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    Possible that one of those people Lloyd has dealt with might come back and hurt him? Making that many people angry will cause trouble.
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  8. June 1992 The following morning, Friday, they returned to Vlad’s family. Having their own set of keys they entered the building, walked up the stairs, entered the apartment and knocked on the door of the room shared by Boris and Katrina. They could have unlocked the door and walked in but Vladek had noted the tenderness between Katrina and his father and did not want to walk into an embarrassing situation. Since there was shuffling in the room prior to the opening of the door he thought some form of intimacy may have been taking place. The plan for the day had Vladek staying with his father and brother while Katrina and Aiden would visit various concert halls and purchase performance tickets. Vladek, his father, brother and Katrina had discussed possible performances to attend. Although Aiden and Katrina did not speak a common language they would communicate as best as possible while she purchased tickets and he paid for them. The two soon departed and took the metro to the station nearest the Bolshi Theater (Bolshi is the Russian word for Big). They were able to purchase seven tickets to a performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, Swan Lake the following Wednesday evening. Dimitri would attend with the others including brother Pavel and his wife. Boris, his father, had told Vladek to let Aiden know that Katrina enjoyed walking and observing sights and people. When they left the Bolshi Theater the two began their thirty minute stroll to the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall where a performance of the Moscow Philharmonic was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. They walked up the wide Тверская улица – Tverskaya Street, one of Moscow’s most elegant streets (in 1992 hardly a Fifth Ave. but nicer than other Moscow streets). Aiden took Katrina’s arm and guided her to an American treat. Russia’s first McDonalds was on their route to the concert hall. Since Katrina appeared to be a gracious lady he assumed he would not get the truth if she was not impressed with her first Big Mac, Fries and Coke. After purchasing tickets for the Sunday afternoon concert Aiden directed Katrina to a coffee shop where they had coffee and pastries. Noting the prices he assumed she had rarely if ever been in such an elegant place. This definitely was a place for tourists and affluent Muscovites. While she was not the best dress lady in the place she was one of the most elegant. Aiden was enjoying himself as much as she as they sipped, snacked and smiled. Another thirty minute walk took them to their next destination, the famous Moscow Conservatory Hal, where both students and professionals performed in the concert halls of Russia’s leading music school. Tickets for an evening performance the following week in the main hall were obtained. They then sat in the courtyard of the hall relaxing and people watching. Meanwhile back in his father’s room, Vladek, father and his brother brought each other up on life since the 1940s. Boris and Pavel were captivated with Vladek’s war experience and were amazed that their son / brother had actually attended meetings with Stalin while an aide to one of the Soviet Union’s most famous and outspoken generals. The disappearance of the general at the end of the war had always been a mystery. Only Vladek and General Valery Karasyovl knew the truth. Since it had been nearly fifty years Vladek felt it was safe to tell his father and brother what happened. The general who was famous for his war strategy was one of the only people to criticize Stalin’s war plans both at the meetings with the dictator and when talking to other leaders. During the war Stalin needed this man. But when the war ended the general knew his days were numbered as no one was permitted to question Stalin. Two months prior to the end of the war the general had taken the identity of a soldier who had died that was about his age. The deceased had no close family and was from a village in western Russia near Belarus that had been totally annihilated during the war. Since there were millions of deceased soldiers and millions more looking for a place to live when their homes had been destroyed General Karasyovl easily assumed the identity and departed for a place unknown to Vladek, probably to one of Siberia’s industrial cities. If Vladek had been questioned about the General’s disappearance he could truthfully say he did not know when he had gone. Vladek had helped the general escape down the back stairs of a military building as Stalin’s police arrived to arrest him the final week of the war. At that point his brother reluctantly excused himself as he had offered to help a friend who sold electrical supplies from a kiosk in one of the many outdoor markets. As soon as Pavel departed the father asked Vladek about his friend Aiden. “Do you and your friend live together in America?” Vladek was tempted to lie but did not want to lie to his father and realized at some time it was likely their living together would be discovered. He answered that they did. “How long have you and Aiden been friends?” While Vladek was uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation he was not going to lie about his friendship. He told his father that they had lived together for more than twenty-five years. “You have lived with your friend for many years and have never been married. I loved your mother very much and we had a very sensual and passionate relationship and I miss her and think of her every day. Never once during our long marriage did I look at or even desire another woman. After her death I felt a deep emptiness. Katrina had lost her husband and we lived just across the hall from each other. I do enjoy being with her and without shame I can say also in her bed. Even old men have passion. But, I also understand how two men can have a relationship. Twice in my life I have had friendships with men that were more than just sitting around drinking vodka.” “Do you remember when you were a young child and you would come to work with me some days? You would ride along as I operated a tram. At the end of the day the operators would sit around in the tram depot, have a beer and talk as men do. Do you remember the shower that poured cold water from pipe high on the wall? We all enjoyed using that shower as many of the operators lived in dwelling with no running water and a toilet outside while the lucky ones, like me, had a room in a larger apartment for our families where we shared one indoor toilet and bathtub with other families. One day as I showered I saw one of the operators, Anatoli, standing naked waiting to shower himself. He was looking at me. At first I was annoyed and then I suddenly realized I enjoyed having this handsome man starring. We were the only men still there. He walked over to me and taking a bar of soap began washing my chest. We looked into each other’s eyes. He turned me around and washed me from my shoulders down my back to my feet. By the time he finished my feet I was hard. Still on his knees from washing my feet he turned me to face him. I was embarrassed until I looked down and saw that he was as hard as me. He washed my dick and balls. Then he stood and handed the soap and rag to me. He turned around and I washed his back. When he turned to face me I was in a total state of lust. He kneeled, placed his mouth on me and kept it there until I shot my load. He then stood and finished himself off with his hand. While we never spoke of it we were often the last to leave work. While I never put my mount on his dick I certainly enjoyed his doing me. Sometimes when there were men still there he would give me a discrete smile and walk to the far corner of the tram depot. I would always follow him.” At that point Vladek told his father his adventure and thoughts in the tram depot on the days he observed the men showering. From Chapter One of the previous book of this trilogy, Russia My Home: “Even at the young age of six I realized one should not stare at naked men. But I wanted to and I did. I sat at a small table near the shower and drew pictures on scraps of paper. I would pretend to be concentrating on my art work while actually I was sneaking peeks at the men as they showered. Even today, many years later, I remember some of their bodies. My favorite, other than you, handsome father, was Anatoli, a tall thin man. I don’t remember his age or face but I can describe in detail his beautiful khuy (dick). His was the longest of all. His big balls hung low. When he showered he used a rag to gently soap his body and then wash. He always stroked the khuy a few times. He would pull the skin back and carefully clean the head. One day he caught me looking. He just laughed and said in a voice no one else would hear, ‘So you think I have a nice khuy? I hope that someday yours is as handsome as mine and that it gives you the enjoyment mine does.’ This was confusing, how could a khuy give you pleasure? With that he stroked it a couple of times and continued to wash. It seemed to be bigger than when he started his shower. From that day whenever he showered he would smile at me, carefully wash his khuy and balls and when finished with a bigger khuy wink at me.” At that point Vladek and his father chuckled as they realized they had both enjoyed the same man, father with his dick, son with his eyes. Then Vladek continued without embarrassment (from Chapter One of Russia My Home😞 “The man I remember best was you. Papa. You were and are a handsome man. You always had a smile. Everyone liked my papa. When you showered I was spellbound by your fine-looking body. You were tall, almost six feet (1.8 m) tall, had just a small amount of hair on your chest, under your arms and around your khuy. You had strong arms, legs and chest and a small waist. Your khuy was not the biggest and your balls did not hang the lowest but they were perfectly formed. At six years of age I looked at you and hoped someday I would have a body and khuy like yours. I heartily thank you, my father, as I did inherit your body and fetching khuy and I have certainly learned what Anatoli meant when describing his khuy he said, ‘I hope that someday yours gives you the enjoyment mine does’.” Papa laughed as he said, “I remember you sitting there at your little table diligently drawing pictures on any scrap of paper you could find. I thought you were hoping to be an artist. Never did I think that at the age of six you were spying on naked men and concentrating on how your dick would develop.” Then papa told about his army experience. “While there were enjoyable times while in the army it was mostly hell. I was stationed on the western front someplace neat the border of Poland. Sometimes we were on our own to find a place to sleep. One of my friends was a musician from Omsk (A city in Siberia). He played violin in the Omsk Symphony Orchestra. While you might think a musician would be delicate he was tall, strong and fearless. Most of the men in our unit talked about nothing but fucking, drinking, the need for cigarettes and gambling. I was not into fucking any peasant I could trap and had none of the other needs. Mikhail and I became friends, mostly to escape the others. At one point we were sleeping in a deserted peasants’ home. It was a luxury to sleep in a real bed even if it had a straw filled mattress and mouse eaten bedding that I had to share it with another man, Mikhail. Sleeping with another man was not considered odd in that situation since real beds were few and in winter the warmth of another body was necessary. In the privacy of that farmer’s bed in the loft we eventually did more than sleep. I will say I enjoyed it. Actually, I began to look forward to sleeping with this very sensuous man. For two years we arranged to sleep together in tents, bunkers and abandoned houses. At one point the men of my unit were sleeping in a wrecked passenger wagon of a train. Finding a dry and warm place to sleep was usually a challenge and if it required someone to share a bed that is what you did or in our case wanted to do. The warmth and comradeship of Mikhail kept me sane doing that horrible time. One of the saddest times of my life was the day he died in battle.” “After the war I returned to your mother’s bed and never had need for companionship with anyone else as long as she lived. We were both very passionate and no matter how poor we were we had our love.” But, having said that I will confess that I do enjoy looking at a beautiful woman or handsome man. It is an inexpensive pleasure. Vladek then spoke, “While we are confessing I have something to share. I knew you and mother had a very loving relationship. Now that I am too big to be punished I admit that after I learned about men and women from the older boys when we smoked, drank beer and messed around in the attic I sometimes spied on you and mother. It was a pleasure to see my parents in such a loving way.” “Son, now I have a confession. I also spied on my parents, your grandparents. It certainly was an education when the entire family lived and slept in one room. And another confession. I knew you were spying on your mother and me sometimes when we made love. That was my way of giving my son a lesson in sex between man and woman. I was very careful to do it in a very loving way and make sure your mother had as much pleasure as I. Maybe I was wrong to let you see it but in my mind you needed to know how wonderful it could be for a loving man and his wife. And, I also wanted to give you the same educational experience I had from watching my parents.” “Papa, you told me you enjoy looking at beautiful women and handsome men. When you go to the banya you visit on pensioners’ free day. Probably the only handsome man you see is yourself. Let’s visit the banya when full price is required. They will be no poor old men. You will enjoy time with younger men. We could go as soon as Katrina and Aiden return. I am sure he would want to go with us.” “It would be my pleasure.” Vladek placed his arms around his father and while he hugged him he kissed him on the cheek, not like one would kiss an elderly aunt but with tenderness for the father he had not seen in years. Following their conversation papa was resting while Vladek read Russian magazines when an exuberant Katrina and Aiden returned from their ticket buying adventure. For her visiting McDonalds and an upscale coffee house was a rare if ever to happen experience for an elderly Russian. Obviously she had had a grand time with the young man with whom she could not communicate. As she chatted she bounced over to Aiden kissing him on the cheek. Over tea and cookies they discussed the ballet and other performances they would be attending. Then his father reminded Valdek that they planned to go to the banya when Aiden returned. Vladek had been concerned that such an excursion when combined with the other excitement of the day might be over tiring for his father. Obviously he wanted to go or he would not have reminded him. Near the entrance to the banya they purchased three boughs of white birch from a street vendor. Vladek and Aiden also bought felt hats to wear in the steam room. Boris had brought his. The hats were necessary as the steam rooms can reach a temperature of 200 F (93 C). The birch boughs would be used to hit themselves or companions to improve circulation while in the hot room. The banya they visited had a banya for women on the second floor and one for men on the third. There was a kiosk on the first floor (which is the street level floor in Russia – same as USA) where one paid a small fee and received a ticket. Upon entering the banya the attendant took the ticket and gave a bath sheet if purchased with ticket. There were about 50 lockers in a large room. Each metal locker was about 1.7m (5 feet) high and had a seat in front of the double doors. The men stripped, hung their clothes in the locker and remained naked throughout their visit only using the bath sheet or towel from home for drying. The next room contained showers, benches, and a cold water barrel high and wide enough for one brave man to jump in between steam room visits. The next room was a sauna type room with a wood furnace that heated to as much as 93 C (200 F). Many men wore felt hats to protect their heads from the extreme heat. There was a cup size scoop to take water from a barrel and throw it on the fire to create moist heat. Most men brought mats or towels from home to sit on the hot wood benches. The men would strip, shower, go into the sauna, swat themselves or friends with the birch boughs, shower again and then sit naked at their locker resting or talking to friends. After sitting awhile most would do the shower, sauna, swat, shower routine again. Vladek and his father found adjacent vacant locker / seats and Aiden located one directly across from them. All three stripped naked, and walked to the next room wearing only shower slippers and carrying their birch boughs, a bar of soap, loofas / sponges and mats to sit on in the hot room. This room contained the showers and benches where men washed themselves. The three were pleased with the eye candy. Without shame Boris checked out his son and Aiden. He was proud that Vladek had developed into a handsome man and while his dick was not the biggest and his balls did not hang the lowest the package was perfectly formed. Checking out Aiden he inspected one of the few cut dicks he had ever seen. While the dick was not large it was a pleasing sight on this handsome young man. Both Vladek and Aiden checked out Boris. Vladek was happy that his father’s body, not just his dick, was as handsome and strong as one would expect for someone in their 90s. He noted that his father’s dick was just as he had remember it from the shower experiences in the tram depot over sixty years earlier. In the second room, the shower room, Vladek followed his father to one of the open shower stalls. While holding the loofa under the running water he rubbed soap into it. He then proceeded to wash his father’s back. There was nothing unusual about the sight of one man washing another’s back. However, the friend washing was limited to the back. Never would they stand facing each other, dick to dick, and wash the other. Stepping back his father continued to wash himself. Vladek then stepped to the next stall and taking the loofah from Aiden and washed his back. While they washed each other Boris sat on a bench watching them. When they joined Boris he said, “Washing and being washed by your friend must have resulted in a very special feeling. It sure felt good when you, a strong man, washed my back. At least now I do not have to worry about showing my excitement when a handsome man washes me. When I was your age and someone offered to wash my back I had a very difficult time not showing my happiness. At age 94 it takes more than a back wash to get it up.” “Papa, you embarrass me with your sexy talk. But I do enjoy being with you and hope when I am your age I am as healthy and horny as you.” Aiden laughed and gave the old man a thumbs up (a universal sign) when the conversation was translated. The men donned their felt hats and entered the hot room through the door at the back of the shower room. They each carried a birch bough that had been soaking in a plastic container while they showered. This wood lined room had a three tier seating section to the left, a platform with built in benches straight ahead and an open furnace to the right. The higher one sat the hotter the temperature. They chose seats on the second tier and after placing mats on the extremely hot wood bench sat. There were three men on the bench of the platform. One stood and swatted himself with his birch bough. Each swat sent out a spray of sweat with some landing on Vladek and the other two. The man sat and the other two stood. One began swatting the other on the back, ass stomach and legs. As he was pummeled the man receiving the beating held his hands over his cock and balls for protection. Changing positions the swatting continued with sweat spraying around the area. While being sprayed with sweat was not pleasant, looking at these two Russians was VERY pleasant. They were both about forty with trim bodies. Both dicks were impressive and the cock of the swatter swung over bouncing balls as he beat his friend. While watching gave Vladek and friends erotic thoughts it did not appear to be erotic to the two men, just something that Russians did for each other. Another man entered the room. He walked to the open furnace, dipped a ladle in a pail of water and thrust the water into the furnace. The room suddenly felt even hotter as a puff of steam came out of the furnace opening. The man then sat on the top tier, the hottest area in the room, behind Aiden. Vlad stood, stepped down to the floor and told Aiden to join him. He then swatted his lover as Aiden held his hands over his cock and balls willing them to behave. The beating by his lover not only felt good to the body but also erotic to the soul. Luckily his dick behaved and he returned the favor beating his Russian lover. When Vlad offered to swat his father Boris motioned him to lean in. He then whispered into his son’s ear, “Watching you two hitting each other was enough stimulation for this old body.” Following quick showers they returned to the main room and each sat on the metal bench in front of their locker. Vladek purchased three bottles of beer from the attendant and the three drank their beer while resting and most important observing. There was a smorgasbord of ages, sizes and body fitness. There was even a fit looking father with two young sons probably about eight and ten years of age. The three enjoyed clandestinely checking out the many mostly naked men. Boris whispered into his son’s ear, “See that man at the end? Look at him from the shoulder down. Does he remind you of someone?” After checking out the handsome man Vladek replied, “That tall thin guy has a beautiful dick, it is the longest of all hanging over balls that hang low. I remember a similar sight from over sixty years ago. That body from shoulder to toes resembles Anatoli.” Father replied, “I agree.” Following a return to the showers, steam room and whacking with birch boughs, back to the showers and then relaxing they departed the banya refreshed and relishing the delightful views of the 25% of the men at the banay who were fit and appealing. Back at the apartment Vladek and Aiden visited Pavel and his wife in their room to give father an opportunity to rest as he appeared exhausted. Back at the hotel that evening Vladek called ‘rainbow man’. Aiden assumed the conversation that he did not understand was pleasant as his love smiled and laughed during the fifteen minute chat. Vladek finally hung up, “That was certainly interesting. When Andrei, or ‘rainbow man’ as we have called him discovered we are Americans he insisted that we visit his place for dinner. He will invite a few friends, some of whom speak English. I accepted a dinner invitation for Sunday after the Moscow Philharmonic concert at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall with my family. I told him that our Russian friend, Dimitri, might come along. Andrei asked me questions about our backgrounds. When I told him we were university professors of political science and finance he told me he would invite friends to our party with similar backgrounds. He is a chemical engineer and his partner is an administrator of a high school. Americans would call a person with a similar job a ‘school principal’.” Aiden laughed as he again stated, “So many men. So little time.”
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    Chapter 36

    🙄 You would not!
  10. Thank you. I’m trying. Every day is a new day. New med is leaving me disconnected and lacking concentration, but addresses the anxiety. CBD has also considerably helped with the sudden anxious moments.
  11. This update was a happy surprise. A short but extremely sweet chapter. I can't wait to see where things go from here.
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    Not Boyfriends

    Well, for a country boy like Caleb, something like that will take some trust. And the very cool thing about Strawbale houses - they're naturally sound resistant. Here are some interesting facts on buildings created with Strawbale. You're so right. There is a huge amount of work to do on property, particularly if you own livestock. The work doesn't stop, ever. Which also works in their favor. The uncles are cheap sons of bitches. They use a minimum of hired help, so a lot of the work they need done on their own land means they're the ones doing it. I'm glad you liked that little scene. Hehehe. Tracy isn't one to play around, and now they know it. As for what else they'll get up to, we'll have to see.
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    Money Talks

    Thanks for the heads up Sir. Well worth the wait. These characters continue to jump off the screen. The unfolding continues to intrigue. Honest in delivery and holding no punches. As we saw with Ben and Travis... cues don’t have to be verbal. So much was said without words. I look forward to the interaction between Eric and Ben. It will be a big mistake for Eric to underestimate Ben. While Eric May think Travis is Ben’s weakness. He will prove to be Ben’s strength. Thank you Sir. I appreciate the detail to human nature, and psychology.
  14. I hope you guys had an awesome Spring Break, and a happy Easter weekend! And, if you don't celebrate either one of those things, then I hope the past two weeks have been a blast for you anyway! Hehehe! A brand new chapter of Jesse-101 is now up if you're a fan of the series! So check it out, and let me know what you think when you get a chance! Cool? Seezya soon! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/jessie-101onlinecelebrity/
  15. OMG!!! I read this chapter in about two minutes, cuz I could not wait to find out who was responsible. Amazing chapter. You had me on the edge of my chair. Now I will go back and read this chapter again, but slower thuIs time. Please don't keep us waiting for the next chapter. I can't wait!
  16. "Jesse-101" Online Celebrity Chapter Twenty Seven: "What If?" Jesse and I stuffed ourselves with as much pizza as we could before asking for a duo of ‘to go' boxes so we could split what was left. He was right...Cheesey Pete's pizza actually was pretty damn good. I'm definitely marking that place as a dating destination for later on. It would be cool for me and Jesse to sort of make it ‘our place', you know? Jesse held the door open for me as we stepped outside, the quiet coolness of the evening air washing over us...a giant contrast to the bright lights and noisy chaos going on inside. It was refreshing. "Hold up. Selfie time." Jesse giggled, taking his phone out and holding it up as he leaned back to stand beside me, cheek to cheek. He took one picture, then a second, and he kissed me on the cheek for the third. "Sexy." We shared another silent gaze with one another, and with an unspoken permission, both asked for and given...Jesse gently took a hold of my hand in order to walk me back to the bus stop. The sensations that he could envelop me with, simply by touching my hand, were like nothing I've ever experienced before. A symphony of angels seemed to sing our praises from the sky above every time we exchanged a smile. An artistic array of goosebumps covering my arms and shoulders every time a random breeze lifted his light blond hair, every time his lips parted in a bashful smile, every time he looked at me with the kind of love and importance that I almost felt ashamed for accepting from a boy so worthy of something more. I just... ...I have trouble immersing myself in this fairy tale sometimes. It feels so awkward to be a prince for a day. The twenty minute walk seemed to race by this time. My brain was almost numb through half of our playful chatter...still focused on the feel of Jesse's soft skin holding my hand. I often wonder how many details I've missed since being able to interact with him like this. The rest of the internet has got to be jealous! Hehehe! And why shouldn't they be? They really are missing out here. "Still, you've gotta admit that I crushed you in air hockey, though! That was an unchallenged win. So there." Jesse grinned. "Ok. I'll give you that. Three games in a row." I said. "Hehehe, but that's not entirely fair, though. Anything sports related is outside the realm of my sissy talent database, I'm afraid." "I don't know if I would consider air hockey a sport, Tristan." "It's got ‘hockey' in the title. That's sports enough to throw me off. Trust me." I giggled. But...Jesse's snickers died down a little bit, and he gave my hand a little tug to get me to face him as we stopped walking for a moment. "You're not a sissy, you know? I don't think so." Blushing, I said, "It's just an expression. That's all." "Good." He replied. "Because you're not. I like you exactly like you are. You're pretty to me." Another surge of feel good vibes rushed through me when he said that. Wow. "Ummm...cool. I'm glad." What? I didn't have any social training that would allow me to answer a compliment of that magnitude. "It's true. You're just...sweet, and soft, and...totally scrumptious..." "Hahaha! You make me sound like I belong in a bakery window." I said, Jesse's cute laugh ringing out as he gave my hand another squeeze. "You're losing me here." "Am I? Hehehe, that sounded so much more romantic in my head. But...you get what I'm saying though, right?" Our eyes connected, my legs weakening with a swoon. "I think I get the gist of it." I smiled. "Cool." He whispered. "I try, but something about you just causes all of my swagger to collapse. I'll try to get better at this, but for now..." I suddenly lurched forward and kissed Jesse on the lips. It was brief and unexpected, but the urge to do it was so automatic that I didn't have time to filter it through a simple process of adolescent impulse control. Jesse's eyes sprung open, his jaw dropping slightly. I smirked at his expression, and said, "Sorry. I couldn't help myself." Borrowing one of his sly moves. "Well played, sir..." He grinned. "Well, played indeed." At that moment, I noticed Jesse looking over my shoulder to see the bus coming down the street. It was still blocks away, but so was the bus stop. Jesse and I looked at one another with a smile, and decided to make a break for it! Never once letting go of my hand, Jesse took off running with me trailing just a step or two behind him. We began laughing maniacally as we raced down the block, hoping to reach the corner before the bus could pass right by us. "C'mon! We can make it! Hahaha!" Jesse cackled. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I shouted back. "That's what SHE said!" "Hahaha!!! Don't make me laugh!" "We're almost there!" We were running as fast as we could, but he never let go of my hand. And I never let go of his. Something about it just energized us both. I swear, every moment that I spend with my new boyfriend is SUCHa friggin' adventure! Hahaha! We reached the bus stop just as it began to slow down to a stop, and we both held our chests...gasping for breath. I don't recommend trying to run and laugh at the same time. It's so counterproductive. The door opened, and Jesse stepped aside to let me get on first before jumping in behind me. I'm sure the bus driver couldn't figure out what we were snickering so wildly about, but he hardly seemed to care. The bus was half empty, but Jesse and I made our way to the back and practically snuggled up in a cozy little corner by the window. It just...it felt good. Everything about this felt right. Even with Jesse holding my hand and looking into my eyes with a smile that was certainly more intimate than anything I ever would have been comfortable entertaining in the past...I found myself getting used to the idea of being...'different'. Or, to put it another way... ...I was getting used to the idea of not feeling any different at all. It was an odd sensation at first. Letting go of the paranoia. Not feeling the need to see who was watching or worry about what they were thinking. After all the drama I went through, being too afraid to approach Jason Fixx in school and sucking him off in secret whenever he came calling, or trying to hide my interests from my mom, or ducking and dodging Scotty Lynch's boyish crush every afternoon...this felt like such a liberating twist of fate. I hadn't realized it before, but I think I was harboring some weird level of guilt or shame just for being the way I am. Sure, I denied it every time the thought crossed my mind that I might be too abnormal for my own good, and that life was going to probably punish me for it by keeping me forever scared, forever alone...but...Jesse made it better. With a cute smile, a wink, a gentle flip of his blond hair...or the simple act of holding my hand in public...he made it all ok. He finally allowed me to feel like I belonged somewhere outside of the closet. I had to wonder if it was possible to feel like this all the time. I can't even imagine that. It always seemed too good to be true before now. Having him so close to me was like magic. We were trying to have a simple conversation, but everything causes us to smile and giggle when we're together. Literally, everything. Two or three words shared between us, and there we were...holding back laughter again. His thumb softly ran back and forth over my knuckles, giving me a warm, erotic, chill as we maintained an intimate contact. My heart was racing, but it didn't make me want to run and hide like it used to. I think I kind of liked being so ‘affected' by him like this. A brief silence fell between us. Jesse gazed into my eyes, and we shared a simultaneous blush before I snickered and was forced to look away from him. "Hehehe, what?" He asked. "What'd I do?" "Nothing." "You sure?" He grinned. "Hehehe...uh huh..." I said, trying to find the courage to get our eye contact back. We stared at one another for a bit more, a silent expression of love passing through us, and I felt myself getting hard as the gentle slide of his thumb on my hand increased. He was sooooo beautiful. So sweet. And...briefly looking down at our matching bracelets...he was ‘totally mine'. I was drawn forward. Just a little bit. I was going to kiss him right then and there, but sort of chickened out at the last second, choosing to lay my head on his shoulder instead. It's not that I was afraid to start kissing him, I was just afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop. It was then that I felt Jesse's lips lightly give me a peck on the forehead, and he leaned his head over to rest on my own. The closeness we shared was unimaginably satisfying. I actually heard myself sigh out loud as I melted into him, and that's when I felt his lips on me again. This time I raised my head a bit, and I leaned in to softly kiss Jesse on the lips. I felt like I just needed a taste. Just a taste, you know? Our eyes locked on to one another again...but this time, the boyish giggles were gone. There was something more passionate about our contact this time. It was like our gentle breathing had found a way to sync up, our heartbeats doing the same. And I leaned in again, this time, just rub my nose against his cheek. Jesse gave my hand a squeeze, and we let our faces touch for a few minutes. The scent of him was so intoxicating. A honey blond fragrance that matched his sweet personality perfectly. Then we silently rubbed our noses together, falling into temptation once again as our lips went back for another quick taste. Then another. And maybe one or two more for good measure. Jesse's lips were made for kissing boys. I'm sure of it. There's no way that the angels above could have designed them for any other purpose at all. They were too efficient when it came to sending my spirit soaring above the clouds. Little kisses turned into extended expression of helpless infatuation. Jesse and I scooted closer together, both of us now fully erect, which was thankfully much easier to hide while sitting down than it ever could be standing up. I swear, with all honesty, that it was never my intention to just start wildly making out with my boyfriend on that bus...but Jesse's sensual kiss was an addiction that I couldn't break. Just that one taste caused me to relapse back into a state of total dependence on his affection again. Soon, there was no need to stop at a sweet peck on the lips anymore. Our lips connected with the softest of collisions, and simply stayed glued together as we closed our eyes and cut ourselves off from all of the many distractions the world could possibly throw at us in that one special moment. I mean, let's be honest here...what could be more important than that kiss? Than his touch? Than the horny tingles causing me to tremble this way? Close your eyes, block it all out, and fully enjoy this one kiss for everything it is. Everything it was meant to be. I've never been so in love. I scooted even closer to him again, and now our tongues began to yearn for another chance to be reunited. Jesse led the way, prompting me to join him, and he let go of my hand to reach up and softly caress my cheek. My empty hand missed his warmth, and it reached out to rest gently on the flat of his stomach. Our hands began to get a little anxious, now sliding and touching each other's bodies all over, our kissing increasing with a hunger as we completely forgot that there were other people on that bus with us. I knew they were there...and I had a few pinches of conscience telling me that we might be putting on a bit of a ‘show' for any passengers that accidentally glanced behind them to see us sucking face like this...but I couldn't stop myself. Hehehe, it's like...I kept telling myself that I'd wait a couple more seconds and then I'd force myself to behave. But Jesse's hand would give me just the right touch, rub, or poke...or his hair would sweep across my cheek, or an almost inaudible moan would escape him...and I'd have to postpone my restrictions for another few seconds. Oh God, the taste of him. This boy drives me absolutely crazy! How did I live without this level of joy before? HOW??? Ok...ok, I should stop. I should...like...I should really... Omigod, his tongue tastes so GOOD, though! Arrrghhh!!! Five more seconds! Five...four...three... He's touching my cheek again. His fingers are so soft. He knows just how to make me shiver. Ok...TEN seconds! This feels too good to stop now. Hehehe, what can I say? He's so HOT! I think the bus had come to a stop at a red light, and I opened one eye to see where we were, just in case Jesse was going to end up missing his stop. It was then that I noticed a little boy that was about five or six rows ahead of us, who had almost turned himself around completely in his seat and was watching us with the quirkiest little grin on his face. He was only eight or nine years old, tops...and a woman that looked like it was probably his grandmother was sitting right next to him...giving us the old ‘stink eye' for being so brazen with our affection in front of everybody. Yikes! Ok...so for a kid that young, this might come off as being a bit obscene. Well, in my mind, anyway. He seemed to be totally fascinated by it! Hehehe, but that may be ‘age inappropriate' for public transportation, so that helped me to snap out me out of my naughty love spell. I saw him before Jesse did, so when I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned back from his kiss, he was confused. "What? What's the matter?" I wasn't trying to draw too much more attention to us, but I shifted my eyes with a subtle nod in their direction to let him know what was going on. "Oh..." My blush deepened, and as the angry woman stared us down, I quietly said, "Sorry, Ma'am..." "I'm not." Jesse giggled playfully. I gripped Jesse's knee and gave it a tight squeeze to shut him up. "We're both sorry. Honestly." And with that, she turned around in a huff, making sure her grandson was forced to face forward as well. I know he wanted to watch us some more, but...sorry, kid. Show's over. For now, anyway. Anything else will have to be pay per view. Jesse and I giggled at one another and just tried to ride out our embarrassment for losing control for the rest of the ride. Just imagine what we could have gotten up to if we had been alone. Sighhhh...we really need to find more opportunities to be alone. The bus came to his stop, and Jesse gave me two or three more desperate kisses before forcing himself to untangle himself from me and get off the bus. But, just before leaving, he said, "Text me and let me know you got home safe, k?" "I will. Promise." "Ok..." Then, after a split second pause, almost as if he was shy about saying the words aloud...Jesse says, "G'night, Tristan. I love you." I was almost too shocked to say anything at first. But I forced a response to the surface before he had to leave me behind. "I love you back!" I grinned, and Jesse clasped both of his hands over his heart in the most adorable way possible, before waving goodbye and hopping off and beginning his walk home. I slumped down in my bus seat, giggling softly to myself, feeling a tidal wave of happy vibrations wash over me until I was completely swept off of my feet. Love. Actual, real, textbook, love. I wiggled and squirmed for a minute or two...the little boy in front peeking back at me before his grandmother screwed his head around to face the front window again. Hehehe, don't worry, kid...you'll understand someday. You'll get it when the time is right. By the time I got home, I felt almost faint. My body was honestly exhausted from the biological chaos that I had been feeling since our date began. Dizzy with a love that quickly devouring me alive, I walked into the house massaging my cheeks to soothe the cramping muscles that had kept me smiling nonsensically for the last few hours on end. My mom was warming up some water in the microwave to have one of her evening cups of tea, and she must have noticed my goofy grin, because she matched it with one of her own. "Well, somebody, looks like they had a good time tonight." She said. "Yeah, actually...I did." I said. Then after a short pause, I said, "A really good time." I don't know why I felt the need to add that, but something inside of me just wanted to gauge her reaction. I mean...'what if?' Right? Noticing a slight ‘change' in the way I talked about my recent outings with my new friend, she asked, "So, this was that Jesse boy that you always speak so highly of?" Adding, "Your new friend?" Is this the beginning of a monumental conversation between me and my mom? Maybe not yet...but it's definitely one of the baby steps that are leading in that direction. "Yeah." I said, a nervous quiver in my voice. I almost wanted to tell her. The words weren't quite on the tip of my tongue yet, but they were definitely in the back of my throat. I began to wonder what would happen if I just came right out and said it. What if I just came clean? Right now. No more shame. No more denial of guilt. No more secrets. No more sideways conversations or having my mom bring home corny clinical statistics about gay youth in America. What if...I could just be me? Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week...without the need to make apologies to anybody for it. What if? "I like him, Mom. Jesse, I mean. I'm thinking that maybe...we'll be hanging out a lot more. He's...a lot of fun." Uh oh! My mom started to get all misty eyed on me and she tried to smile, but it looked like a really painful method of hiding her tears of joy! "That's really sweet, honey..." No no no!!! Parent getting mushy! Abort mission! "Ok! Well, see you later! Thanks, Mom!" I said, and I high tailed it out of that kitchen as fast as humanly possible! I didn't mean to start any waterworks here, I was just testing the waters. Geez! Parents want to do everything so fast! If it was up to her, I'd be racing from baby steps to full blown horse gallops in a matter of seconds! Leave me alone! Let me...process all of this on my own first. Then, maybe we'll talk some more. Until then...let's leave it at a couple of new friends that plan to hang out a lot more together in the future. That should be enough, right? Geez...she was really going to cry, wasn't she? Hehehe!
  17. You have my hugs and good thoughts.
  18. Onim


    Nope...she'd sell the 'balldacted' photos to the Russians..."Russia, if you're listening..." 😉
  19. Okay. This one's more substantial, not just a song that's been covered to death. @droughtquake I know what you're going to say. Kindly keep it to yourself.
  20. NimirRaj

    Chapter 12

    This is going to be long winded but here we go: Reading these comments, theories, etc...on some level I agree with pretty much everyone. I mean my respect for Gabe fluctuates rapidly throughout this story so part of me wouldn't be surprised if the theory that he wants to get Freddie & Richie in a relationship partially because he doesn't want Richie dating Earl was accurate. I mean Gabe did once comment that he thought Freddie was attracted to Richie and he is highly upset with the idea of Richie dating Earl, though I don't know if he'd put that much effort into getting them together just because of his homophobia regarding Earl. In the end I could see him potentially trying to get them together but I could also see it happening naturally as I believe that early on in the story Richie's thought to himself that Freddie was good looking though he refused to think on it much due to who he was. I feel that Richie is distancing himself from Freddie due to feelings he doesn't want to admit but I also feel that he truly dislikes him on some level despite it being unwarranted. I mean he likely feels replaced by his father and based on his thoughts in this chapter he clearly feels that he has been replaced in the eyes of his siblings despite how untrue that is. Then you've got Gabe who's highly insensitive to the whole situation. I mean while he didn't say it outright reading between the lines he seemed to think Richie was being overly dramatic regarding how upset he was with his sperm donor and seems to think Richie should just forgive him as he doesn't really seem to comprehend why Richie is upset with him. Then there's the fact Gabe quickly befriended Freddie without thinking about how RIchie would feel about it as while Richie is being unfair to Freddie and while I think Gabe has every right to befriend him he should have the common sense to realize that Richie wouldn't be happy about Gabe befriending the kid who's mom his dad left his family for as well as the kid he somewhat feels replaced by. Once again I'm not saying Gabe is in the wrong I'm just saying he shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't make Richie jump for joy as in his eyes Gabe has befriended an enemy as ridiculous as that may sound. I can't really wrap my mind around Gabe when it comes to his personality as I don't know if he's homophobic or what. I mean a homophobic person wouldn't typically kiss another guy let alone a gay one and yet his ever changing attitude about Richie being gay irks me. I mean I get his initial distancing himself from Richie after learning he's gay as that's typical considering his age as well as peer pressure and was happy when he came back into Richie's life seemingly supporting him. Then the wreck happened and I found myself really upset at the idea that like everyone else Gabe likely hadn't contacted him because some form of his statement to the police about being gay and/or who he was in the car with likely embarrassed Gabe causing him to once again distance himself from Richie fearing people might think he's gay as well. I mean Richie expected a message or something from someone outside of his family yet nobody seemed to care that he could have died including his best friend which was a painful thing to read. Then this chapter comes along after you may have sort of forgiven Gabe for that when he all of a sudden starts freaking out at the idea of RIchie dating or associating with an effeminate gay guy a.k.a. Earl and was terrified at the idea of being seen in public with the guy. I mean he suspects Freddie is gay and knows Richie is yet spends time with both of them likely because they act more hetero as I mean would he possibly abandon Richie if he were to actually start dating a guy, such as Freddie, as I mean what happens if people Gabe knows were to see the two of them holding hands or kissing in public? Obviously, Richie would then be way too gay to associate with if he's going to be gay in public. 😒 He's just so fickle and comes off as self centered as I often get the vibe Gabe is more concerned about what people think about him than anything else though I have to admit that his eventually giving up on coming up with excuses when Richie mentioned Earl going with them to the movies seemed to imply that he valued Richie's friendship over public opinion...though it also sounded like he expected as well as possibly hoped his girlfriend would object to Earl going getting him out of the situation in the end. I'm glad Richie is going with the group and I think it'll do him good though I understand some of the sentiments about how some of the people seem insensitive to the situation. I mean Richie is being unfair to Freddie but I also get that beyond that he truly wanted to spend some quality time with his little brother only to have multiple people butting in. I mean first you have Gabe who he didn't really mind going with them and yet it's still not exactly the day Richie had been looking forward to. Then all of a sudden Harley is begging to go along and while I couldn't turn down a little kid either you know his presence is 100% going to interfere with the original plan as there's no way Richie is going to get one on one time with Andrew with Harley present as they'll want to do a lot of stuff together. At least now that Freddie is going along hopefully him & Gabe can entertain Harley some so that Richie will get a little more time with his brother. In the end some adult could have stepped in in order to dissuaded Freddie & Harley from going along as they surely knew that Richie wanted to spend time with Andrew alone and Gabe could have also sort of stayed out of it for the same reason as he was surely aware Richie wanted time alone with his brother, though hopefully this will offer up a chance for him to get over his anger towards Freddie. I'm going to cross my fingers hoping for the best though I'm afraid more drama is on the horizon as I just have a feeling that there is going to be more than one type of roller coaster ride before the day is over.
  21. you have many friends, my boy. I'm glad that you took a moment to reach out so that you could see that. We all love you and care about your well-being. There's nothing wrong with stopping by to visit only once in a while... We are a patient lot, and we'll be here waiting when you choose to pop back in. Stay steady, stay strong, and keep your chin up. xo
  22. Timothy M.

    Slothin' It

    I thought this sloth footage might inspire you to write more on the story.
  23. Today
  24. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    Um, what vitriol ? None of us are saying anything against Harley, and while it could be argued that Freddy should have refused to go on the outing, we're not putting much blame on him either. All my vitriol has been directed to the adults plus Gabe. And why is it a 'punishment' to tell Harley (and Freddy) they can go on another outing with Andrew, just not with Richie ? I have no objection to being gainsaid, but please don't accuse us of something we didn't do.
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