!
  9. Hellsheild


    But now named Erza because she's a giant weeb who likes Fairy Tail anime, baseball, has a wooden leg, and her big leather bear daddy Betty
  10. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    And thank you for the uplifting comment!
  11. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    Damien should indeed think about the protection of his children as well since they do carry the same bloodline as him. We'll see why Damien kept the surname in a future chapter.
  12. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    Yes, it's very true that there is vanity in keeping the surname St. Paul. Maybe there is a reason for why Damien maintained the surname when he could've easily changed it instead after escaping from his family. We'll see 😉
  13. there's a universality in these AC heartbreak, loneliness, despair we've all felt them, been there wondering if you'll ever see the fierce greenness of spring, or be able to look at the moon without falling apart i'm again, so grateful that you've chosen to share these with us
  14. Hope you get a good rest tonight, Fae.
  15. these translations always amaze me i've barely mastered English and here you are translating all of these wonderful pieces this one is a little sexy and very fun you keep doing these, AC, and i'll keep reading them
  16. What a beautiful story this was. I enjoyed each chapter immensely. I hate when they are finished, but look forward to the next one. Thank you!!!
  17. Blood pressure still up, but not as high as it was last night. Think it swung some throughout the day which has made me feel exhausted.
  18. And I wasn't sure I would enjoy writing one, Marty. Glad it didn't stop either of us. I appreciate hearing it touched you. I had empathy for Mark, and initially, that surprised me. It was important for Chester to finally have some answers, and we, as readers, benefited from that too. It's impossible to excuse him, but understanding his reasons makes some sense of such horrible violence. Mark appears to have long been doomed to go down his path. I agree... I hope Chester and Jordy get their chance... I have high hopes they will, and even have a few more chapters in my head... Maybe someday they will make it out of my head. Thanks so much, buddy, for reading and leaving such a wonderful, encouraging comment.
  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. droughtquake


    Ezra is Trans – and a Republican like her hero, the decathlete? ;–)
  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Daddydavek

    Chapter 9

    Well damn, now I'm caught up! And yes, it does appear that Spencer is somehow more than just a look-alike. And his other skills are more than impressive.
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