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    Alo Chapter 11

    If I understand correctly, Lloyd is now a part owner of the station. That will give him added incentive to do a good job on the repairs and getting things going again even though he seemed to be taking hold well even before the change in financial arrangements. The storm certainly ravaged the station, but it is great to see him working in so smoothly.
  3. You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.
  4. I think this fits here for some reason… ;–)
  5. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 11

    Monday morning J&J slid out of their ‘clean sheeted’ bed, went through the normal morning rituals and were nearly ready to hook up with Levi and Caleb for breakfast. Jeff observed that Julian had his nose in the school’s student handbook. "What you checking on, baby?" Jeff asked. "Jeff, remember what we were talking about the other day?" "We talk about a lot of things, baby, which thing?" Jeff inquired. "The student health clinic does free STD tests on Mondays and Thursdays. You could get tested today, and we’d know if you are clean, for sure." Julian replied. "Will you go with me baby," Jeff asked, "for moral support?" "Of course I will," Julian replied, "we need to be there by 2:00" After lunch, J&J walked to the clinic from their dorm, and entered at about 2:00 PM and Jeff signed in for the STD tests. They waited nervously until ‘Jeff Parks, Room 3 Please’ was announced. Jeff walked into Room 3, facing a young man in a white lab coat. "Jeff Parks?" he asked, Jeff nodded, "I’m Donnie, and I need to gather some information about you. Have you noticed any unusual symptoms or has anything occurred that has brought you here today?" "No," Jeff replied, "I just want to be certain I don’t have anything, that I could possibly pass on to someone else." "Jeff, relax," Donnie said, "this is important information that we need, but it’s confidential, and I promise it won’t be in the campus newspaper. Do you have a regular partner, sex partner?" "I do," Jeff replied, "and we’re in a monogamous relationship." "We highly recommend that both partners of a couple get tested, are they here with you today?" "Yes, but I’m certain they are clean," Jeff said. "Would you please bring them in?" Donnie requested, "I need to get some information from them also." Jeff opened the door and beckoned Julian to join him. "Oh," Donnie stated, "so I guess you’re a gay couple?" Both boys nodded. "What is your name, young man? "Julian White," Julian stated. "How long have you both been in this monogamous relationship?" The boys agreed that it had been about six months. "During that time, have either of you had sex with anyone else?" "No, sir," Jeff offered, "but before I met Julian, I dated lots of girls, and had sex with several of them." "I see," Donnie said, "STD’s are strange sometimes. It’s possible that Jeff could have been infected by one of those girls, and not known it, and could have passed it on to you, Julian. That’s why we recommend that both partners get tested, even if you both now are monogamous." "The tests only take about four days to complete and have the results. If you both test clean, you’ll be able to enjoy your relationship without worry or concern. Just as a precaution," Donnie said, "until we know, I recommend that you avoid oral sex completely, and use protection for anal sex." "Does that mean we can’t kiss?" Julian asked. "Of course you can kiss," Donnie said, "STD’s aren’t transmitted by saliva, just don’t—you know!" Donnie grinned. "If either, or both of you test positive, for anything, we’ll need to get you guys back in here for treatment, but if you both test clean we’ll notify you by phone, or text. Now if you’ll wait out in the waiting room, Sarah will call you into the lab and relieve you both of a little of that excess red liquid that runs so freely in your veins. Good luck, guys." "Thanks, Donnie," both boys said, as they left his office. About ten minutes later, Sarah called them into the lab and stabbed a huge needle into their arms, relieving them both of three vials of blood. Now all they need to do is wait for the results—and Friday, so they can go to Dunbar! * * * * * * * * * * * * Monday morning Vi prepared breakfast for Art and herself, and packed Art’s lunch. "Baby," Art said, "I’ve told Alvin what we’re doing, and he is very supportive. I’m quite sure he won’t have a problem with me taking off early today. I’m planning to leave work about 2:30 PM so I should be home about 3:30, you know I want to be here when Mrs. Jones brings the children." "Honey," Vi said, "I have no idea what might come with them, you know, like clothing. I’m going to do a little shopping, and at least pick up some toddler Pull-ups for Dominic, and some baby wipes, as I know he’s not completely potty trained. I might see if I can find some baby spoons, sippy cups and maybe a special kiddie dish for him, and a few groceries and snacks that little kids like." "Do you know what else we’re going to need? Car seats, when Julian was small they weren’t required, but we’ll need them now, for both of them, or at least for Dom. Sammy might be big enough to just use a seat belt." Art and Vi shared a loving kiss and hug, Art grabbed his lunch cooler and took off, and a few minutes later Vi left with the SUV to do her shopping, returning about lunchtime. Curiosity was eating away at Vi, she looked at the card Mrs. Jones had left and made a call to her. Jones answered. "Mrs. Jones, Vi White here. My husband and I have filed to adopt these two lovely children, that you are bringing to our home later this afternoon. We didn’t want to talk about this in front of the children, but can you please give us a little background on them?" "I guess I can do that," Mrs. Jones stated, "what did you want to know?" "To begin, why did their parents give them up for adoption?" "Mrs. White, only their mother gave them up, we’ve not been able to make contact with either of the children’s fathers. We know that Samantha’s father is Caucasian, and Dominic’s father is Puerto Rican, by information supplied by their mother, Geraldine Greene. Both of the children’s birth certificates list the father as ‘unknown’" "Miss Greene is a ‘Lady of the Night,’ if you know what I mean. Both of the children were born out of wedlock, and since the fathers were nowhere to be found, were given their mother’s last name. Miss Greene turned them over to us, to be placed for adoption, stating that she lacked both the desire to mother them, and the financial resources to give them proper care." Mrs. Jones could hear Vi sniffing on the phone. "I don’t understand—how any mother—could just—give those beautiful children away—like that! I’m very happy—that my husband—and I will have—the opportunity to—give them a secure—and loving home." "Is there anything else I can help you with?" Mrs. Jones asked. "I don’t think so," Vi said, "we’ll be looking forward to receiving the rest of our family, later today." Vi hung up, and so did Mrs. Jones, believing that she had made a wise choice in accepting the White’s as foster parents for the Greene children. Art returned from work, walking in the back door, and set his cooler down. He took Vi in his arms and hugged her tightly and lovingly. "Shall we wait on the porch for Mrs. Jones to bring our treasure?" "Sure," Vi replied, "I called Mrs. Jones earlier, and learned more than I ever needed to know about these children. I won’t discuss it now, but I’ll explain, when we’re alone, maybe after they’ve gone to sleep, by the way, their last name is Greene, which is their mother’s last name." Vi and Art sat on the front steps to await the arrival of the children. Mrs. Jones pulled up, and Vi and Art walked to her car. Jones pulled Dominic out of the car seat, and stood him on the ground. "The kids come with a little baggage," Mrs. Jones stated, "Mr. White, the car seat comes with Dominic, if you’ll please detach it, and you can put it in your car." "Thanks," Art said, "we figured we’d need to buy one." "Mr. White, everything in the trunk is theirs, maybe you can unload it, and Mrs. White and I can take the kids into the house." Vi picked up Dominic, with no objection from him, and she and Mrs. Jones headed into the front door along with Samantha, toting a rather dilapidated old doll. "This is Sally," Samantha stated, "she is my best friend, and she sleeps with me every night." Vi, looking closely at the doll, "Sally, welcome to our home." "She said to tell you ‘Thank you,’ Samantha said. Art brought in four bags of clothing, and a box of small toys. "Samantha, Dominic," Mrs. Jones stated, "these are your new Mommy and Daddy, can you say ‘Hi’ to them?" Dominic waddled toward Vi, acting like he wanted to be picked up, and Vi complied. Dominic placed his little arms around Vi’s neck, and Vi pulled him close, hugging him and kissed his cheek. Dominic then settled comfortably on Vi’s lap. Samantha walked over to Vi, said ‘Hi Mommy’ and kissed Vi on her cheek, and Vi returned the kiss on Samantha’s cheek. Then Samantha went to Art, and climbed up on his lap, of course Art pulled her close, hugging her. "Are you going to be Daddy’s little girl?" Art asked. "I will be," Samantha replied, "if you’ll keep us around long enough. You are the second Daddy we’ve had, and the last one, along with Mommy, sent us away!" Art lost it, tears streaming down his face. "I think," Mrs. Jones said, "she’s referring to the last foster parents, where I picked them up from earlier, to bring them here." "Sweetheart," Art said, "you and your brother are done moving around. She (pointing to Vi) and I are your forever Mommy and Daddy, and this is your forever home." "Daddy," Sam asked, "why are you crying?" "Sweetheart," Art tried to explain, "there are two kinds of tears, sad tears and happy tears, these are happy tears, because your Mommy and I are so happy to have you and Dominic now living with us." "Daddy, I think I love you." Sam said. "Honey. I know your Daddy loves you, and Dominic too." Art replied, kissing Samantha on her cheek, and holding her tight. It was easy to see that Art and Samantha have already developed a close relationship. "Mommy," Dominic whined, "I gotta tinkle." "Guess what Dom," Vi said, come with me, and I’ll show you your very own toilet." Dominic followed Vi to the bathroom and Vi showed him the potty-chair. "Do you need some help?" "Nope," Dom stated, as he shoved his pants and huggies down and sat on the potty, letting his pee stream into the little cup that drains into the potty, designed to keep little boys from streaming out onto the floor. A minute later he was done and pulled his pants back up. Dominic, smiling, "Done, and dry!" "Good boy!" Vi said, and they returned to the living room. "He does pretty well in the daytime," Mrs. Jones said, "but sometimes still wets at night." "I guess that’s why we have a plastic sheet in his crib." Vi said. "Is he still on baby food?" Vi asked. "No, he eats what we all eat," Mrs. Jones said, "but you need to chop his food into small pieces. He doesn’t have all his teeth yet, and can’t chew bigger pieces." Vi nodded, understanding. "If there is nothing else you need from me," Mrs. Jones said, "I’m going to head on home. If you have any problems, you have my number, and I’ll be here tomorrow morning to pick up Samantha and get her enrolled in her new school. I’ll probably get here around 9:00 AM, just have her dressed and fed breakfast." "Thank you so much for everything, Mrs. Jones," Art said, "I don’t really anticipate any problems that we can’t handle." It was nearly 6:00 PM when Mrs. Jones left, and Vi had not started dinner yet. She usually tried to have dinner ready to eat at 6:30 when Art got home from work, but it would be about 7:15 tonight. Vi swung into chef mode and started dinner. While Vi was preparing dinner, Samantha sat at the table watching her and Art watched the news on TV and was also watching Dominic pushing some toy vehicles around the floor, just like Julian did, eighteen years ago. It brought back sweet memories. Right after dinner, about 8:15, Vi told Samantha that she and Sally needed to go to bed, because they had school tomorrow. Sam picked up Sally and headed into her bedroom, after first using the toilet and brushing her teeth. A few minutes later, Sam walked into the kitchen where Vi was washing dishes, butt naked, and got Vi’s attention, "Mommy, I can’t find my jammies." "Let me dry my hands, honey, and I’ll help you." Vi replied. She considered scolding Sam for coming out naked, then decided to overlook the offense, and just went back into Sam’s room and started searching through the bags, finally finding her pajamas. Sam put them on, climbed into bed and Vi tucked her in, kissing her forehead, and telling her to sleep tight. A six year old coming out naked is hardly deserving of a scolding! Vi remembered Julian doing that when he was as old as eight or nine, and they never scolded him for it. Dominic got tired of playing and started to fall asleep on the living room rug. Art picked him up, and encouraged him to tinkle in his potty, and then tucked him into his crib, of course giving him a loving kiss goodnight. Art and Vi went to bed about 10:30 with the alarm set for 6:30, a very happy pair of seemingly new parents. Tuesday morning the alarm sounded and Art quickly shut it off, hoping it didn’t wake Dominic. It didn’t. Vi donned her robe and made coffee, then prepared breakfast for Art, and packed his lunch. Art left for work as usual at about 7:20 AM. Vi, after another cup of coffee, and having her own breakfast, woke Sam up about 8:00 AM. She helped Sam take her bath, got her dried, and fixed her some breakfast. She helped Sam get dressed, just in time for Mrs. Jones to pick her up and take her to school. About 2:00 PM Vi was wondering when Mrs. Jones would be bringing Sam home. About 2:15 Sam burst in the back door. "Hi Mommy." Sam greeted, "I’m home!" Sam and Vi shared a kiss and hug. "Where is Daddy?" "He’s at work, honey," Vi answered, "He’ll be home for dinner, about 6:30. Where is Mrs. Jones?" "I don’t know," Sam responded, "She got me all enrolled and left, I rode the school bus home, some of the other kids told me the bus comes at 7:55 to pick us up in the morning. I sat with Eric on the way home, he’s in my class, and gets on and off the bus right here where I do—and he’s nice, I like him." "7:55 AM huh? It looks like we’re going to have to start getting you up just a little earlier. Daddy leaves for work about 7:30 and you’ll need to be leaving to catch the bus for school just a few minutes later. That means that you, Daddy and I can all have breakfast together on school mornings." Samantha smiled. * * * * * * * * * * * * Wednesday morning J&J woke to the alarm, and rose to greet the day. They showered together (as usual), dressed and went next door to pick up Levi and Caleb to head to the dining hall for breakfast. When they knocked, Levi opened the door and let them in, and was naked, having just gotten out of bed. Caleb was still under the covers. "You guys going to breakfast with us?" Jeff asked. "I think so," Levi said, "If I can get this lunkhead out of bed! CALEB, time to rise and glow dimly!" "Levi, I can’t get up yet!" Caleb exclaimed. "Why not?" Levi asked, "Are you OK?" "I’m naked and I’ve got—morning wood!" Caleb said. Levi, chuckling, "Neither of those should bind you to the bed." Levi, grinning, yanked the covers off Caleb, exposing the biggest boner that J&J had ever seen. "WOW!" Jeff exclaimed, "that’s one big cock, Caleb, you could be a porn star with that." "Guys, you’re embarrassing me," Caleb whined. "Caleb," Levi said, "I told you that you have nothing to be ashamed of, man, if you’ve got it—flaunt it!" "How the hell do I take a piss with this thing? It’s too stiff!" "Easy, buddy," Levi replied, "piss in the god damn shower." "You don’t mind?" "Why should I?" Levi replied, "It’s only piss, the water will wash it away in a few seconds." Caleb stepped to the shower and let it go, coming back to the rest with nearly a flaccid cock. "Now I don’t have that fuckin’ hardon!" Caleb commented. "And you no longer have to piss either," Levi said, "Ya just gotta love that morning wood!" J&J grinned, having experienced the situation themselves many times. Caleb and Levi both dressed and the four headed to the dining hall for breakfast, then headed to their classes. Shortly before noon, Jeff received a text from the clinic, ‘You and your partner are both squeaky clean, use precaution with other contacts’. Jeff couldn’t wait to call Julian, and Julian answered on the first ring with "Hi Baby." "Baby," Jeff asked, "did you get a text?" "Yeah, Baby," Julian replied, "We’re both clean, and good to go!" "As long as we stay monogamous," Jeff said, "we should never have a worry." "Baby," Julian said, "I’ve never touched anyone but you." "I’m sorry about my past," Jeff said, "but since we’ve been together, there has never been anyone for me except you." * * * * * * * * * * * * On Wednesday afternoon Calvin received an unexpected phone call from his Dad. Calvin, recognizing the number answered. "Hi Dad," Cal said, "I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch very well, I hope there is nothing wrong." "The only thing wrong, Son, is that your Mom and I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you have plans for Saturday evening?" "Not really, Dad," Cal said, "what are you thinking?" "Could you handle one of your Mom’s home cooked meals this Saturday night?" Dad said. "Dad," Cal said, "I could handle Mom’s cooking any night of the week, can she cook enough for four? There is someone I would like for you to meet." "That would be great, Cal," Dad said, "what’s his name?" "Uh—Uh—Jim, Jim Ashley, but why did you think it was a him?" "Son," Dad replied, "I think your Mom and I know you a little better than you think we do. We’ve been hoping that one of these days you would meet Mr. Right, and have someone to share your love with." "Dad," Cal said, "you’ve just made everything a whole lot easier, for all of us! What time would you like us to show up?" "I would expect Lydia to plan dinner for around Five or Six, but if you guys could come around after lunch, we’d have the afternoon to get to know each other." "Dad, I promised Jim I was going to introduce him to my parents this weekend and you’ve just helped me keep that promise!" Cal stated, "I know Jim is going to be a little nervous, but I also think that you and Mom are going to like him. I’m now anxious for Saturday, and we’ll see you then. Thanks, Dad, I love you." "We love you too, Son, and look forward to seeing you," Bye." Calvin, as he and Jim were driving home from work, "Babe, we have an important dinner engagement Saturday evening. My Dad called me today, and we’re invited for dinner, but they want us to come after lunch, so they can get to know you a little." "Oh, shit," Jim said, "I’m not sure I’m ready to meet my future in-laws yet, how much did you tell them?" "Not a lot, Babe, but I could tell, from his voice, that my Dad is excited to meet you," Cal said, "They’re cool, and you’ll like them." * * * * * * * * * * * * Back in Dunbar, Vi, Art and Samantha were having breakfast, and Dominic was still sleeping in his crib. Art finished eating, gave Vi a quick goodbye kiss and hug, then took Sam into his arms, and hugged her tightly, kissing her on the cheek. "Goodbye, sweetheart," Art said, "I’ll see you tonight." "Bye, Daddy," Sam said, smiling. Art grabbed his lunch cooler and left, headed for his pickup and work. "Honey," Vi said, "go finish dressing and I’ll walk with you to the bus stop this morning." "Cool, Mommy," Sam said, smiling, "and you can meet Eric." Vi went to their bedroom to check on Dominic, who was still sleeping peacefully in his crib. Sam pulled her backpack over her shoulders and she and Vi headed out the door. Vi wasn’t comfortable leaving Dominic alone, but only expected to be out of the house for five, maybe 10 minutes. If Dom woke up, she knew that he couldn’t get out of the crib by himself. Arriving at the school bus stop, Sam and Eric shared a hug, and Sam pulled Eric toward Vi. "Mommy," Sam said, "this is Eric." Eric, facing Vi, "Mrs. Greene, I’m Eric Hanson, and you’ve got a really nice little girl. I like Samantha, a lot." The school bus arrived, and Vi observed another mother standing by, both women watching the group of about 7 children boarding the bus. The other mother was eyeing Vi, and once the kids were all on the bus, stepped towards Vi. "Mrs. Greene, I’m Carrie Hanson, Eric’s Mom, are you new in the neighborhood?" "Goodness no, but I’m not Mrs. Greene, I’m Violet White. My husband, Art, and I have lived right there (pointing to their home) for twenty years, but our daughter, Samantha is new, to us." "Carrie, I left our toddler sleeping and I need to get back," Vi said, "can you come in and have coffee with me, and I’ll explain everything." "Sure," Carrie stated, "let me call my son and let him know where I’ve gone." Carrie made a quick call from her cell phone. "Yeah, Mom," the voice answered. "Son, I’ve just met one of the neighbor ladies, and I’m going to have coffee with her," Carrie said, "Do you need anything before you go to school?" "I’m fine, Mom," he said, "Jake is here, and we’re just waiting until time for our bus to get here. I’ll see you after school." They both hung up, and Carrie walked with Vi to the White’s house. "Larry is Eric’s older brother, and he’s a junior in high school," Carrie said, chuckling, "the two boys worship each other, but sometimes Eric does get on Larry’s nerves." Vi, as she and Carrie entered the kitchen, "I think Dominic is still sleeping, would you like to see him?" "Of course," Carrie replied, following Vi to her bedroom, where Dominic was still asleep in his crib. "Oh, he’s precious—if he was awake I would have to hug him!" Carrie exclaimed, grinning. Vi and Carrie returned to the kitchen and Vi made a fresh pot of coffee. "Vi, I’m a bit confused," Carrie stated, "Samantha Greene is your daughter, but your name is Violet White? If I’m being too nosy—tell me." "It’s fine, Carrie. Art and I are an interracial couple, we married almost 25 years ago, and had a most wonderful son, Julian, who is in college now." Vi excused herself for a minute and got Julian’s senior photo, showing it to Carrie. "Oh my gosh!" Carrie exclaimed, "he’s so handsome." Vi spent the next half an hour explaining to Carrie how they decided to expand their family by Adopting Samantha and Dominic, and that once the adoption was final, Samantha and Dominic’s last name would be White. "Vi," Carrie stated, "I have the utmost respect for folks like you and your husband, to take unwanted children like Sam and Dominic, and give them a loving home and family!" "Thanks, Carrie," Vi said, "the kids were just delivered to us Monday. Art and I have fallen totally in love with them already." "Those kids are the real winners," Carrie said, "I can feel the love you have for them, just chatting with you. I know they’re only in first grade, but there is a strong attraction between Eric and Sam, and I think they’re going to evolve into strong childhood friends." "Carrie, they’re going to have more love than just from Art and me," Vi said, "Julian was raised an only child, and we never realized how much he had longed for siblings. When we broke the news to him, he went crazy, like a kid on Christmas Morning. He, and his best friend from college are coming in Friday for the weekend, and he is so excited about meeting his future siblings!" "That’s awesome," Carrie said, grinning, "I know the White house is going to be rocking this weekend, and I’m really happy for your family." Vi heard Dominic crying, and rushed to the bedroom, lifting him out of his crib. "Mommy potty" Dominic said, and Vi stood him by the potty in the bathroom. He pushed his pants down, and used the potty, but his huggies were already soaked. "Too late, I’m wet," Dominic said. "It’s OK sweetie," Vi said, pulling off the wet ones, using a wash cloth to clean him, dried him and pulled on a fresh pair. Vi carried him to the kitchen and placed him in his hi-chair. "I hungry!" Dominic exclaimed. Vi, putting a sippy cup of apple juice in front of him, "I’m sure you are, sweetie, give me a minute and I’ll have your breakfast ready." Dominic drank some of the juice while Vi scrambled two eggs with some cheese, putting it into his ‘special’ bowl. Dominic fed himself while Carrie and Vi watched and chatted. After he ate, cleaning his bowl, Vi picked him up out of the high chair and handed him to Carrie, and Carrie tried to cuddle him, but he started to cry, so Vi took him back into her own arms, and he smiled. "I think," Vi said, "that he was afraid that he was losing another Mommy." Carrie, speaking to Dominic, "Poor baby, I just wanted to hold you, and love you." "I think he’ll be better, Carrie, once he gets to know you better," Vi said. Carrie nodded in agreement. "Vi," Carrie said, "I don’t work, so if you need someone to watch him for a while, I’ll be happy to, and that goes for Samantha too." "Thanks, Carrie," Vi replied, "I might take you up on that offer, and if you need someone to watch over Eric, he’s welcome here." "This is wild, Vi," Carrie said, smiling, "we’ve been neighbors for years, but it took the friendship of our kids to get us to meet. I think we should swap phone numbers." Vi immediately reached for her phone, and Carrie retrieved her phone from her pocket and the two women traded numbers. "Vi, it’s been fun, but I need to do some laundry, and get some groceries." Carrie stood up, and offered open arms to Vi and the two women shared a hug. "Here’s to friendship." * * * * * * * * * * * * Friday morning in Dunbar was very much like Wednesday and Thursday mornings, except that Dominic was awake, and Vi carried him with her while seeing Sam off to school. Carrie and Vi had coffee together both mornings, and Dominic started to accept Carrie’s affection without crying. J&J shared breakfast with Caleb and Levi, and Levi noticed that Julian seemed to be extremely fidgety that morning. "Julian," Levi stated, "you’re really antsy this morning, if you need to pee, there is a restroom right outside the door." "That’s not his problem," Jeff explained, "It’s finally Friday, and were both anxious for our classes to end so we can go to Dunbar and meet Julian’s new siblings!" No more explanation was needed as J&J are close to Levi and they had previously shared the information about the upcoming adoption with Levi. Finally J&J’s last class ended and they hustled to the dining hall to grab some lunch. They were thankful that none of their professors had loaded them with a lot of weekend homework, and returned to their dorm room and dropped their backpacks. They grabbed their overnight bag (all of their clothes in one bag) and headed to Jeff’s car for their trip to Dunbar. Arriving about 4:00 PM the boys rushed into the kitchen, greeted by the tantalizing aroma of Vi’s beef stew. Both boys quickly gave Vi a warm hug and kiss. "Where are my siblings?" Julian questioned. "Dominic is taking his nap, in his crib," Vi replied, "please don’t wake him yet, and Sam is at the Hanson’s house with her little boyfriend." "BOYFRIEND!" Julian exclaimed, "I thought she was only in the first grade!" "She is, honey," Vi replied, grinning, "but she and Eric Hanson are both in the same class, and they seem to have developed a close relationship with each other. I’ll call Carrie and have her send Sam home." Vi made the call, and Carrie said she would have Larry walk her home. A few minutes later, Larry showed up at the back door with Samantha. "Here is your little girl Mrs. White," Larry said, then, spotting Julian, "HEY, I know you! We used to ride the same bus to school when I was like, in seventh or eighth grade. Julian?" "That’s me," Julian said, smiling, "I remember your face, but I don’t remember your name." "Larry, Larry Hanson. I think you graduated, cause I didn’t see you anymore. Long time no see, this is where you live?" "When I’m not at the university," Julian said, "I’m a junior there, one more year to go, after this one. It’s good to see you." "I’m a junior in high school now, how long are you home for?" Larry asked. "Just for the weekend," Julian replied, "Larry, this is my best friend, Jeff Parks, and we have to go back Sunday." "Julian," Larry said, "can we get just a few minutes to chat, sometime this weekend, alone, there is something I’d like to know." "How about right now," Julian said, "Mom, Jeff, can you excuse me please, for a few minutes?" Larry and Julian walked outside and talked in the back yard. "What do you want to know, Larry?" Julian asked. "Back when we were both riding the bus to school," Larry explained, "I liked you, and I thought we could be friends, especially since we lived only about three doors apart. Some of the kids told me I shouldn’t get too close to you, because you were—queer. I always wondered—if that was—true." "Larry," Julian explained, "I was very lonely in school, and I had no friends. I was attracted to a few boys, but I never dared to let my feelings show, because I was afraid I’d get beat up. I’ve never been with a boy, until I was in college, but I am gay. Please don’t go broadcasting it, keep it between us, okay?" "Not a problem, Julian," Larry said, "we have a couple of gay couples in school now, but nobody bothers them. I’m straight, but I don’t have an issue with gay people. One of my closest friends, Jake, came out to me as gay, and I accepted him. I know you and I aren’t close friends, but I’ll accept you too. I was just curious." "Anything else you want to know?" Julian asked. "Yeah," Larry said, grinning, "are you and Jeff like—boyfriends?" "Yes, Larry," Julian replied, "we’ve been dating for about six or seven months now, and we love each other very much." "Cool," Larry said, "he seems like a nice boy, and if you’re happy with each other, I think that’s what matters, Catch ya later." Larry headed back to his house, and Julian back into the kitchen. "Samantha," Vi said, "this is Julian and Jeff, and they’re now your big brothers." Julian sitting on one of the kitchen chairs, "Come here, Sam," and patted his thigh. Sam taking the hint and climbing up on Julian’s lap, Julian pulling her close, and hugging her, and kissing her cheek. Julian suddenly had tears streaming down his face, and Sam noticed. "Julian, why are you crying?" Sam asked. "Sweetheart," Julian said, "I’ve waited so many years to have siblings to love, and now, finally, I have you and Dominic to love." "Julian," Sam asked, "what are siblings?" "Siblings, honey, are brothers and sisters, that have the same Mommy and Daddy. You see, you and Dominic now have the same Mommy and Daddy that I do, so that makes you and Dom my siblings, my little sister and brother." "Why did that make you cry?" Sam asked. "Sam," Julian explained, "there are two kinds of tears, sad tears and happy tears. When we get hurt, or something makes us unhappy, we cry sad tears, and when something happens that makes us very happy—we cry happy tears. Having you and Dominic as my little sister and brother, has made this one of the happiest days of my life—and these tears I’m crying are happy tears!" Jeff, falling to his knees in front of Julian, "Hey Bro, don’t be a hog, this brother wants to share some hugs and kisses with our little sister too!" Sam slid off Julian’s lap, and into Jeff’s waiting arms. Jeff pulled her close, and kissed both of her cheeks and her forehead lovingly. Samantha seems to be absorbing the affection from J&J like a sponge, and is smiling. Vi is smiling too, enjoying watching the interaction between these newly acquainted siblings. "Mom, are you going to make biscuits to go with the stew?" Julian asked. "I hope it’s not too much disappointment," Vi replied, "it’s not beef stew, it’s a crock potted beef pot roast. I use bay leaves with both, and I think that’s what you guys are smelling." "Whatever it is, it sure is making me hungry," Jeff said, "I’ll be glad when Dad gets home so we can eat." "He should be home at 6:30," Vi said, "about half an hour from now. Are you guys up for a challenge?" "What’s that, Mom?" Julian asked. "Do you want to try to get Dominic up, and ready for dinner?" "What do we do, just pick him up out of his crib, and bring him here, and put him in his chair?" Julian asked. "It’s a bit more complicated than that," Vi said, "you need to wake him gently, and he’ll probably need to use the potty. If he just needs to tinkle, he’s pretty much got that down, if his huggies are still dry. But if he needs to do number two, you’ll need to clean his little behind for him." "Oh, yuck!" Jeff exclaimed. "It’s not that hard, Jeff," Vi said. "Mom, you might need to show us how," Julian said, "baby, let’s go and see if we can get him up." Dominic was still sleeping as J&J approached his crib. Julian gently rocked his shoulders, and Dominic’s eyes opened with a look of fear, not knowing the boys yet. Jeff reached into the crib and tickled Dominic’s feet, making him giggle, which, in turn caused the boys both to snicker. Dom started to become more awake. Julian and Jeff both held their arms and hands over the side of the crib, trying to encourage Dominic to approach them, to be pulled out of the crib. He looked from one to the other of both boys and finally made a move, and crawled to Julian, using his little hands and grabbing Julian’s fingers to help him stand up. "Come on, little man," Julian said, "it’s almost time for dinner," and placing his hands under both of Dominic’s underarms, cautiously picked Dominic up, hugging him closely. Julian carried Dominic to the bathroom and stood him by the potty-chair. Dominic, getting used to the procedure, shoved his pants and huggies down and sat on the chair. He sat for about five minutes. "Dominic," Julian asked, "are you done?" "Not done yet," Dominic said, then a minute later, "Yule, I need help, wipe me pwease." "Here we go baby," Jeff said, "I think you have a job to do." "Jeff, hand me some tissues," Julian stated and Jeff complied. Julian tenderly wiped Dominic’s little anus, twice, and tossed them into the toilet. He then grabbed a baby wipe from the box, and wiped Dominic’s little behind with that, and tossed it in the trash. Dominic, pulling his huggies and pants up, "tank u, Yule." "You’re so very welcome, sweetie," Julian replied, then, pulling Dominic close, kissed his cheek, "I love you, Dominic!" Dominic smiled, and the three boys headed to the kitchen for dinner. Julian placed Dominic in his highchair and strapped him in. "That took you guys a while," Vi said. "We had a detour, and a class in bum-wiping 101," Jeff said. "Julian, grinning, "I’ll bet Dominic’s bum is clean enough to kiss!" Art pulled into the driveway, grabbed his lunch cooler and came in the back kitchen door, and set the cooler down. He didn’t have a chance to even kiss Vi. Samantha, running to Art and throwing her arms around him, "Welcome Home Daddy!" Those three words were music to Art’s ears. Art dropped to one knee, and took Sam into his arms, hugging her tightly and kissing her face. "Thank you, how is Daddy’s Little Girl today?" Art asked. "I just hope that you and Mommy keep me and Dom this time," Sam stated, "we don’t want to have another Mommy and Daddy!" "Sweetheart," Art said, holding Samantha tightly, "Your Mommy and I have no intention of ever letting you and Dominic go to another home—ever!" "I like my big brothers too, I think they’re really cool." Art and Vi both smiled, and Vi turned her attention to getting dinner on the table. Vi put the roast on a platter, and placed the onions, carrots and potatoes around it. The coleslaw was on the table in a separate bowl. Everyone sat down, and Dominic was in his highchair. Jeff, aware of Dominic’s needs, chopped some of the roast into small pieces, and smashed a carrot and potato, mixing them all together like hash, and scraped it off his plate and into Dominic’s special bowl, setting it in front of Dominic. "Tanks Yef," Dominic said. "You’re welcome, little brother," Jeff replied, grinning, "Mom, I think Dom has a problem with the letter J, we both have new names, Yule and Yef." Vi and Art both smiled. After dinner ‘Yule and Yef’ tackled the dishes, giving Vi a break, then settled on Julian’s bed and played some video games, dressed as usual in their boxers. Art walked in. "Boys," Art stated, "I’m aware of your preferred sleepwear, but I think you owe your sister the courtesy of wearing a little more than nothing to bed now. "Dad," Julian stated, "neither of us even has pajamas." "Oh, I didn’t mean that," Art replied, "but at least keep your boxers on. Sam is quite attached to both of you, and she just might invade your privacy, so it would be best that you not be naked." Jeff and Julian glanced at each other, and gave Art an understanding nod. J&J were the last to go to bed, sliding under the covers about 11:30 PM dressed in their boxers. About 3:00 AM, Sam woke Julian up. "What are you doing up, sweetie," Julian asked, "it’s three o’clock in the morning!" "I had to pee pee, and now my bed is cold," Sam said, "can I come in with you and get warm?" "I suppose," Julian said, "Come on in." Sam quickly climbed up on their bed, and slithered down between J&J. The event didn’t even disturb Jeff, Julian wrapped his arm around Sam, and he and Sam were both asleep again in minutes. Early Saturday morning Jeff awoke with an urgency to pee, and started to kiss Julian’s sweet lips—whoa! What is Sam doing in our bed! He slipped out and went to the bathroom, and returned, not ready to meet the day yet. Snuggling close to Sam wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and Jeff also wrapped an arm around Sam and went back to sleep. Saturday morning Vi and Art got up and Vi started a pot of coffee as usual. It’s Saturday so no rush, as on weekdays, and Art doesn’t have to work today. Vi looked into Sam’s bedroom and was alarmed—Sam was missing, and she wasn’t in the bathroom either. She then looked into the boys room was just a bit surprised to see Sam snuggled between them, all three still sleeping. Vi, returning to the kitchen, "Art, go see how the boys are sleeping." Art slipped to their door and saw the boys, sound asleep with their little sister snuggled between them. Art couldn’t help but smile, and right now he was happy that he’d asked them not to sleep naked! Finally, about 9:00 AM the boys got up, along with Samantha, and all three came into the kitchen. Julian poured mugs of coffee for Jeff and himself. Naturally Vi and Art were curious as to how Sam ended up in bed with the boys, and Julian explained. Neither Vi nor Art were upset about the incident. Sam is only six, and both boys being gay, and siblings, they knew that neither of them would ever touch her inappropriately. About 10:00 AM Sam and the boys were out in the back yard, and Sam was about to climb up the dirty slide that was on the old swing set that had been Julian’s, when he was a kid. "Wait, Sammy!" Julian exclaimed, as he and Jeff checked it out. "We need to clean this up before you play on it." Unlike the swing sets sold today that are made of plastic, this one, nearly twenty years old was made of steel, but the paint was old and chipped. Generally speaking, it was in reasonably good shape, but dirty from years of weathering and had a few rust spots. Julian went in the house and got some spray cleaner, and a couple of old towels, and the boys gave the slide a cleanup. Art appeared to see what the kids were up to. "Dad," Julian said, "the swing set is not really worn out, but it looks bad and needs a facelift." "I think you’re right, Son," Art responded. "After working for Alvin last summer, you guys are professional painters. Take my card and go to the hardware store and get what you need to fix it up." "Let’s go, Jeff," Julian said, and the boys took off in Jeff’s car, returning an hour later with paint, sandpaper, masking tape, emory tape and paint brushes. They were prepared to make the swing set look respectable once again. Before starting their project, they went into Julian’s bedroom and dug out the painting clothes they had worn while working for Corbin’s. By 6:00 PM Saturday evening J&J had transformed the old yellow and white colors to red, white and blue, and the swing set now looked like new, glistening in the sun. They told Sammy that she needed to wait until tomorrow to play on it, to give the paint time to dry. Sunday the ‘kids’ initiated the swing set. Whoever designed it evidently had some intelligence. On the right end was the slide, with a set of steps to climb to the top of the slide. In the center was a conventional swing with a wooden seat, and on the left end another swing made like a little wooden chair with a seatbelt to secure a small child from falling out. After lunch J&J took the children out to the swing set. They secured Dominic in the ‘chair’ swing, and Samantha sat on the other swing, and the boys started to push them, Jeff pushing Sam and Julian pushing Dom. Once the children got a taste of swinging, the boys realized they had started something, as neither of the children wanted the boys to quit. Jeff finally got a break as Sam started to use the slide. Dominic indicated that he wanted to try out the slide, but he was too small to climb the ladder. J&J decided to give Dom a thrill. Jeff climbed to the top of the ladder, and Julian handed Dom up to him. Jeff sat Dominic on the top of the slide and then let him go. As Dominic slid he screamed from fright, and Julian caught him at the bottom, then Dom started to laugh, or giggle. Just a couple minutes later Dom was ready to slide again! For the next hour, J&J took turns lifting Dominic to the top of the slide, and catching him at the bottom. Samantha was taking her own slides in between, and both kids were having a blast. Vi and Art were watching from a few feet away, and were just enjoying watching the children having fun—all four children! They were certain that J&J were having just as much fun as the youngsters. Julian was finally able to have siblings to love and play with, and he was on cloud nine. Vi and Art were just a little surprised at how much Jeff also seems have fallen for the youngsters. J&J will need to return to campus after dinner, and Art and Vi are surmising that the boys’ farewell to the youngsters is going to be somewhat emotional. Vi, at dinnertime, "I hope you boys plan on coming home for Thanksgiving, will we see you again before then?" "Mom, Dad," Jeff said, "I think we need to discuss that with you. My Mom and Dad invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them, and we accepted. They also invited Cal and Jim, and it will be the first family dinner, with all of us together, since Uncle Jim came out, when he was fourteen. And Uncle Jim and Calvin’s wedding is planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, two days later." "I think that’s wonderful," Art said, "we will miss having you boys here with us for Thanksgiving, but I think sharing Thanksgiving with your Summerton family is a real milestone." "We told them," Julian added, "that we definitely would be spending Christmas here, as it would be our first Christmas with Samantha and Dominic, and we’re so looking forward to that. I’ve never before had siblings to share Christmas with!" "Baby," Jeff stated, "you’ve never had a boyfriend to share Christmas with either, or doesn’t that count." "Of course it does," Julian responded, smiling, "but the love I have for my boyfriend is different than the love I have for my siblings—and my parents." Jeff grinned. J&J got their overnight bag and started to prepare to leave. Julian picked up the bag, and Jeff picked up Dominic. Art, Vi and Sam all followed J&J out of the house and toward Jeff’s car. Jeff put Dominic down, and he and Julian faced the children. "Dominic," Jeff said, "I know you are too young to understand, but Julian and I have to leave for school, a long way from here. We have to leave you and Samantha behind with Mommy and Daddy. We both love you and Sammy, and we’ll be back in just a few weeks to see you." Both boys hugged and kissed Dominic and Samantha, and then hugged Vi and Art, the parents couldn’t help but notice that both boys had tears escaping their eyes, and knew that the children had stolen Julian’s and Jeff’s hearts. J&J entered Jeff’s car and left, watching Sammy waving goodbye to them. "Baby," Julian commented, "I wish we could take them with us." "And leave your parents childless?" Jeff said, grinning, "that would be selfish of us. I can’t believe how much I grew to love them, in just two days!" Samantha, as Vi was tucking her into bed that Sunday night, "Mommy, I miss my big brothers." "I’m sure they miss you too, sweetheart," Vi said, "but they’ll be back in two or three weeks to visit you and Dominic for another weekend, I promise. Goodnight sweetie." "Night, Mommy." * * * * * * * * * * * * J&J settled into the ‘clean sheeted’ bed that Sunday night and started to make out, kissing, hugging, and both boys growing spontaneous erections and both leaking precum. "Jeff," Julian spoke softly, "do you remember the first time we got each other off?" Jeff, snickering, "The night we totally messed up our boxers? Baby, I don'’ think I'll ever forget that night—it was beautiful, and it was the first time we actually had sex together. We didn’t suck or fuck, but we did cum together." "Let’s do it again, without the boxers!" Julian exclaimed. "We have lube now," Jeff said, "that could help make things really slippery—I’ll get the lube!" Jeff slipped out of bed and retrieved the bottle of lube from the bathroom. He coated both his and Julian’s cocks, and then lay on top of Julian, aligning their manhood’s against each other. Julian instantly started to buck his hips, sliding his cock against his boyfriends. "Baby," Julian said, "we might mess these sheets up too." "Fuck the sheets!" Jeff exclaimed, "they’re made to be washed, our passion is more important—and what we’re doing feels fantastic!" Julian, after the boys had rubbed against each other for a few minutes, "Baby, you’re gonna make me cum!" "No, baby," Jeff replied, "you’re going to make ME cum! I almost forgot how good this feels, but I can’t hold off for much longer." "Shit!" Julian blurted, "I can feel my balls ready to—I’m cumming, baby!" "Not without me, god this feels good, I needed this release, baby," Jeff said, as both boys released their love juice between each others pubes and abdomens. They squirmed against each other, feeling the slipperiness of their ejaculations between them. They mutually ignored the mess they made, held each other tightly and fell asleep, facing each other. Monday morning J&J woke up, both feeling the aftermath of their lovemaking the night before, and both coated with crusty cum on their midsections. They wasted no time in sharing a shower, both boys devoting time to cleaning each other. Pulling the covers back on the bed, they were both surprised at the size of the wet spot in the center of the bed, and giggled. "Baby!" Julian exclaimed, "I can’t believe we came that much!" "That’s one big cum stain," Jeff stated, "I don’t think there is any doubt that we need to do laundry today, the other bed is still messed up from the last time!" Neither of them thought to pull the covers back up. Soon after J&J got dressed, Levi and Caleb came to the door to hook up with them for breakfast, and Jeff let them in. Caleb, noticing the huge wet spot on the bed, "Did one of you guys piss the bed last night?" He pointed to the mattress. "Nope," Jeff replied, grinning, "My baby and I just had some serious sex last night, that’s just a cum stain." Julian is suddenly wearing a shade of red on his face. "Wow," Levi stated, grinning "and that’s a serious cum stain! I don’t think I ever came that much in my wildest wet dream!" All four guys laughed. "Baby, I think we need to do some laundry after lunch," Jeff said, as the four boys headed out to the dining hall for breakfast. The next couple of weeks on campus went by without incident. J&J made a decision to try to return to Dunbar at least every other weekend, as they both had a desire to spend time with Julian’s little sister and brother. Levi and Caleb, neither of them currently having girlfriends, settled into a habit of mutual masturbation two or three times a week, just for fun and relief. There was nothing gay about it, just two young men releasing pent up sexual need and having a little fun. * * * * * * * * * * * * Back in Dunbar, Samantha and Dominic had gotten used to their newest Mommy and Daddy, and were really starting to feel welcome and comfortable in their new home, and feeling loved. Sam and Eric were starting to get closer, and sometimes were invited to each other’s homes for dinner. Eric frequently came to the White’s and played with Samantha on the freshly renovated swing set. The two children were welcome in each others homes and both of them came and went into the others home like it was their own, and never knocked. Jake, Larry’s best friend, was always welcome at the Hanson’s home and arrived frequently in the mornings before school, and the two boys normally were together, before school in the morning, and often spent time together after school in the afternoons, often in Larry’s bedroom, playing games on Larry’s X-Box. The two boys were both juniors, and shared many of the same classes together, and sometime did homework together. One afternoon Larry came home, Jake with him, and there was a note on the table from Carrie, stating that she had taken Eric for his dental appointment and wouldn’t be home until after 5:00 PM. Mr. Hanson usually worked late, and rarely was home until close to 7:00 PM. She mentioned that there was Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Cookie jar and plenty of milk if he and Jake wanted a snack. After polishing off a few cookies, Larry and Jake headed to Larry’s room to play a game. "Larry, since your Mom and Eric are both gone for a while, let’s jack off," Jake suggested. Both boys are sixteen, and juniors in school, and having typical adolescent hormones, this was nothing abnormal for either of these boys. "OK," Larry replied, smiling, "I’ll get us some paper towels." When Larry returned, Jake was lying on his bed, naked, except for his socks. Larry soon was naked also, and lay on the bed next to Jake. The two boys started to ‘play’ with their own penis’s, both of them sporting complete erections. "Larry," Jake spoke, apprehensively, "you’ve got a really nice pecker, can I maybe—never mind." "What, Jake," Larry said, "now you’ve got me curious." "I just wondered if I can—would you let me—suck your dick?" "No, Jake!" Larry said, "You’re my best friend, and you told me that you are gay, and I’ve accepted that, but I’m not gay, and doing something like that with a guy is just—too gay—for me." "I’m sorry, Larry," Jake said, "you’re my best friend too, and I don’t want to lose you, please forgive me." "Jake," Larry said, "nothing happened, so there is nothing to forgive you for." Larry rolled over and wrapped his arm around Jake, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "We’re still the best of friends, OK? Let’s finish off what we started." Larry resumed stroking his cock, and so did Jake. A few minutes later both boys shot their wads, used the paper towels to clean themselves, and got dressed. "Jake," Larry said, "I like for us to jack off together, and we can do this anytime. As far as anything else, sexually, with another boy, I just can’t get into it, I guess I’m too straight for that." "OK, buddy," Jake replied, giving Larry a friendly hug, "I understand, I’ll try to find a gay boy to suck!" Larry smiled, and it crossed his mind, he wondered, just for a minute, what a blowjob might feel like. * * * * * * * * * * * * It’s Saturday afternoon in Summerton, Jim and Cal had just finished lunch. Cal is excited, as he is finally going to introduce his fiancé to his Mom and Dad. Jim is as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs because he will be meeting his fiancés Mom and Dad. It’s crazy how the same event has such different effects on these two men! About 12:30 PM Cal and Jim entered Cal’s car and Cal started the hour long drive to the senior Wilson’s home. Calvin pulled into the drive at his parent’s home about 1:30 PM, and Calvin’s father rose from a lawn chair in the yard, and headed toward them. "Dad," Calvin stated, "I don’t want to shock you too much, but this is my fiancé, Jim Ashley, and Babe, this is my father, Charles Wilson." Charles, extending his hand toward Jim, "Fiancé?" he questioned, "You boys are engaged already?" "Yes, Dad," Cal replied, "We’re going to tie the knot!" "LYDIA!" Charles yelled and Calvin’s mother came out the back door to the yard with a smile on her face. "Honey," Charles stated, "this is Jim Ashley, but they’re not just friends—they’re—fiancées!" "Oh my god!" Lydia exclaimed, "That’s wonderful, when is the big day?" "Saturday after Thanksgiving," Calvin said. Lydia, facing Jim, "Don’t you think this happy mother deserves a kiss from her future son-in-law?" Jim, caught off guard, "Sure—Mom, if I may call you that." "I’d be honored, Son," Lydia stated, wrapping her hands behind Jim’s head and drawing his face close, and planting her lips on his. "It’s a bit early to start dinner," Lydia stated, "lets all sit out here and talk, can I get you boys something to drink?" Tea or soda, we don’t have any beer." "Tea is fine, Mom," Cal replied, "Jim and I rarely drink alcohol." Lydia returned about five minutes later with four glasses of ice and a pitcher of tea. "I’m not terribly familiar with same sex weddings," Lydia asked, "what will you boys use for a last name after marriage?" "We haven’t made a final decision," Jim responded, "we may just keep our given names, or we may hyphenate, as Ashley-Wilson." "I like the idea of hyphenation," Cal said, "then, when we have children, they will have the same last name as both parents." "Did you hear that, Lydia?" Chuck asked, excitedly, "They’re planning to have children, and give us grandchildren!" Lydia cooked a delicious dinner for them and they all enjoyed their time together, with a promise to stay in touch. By the time that Cal and Jim were ready to leave for home, Jim felt very comfortable with Calvin’s family. Lydia and Chuck explained to Jim how they had known for years that Calvin was gay, and had waited so patiently for him to find someone to love, and share his life with. Lydia referred to Jim, several times, as a real cutie that Calvin had caught! Calvin wasn’t sure just who caught who, but he and Jim are both very happy to have met, and fallen in love. They’re both anxious to become loving husbands. To be continued………….                                          
  6. Will Hawkins

    Alo Chapter 10

    This is the second time I have started reading this story, though the grammatical errors in the writing are bothersome. It is not the job of the author to correct the grammar of the story, that is the job of an editor. It is the job of the author to be creative. Apparently, your editor is not doing an adequate job, if you are using one. If you are 'self-editing', please consider seeking editorial assistance. Correct grammar would make the reading much more interesting and easier to read.
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    Wheels within Wheels

    TO LISA: RE Gun purchase>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 and launched by the FBI on November 30, 1998, NICS is used by Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to instantly determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to buy firearms. Before ringing up the sale, cashiers call in a check to the FBI or to other designated agencies to ensure that each customer does not have a criminal record or isn’t otherwise ineligible to make a purchase. More than 230 million such checks have been made, leading to more than 1.3 million denials.
  8. OMG, is that game play graphics? I gotta check this out
  9. In the present chapter, Cynthia demonstrates how she interacts with Vlady, Tyson, and Edith, sometimes together and sometimes separately; and she also shares some of her insights. I love her entrance into the adolescent wing of the psychiatric facility: The grimness of the situation is emphasized by her use of the sally port--the “airlock style system of locked security doors”--but her first view inside the locked unit is of two sleepy teens cuddled together. (The contrast is beautifully done.) Cynthia acknowledges being “scared” of Tyson's ability to plan and execute a suicide attempt, but she still refuses to transfer him to the high-dependency unit: "'I don't want to separate him from Vladimir,' Cynthia admitted, speaking quietly. 'If I take any more of his freedoms away, particularly the only friend he's ever had, then he'll never trust me again.'" She is willing to break the rules, as it were, in the interest of a better outcome for her charges. In fact, she feels that the boys’ physical closeness is beneficial to both--another rule broken in the interest of successful treatment. Cynthia is able to see Vlady for the sweet, open, and honest person he is, as separate from his disease process, and her view is contrasted with the fearmongering of Tyson's father (for anything “abnormal”) and Dr. Shrubb's view that major episodes should be treated by “caging” the sufferer. Vlady's sunny disposition is reflected by his wish to have his session out-of-doors, and Cynthia (who could have refused) indulges him. Cynthia does an excellent job of recapitulating all Tyson's issues: First, “the only freedom he ever truly had [was] to inflict harm on himself,” leading to his “addiction” to suicide. Second, many of his antisocial behaviors are “elements of himself that were moulded by his parents”--in other word, learned behaviors (which Edith still has in spades). Third, he demonstrates “fits of rage and aggression” as a byproduct of having to repress his true feelings. Fourth, perhaps because of the “good” Tyson beneath the bad, his apparent “narcissism went yin and yang with his self-hatred, his reliance on his privileged background cast a shadow of guilt and unworthiness.” To sum up his situation, “Tyson, thanks to years of cognitive dissonance, was an amalgamation of complex and conflicting learned behaviours and responses,” and only by teasing these issues apart and then addressing them in gestalt can Cynthia hope to show him a new way. She is certainly aware that part of the solution is to keep him out of his parent's clutches--to stop the mental torture--and to “[help] him think for himself and slowly learn to feel and process his emotions in a healthier way.” (While she is aware that Vlady and Tyson are good for each other, she does not seem to realize--at least at this juncture--that Vlady is the actual reason that Tyson no longer wishes to suicide.) I love that Cynthia realizes that her “fight wasn't with Tyson - it was with the environment that created him.” I also love that Cynthia makes clear that she will be Tyson's champion: "'I'm on your side,' she put up her hand to slow him down.... 'I'll take care of you, alright? I promise.'" Cynthia's says of Edith, “That woman is killing [Tyson] and she doesn't realise it. Or she doesn't care." (Of course, the irony in Tyson's wanting to kill himself is that the father “aims to defund the mental health service if elected the state premier.”) Edith's treatment of Tyson actually leaves Cynthia thinking, “What a cold-hearted *****”; and after Edith threatens her with lawsuits, she says internally, “Tyson was right when he called her a ****.” After Edith tries to fire her, Cynthia shows her real mettle: “If you fire me, then I will launch an investigation on you and Mr Lovett. Abuse, endangerment, cruelty, neglect - and that's off the top of my head. Your husband's career will never recover from headlines like that, and that's not taking into account whether the two of you avoid criminal charges." (If Tyson himself had called Child Protection Services [and who knows, maybe he did at one point], I doubt it would have helped him, in view of his parents’ standing in the community, his father's job in politics, and the subtle nature of the abuse [his parents, at least on the surface, appear to provide for his every need]. His parents would simply have branded him a thankless child, a brat, and the case would have been speedily closed.) It would take an adult of Cynthia's standing--as a third party with the appropriate psychiatric credentials--to initiate credible investigations by reporting to CPS and/or the police. While any adverse headlines that follow (if any) would not be under her direct control, at least the threat of such headlines is enough to make Edith leave and provide Cynthia--and Tyson--with more breathing room. And Cynthia's reward: A look of hope, relief, and joy from a young teen, and the knowledge that she's making a difference. 😊
  10. So, there is a lab somewhere doing genetic experiments, WFM is one of the successes then
  11. Ah, another Friday has arrived! So has more rain and my grass is getting to be ridiculously high. That isn't a lawn as much as a rapidly growing jungle. Hopefully this weekend the sun comes out so I can cut it down. If not, well, I can always curl up and write something. Speaking of writing it is time for some new prompts. Hopefully, I can tempt someone into writing something based off of this week's offers. Prompt 754 – Creative Tag – List of Words Use the following words in a story – Amazons, an old church, a shredded shirt, an iron gate, and an ancient tome. Prompt 755 – Creative Tag – First Line Blood gushed from the place where his finger had been torn off, but he didn’t seem to notice as he stumbled toward the body on the floor. Maybe one of these will tickle your interest. If you did write something based off a prompt feel free to share the link below. Remember short stories should be part of a collection. Until next time please read, write, and comment!
  12. Wow, that's quite an eye-opening example of just how detrimental casting judgement can be. I imagine in law enforcement it's extra challenging, because you recognize signs of behavior that follow a pattern.
  13. Today
  14. It is April, it's rainy, and it isn't helping my mood. Well, we are already a third of the way through the year. It seems I won't make it to June before hearing I need surgery like I have the last two years. Going to see my eye doctor about cataract surgery. Are we having fun yet? I find a lot of my life is slipping into my writing. I'm doing my best to camouflage it the only way I can, but I think, at least in some ways, that is normal. Just doing what I can to get things done before deadlines. This will be the first month that I am not sending out postcards. It is for varied reasons. One, I am barely being acknowledged by some. Two, I am finding it harder to see to write lately. Finally, it is just expensive. I wonder if people will notice. Finally, there is something I want to note. It is something I learned a long time ago. Words have weight. They can build people up or tear them down. I try to be judicious with my words, but I've had reason to be. I've forgiven things people have told me are unforgivable. Yet, the same ones I've taken back countless times are the first to wound me fatally when I misstep. It takes a long time to heal, never mind trust someone again. Remember words can build a bridge or forever isolate you. The choice is yours.
  15. I have met monsters. Real ones. But even with the truly evil, there is a story. That makes nothing okay, yet it is the truth. When I was a cop, I had to put my personal opinion and feelings aside in order to find the truth. One guy we were looking at was rotten. Most of us decided at the start, he was the one. Yet, we did our jobs, and discovered we were wrong. Had we gone with our initial reaction, the wrong man would be in jail. My point is, as this article says, try to stop. Think, consider, perhaps ask. There maybe other truths, beyond what you see initially. Great stuff, Mac, Thank you.
  16. Ozzie88

    Chapter 13

    They are all great chapters and I look forward to the evolving plot and relationships. Thanks great job!
  17. Page Scrawler

    Chapter 13

    This was a better chapter. I hope Richie and Freddie can return to the amusement park later, without any annoying Gabe. This time, Richie's action's towards Gabe were warranted for once. Inviting your apparent best friend and then dumping him with two little kids, while poaching his other friend away from him? Not cool, Gabe. Also, I really liked Freddy in this chapter. He seems to be more friendly than aloof towards Richie.
  18. droughtquake

    Perfect Shot

    Everything we know about Aidan and Heathcliff suggests this will be an extremely rocky relationship, especially because they refuse to communicate honestly with each other. Fun for us. Not so much fun for Aidan. ;–)
  19. FanLit

    Chapter 15

    I wonder why Will went through with it if he knew.
  20. Canuk

    Perfect Shot

    Amazing! Love the mind games as much as the physical ones! Our bunny may be trapped, but also he is a lot stronger and more ethically resilient than Heathcliff knows. Interesting times ahead!
  21. Geemeedee

    Chapter 24

    I think we know why Sam hates Julian “I Like Pain” Salamander. I think it’s cool that he’s involved, but I understand Desmond’s reluctance. He can control himself, but not what others do.
  22. FanLit

    Chapter 14

    Is Will talking to Terry?
  23. Reader1810


    Cats and crinkly paper go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  24. i met Michael when we both volunteered at a soup kitchen. He annoyed me no end. Then when i found out He was a cop, i told him to get lost. He didn't. Eventually i agreed to coffee, then a baseball game. There have been a lot of changes and ups and downs. But i still cant wait to get home each night to see Him. We've been married nearly 10 years.
  25. Finally had the chance to read this through from start to finish. Very insightful with lots of things to think about and consider, Especially in this age of social media where the court of public opinion has run amuck too many times. Like tim, I am reactionary. It’s tough to overcome, but with a lot of wise words I’ve read (you know one phrase I’m talking about Mac) I do believe I’m making some progress in that area. I will say not all my reactions are negative per se. Some are positive, but the timing may not be right to let them out.
  26. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 37

    That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me. Thank you so much. ❤️
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