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  2. Chapter Twenty-Four – Publicity Stunt Aidan could tell something was not quite right from the moment he set foot into the office. A couple of gossipers by the water cooler threw him strange looks while another guy quickly averted his eyes the moment he looked at him. What could have happened to warrant such a peculiar welcome from his colleagues, when, usually, they totally ignored his existence? He didn’t have time to ponder over the change in atmosphere, as the door to the big kahuna’s office opened, and his much straight-laced assistant stuck her head out, scouting the perimeter and setting her eyes on Aidan. “Aidan,” she gestured for him to come closer. He looked around and noticed how everyone was busy pretending to be working so that they did not blatantly stare. Squaring his shoulders, he walked over to his boss’s assistant. “He wants to talk to you,” she said, emphasizing the first word as if there was no other ‘he’ she could ever mention in her life and expected the other employees to share the same feeling. Aidan nodded shortly and followed her inside. Was the evaluation starting or something? He had expected something else, although he had never been through one of those. That might explain the strange looks. “Spark!” His boss boomed, the moment he set foot inside. The man wasn’t big on introductions, and, in a way, Aidan was thankful for that. It brought any unpleasantness his boss wanted to bestow upon his underlings faster, and Aidan wanted to be over with so that he could return to his tasks for the day. “Explain!” His boss added, and threw a newspaper on the desk, turned toward Aidan so that he could read the title. Ah, so, in the end, word had gotten to his boss. Aidan was surprised only that it had taken so long. Apparently, there weren’t making paparazzi like they had used to; for weeks, he had been going out in public with Heathcliff, and no one, so far, had said anything, not even online. He had teased Heathcliff over his no longer being the trashy media’s darling. Heathcliff had shrugged and smiled, saying that he was more than happy that he was left alone. Also, he had mentioned that his follower base was continually growing, so he had no reason to worry about his fame. Aidan had expected something to transpire online first, and it was a bit strange to see a real paper publication caring so much about what a fitness guru slash influencer did in his spare time and who he was dating. So, in a way, he was prepared. He had rehearsed this in his head numerous times, so his answer to his boss’s question was direct and short. “Publicity stunt, sir.” The man looked at him over his thick-rimmed glasses, the corners of his mouth pulled down as he had just had half a grapefruit for breakfast and nothing else. “I didn’t think you’d be up for such a thing.” Aidan shrugged. “It is the 21st century, sir. No one’s as hung up on strict delimitations of sexual orientation anymore.” “Are you dating Heathcliff Stone?” His boss questioned, placing his hands on his desk and leaning forward, to stare at Aidan. He was standing, and he hadn’t invited Aidan to take a seat, either. “No, sir. I know well where my loyalties stand. I asked Heathcliff if he would be okay with this, and he said yes. I believe him ‘dating’,” he made the air quotes to emphasize his words, “works better with a family-friendly image than his usual, let’s call them, indiscretions.” He could not believe he could lie like this, but there he was, standing in front of his boss, and lying through his teeth. He did have Heathcliff to blame for that. That man could convince him of anything, including that this was some great idea. Now, he really didn’t know how his boss would take it. One thing was sure; he could not admit he was gay because his boss would pull him off the contract, ruining all his work, and, what was more important, his relationship with Heathcliff. How they would continue after the contract was fulfilled, he would just worry about it later. “Very intelligent,” his boss relaxed and pushed himself back to take a seat in his chair. “I looked at this picture,” he tapped the newspaper’s front page, showing Heathcliff holding Aidan’s hand and seemingly deep in conversation as they were walking down the street somewhere, “and I almost thought it was real.” Aidan pretended to take a closer look at the newspaper. “It’s not photoshopped, sir.” “I wasn’t talking about that type of real,” his boss said right away and scrutinized Aidan’s face with sharp eyes. “I thought you would be put off by doing such a thing. Holding a man’s hand, on the street, in broad daylight.” Aidan pursed his lips, feeling a small laugh coming up, completely uninvited. “It’s nothing, sir. My generation is not that rigid in its views on sexuality. Holding someone’s hand is just that, and nothing else.” “Good, good,” his boss seemed to ponder over something, leaning back into his chair, and looking for a second at the ceiling, “as long as you’re not disgusted by this, I suppose it’s all for the best.” “Why would I feel disgusted, sir?” Aidan asked, feeling a slight, sickening sensation in the pit of his stomach. His boss waved. “As long as you’re loyal to the company, nothing else matters. Are you loyal to the company, Spark?” “Yes, completely,” Aidan said with conviction that didn’t come one ounce from the inside. “I thought it would work, and Heathcliff decided to play along. No one would suspect him of leading the same lifestyle as before now.” “Is he leading the same lifestyle as before, though?” his boss asked. “I wouldn’t know one hundred percent, sir. I do coach him almost every day in what he has to do to promote the product, but I can’t possibly keep an eye on him twenty-four seven.” “The article says that, on occasion, a car was seen parked in front of Heathcliff Stone’s house overnight. By the looks of it, it’s your car. The company’s car, actually, since we gave it to you to use it.” Aidan smiled thinly. He was getting good at this lying thing. “On occasion,” he repeated his boss’s choice of words, “I had to Uber home, as I had alcoholic drinks during the business dinners I shared with Heathcliff and some of his associates.” “Very mature of you,” his boss admitted. “Keep it up, Spark. The numbers are looking up. And I’m glad that our office zero-tolerance policy toward any sort of homophobic behavior has such a good effect on you.” What zero tolerance policy? Aidan wondered. No one seemed one beer away from behaving like at a frat house hazing, but it wasn’t like there had been specialized training or anything in that respect. Not that he cared for such things, but his boss’s conviction that he was somehow the product of such corporate policies was rubbing him the wrong way. It was like his boss was still suspecting him of being some closeted homophobe that would instigate some gay bashing at any moment. Maybe he wasn’t gay-acting or whatever that was called, but he didn’t believe in stereotypes. People who were flamboyant and fabulous had their thing and those who weren’t had their thing. Aidan thought he was completely average in all respects, and couldn’t understand what of his appearance or behavior would make his boss think he could have any homophobic inclinations. “That’s it, Spark.” His boss surprised him by slamming his hands on the desk, as usual. Aidan was sure he would never get used to that, so he still felt startled each time the man did it. “Keep it up. I like your attitude. Don’t let people tell you otherwise,” he pointed a finger at him. Aidan could not understand what his boss was trying to tell him with that. However, he nodded thoughtfully, as if he understood completely. “Dismissed,” his boss yelled at him as if Aidan was deaf. He felt a sudden need to salute mockingly, but decided against it, eventually. So he just said goodbye and turned on his heels. He felt somewhat better that the cat was out of the bag. He wasn’t comfortable with lying, but he could understand why it served a good purpose, at the moment. Aidan had an unpleasant feeling he could not get rid of that his boss would not appreciate his being gay, even without all the Heathcliff Stone thing. The man was talking highly of zero tolerance policies and whatever, but somewhat, he seemed to be the one bothered by such things. Aidan remembered how Heathcliff had pointed out that no one else from the company had ever interacted with him. If he were to think about it, it was pretty strange and did say something about the so-called zero-tolerance policy at The Healthy Shakers. Heathcliff Stone brought in a lot of money with the assiduous advertising he was putting in, yet not one of the higher-ups, let alone the big kahuna, had gone out of their way to meet the man who proved to be such a great asset for the company. He shook his head as he stepped out of his boss’s office. “Gunning for that office on the corner?” someone talked next to him, taking him by surprise. Aidan could not say he was surprised to see Penguin Pants by his side. “Why the obsession?” he asked. “And I’m not gunning for anything, FYI.” “Seriously? It looks to me like you’re going out of your way to convince the boss that you would do anything,” his colleague sneered. “Anything to get ahead, of course.” “And what’s that supposed to mean?” Aidan asked airily. “You know very well what,” Penguin Pants scoffed. “You would even stoop so low as to let people believe you’re … that, just so that you could rake in some profits.” “That?” Aidan smiled coldly as he turned toward his colleague. “I don’t think I understand what you’re getting at.” The young man’s watery eyes darted sideways. “I won’t spell it for you. I can’t understand how you’re not bothered by it. To expose yourself like that, with Heathcliff Stone,” he added, his lips stretching like a frog’s, in evident disgust. “Ah, that.” Aidan pretended to be struck by sudden understanding. “It’s called being gay. You can say it. It’s not a dirty word,” he whispered as he leaned toward the other, and making him take a sudden step back. Penguin Pants frowned. Aidan sighed deeply. He had never thought he would be in the closet or forced there, as times were. But it looked like some people had plenty of problems with others, still, even if not so out in the open as it must have been back in the days. “I wasn’t talking about that. I don’t have a problem with that,” the young man hurried to say. “It’s about your attitude. Can’t you compete fairly? What should I do now?” he sneered, and his shifty eyes began making rounds again. “Throw myself at Heathcliff Stone, too?” Aidan knew he should keep silent. But the words flew out of his mouth before he could control himself. “I don’t think that would work. The man has standards.” Penguin Pants made a small surprised sound, and his jaw went slack, as his eyes grew wide. “What’s that supposed to mean?” “I’ll let you figure that out on your own.” Aidan patted his colleague’s shoulder and walked away, feeling a tiny bit good about himself. *** “Hey,” Heathcliff welcomed him, the moment he came in. Aidan even had a key now, so it truly was like coming home. Heathcliff had given him the key as a casual gesture, but he had been able to tell that the man watched him closely to gauge his reaction. He walked over to Heathcliff and kissed him until they were both breathless. “Hmm, not that I’m complaining,” Heathcliff said while watching him with hooded eyes, “but what’s this for? I might end up ruining dinner.” He gestured toward the cutting board filled with various vegetables. Aidan snickered. “You could never ruin dinner even if you were blindfolded and had an arm tied up. Or both.” “Are you dodging the question, Spark?” Heathcliff teased him, but his eyes were smiling. “Not really,” Aidan leaned toward his lover again and pretended to kiss him again, but pulled back just in time to dodge him, and snatched a slice of cucumber from Heathcliff’s cutting board. “I’m happy to be home, that’s all.” “And it’s just eight thirty,” Heathcliff commented. “Are you planning to spoil me?” Aidan laughed, and this time, he came to embrace Heathcliff from behind. “Today, I lied to my boss that we’re - quote - dating - unquote. Apparently, your new proclivities finally grabbed the attention of some trashy magazine, and he knows. I’m telling you; I had, like, the strangest conversation with my boss. For some reason, he thought I would be incapable of pretending to be your gay lover. He was one breath away from accusing me of internalized homophobia, and it’s not the first time when he does that. I pulled it off, eventually. I can’t believe I lied so nonchalantly. But I think you would have been proud of me. Not that I like being a liar.” Aidan could feel Heathcliff tensing a little in his arms. “Are you okay?” “Your boss might have some issues,” Heathcliff replied. “Could you tell him that I’d like to meet him?” “I could, but are you sure you want to? That man is a toad.” Aidan shivered theatrically to make a point. “A toad with internalized homophobia,” Heathcliff said. “Seriously? He lectured me on the office having a zero-tolerance policy towards the slightest homophobia manifestations. Although he did act kind of weird.” “Hmm.” Heathcliff began cutting the ingredients for dinner, and Aidan let go. “And I did sense a strange vibe coming off him,” Aidan said. “Trust your gut, Aidan. I think you did very well not to be out at work.” “Wow. You sound so serious.” “I am. How hungry are you?” “Not that hungry,” Aidan said playfully. “Good. It’s going to take a while.” Ouch. Something was wrong, and his good spirits from earlier were starting to evaporate. “I’ll just go change and take a shower,” he said quickly. “Yeah, do that.” Aidan took a bit longer than needed, busy putting his mind in order. Why was Heathcliff so annoyed? If he were to meet his boss, he would be beyond annoyed. But Heathcliff wanted to meet the man, and that meant that Aidan had to make it happen. In a way, he understood what was happening. Aidan had gotten the impression, too, that his boss had some issues and was projecting them on others. Yet, how could Heathcliff be sure of that, just based on some second-hand information? Maybe he knew something, and he didn’t want to tell Aidan. For some reason, he felt like a child who could not understand his parents getting upset over grownups stuff. Aidan hated that feeling. He was trying to be mature and everything, but it was not like experience could be accumulated overnight. There was no possible way for him to rush time, and he didn’t want to do that anyway. The water was slushing down his back, and he was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear the door to the bathroom opening. So he was pretty much startled when strong arms caught him from behind and a muscular body he knew so well glued to his. “I’m sorry I was a jerk,” Heathcliff whispered into his ear. “I hate hypocrites, that’s all. And it’s not your fault.” “Thanks, I guess,” Aidan breathed out. “For not being mad at me, I mean.” “How could I be mad at you? You’re too nice,” Heathcliff continued to talk into his ear while moving his arms down on Aidan’s flanks. “So nice everywhere.” Aidan grunted as Heathcliff found quick purchase in his cock and began stroking it with expert moves. Being touched like that was so familiar now, but it still brought him to his knees. “I’m not a kid,” he tried to revolt, “please, don’t treat me like one.” His breath was coming in short, raspy, and he could not control his body. “I wouldn’t dream of doing that. I want you so much right now. Can I?” “You don’t have to ask,” Aidan murmured, bucking his hips into Heathcliff’s crotch. It felt so good to have Heathcliff slide his cock through his buttcheeks slowly. It was pure torture to be teased like that, but he didn’t want to hurry, either. “Let me get you ready a little,” Heathcliff said and nuzzled his neck, making him shiver even under the calming waterfall of the shower. Heathcliff was on his knees fast, grabbing his buttocks and licking his hole. “Don’t worry; I’ll use something better. I just want to do this a little.” “Please, do it.” Aidan bucked his ass back shamelessly, crying out his pleasure as Heathcliff proceeded to rim him thoroughly. He had no idea about nerve endings or the chemistry behind what he was experiencing at the moment, but he knew one thing. It wasn’t only because of the technique, but also because of the man doing it, that he felt like that. There was no way he would give up on Heathcliff. He had no experience with anything, but he had to compensate with desire and enthusiasm, which he had plenty. Heathcliff stood up, and Aidan hung his head low, breathing in and out, a bit overcome with what he felt. Smooth fingers pressed against his opening, lubricating the entrance slowly, with languorous moves. Heathcliff was occasionally hooking his fingers inside him, making Aidan arch his back and curse softly. That kind of stimulation still felt too sharp, too much, and he wanted something else more. “Heath, please,” he keened. Heathcliff’s low chuckle sent small shivers up his spine. It was scary in a way to be so honest with someone else and lay in front of him the effect he had. Aidan felt he was too young to worry so much, but he had never been in this kind of situation, had no basis of comparison, and he wanted to know, for sure, that it wasn’t just him who felt that way. He turned and looked Heathcliff in the eyes. The man appeared to be a little disconcerted by his sudden move. Without a word, Aidan closed the distance between them, grabbing Heathcliff hard and kissing him firmly on the lips. He reveled in the sensation of exploring his partner’s mouth with his tongue and appreciated the non-combat attitude Heathcliff assumed for the moment. For once, he was the initiator, the one who crossed the distance between them. Not that Heathcliff wasn’t always appreciative of his tendencies to dominate and do what he wanted. But right now, Aidan knew that those moments were too rare to count as the necessary weight to strike a balance in their relationship. Heathcliff moved only so that he could be the one with his back against the wall. Aidan knew he was being guided into admitting to the overwhelming strength of his desires, but he could not mind it. After all, Heathcliff had been nothing but a gentle teacher, in all things sex-related. Aidan glued their bodies together, enjoying the friction between their hardening cocks. All this time, he did not – could not – let go of Heathcliff’s mouth. Heathcliff continued to encourage him, by touching him lightly and using his tongue to caress his in turn. He felt victorious like that. Heathcliff allowed him all these liberties, and Aidan had a strange sort of intuition telling him that his partner was not usually so generous with such things. He was making a meal out of kissing Heathcliff, and they were soon both panting with unbarred arousal. Heathcliff could no longer stand it, as it seemed. He grabbed Aidan hard, stopping the kiss, and looking at him. “I want you.” It was a simple admission, and Aidan was not willing to let any of them wait any longer. He nodded quickly and turned, allowing Heathcliff to steady him and align his ass for swift penetration. The sensation was, at first, almost too much, knocking the wind out of him, making everything stop. So Aidan took the reins once more, and he was the first to move, accommodating his lover’s cock, enjoying the sensation of being stretched and hit right where he knew it was so good that he could forget about everything and everyone else in the whole world. Heathcliff’s ragged breathing, blowing over his neck, only heightened the sensations. “I love your ass so much,” Heathcliff whispered. So close, Aidan thought and everything dimmed with the impending release. His hand was moving over his erection, faster and faster, squeezing maybe a little too hard, but being too far gone to care. He looked down as he began shooting, expressing his amazement at how fast and how far he did that through short strangled cries. Heathcliff increased his pace, digging into Aidan’s hips with his fingers. Maybe there would be marks the next day, but Aidan could not bring himself to care. It was often that he touched himself, in the places where Heathcliff had left a mark of his being there, and enjoyed the light pain. “Oh, damn,” Heathcliff whispered. “Filling you up, Aidan. Filling your gorgeous fucking sexy ass,” he slammed inside over and over until Aidan could barely keep himself on his feet. Fortunately, they didn’t end up on the bathroom floor, with a situation to warrant a call to emergency services. Heathcliff was strong and agile, and he kept Aidan there until every last drop of him was poured out of him and into his partner. Aidan laughed and turned to look at Heathcliff. “Wow, so you must no longer be pissed now. I guess every inch of your anger stretched me enough,” he joked. Heathcliff responded with a grin of his own. He touched Aidan’s ass and made him half turn. Aidan giggled when one of his ass cheeks was pulled aside, and Heathcliff inspected him. “I guess seeing my cum coming out of your ass does wonders for my temper,” Heathcliff said, and played a little with Aidan’s hole. “Oh, does it count so much?” Aidan teased. “Coming inside my ass and all?” “Don’t forget you were the instigator in that particular respect. You practically begged me to cream your ass.” “Let’s set things right,” Aidan pursed his lips to keep from laughing, “there was no begging. Just, let’s say, a mere suggestion, to which you took easily.” “That’s me. I can’t overlook such requests from guys with gorgeous asses.” Aidan looked away, the casual words too close to his vulnerabilities to pretend not to care. “Ah, sorry, I should say, I can’t overlook any request when it comes from you.” Heathcliff tipped his chin and kissed him long and softly. Aidan brushed his lips over Heathcliff’s, prolonging their pleasure. “Of course. That’s how things should be. And don’t you forget,” he added playfully. “How could I?” Heathcliff grabbed hold of his ass, squeezing his buttocks. “You’re everything I think of, every day.” “Seriously?” Aidan asked, forgetting to use the usual teasing voice for such conversations with his partner. There was no trace of teasing in Heathcliff’s voice, either, when he replied. “Yes. And sometimes, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. I can barely wait for you to come back.” Aidan gulped. He pondered for a moment, and then he kissed Heathcliff quickly and proceeded to push him out of the shower. “Come on. Go and cook or something. Thanks to you, I need to wash again.” Heathcliff laughed. “Sending me to the kitchen? What am I? Your 16th-century wife or something?” “I wish,” Aidan said under his breath, and quickly smiled. “What 16th-century wife? You love to cook. I would never send you to the kitchen if I knew you hated it there.” “True, true,” Heathcliff said pensively. “But what did you mean by ‘I wish’? You want me to be your wife?” Aidan rolled his eyes. “Always a joker. Of course not. That was not what I meant.” “Your husband, then.” Heathcliff’s stare was intense as it set on him. “Out, out. I’m sure we will end up ordering take out if I keep you from your duties.” Aidan pushed his lover playfully and turned to scrubbing his body. Heathcliff didn’t insist, much to his relief. He needed to watch his mouth, or he would say something before it was the right time to do that. *** “Why do you want to see my boss? Sorry that I insist with this, but I need to think up a strategy and tell him something,” Aidan said, as they lay in bed, ready to go to sleep. Heathcliff pondered a bit over his next words. “What you must tell him and the real reason I want to see him are two different things, Aidan.” It wasn’t like him to manipulate people he cared about, and he would not do that to Aidan. But Heathcliff was determined to see that man face to face, look at him, and evaluate where on the trash scale he truly stood. His gut rarely failed him, and maybe Aidan was young and had not had enough experience with people to gauge for himself the other people’s real selves, but that wasn’t his case. “Okay,” Aidan admitted and put one hand over Heathcliff’s chest. “What’s bothering you?” “To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t cared up until now that your company sent a low entry employee to deal with me. Please,” he added, grabbing Aidan’s hand that was trying to withdraw, “you need to hear this.” “You’re right,” Aidan said softly. “And it’s not like I don’t know that I’m the last on the food chain there.” “Exactly. You deserve much more,” Heathcliff pointed out. “And I, too, deserve more. Only that, while you’re not exactly in a negotiating position, I am. And the fact that your company continues to treat me like your boss doesn’t want to breathe the same air as me really grinds my gears. It’s time for a meetup, and I don’t intend to be all accommodating if you know what I mean.” “They could break the deal,” Aidan said. “Let them do that,” Heathcliff replied. “They’re not the only ones who know how to read a contract. And it’s nothing unusual if I ask to meet the head honcho, right?” “Sure. Only that, if there is no contract, I won’t be able to see you again.” Heathcliff turned and looked at Aidan. “Is it that what’s bothering you?” At the moment, he wanted to grab Aidan hard and kiss him. Aidan was practically admitting to his feelings more and more, and it felt rewarding after so much time of trying to keep his tongue in check. “Yes.” Aidan nodded and looked at Heathcliff, without averting his eyes, like on other occasions. “Then, don’t worry about it. Not only that no one is going to break any deal, but you and me seeing each other no longer has anything to do with that.” Aidan’s eyes lit up, and his smile was bigger than the sun. “Wow. So you mean that we will … I mean, will you … I want to say that --” “Aidan, forgive me,” Heathcliff said softly and leaned in for a chaste kiss, barely a brush of the lips. “But I need to say it because it tortures me not being allowed to. Think of it what you may, that I’m bad and I just want to tease you. I like you, Aidan Spark. More than I have ever liked anyone in my life. Deal or no deal, contract or no contract, protein shakes or no protein shakes, that’s the simple truth.” With that, Heathcliff shifted his position and reached for the bedside lamp. Warm arms wrapped around him from behind. He sensed Aidan sighing, the rise and fall of his chest, and settled for this small victory. Aidan was like a bunny. But Heathcliff would not be put off by that. Steady and slowly, he would reach his goal, and then his bunny boy would truly be his. TBC
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    Love the story and it keeps getting better and better. Just returned a few weeks back from the UK and Scotland. Had lots of fish and chips and "mushy peas".....
  10. "History is written by the winner." - Alex Haley
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    Chapter Fifteen

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    Chapter Fifteen

    That is a very good question. The answer is I doubt you'll have a normal outing
  15. Only ten minutes have passed after I received and listened to that voice message, but it already felt lodged and seared into my memory. Every detail of the demonic-sounding voice would forever haunt me if I didn’t start acting now. However, what choice do I make? I didn’t like either option this kidnapper gave to me, making me have to decide whether I would save Will at the expense of Alexandra being taken away, or have Will burn. I just didn’t know what to do as I stood by the sidelines as people passed me, completely unaware what I was currently facing. “Damien…it’s starting to rain.” I looked at Alexandra who was pointing at the night sky, and sure enough I felt droplets of rain land on my face. “Dad, are you okay? You look scared,” Isabel said as she held my hand again. “Yeah, you look like you just received some really bad news, Chief,” Anthony noted. “I’m fine… Really, I am,” I lied. Everyone furrowed their eyebrows, and I knew that my lie wasn’t at all convincing. But was I supposed to tell them? Especially to the girls? That Will got kidnapped and the only way I can get him back unharmed is to trade away your aunt you’ve just met? However, I needed to tell Isabel and Joanna something that would comfort them, even if was another lie. “Is this about Will?” Alexandra whispered close to my ear. I sighed, and I looked at Alexandra right in the eyes without saying anything and somehow that was enough for her to know my answer to her question. Nodding, Alexandra then turned to the girls and said, “Do you girls like to have ice cream?” The girls looked confused, but then they both nodded. “Well, how about Anthony takes you two to a place called Halo-Halo Angel where they serve the most delicious Filipino desserts. Just tell the waitress who works there that Alexandra from the museum sent you, and she’ll give you all the halo-halo you want in the house.” I restrained myself from stopping Alexandra from offering the girls too much sugar, especially when it’s close to their bedtime. But whatever got them distracted from my mental breakdown was good for now. “Your father and I just need to talk for a while. Anthony, do you mind if you—” “No, of course not. I’ll just take Austin to meet his friend at the diner and then drive the girls to the Filipino restaurant.” “Do you need directions?” “Nah, that’s what GPS is for?” Anthony said casually. “All right, girls. Let’s go and wait for your brother at the school. Then we’ll all head out. Come on before it starts raining harder.” I quietly thanked Anthony as he took off his coat and covered both girls before they walked away. I could see Isabel looking back at me, and I gave her a smile I hoped was reassuring before turning to Alexandra who was looking critically at me. “So, what’s up?” Alexandra asked with crossed arms. “What’s up?” I covered my hands over my face and said, “I’ll tell you. Fifteen minutes have passed since I got a message stating that Will has been kidnapped and that I now only have forty-five minutes until he gets burned to death. That’s what’s up!” I leaned my hands on the wire fence and tried to collect my thoughts, but I knew that time was ticking fast. Alexandra moved to stand beside me, and after a moment, she turned to me and said, “So…what are you going to do?” I squeezed my eyes closed and said, “I don’t know. The message said that the only way I can save Will is to…is to trade you for him… And if I decide to call the police or intervene in any way, He will get exposed to enough ultraviolet light to kill him instantly… I don’t know what to do, Alexandra.” “Do you know where Will is being held for ransom?” “I do, and it’s an almost a thirty-minute drive to the location, and that doesn’t include the nightmare of getting out of the parking lot. God!” “Relax, Damien. We’ll find a way to get Will back,” Alexandra assured me. “I can’t relax, and I can’t get Will back without losing you in return! Time’s running out, but I’m on the verge of having a panic attack!” Bowing my head down, I then said, “I can’t do this by myself.” “Then I want to help,” Alexandra said and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. She then looked up at the night sky that was congested with clouds and said, “If we’re dealing with lycans like last time at the museum, then we can use the moon to our benefit.” “And how so?” I asked, suddenly feeling more assured but confused at the same time. “The moon is basically a planet-sized mirror, the light reflecting from the moon’s surface can exposed a lycan’s true form.” “Okay, I get you’re trying to help me, Alexandra, but the sky is completely covered with clouds right now, and even they weren’t, why would we want the lycans to expose their true form. Wouldn’t that make the situation much, much worse?” “No, actually it doesn’t. It’s true that when moonlight exposes a lycan’s true form, they do become stronger and more dangerous, but they also become very irrational. They start to attack anything that moves, and they lose all their human intelligence as long as their exposed to the moon. We can use this to our advantage since they won’t be able to operate anything technical like lights, giving you an opening to fight the lycans… I saw you fight off more than a dozen lycans with only a dinner knife. I can only imagine what your true power is with a sword in your possession.” With the mention of my sword, I reached into my pocket and pulled the handle of my sword out. “Well, we’re in luck. I decided to bring it with me. After the museum incident, I thought it would only make sense to carry it with me.” Looking up at the sky, I then said, “So, we’ll use the moon to our advantage, but how are we going to clear the clouds in time to expose the lycans to the moon?” “We don’t. We’ll just have to hope that the location that we’re going to isn’t as cloudy. And it’s not a full moon yet, but I have a solution for that.” “And what’s the solution?” “Give me your sword, and I’ll see what I can do. It’s going to take a while, though.” "Fine,” I said, handing the sword to Alexandra. “But you have to do it in the car. We need to leave now if we’re going to have enough time to reach Will.” Alexandra nodded, and we jogged to the parking lot which was packed with cars all trying to leave the area in the same time. Thankfully, my family and I arrived at the game early and were able to get a parking space close to the exit. When we got into my car, I quickly backed out of the parking space, almost backing into another car with the driver blaring his car horn in response. I didn’t care though as I started driving forward onto the opposite lane, causing more drivers who were stuck on the other lane to blare their horns as well. No police officers were at the area, thank God, and I was able to squeeze through the intersection despite the stoplight being red. I asked Alexandra to place the coordinates into the GPS device on the console, which she did, and an artificial, female voice started offering directions. I was driving at least fifteen miles above the speed limit, passing at least a couple of red lights, which caused Alexandra to curse before focusing her attention back onto my sword. Unfortunately, another red light appeared, and I had to slam the brakes before I collided with another vehicle stopping in front of me. “Jesus. Let’s get there alive, okay?” Alexandra said. “Sorry... So, what are you doing to my sword?” I asked. “Just giving it a slight fix… I can’t believe what I’m seeing. If my analysis is correct, your sword, specifically the handle which doubles as the scabbard, is made by the wood that was part of the cross that crucified Jesus Christ.” “How do you know that?” “The wood grains on the handle’s surface are like words of a book which are telling me that part of the cross was used to make this sword… And this aperture here must be used to draw blood from its user in order to activate its true powers. This sword is similar to the one wielded by King Arthur which drew his blood to confirm that he was the rightful sovereignty of Britain… How did you come possess this powerful relic?” I shrugged. “I don’t know. I just did. It was passed down to me from my father which was passed down from my grandfather and so on. Could it be related to the belief that I’m a descendent of Paul the Apostle?” “Well, it’s possible that the apostles, after Jesus was crucified, took apart the cross that was infused with Christ’s blood. They could’ve repurposed the pieces into objects that they then used to help them spread the word of God. Unfortunately, all of them were killed, most of them being crucified themselves. However, Paul was supposedly beheaded in Rome, and would it be too farfetched to believe that the weapon that was used to cut off his head is the sword that you currently possess?” I just shrugged again and started driving when the stoplight turned green. “Well, anyways, I doubt you wanted a history lesson… Okay, I fixed the aperture. The sword can now draw your blood quicker and more effectively.” “Great… Now how will that help me with the moon?” “Simple. Just aim your sword towards the moon, and its energy will then cause the moon to become full, causing the lycans to change into their true form and allowing you to stop them with your sword.” “I didn’t know my sword had that ability?” “Well, your sword and relics similar to it contain the life force of that of many souls, and souls emit light, so it only makes sense that this weapon can produce light… Just be careful to aim it only at the moon.” “Got it… So, now that we got that covered, what’s the rest of the plan?” I asked as I started speeding again. “I don’t think it has to be elaborate. Just hand me to the kidnappers, and I’ll provide some distraction by pretending to struggle. You then can aim your sword at the moon and the rest of the plan will unfold after that… Does that work for you?” Looking up through the sunroof of my car that revealed an almost full moon, I then nodded and said, “Let’s do this shit.” I increased my speed even further as I whizzed through other cars and passed other red stoplights. A drive that would’ve taken thirty minutes actually only took ten minutes less, thanks to my fast driving, which I used a couple times when chasing after bounties. I parked the car at what looked like an abandoned strip mall where the only other vehicle was a black van. That must be where Will and kidnapper where hiding in as I exited the car along with Alexandra. I pocketed my sword, and we both began approaching the ominous vehicle. Halfway to our approach, the back doors of the van opened, and several men came out, along with a person who had his hands tied behind his back and a blindfold over his eyes. Despite the blindfold, I could tell the person was Will. I wanted to immediately run to him as well as kill the people surrounding him for his face and the suit being covered with blood. I restrained myself though and just stood as casually as I could as the men cautiously approached us. One man in front, possibly the leader and mastermind of the kidnapping, said, “I’m glad you’re here. This is Alexandra, I’m assuming.” Through gritted teeth, I said, “Yes, this is her. You don’t even know who the person you want to take looks like?” Alexandra placed a hand on my shoulder, warning me not to tempt these men. “Be careful what you say, sir, because all I have to do is press a button and the headlights of the van will emit enough ultraviolet light to instantly burn your friend into ash.” The man smiled and continued by saying, “Now, as a precaution, I need you both to take off your jackets and pull out whatever is in your pockets before tossing them towards me. I don’t need the annoyance of you two fighting back with whatever weapons you two have at your disposal.” I looked at Alexandra who had a worried expression on her face. “Well? Are you two going to do what I say, or should I just—?” “No, no… We’ll do it,” I said as I took my jacket off that tossed it away from me. Alexandra did the same as I pulled out all the contents from my pockets that included my car keys, wallet, phone, and unfortunately my sword as well. I tossed all the items to the ground near our jackets, and after rotating our bodies, the man picked up our belongings and holding them in his arms. The man then motioned his head to two of his goons who proceeded to walk slowly towards us with Will. I did the same with Alexandra, and during that moment, I was wondering what the hell I was supposed to do right then. My sword was now in the possession of one of the kidnappers, and if I didn’t think of an alternate plan quickly, Alexandra was going to be taken and most likely tortured by these monsters to get her to confess the Holy Grail’s location. “Goddammit! Get this blindfold off me!” Will shouted out as he stumbled on his feet. “I can’t walk properly if I can’t see!” The leader of the operation sighed and said, “Take the fucker’s blindfold off. And cut off his restrains as well. It’s not like he can do any real damage after what we did to him.” I snarled at the man who just smirked at me as one of the men removed Will’s blindfold and restraints and what I saw surprised me. I was close enough to see that Will’s pupils weren’t only dilated but were completely white as well. However, his eyes quickly returned to normal and that was when a ringing sound was heard, and the leader pulled out his phone. “Shouldn’t you answer that?” Will said as the two men continued to hold his arms behind his back. The leader growled at Will, but he proceeded to place his phone to his ear and said, “Hello—?” The phone suddenly exploded near the leader’s face, causing him to shout out in pain. I watched as Will pushed away from the two other men and picked up my sword that the leader dropped onto the ground. He then tossed it to me, which I caught in the air. Looking up at the sky where the moon was completely visible, I then aimed it towards the celestial object. I feel a slight pain on my palm before the blade retracted and a beam of light was sent towards the sky. Not even two seconds have passed before the moon became full, and I watched as all the lycans began howling out in pain as well before transforming into their true forms. And what Alexandra said was true; the lycans began swinging their arms and were becoming more irrational and unintelligent as the moonlight shined down upon them. I was ready to attack them all with my sword, but then I noticed that Will wasn’t in my sights anymore, and neither was Alexandra. I didn’t know where they went, but I knew I couldn’t just stop and look for them as the lycans began to charge towards me. I bared my teeth and ran towards them as well. As I made the first slash with my sword, I wondered if I would have a normal outing ever again.
  16. drpaladin

    part 1, chapter 6

    Falling in love with your charge really sucks, especially when you have a time limit and can't come back. This job really sucks. Matt turns into a good guy and tries to save Ross's life and gets slammed by some maniac driving a.pickup. What kind.of karma is.this? BTW, I thought Rayne was the only one who could see Seth.
  17. travlbug


    I skillfully, not to mention daringly, disguised myself as a tourist. (The hamster is much cuter.) 😄
  18. travlbug


    The author has spoken. 😊
  19. wildone

    Chapter 1

    I’m so looking forward to reading this story in live time I don’t remember any past mention of Eddie being a brat it should be interesting now that we most likely have two faggots under the same roof as Eddie, if Henry takes Gavin in. I wonder who the fourth will be.
  20. mmike1969

    Chapter 63

    1) Family property doesn't mean you bring your boytoys to randomly pair off to fuck on MY bed in MY room. Especially since I wasn't invited to stick around or at least watch. Having a ten bedroom house in Palo Alto is one thing. The Various Parties are being held elsewhere like the pool area or the empty bedrooms. You are not interrupting me with your sexual escapades unless you knock over a metal suit of armor. If I remember correctly, the condo in NYC was a three bedroom plus an extra room for "staff". So no, you don't get to have an open orgy if I want to sleep. 2) Trying to live 50+ to the max is fine. But not when your Boytoys are fucking on my bed!
  21. Be a plant growing through concrete. ;–)
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