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    IOI Chapter 1

    Alright, I will not disagree with your statement about 'dropping or adding' letters to our joint language, but this reaction is in the interest of friendly cooperation, not total agreement. I have missed Blighty in my extensive travels, except for getting lost in London airports, but I am quite experienced I reading 'Brit-speak' from having lived near the Canadian border for many years, but then they use French in that country as well, and I am sure that is done purposely to confuse me. As a sometimes author I am enthralled with the 'prehistoric' words that Brit-speak writers spice up their efforts with, (and, yes I know, a preposition is not a word you end a sentence with!, but then, that rule comes to English by way of Classical Latin where the preposition is a part of the verb form, does't it?) I include in this category such words as 'whence', and 'whether', and of course many other such prehistoric terms. And I am not even including such items as a 'cracker' being a noisemaking device used at Christmas parties, (not a resident of the state of Florida or a crunchy underlayment for peanut butter as a snack) or potato chips being referred to as 'crisps'. And accents! Oh my God, British accents are not even understood by my British friends. I commented recently to such a friend that I had attempted to listen to a portion of the Queen's Christmas Message on the BBC and was unable to understand more than an occasional word of it. He responded that he could not understand the 'Queen's English' either because he had been raised in a different part of London from the palace and was very confused by her accent as well. We both would have to use 'subtitles' to understand several of Britain's accents! I feel in the interest of International Cooperation, I can accept 'lounge' for living room and 'chips' instead of French fries just as long as I can eat 'fish and chips' which I enjoy greatly. May I offer you a sandwich filled with 'minced meat' and doused with 'tomato sauce' with your chips? Oh. let me see -- is that 'catsup' or 'ketchup'? See -- we have our own problems with spelling, and for God's sake don't get me started on punctuation -- commas, for example, are a morass from which no author ever escapes! Misterwill
  3. ken62

    Chapter 11

    Great chapter!
  4. You had me cracking at the bunny logo!
  5. Oh, Heath is ready He has no reasons to have the same hung ups as Aidan, so he will not hesitate to show his true colors. Thank you for your continuous support!
  6. I bet you're not the only one! Thanks for commenting!
  7. Woke up at 6 a.m. to see the sunrise over the ocean, but... It's raining! 😢

  8. Stannie

    Chapter 14: Two camps

    Missing - Chapter 14: Two Camps “Are you okay, Ryan?" mom asks. I nod. "Are you sure? I have to go now, the other kids are probably waiting already. But if you want me to stay, I can do that. I can tell the parents something came up?" "It's fine. Really, I just had a bad dream. I'm gonna get up soon as well." She smiles at me, but I know her mother's sense tells her I'm not fine. It's weird, on the one hand, she always knows exactly what I'm going through, but yesterday she didn't even realise I needed her after Matthew said all those things about me. "Okay then. Let me know if anything is wrong." Kai is impatiently waiting just outside. "I can stay with Ryan?" "No, you have to go to school." She leaves the hut. "Aww, why? It's supposed to be summer holiday!" Mom ruffles through his hair. "I already explained it. I look after the kids so all the parents can help around in the camp. Besides, it isn't really like school, is it?" I sit upright and rub my eyes, attempting to wake up fully. I'd rather stay in bed all day long, it's not like I can do anything else. I'm not going fishing today, that's boring when you're alone. The only thing that even sounds remotely fun is to explore the island. To head into the forest and wait for the natives to find me. "If school is to make sure parents can help in the camp, then why can't I stay with Ryan? You're busy anyway." I grin. Seriously, that dude is a notch too smart for my mother. I would have loved to see her reaction, but she is just around the corner. "I wouldn't mind," I say from inside the hut. Honestly, I think it's good to have the boy here, or I might actually walk out into the woods on my own. "Fine." She sighs out loud. "But he's your responsibility now, Ryan." "I know. Kids are waiting, remember." When she is gone, Kai sits down next to me. "What's wrong?" "Huh?" "You're sad." I smile. "Nah, I'm just tired. But it's okay, let's play a game." He bites his lip. "Is it because of the things Milan's dad said yesterday?" "What do you mean?" I frown. "When he was screaming at Ronny, you squeezed my hand really hard. Were you scared?" I grab one of the bags of peanuts we got for breakfast, just like every morning. "No, I wasn't." "Then were you sad?" Something inside of me wants to tell everything to Kai. Tell him I'm gay, that I told Milan about it and how he just ran off afterwards. But I can't. He wouldn't understand it. "The things he said, they were about you, weren't they?" I nod. "I think so." "And they weren't nice, were they?" Slowly, I shake my head, wondering how much he already understands. I'm not even sure how much ten-year-olds are supposed to pick up. Does he know what being gay means? Does he understand words like queer? "Why doesn't he like you?" I smile. "I'm not sure, Kai. But let's talk about fun things now! You got a day off, what do you wanna do?" He grins. "I was thinking we could play a game." "Any ideas?" Suddenly he looks down. "I would love to play some soccer, but we don't have a ball." "Hmm, isn't there a way to make our own ball?" "I dunno, is there?" "We could also work on the cross for grandpa Jon?" The boy beams. "Yeah, of course! Let's do that!" The whole day we work on the cross. First, we search for nice pieces of wood, then I explain the techniques to Kai, after which we start cutting. He keeps telling me things about his grandfather, which I then try to add in a way to the cross to make it personal. He had enjoyed playing cards for example, so I added a king of spades to the carving. I really enjoy the time with my little brother and for the first few hours and I completely forget about the stuff that happened yesterday. Then, I notice Milan helping Margareth, carrying firewood to the fireplace. I watch as he puts it down, laughs at a joke the woman makes and walks away to get another load. In a way, it stings that he's having fun. "What's wrong with you and Milan?" Kai asks. I shrug. "You don't wanna talk about it with me?" He sounded sad, so I squeeze his shoulder. "I would love to, but I don't really understand what's wrong myself. Nothing to worry about though, friendships always have ups and downs." "Our friendship only has ups!" the boy exclaims. "But we don't have a friendship," I reply and watch as his happy face disappears like snow in the sun. "We're family!" He giggles. "That's cool!" That evening, when we're all gathered around the campfire eating our improvised dinner of grated carrots, olives and raisins, with beef jerky and bread, Oliver suddenly stands up. "Ladies and gentlemen, can I get your attention, please?" He waits until we stop talking and chewing. "The group that is looking for water hasn't returned yet. Since we're rationing the water and with the water we're gaining from the plastic bags, we managed to squeeze out another two days of water. But still, now we only have enough for another five or maybe six days." I glance at Ronny, who is sitting in between his mom and Milan. He looks pale and doesn't even seem to realise what's going on. Looking at Milan, I notice how he quickly averts his gaze. He was watching me. "Today we've been discussing what to do if we run out of water." He points towards the new couple. "Henry and Karen told us they know of a creek somewhere in the forest. But they're not sure exactly where. We're thinking maybe some people should try to find it." "And who do you think wants to venture out there, after the others haven't returned?" Margareth asks. "It's not a question of wanting to do it, we need this or we all die out here," Matthew Bachmeier says. "Exactly," mister Grumpy adds. "I'm gonna pick the people who will go. If you disobey, you won't get any water from now on." Some gasps rise from the camp. "Why do you get to choose?" Rick Rostley asks. "Let me guess, you're not going to pick yourself, are you?" Oliver grimaces. "I choose since I'm the only person capable of keeping you bunch together. I'm your leader. And that's also the reason I can't go out there, you'd kill yourselves before I return with water." "I cannot recall when we chose you as our leader." It's the first time the adolescent guy - from the couple that sneaked off into the forest a few times before, to do what anyone would expect from people in their twenties - speaks up. "And you believe you would be a better leader?" Oliver smirks. Slowly I realise I've been frowning all this time. I try to put on a straight face immediately, since I have a feeling I'd rather not have Oliver notice my concerns. I peek over at Milan, who once again immediately averts his gaze from me. Honestly, what's his problem. If he wants to apologise, I'm all ears. "Let's not fight over who's leader or not," Matthew says. "We need the water." "And Rick and Chris will be the ones who will gather it. Together with Henry, who will try to guide you." Oliver looks like he is contemplating something. "Now I come to think of it, I believe we need Rick here at the camp. How about you, Jason, go in his place?" The guy who just asked who chose Oliver as the leader looks up shocked. The girl, who I suppose is his girlfriend, suddenly looks scared and grabs his hand. "Seriously? You are trying to punish me for speaking up against you?" the guy asks. "Pathetic." "Are you saying no?" "Of course I am! It's a suicide mission." "Well, then you're not getting any water. Get your own." "What the hell? You're crazy, man." The guy stands up, and so does Matthew. I look at everyone in the circle around the fire; they all look apprehensive. "Maybe we can think of another solution?" Margaret offers, but no one seems to listen to her. Everyone's eyes are fixated on the three main characters of this gradually evolving fight. Casey also stands upright. "I know this sucks, but Oliver is right. We need someone to lead us. And we also need the water." Rick nods. "Someone has to go." I wonder if he really suddenly approves of Oliver being our leader, or if he just doesn't want to get the water himself. Mom looks like she is deciding whether she wants to add something to this discussion, but she chooses not to. "Isn't there someone who wants to volunteer? Or else pick anybody who doesn't really help in the camp? Who we don't need?" Chris suggests. "I have a wife and kids. I don't want to go." "Guys, we need the water," Casey says and Oliver nods. "As I said, there is no choice," he says. "We're doing it this way or we'd die!" "Why didn't we drink the water his son got us?" he nods at Ronny, who still doesn't look too involved in what's happening. "Now who's the crazy one?" Matthew cackles. "Look at him! He's fucking sick because he was stupid enough to drink that water! If you want to end up like him, go on." It looks like Jason wants to say something, but he doesn't and instead sits down. Defeated. "You are nuts," he mumbles. "If you don't want to go, you don't have to," Margareth says. "What the…" Matthew already sat down again, but now stands up once more. "He has to! Do you want to die here, you…" He stops talking. "Let's divide the water. Everyone gets his or her share, okay?" "And then?" Oliver asks. "Then we can decide how to proceed. If someone doesn't want to help the camp, he or she can figure out what to do on their own." "I'd rather die here because of a lack of water," Jason starts hesitantly, but then continues more secure of his case. "I'd rather die here, than out there while looking for water for you lot." "Henry and Karen survived for over a week. What are you whining about?" When I look around the camp once more, I realise the Russian woman was watching everything, without understanding it at all. She catches my gaze and shrugs. I smile to tell her everything is okay, although I don't completely believe it. "I think we should all think about this overnight and get some sleep," mom finally speaks up. "And tomorrow we can gather and talk more." Everyone nods. We eat our dinner silently, while continuously looking around suspiciously. I believed our group of survivors was tight and considerate, but now no one seems to trust each other anymore. We're scared. This happens to people when they're fearing for their life, I think to myself, with a sour taste in my mouth. It is this exact moment my most famous painting - wilderness - was all about, Tom. I remember on our fifteenth wedding anniversary you asked what it meant, to which I said it was about the animals on the island. I lied. The blue sea with the red mountains in the background are the two sides that were created on this day. The three green trees in the centre were my mother, Kai and me, right in between the blue and the red. Those two herds of running black deer were in no way a visualisation of the scary animals on the island, but it was the sickness that was slowly creeping through the camp. I think people knew there was more to this painting than I told them, that's why it became popular in the first place. Most of my paintings were about the island. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone about what happened there, so painting was a way to cope with it, I think. Further on in the story, I'll explain what the hut with the empty bed means. And why I made the red sun or American bear, for example. Everything has a meaning and I'll try to explain it all. But first I have to tell you about my first interaction with Milan since the drama. This is the first time since the crash I actually think about the possibility of dying here. That's weird, isn't it? I just automatically believed we would get rescued fast, and as long as we were still stuck here, we would simply survive. Like in the films. And we did that; surviving. Except for Rick the bachelor who just vanished. Although chances are he is also still surviving somewhere on the island, right? The next day is crazy. It starts as any day did, but this time we knew we were to gather in the evening, and had to make a choice what to do next. I think everyone knows the camp will split in two. Two camps with their own water. Why is it so hard to stick together? Kai still doesn't have to go to school, so we work more on the cross. It's already getting really beautiful. I believe mom lets Kai stay with me because she feels I need it. As I said, she has this weird mother's sixth sense sometimes. Just like yesterday, I catch Milan staring in our direction a few times. "Hey guys, what are you doing?" Looking up, I see Trenton. "Please don't talk about water." "Huh?" "You said water you doing," I explain and add a sarcastic chuckle. He rolls his eyes. "Hilarious!" "We're making a cool cross for my grandpa Jon!" Kai jumps up from the sand. "Look." He holds out the stick he was cutting. "That looks beautiful!" Trenton sits down next to me and watches us cutting for a few minutes. "I see you and Milan aren't talking anymore." "Yep." Does this mean we're not going to talk about the drama in the camp? For a split second, he looks over at Kai, as if he wanted to ask me if I was okay with having him here. He's making it quite obvious he wants to talk to me about it, which is weird considering he's normally very quiet. I shrug. I don't care what Kai learns about me. We will stay close no matter what. That boy is still unspoiled by opinions and adult problems. I bet he doesn't care about sexuality, as long as he likes the person, he's okay with it. Sometimes I wonder what this world would look like if we were more like kids; unprejudiced. "I was there when Milan's dad said those things about you." I nod. "I know. Everyone was there." "It was an assholish thing to do. Is that a word; assholish?" I look over at my little brother, but he doesn't seem to notice us. He's focussed on his task. "If it isn't a word yet, they should invent it just for him," I say, grinning. "I guess that's the reason you guys aren't talking anymore, is it?" I nod again. "I knew homophobic parents raised him, but I never expected that learning the truth would change anything between you guys." The truth? I know I'm obvious about it sometimes, but why is he so certain about it, all of a sudden? Trenton shrugs apologetically. "Before the crash, I was on the bench behind you and your mom, when we were waiting to board the plane. I heard your conversation about them and also your mom's comment. So, yeah, I knew from the beginning. I should've told you, I'm sorry." "Don't be. I don't care, I'm normally really open about it. And everyone always seems to know it about me anyway, so I don't even try to hide it." He grins. "Yeah, I get that. Anyway, his reaction sucks, dude." "I know. But I don't really blame him, I guess. It's not his fault he's raised that way." I turn around and for a second I scan the camp until I find him. He's guiding his brother through the camp, who looks to be in an even worse state than yesterday. Milan doesn't notice me looking at him, and for a few seconds, I even forget Trenton and Kai are here with me. My body is mixing so many emotions. I feel sadness for his disapproval, happiness when I think back to our good times, anger for how he hurt me and still deep down there is some admiration. Even though he hurt me, he managed to get out of his parents' claws so well. He's already a better person than his parents ever will be. I admire that. And next to these sentiments, there is also this inexplicable feeling of love. The love that came so randomly and fucked everything up. It's nauseating to feel all this at the same time. "How do we know this is an island?" Trenton suddenly asks. I wonder how long I was lost in thoughts for, put the cross down and look at him questioningly. "What do you mean?" "Well, everyone keeps saying we're stranded on an island, but how do we know? We never saw the other side, we never traced the beaches and got back to where we started." "I actually never thought about it that way. I think we suspect this is an island since no one came to rescue us yet." It looks like the boy has to think about that for a minute. "I guess… But still, what if it's just some kind of peninsula we crashed on?" "What then?" "We could just walk to the closest city and contact the US embassy!" I laugh. "If there is an embassy within walking distance, I bet they would've noticed us by now." "Maybe you're right. I just wonder why everyone believes this is an island without questioning it. I think it's because of all the TV shows we watch about people crash-landing on islands. As if it's impossible to crash anywhere else!" I look at him and wonder, not for the first time today, why he suddenly is becoming more talkative. He used to be so quiet. I have little time to think about that, as Casey clashes two pieces of metal against each other: the sign that dinner is ready. I swallow: hell is going to break loose tonight. As the three of us stroll towards the campfire, I catch Oliver looking at me with a weird smirk on his face and I immediately know the leaders have another announcement to make.
  9. Butcher56

    Swan Chapter 2

    Fantastic chapter. I think it’s great that Sebastian has enough business sense to know that Xander is ready to begin working with the business. I like how the discussions went about the different properties that Xander was interested in purchasing as well as others that were already owned by them as Wagner International Investments. Once they had put in their offer for the property that Xander had suggested, they discussed what the school board wanted to do with some of the property that is owned by the company as well as property around the hospital where Huon was treated a number of times. When Xander returned to school after a long weekend with Sebastian & Lewis he went to the administration building to speak to the Headmaster about the property that the school board is interested in, he asked the Headmaster if he knew who owns the property that is wanted. The Headmaster stated that it’s owned by an international company, that’s when Xander placed the business card in front of the Headmaster who started to laugh as Xander explains how he’s involved with the company that owns the property. Great story into Xander and what he does now that he’s under the care of Sebastian who is his legal guardian.
  10. Today
  11. Marty

    Chapter 6

    It amuses me in a way how most readers seem to have written Derek off so quickly. He's only really been mentioned twice already in this story, and we are only seeing him through Danny's eyes. I'm not going to say whether he's going to play a major role in this story but, as I have already said, perhaps he has a reason for his current behaviour. Alison certainly does appear nice. But whether she's really the one for our Danny Boy remains to be seen. But I wonder just how much Danny is really invested in the game of rugby. Perhaps he only really played it at school because his best friend encouraged him to. Just because he may be good at the game doesn't necessarily mean he should give up lots of time training for and playing the game... I'm glad you're enjoying it, as well, @Geron Kees. Not sure if I'm setting you up for the kill or not (unless it's Danny suffocating Derek with a pillow in the middle of the night eventually 😮). Actually, my biggest worry just at the moment is that I may be setting readers up for a long wait before we get to the central theme of Danny's story... Thanks for your comments!
  12. To make things short for now, I am currently dealing with a near apocalyptic technology issue at the moment. So, i can only apologize for that. I wish I could say that it was all my fault, but that would be an easy fix. I just work harder and get things back together. But it was Microsoft that truly fucked me over (yet again), just minutes after I started putting out announcements for the July Issue of Imagine Magazine. It erased EVERYTHING on my laptop with some bullshit update that I didn't ask for or accept and took time to REFUSE automatic updates to avoid it. But they're a bunch of bullies that FORCE you to take it anyway, even if it destroys everything on your laptop all at once. Because...they wanna shove their new techy tricks down your throat whether you need it or not. Sigghhhh... Anyway, since the 15th, I've been scrambling to get my deleted files back and I have been lucky enough to find them again. (It cost me a LOT of money, though! Sighhh...a big chunk out of my 'go back to Chicago' fund), and that sucks, but I am working through this as quickly as humanly possible! K? I have the day off today, and I'm up at 6 AM to get started on trying to sort through over 1.5 terrabytes worth of music, documents, pictures, ebooks, ebook covers, story templates, videos, everything from Imagine Magazine, etc. It's a pain in the ass, but at least I didn't lose it all. So I'll count my blessings and just appreciate the fact that Microsoft's carelessness didn't result in me losing more hard work online than I even have a precedent for at this point. Anyway, this is what has been happening since last Monday. I'm still here. I'm fixing things as fast as I can, and I'll try to throw you you guys a bone or two as soon as a get a chance. ((Hugz)) I'm so SO sorry! I was blindsided by this, and one would think that Microsoft would be more responsible with their updates before obliterating every single file on somebody's laptop without permission. I guess I'm not paranoid enough. I guess I should back up my stuff three times a day. And...maybe I should carry a pistol with me to work every day. And a shot of adrenaline for my heart. And a katana sword in case I'm attacked by ninjas. And I should wear a hardhat everywhere I go in case I randomly get hit by a meteor from space. Because...it's MY fault for not being prepared for this nonsense. Anywway...I'm working on it. I'll get more stuff up soon. Please bear with me. ((Hugz)) Love you lots!
  13. BabyXander1990

    Another Birthday

    Bill W. Another great chapter and I wonder if Elliott and Ian will join the Curry Medical Group...
  14. I reread this wonderful piece again this morning, and all who comment before me are so right. This piece is wonderful, Hymen clever, scene and background alive with people and colour. Yet, it was your description of Hymen waiting, and Chronos slowing that struck me. How many of us today know what that really is? Hymen, had no music to listen to, no phone to check, no social media to ask ... he was truly there on his own, in the moment, restless and his thoughts must have flying with what if's, and his much gone-over plan. AC, i am enjoying this story so much ... thank you. xo
  15. I think Tom was trying to hint at this when he visited, but Robbie was dating Nathan then, and he wasn't prepared to acknowledge this. Also, it would have made him feel even sadder about being sent to Canada.
  16. “Well there is a house, that would make a good investment, no direct river access, but unlimited river views in Bindaring Parade, Claremont, just one block north of being in the Shire of Peppermint Grove. The property is number 14 and it looks to have been built fairly recently, with a front double garage on the northside, ahead of a walled courtyard, before actually getting to the house itself. From what I saw on the sign at the front, it has 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a billiards room, study, and a living room” I replied. “Sounds fairly impressive, lets talk to Seb about it some more when he gets here, ah, here he comes now” Lewis said to me, and once the groceries were loaded in, we headed out of town to the home retreat, out of town, and on the journey, I described the property to Lewis and Sebastian. Before dinner, Sebastian went online to check out the listing of the property that I had mentioned, and when he had seen everything he needed to know, he called the estate agent and made an offer on the property, before Seb tuned to look at me, “what about this property?” he asked me pointing out a modern apartment, and I read the information on it. “An apartment in Bay Road, Claremont, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, with two secure undercover car bays, close to shops, 1.5 kms from the Grammar School.” “Ok, if you think it is best, go for it, but why ask me, its your money you are spending to buy all of this land?” I asked, and both Lewis and Sebastian chuckled at my comment. “What? What exactly are you guys not telling me?” I asked in a confused manner. “We finally managed to sell Douglas farm, and we put the money from the sale into a Swiss account, in your name, with me as your executor, until you reach the age of twenty one, so technically, it is your money that we are spending” Sebastian announced, “What? Really? Wow!” was all I could say, shocked at what I had heard. “Huon Investments, is your company, but because you are still a minor, Lewis, the twins and I are joint Directors of the company, with 5% shares each, and you have the remaining 80% of shares in the company, we will be guiding you with all decisions regarding the company, until you reach the age of twenty one, then you as the senior shareholder, can make all the decisions” Sebastian informed me. “Wow, that is not what I expected, thanks” I said in reply. “Apart from the sale of Douglas Farm, you also have a regular income as part of the family company, which has been transferred into your company account, while you are at school, you will have a $1,500 a month income, for spending on what ever you want, but it must include all your clothing and footwear that you need. We will still cover all of your school expenses, including uniforms, school shoes, and sports gear, but the purchase of personal stuff is your responsibility” Lewis added, and I nodded my head in understanding. Sebastian made another call, to make an offer on the other property, which are listed with the same estate agent, and we were told that the offers would be passed on Monday morning. “I am wondering, is there a reason why you have recommended that we invest in property close to the school that I attend?” I asked. “Well, we already own some land in this suburb actually, on Ashton and Second Avenues, backing onto the showgrounds, and also plus some land on Queenslea Drive, opposite the school, which the school leases from us” Lewis announced, “Really? Oh, do you mean where the Prep School is now, between Queenslea Drive and Bayview Terrace” I asked. “Yes, that is right, and two houses as well, of which one is Mrs Cooper’s retirement property, the other is her investment property, for her two nephews” Sebastian said. “Wow, do many at the school know that it is Wagner International that owns the land, which they use for the Prep School?” I asked. “No, only the School Board members have that privilege, we purposely built the buildings especial for education use, although they could be used for businesses I guess” Lewis replied. “We have also recently bought three vacant properties and a small block offour flats, around the corner from the school, opposite the hospital, and the small block of four flats that back onto the hospital on Victoria Avenue, which we are yet to decide what to do with the land, Lewis wants us to donate the land to the hospital, but I am not so sure” Sebastian added as his mobile rang, and he answered the call in Italian. I listened in on Sebastian’s half of the conversation, and it sounded like a very interesting situation, but I waited until the call ended. “Well, that is something out of the blue, our lawyers have received a proposal from the school board, asking if we could consider it seriously and get back to us as soon as possible” Sebastian said. “Now you know I can’t understand Italian properly, so tell me what is this all about?” Lewis said sounding frustrated. “Well, many years back, when there use to be a Catholic private school across the road from the Grammar school which in those days used to be called St Louis, the church bought some land in Mount Claremont, and relocated the whole school to the new location, now it appears that the Grammar school has the same idea. The new playing fields of the grammar school, actually back onto John XX111 Catholic College, what used to be called St Louis, and there is 27 acres of vacant land that the Grammar school owns, located behind the playing fields of both schools, and also the UWA playing fields, that he Grammar school wants to use the vacant land, to build a new school. They may be able to get an additional twenty acres of land next to their old playing fields in Mount Claremont, to expand their space and in exchange for us paying for all of the building costs, they will hand over the land that the Grammar school is currently on, over to us, once the move is completed” Sebastian said. “Holy shit, that is incredible, what about the land that you own, that the school leases” I said, “We just develop it into modern residential and retail space, and we could also donate that land next to and opposite to the hospital to the hospital, so they can expand their services, as a thank you, because they treated your Dad when he fell sick a number of times” Sebastian said to me. I felt sad all of a sudden, at the mention of my Dad, and I looked Sebastian in the eyes, “Yes, give the land to the hospital, if that is what you want, I am happy with that” I said. “The big question now is, what the hell do we do with 16.14 acres of prime real estate, with so many usable buildings on it” Sebastian said. “Can I make some suggestions, since I am at the school every weekday. In a straight line from the roundabout to the MLC boundary, all land north of that keep as it is, as nearly all the buildings are modern and can be multi-use. Everything from that line to the river boundary, I recommend you demolish all of it, that would include the old McClements boarding house, the dining hall and medical centre, the education support building, most of the old Prep school is already demolished, which leaves just the chapel and the Walters boarding house, which for a guess, would be a little under a third of the total area. What you will have is a total of ten large education buildings, plus the gymnasium and heated swimming pool… actually I have a thought, if you do make the current Prep School into commercial space, you could lease the front section of the senior school, to the Grammar School to make it a new and bigger Prep School, and then you will have about 6 acres of prime river frontage land for development” I suggested. “By George, I think he has something there” Lewis said, imitating an English accent, and we all burst out laughing. During the weekend, Sebastian was busy putting together everything that we discussed onto the computer, and then from that he typed up a suggested proposal to the Grammar School, agreeing to pay for all of the building costs for establishing a Senior school on current School land in Mt Claremont. Once the move and hand over has taken place, he suggests that the school leases back the Stirling Highway front half of the Claremont campus, so it can become the new and bigger Prep School, and Wagner International will develop the river end of the land, once suitable ideas and plans have been completed. This will include regaining access to the river frontage in front of the school, meaning an adjustment to the agreement with the Claremont Yacht Club for having Yacht pens in front of the school land. The re-adjustment to the agreement would require the removal of 36 yacht pens closest to the school, and also to regain control of the land, currently used by the Prep school between Queenslea Drive and Freshwater Terrace. By lunchtime on Monday, when I was preparing to fly back to Perth, to return to school, Sebastian had completed his proposal, and had a response from the company lawyers back in Switzerland, giving their approval for the plans, and with the proposal submission sealed in a large yellow envelope, Sebastian placed it into a new briefcase and handed it to me, so I could deliver it to the school. When I arrived back at the school, I immediately locked the suitcase into my sports locker for safety, knowing that the other boarders would be curious to know what is inside the brief case. That evening, as I stepped out of the dining hall after dinner, I received a text message from Sebastian, “Offer for Bay Road apartment have been accepted, but missed out on Bindaring Parade house, congratulations, you know own some very nice property in Claremont. What do you plan to do with the apartment? Seb.” “I think if the apartment is good, I may use it as my weekend retreat,” I responded, and moments later I received a reply. “Nice idea, I approve of the apartment being a home for you,” Sebastian had messaged. The following morning, I ate breakfast very quickly and with backpack and briefcase in hand, I headed down to the school’s administration building. “Mr Devonport isn’t it?” a deep voice said after I entered the reception area, and I turned to one side, to see the Headmaster standing at a doorway. “Yes, Headmaster, that is correct, Alexander Devonport, I have actually come here to speak to you very briefly, if I may have two minutes please,” I replied. “Very well, and that is about all you will have before you are due to head to your first class” the Headmaster said as he indicated the direction for me to follow. It was the first time that I had been in the headmaster’s office, which was large and nicely furnished. “Now Alexander, what is it you wish to speak to me about?” the headmaster asked, as he sat down and indicated for me to sit. I opened the briefcase, which Sebastian had given me to combination for, and I saw two business cards sitting on top of the yellow envelope, one has Sebastian’s name as CEO of Wagner Corporation, and the second one has my name on it. “Alexander (Xander) Devonport, Investment Consultant, Wagner Corporation & CEO of Huon Investments,” which caught me by surprise, as I retrieved both business cards and the envelope, before closing he lid of the briefcase. “Sir I am not sure if you are aware of what the Grammar school board has planned for the future of this school, or if you know who owns the land that the school leases for the prep school premises” I started, watching the headmasters face carefully to see his response. “I am fully aware of what he school board is doing, as I receive minutes of their monthly meetings, and yes I know that an international company owns the land that the Prep school is located, but what I want to know is how do you know this, and what is your involvement?” the headmaster asked. At that point, I placed my new business card in front of the headmaster and waited, as the headmaster frowned then looked shocked at what was in front of him, with his mouth dropped open. “Sebastian Devonport is my first cousin and my guardian, and I am a minor shareholder of Wagner International” I announced quietly. “Holy hell… excuse me for that comment, I just… well this is a new one for the books, so to speak. That envelope, does that have anything to do with a recent proposal put to the corporation, regarding Mount Claremont?’ the Headmaster said, after a few moments of stuttering. “It is, Sebastian finished this on Sunday night, and asked me to deliver it to you personally, to be handed directly to the Chairman of the School Board, as soon as possible,” I replied before handing over the envelope. Quite a heavy document, any idea what it contains?” the Headmaster commented, and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Now Sir, you know that would be breaking the rules, and that is not permitted in this school,” I replied with a big grin, and the headmaster laughed.
  17. drpaladin

    In the Heat

    They had sex at last although one sided. Elias is one screwed up kitty. Passive aggressive is so annoying, like being dragged naked through an acre of stinging nettles.
  18. And back to the cooler raptor. It's 72 with a 91% humidity level. If it wasn't for the thunder storms in the forecast, it might be a nice day to lay in the Hammock and nibble on Penuche Fudge and share with the Rat Catcher.
  19. Yeoldebard

    In the Heat

    The pod hissed open, and Artemis waited a minute for Elias to wake from his malaise. There was nothing wrong with the neko. He had an anxiety attack, and there wasn’t much Artemis could do to stop those from happening. Elias sat up slowly, scanning the room/ His eyes fell on Artemis, lighting up with a wary joy. Artemis wondered if he’d ever lose that fear in him. “Hey, welcome back,” the tiger smiled at the neko. He held out his hand, helping Elias out of the pod. It felt wrong, enjoying the neko’s body as much as he did. The tiger was tempted to hide Elias’ clothes, and make him walk around nude. Shaking the thoughts from his head, Artemis watched as Elias covered up that perfect body. He knew Elias could likely tell what he was thinking. Not only was his dick growing hard in his pants, Artemis’ tail was also waving through the air alluringly, despite his best efforts to control it. ‘Damn, he threw me into heat…’ “Can you help me lock down the ship?” the tiger asked huskily, trying to fight his urges. Elias trembled slightly, nodding. He fled from the room, and Artemis growled. He wanted to chase the cat, throw him down on a bed and ride him. There was no time for this… The tiger fled to the bathroom, splashing his face with cold water. There was only one way to stop the emotions raging through him, but for now, the water would calm him just enough to get through the jump. The biggest risk would come from Elias. Artemis didn’t know the breeding habits of nekos, but if it was anything like the tiger’s own species, there was a chance he might put the neko into a heat just by being near him. Spotting the neko walking down the hall as he left the bathroom, Artemis called, “Elias, I need you to stay in the cabin until we’re done with the jump.” The tiger turned away before seeing if the neko would listen. He needed to trust Elias, and he needed to get through the jump before something disastrous happened. The ship heated around the neko as he stared at the letters on the tablet in front of him. Artemis had assured him it was safe to use the tablet during a portal jump as long as he was careful, and Elias took advantage of that to try and take his mind off the tiger. With no luck. Artemis really wanted him; his tail made that apparent. But Elias wasn’t ready to let the tiger fuck him. He didn’t know if he’d ever be ready. On the one hand, the thought filled him with excitement, laying with Artemis, their bodies entwined in love. But the tiger was so much bigger than him. He just knew being taken by Artemis would hurt. And with the tiger on top of him, he wouldn’t be able to get away if something went wrong. He’d be trapped, once more a slave to someone’s whims. But he wanted the tiger. There was no denying it. Elias laid back on his bed, sweat pouring over his clothes. He was going to need a change when they cooled down. It shouldn’t be more than five minutes now, and then Artemis would be increasing the ship’s speed until they were cruising through space. He couldn’t talk to the tiger about all this. Not while Commander Hawke was on the ship. Elias didn’t know what it was about the human, but he didn’t trust her. But then, who did he trust? And Elias knew instantly. Artemis. He trusted Artemis. The tiger wouldn’t hurt him. Not intentionally. Standing, the neko set his tablet aside and left the room. Directing his feet toward the cockpit, Elias kept his arms tightly against his body, holding his tail so it wouldn’t touch the scalding walls. The door to the cockpit hissed open, and Elias saw Artemis tense visibly. “Elias, please,” the tiger nearly growled, stopping the neko in his tracks. Commander Hawke stared between the two of them. “Uh, do you two need a moment?” she asked. The neko had no idea what was going on with the tiger. They were through the jump; all he needed to do was speed up and engage the autopilot. Both were things he had done just fine with Elias in the cockpit before. The tiger flipped on the autopilot. “Actually, yes. We do,” he said, standing up. “We’ll be in the cabin.” Elias winced as Artemis grabbed his arm and pulled him from the cockpit. They sped down the hall, the neko wincing as his tail hit the wall. Artemis pulled him into the cabin, making sure the door closed behind him. “Look, I told you to stay in here for a reason,” the tiger said quickly, releasing the neko. Pacing the room, Artemis stared at his feet. “You keep stirring feelings in me that are hard to fight, and today…” The tiger shivered, looking up. His eyes met Elias, and the neko echoed his shiver. Unbridled lust. Artemis was going to take him. And the knowledge was… freeing, in a way. It was going to happen. Elias might as well try to enjoy it. He stepped forward, grabbing the tiger’s arm. Artemis gasped, but Elias wasn’t stopping there. His lips crashed into Artemis’. There was no stopping this now. His mind was on fire. Elias was kissing him. Right now Artemis decided he didn’t care what happened for the rest of the day. The neko was kissing him, and that was good enough to make up for anything. The tiger forced himself to step back, breaking their liplock. He gazed into Elias’ eyes, seeing wonder and excitement in them. And not a little fear. “You are sure you want this.” The neko hesitated, and for the few seconds it took for him to answer, Artemis couldn’t breathe. “Yes. I want you to have me,” Elias said. Artemis tore at his shirt, baring his chest before leaping back at the neko. Their lips met again, and Artemis growled quietly, needing more. Pushing Elias backwards, the tiger knocked the neko onto the bed. He yanked off his pants, and growled at the neko. “Are you going to get undressed?” Elias blinked up at the tiger, the fear growing in his eyes. Artemis straddled the cat, his dick poking into Elias’ stomach. He was hard, so hard, and the neko was taking way too long. Elias’ mouth dropped open, an invitation, and Artemis grunted. It wasn’t what he wanted, but if that’s where the neko wanted him… Scooting himself up the neko’s body, Artemis dipped his rod into Elias’ mouth, slowly, not feeding him too much. Lips closed around his dick, sucking gently, and Artemis shuddered. He’d been using his hand for so long, he had forgotten what it felt like having someone to take care of his needs. It was a weird sensation. The moisture felt strange, though the hot breath washing over his rod was just blissful. Elias moved down an inch, drawing more of Artemis into him. The tiger closed his eyes, purring. He was building up so fast, but that was good. With the edge taken off, he could focus on other things. Like pleasuring Elias until the neko screamed. “Elias, I’m close,” he breathed, warning the neko. Artemis kept his hands away from Elias, giving him the freedom to pull away. But the neko just slid another two inches down, taking Artemis to the base. The tiger breathed out in an explosion of air. Cum spurted from him, flooding down the neko’s throat, and Elias swallowed it all, to the last drop. Artemis collapsed, spent. He barely caught himself before he crushed the neko under him. “Damn Elias, you’re amazing,” he breathed, gazing at the neko. Elias stared down at his own body, but an ear flared. He was pleased with himself. Artemis chuckled, rolling away from the cat. A hand reached out, cupping Elias’ crotch, and the neko stiffened under the tiger’s touch. “Are you okay?” Artemis asked, taking his hand away. Elias nodded silently. Artemis pushed himself back up with a grin, straddling the neko once more. “Good, because now it’s your turn.” Turn. The key word. Elias rolled over, breathing deeply. Artemis was thick. This was going to hurt. It was also rather fast. The tiger had just taken his mouth; Elias could still taste the bitterness of his essence. It was a taste that normally grossed him out, but for some reason, this time it didn’t seem so bad. A hand ran over his butt, scratching the base of his tail. Elias’ eyes closed and the neko purred. “I’ll have to remember you like that spot,” Artemis said, his free hand kneading Elias. The tiger’s weight vanished, and suddenly Elias was being rolled over again. “I don’t really enjoy poking people,” Artemis smiled apologetically at the cat. “But I’ll do it someday, if you want me to.” Artemis’ head fell as the tiger continued. “But, I love to do this, so if you’ll let me, I would greatly appreciate it.” The tiger’s nose nuzzled Elias’ crotch and Elias felt his rod leap up to meet Artemis. “Hmm, a little too musky. We’ll have to fix that later,” Artemis grinned up at the cat coyly. His thumbs slipped under Elias’ pants, and the neko almost kicked him, shuddering at the tickling sensation. Artemis pulled his pants out and down, and the neko’s rod sprang free from its confines, bouncing off Elias’ stomach. Elias was confused. Sure, people had played with him before, messed with his rod, but it always happened before they fucked him. But Artemis said he didn’t like to fuck? Unless he was just keeping Elias there for later… The tiger’s breath was hot on his groin, even hotter than the ship that was cooling rapidly around them. Elias hissed as a rough tongue touched him, nearly bolting off the bed. “Don’t you need to fly?” he asked suddenly. Artemis looked at him, almost sorrowfully. “No, the ship can fly itself. But if you want me to stop I will.” The tiger replaced his clothes, and folded Elias’ pants back over his crotch when it became obvious Elias was too uncertain to do it himself. “I didn’t push you too far, did I?” Artemis asked. The neko avoided Artemis’ gaze, his tail fluffed out in fear. “I’m sorry,” Artemis said quietly. “This is why I wanted you to stay in here. I could have done that on my own, and then we could have talked. I feel bad; I fucked you, but you didn’t get to do the same to me.” “It’s not right,” Elias whispered. “A slave shouldn’t be pleasured…” “Look at me. Look. Look into my eyes Elias,” Artemis snarled suddenly. Startled, the neko looked up. “You. Are not. A slave. Do you hear me?” Fire burned in the tiger’s eyes and his voice. Gulping, Elias nodded. “Good. Then anything you learned as a slave, forget about it. It is of no use to you.” Reaching down, the tiger scratched the neko’s tail again. “You are one of the most deserving of pleasure. You have endured too much at such a young age. I want you to be happy.” Artemis stepped back, and sat on the other bed. “I let you collar me. And I will let you do it again, any time you want,” the tiger reminded him. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I will always be there for you, and I will do my best to protect you. We could be in the middle of the best sex ever, and if you tell me to stop I will.” “You…” Elias fell silent, biting his tongue. “What? I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong,” Artemis pressed. “You- you seemed… angry earlier. But like, scared angry.” Artemis sighed. “Elias, do you know what a heat is?” The neko shrugged. From the way Artemis said the word, it was different than the heat the ship gave off, or the heat on a summer day. “My species goes into heat at least once a year, sometimes twice. For a week’s time, we need to have sex in some form at least once a day or we will kose our mind for the entire heat. It becomes a driving need, something we would kill for. And I just started it this morning. I wasn’t sure if I could be around you, and I wanted you to stay away from me so I didn’t rape you.” Elias frowned, trying to process what the tiger was saying. “I didn’t,” Artemis said quickly. “Did I?” Elias shrugged again, and Artemis echoed his frown. “You don’t know?” he asked. “How… Elias, do you know what... “ The tiger sighed. “Did you want me to stick my dick in your mouth?” He did. But he also didn’t. But that didn’t make sense… “I’m not going to be mad if you say no,” Artemis said. Shrug. It was quickly becoming his most used expression. “I’m sorry,” Artemis sighed. “I mean, you opened your mouth, and I just assumed you wanted it.” He met Elias’ eyes again. “Why did you have your mouth open then?” “That’s what they want of me.” “So it’s what you’re use to… That will have to change. The next time I do something that you don’t want, I need you to tell me. Please.” “I thought you would have done it anyways-” “No. I probably would have pushed you out of the room if you told me no. I told you before, I do not want to hurt you. In any way. I am not your owner Elias. I am your friend.” The tiger stood up. “I got you talking,” he smiled suddenly. “For what it’s worth, I’m happy about that.” Artemis left the room, and Elias was left to his thoughts.
  20. Oh, of course. I expect all stories to share some similarities here and there. But I was hoping to really do something different with mine. Hehehe, so I'd be crushed if it was something that had all been done before. So I'm relieved.
  21. HORNY Hugo's one randy new young TWINK
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