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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

The Summer Job - 45. Two Nightmares


This chapter includes drug use and the sexual abuse of minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Please understand that this is PLOT and, not an ENDORSEMENT of the behaviors.

Tyrone Flowers nightmare began at seventeen minutes after three am on state road forty-seven. He topped a hill and saw the DUI checkpoint at the bottom of the hill. He stomped on his brake and flicked the joint from the latest load he was smoking out the window. Tyrone rolled all his windows down, but knew it was a futile effort.

He had to wait behind two cars as the Sheriff’s Deputies checked the driver’s license and insurance card of other late night/early morning motorists. Tyrone made sure he had his at the ready hoping against hope whatever cop would be checking licenses was nose blind.

When the car in front of him pulled away, Tyrone rolled up and handed the Deputy his license and insurance card. The Deputy checked then and nodded to someone just out of view. Tyrone knew it was over when another Deputy approached with a dog.

The first Deputy said, “Sir, I’m going to need you to pull over there.”

Tyrone looked around and saw six grim faced law officers, sighed and complied with the Deputy’s order. As soon as he was out of the car, he was immediately arrested on the charge of DUI/drugs. He was handcuffed and put in the DUI van and left to ponder his fate.



Phillip’s nightmare always happened when he smoked weed. It went back five years ago. He was a sixth grader, and it was spring break. Javier’s older brother Juan was a college freshman and wanted to go on a spring break vacation but Juan senior put a condition on the deal. Mr. Wright and Perez would send Juan and his best friend David on a very nice spring break trip but only if they took Javier and Phillip.

Juan wasn’t stupid. That was a great deal and, Phillip and Javier would be good company and, he had missed David since they had gone to different schools. Besides the cute eleven and thirteen-year-olds would be chick magnets.

All parties were excited and when spring break arrived and the four boys flew to Pensacola. Once they landed, they were whisked away to a gleaming tower at a beachside resort. Everything looked great and the three teens and one eleven-year-old were ecstatic.



Tyrone’s nightmare intensified when a big Sheriff’s Deputy entered the van carrying the duffle bag with this weekend’s shipment and said, “I’m Deputy Marvin Gaddis. Tyrone Flowers, you are under arrest for driving under the influence of drugs, possession of marijuana, meth and ecstasy with intent to distribute.”

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights?”

Tyrone nodded.

Gaddis said, “With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

“I think its best I spoke to a lawyer first”, Tyrone said. Then he threw out a sheet anchor, “After that, we’ll talk and, I’ll be cooperative.”

Gaddis nodded and said, “Smart man. I want to warn you that the party drugs are a federal rap. We can deal with that as long as you play ball. I’m going to get one of my men to transport you to the county, and we’ll have a public defender waiting.”

Tyrone wasn’t panicked. He would have been if he knew his phone had been unlocked and his pictures had been found. He thought of himself as a player, he had many cards in his hand and the game was on. Tyrone just didn’t know how deep a hole he was in yet.



Javier and Phillip were in heaven. They put on their bathing suits and played in surf after a dose of sunscreen applied by David. All the boys knew each other well. David was a nice kid who was Juan’s age: eighteen.

He had been Juan’s constant companion for years and was quite tolerant of the younger boys. After an afternoon of playing on the beach, the older boys wanted to go out.

That was fine with Javier and Phillip. There was a pool and other amenities, and they were always fine with some alone time.

All went well the first night. Javier and Phillip discovered that they weren’t the only younger teens that had gotten a free ride to spring break with their older siblings. They met a number of kids their age from the Southern states and beyond and things were looking up.



Tyrone arrived at the county jail and was booked and processed. He was put in a cell for a while until a tired-looking Deputy came to get him. He was led to a room where a young attorney stood and introduced himself.

“I’m Wyatt Jefferson, I was on call for the Public Defender’s office. Come in and let’s talk about your case.”

He opened a file and said, “We can probably deal on the drug charges, but Jesus, the sex charges are damning. They’re assigning 'Dirty Harriet' Callahan herself to this case.”

Tyrone asked incredulously, “Sex charges? What sex charges?”

Wyatt slid a piece of paper over to Tyrone that had a title in bold letters at the top of the page: “preliminary charge sheet”. Under that was a line that read: “Notice- these are preliminary charges only. More charges are expected as this case is still under investigation.”

He read the drug charges, they were bad enough. It was the eighteen counts of sexual battery and forty-four counts of producing child pornography. That made Tyrone throw up in a nearby garbage can. Going to prison with that on your rap sheet would be a death sentence.



Things were fun at Spring Break. Phillip met a girl his age from Louisiana that wore a purple bikini with tigers on it. Javier met a girl from Mississippi wearing a red and blue bikini with the colors of Ole Miss. They had a fine time, ate pizza for lunch until they all had to go inside or roast in the Florida sun. It was a great day.

Later that night, David and Juan returned from partying smelling of alcohol and other things. They were friendly, happy and more than a little silly. They hung out with the boys for a while and Juan had to crash.

David went to the refrigerator and pulled out something that looked like a big milk carton. He swore the boys to secrecy and poured the three of them a red drink he called a strawberry daiquiri and the three boys sat on the balcony and drank the concoction. It was great so, they had another round.

Javier said, “I know you’ve got a joint David.”

He laughed and said, “What makes you think that? I’m not a peasant. I only smoke out of a bong.”

Phillip was cautious, but curious about weed. He had seen all the anti-drug propaganda, but weed seemed different. It wasn’t a pill or a powder and many people who obviously weren’t insane smoked it. Javier liked it and tonight, he would get to try it.



A deputy led Tyrone Flowers, his public defender Wyatt Jefferson into an office where a stern looking Deputy, a female Prosecutor and a female court reporter were waiting.

The Prosecutor stood and said, “I’m Deputy District Attorney Karen Callahan. Mr. Flowers, we have enough to put you in prison for over three hundred years. You were kind enough to photograph and time and date stamp each act of child molestation with your cell phone. If you have anything to tell us, now would be the time.”

Tyrone looked at his public defender. Wyatt Jefferson knew that Tyrone was well and truly fucked. He said, “It’s the only way you can help yourself at this point.”

Tyrone asked, “What do you want to know?”

Deputy Gaddis said, “Let’s start with the drugs. Tell us everything about Trans-Continental Shipping, where the drugs come from and who is involved. That will get us started.”

Karen Callahan said, “We also need to know who you are supposed to deliver them to.”

“Will that make the charges go away?”, Tyrone asked hopefully.

Wyatt Jefferson sighed and said, “Tyrone, you don’t get it. They aren’t going to go away. What you tell them will be the difference between life in prison, or a chance at parole in twenty or twenty-five years. Their case is that strong. No lawyer on the planet can keep you out of prison with the charges you’re facing. If I thought so, I’d make a few calls and get you a better lawyer pro bono, but it won’t help.”

Tyrone started with Trans Continental Shipping.





Phillip, Javier and David took bong hits and drank up the strawberry daiquiri. It felt great to party with David. They were big boys now.

He and Javier were soon feeling wonderful. There was a warm happy, silly glow, but soon they felt sleepy and went to bed. As soon as they lay down the two horny boys rolled around wrestling in their underwear. They soon got rid of the underwear and sixty-nined. It felt good to Phillip, great, but he just couldn’t quite cum like Javier yet. They held each other until Javier was asleep.

Phillip had to pee, so he got up and went to the shared bathroom in his Sponge-Bob boxers. After relieving himself, he heard Juan and David talking in their room and smelt more of that wonderful smoke. He crept closer to the door and listened.

David said, “Come on. It’ll be like old times. Tell me you don’t have a hard on.”

“We’re not kids any more David”, Juan said indignantly. “You give great head but, we’re eighteen now.”

David said, “You don’t even have to do anything. Just let me blow you then I’ll go take a shower and jerk off.”

Juan reluctantly agreed, and it wasn’t long before the sounds of wet pleasure were coming from the older boys’ room. Phillip was hard as a nail. His little four-inch dick was standing tall at the sounds of the handsome two older teens doing what he and Javier did every chance they got.

Phillip listened until he heard Juan hiss, “Oh shit, I’m cumming David, faster please... don’t stop.” Then Phillip went to the bathroom and waited.



Deputy District Attorney Karen Callahan asked, “Tyrone, where were the drugs going?”

Tyrone said, “I’ve got four regular customers. Three of them just want weed. It’s the fourth one you’re really interested in. Hand me a paper.”

They slid him a note pad, and he wrote down three names and said, “Their phone numbers are in my phone. The fourth one will take some explaining.”

Callahan said, “OK. We’re listening.”

That was an understatement. Gaddis was ready to jump up and down over the info he had gotten on Trans-Continental Shipping. That would be a huge case that would bring in the DEA. He could tell that Callahan was after something else.

Tyrone said, “I uhhh... This is hard. It goes back eleven or twelve years to Carver Middle School. There was a coach there named Farmer. I got caught doing something stupid, I don’t remember what but, he took me in his office and paddled me. I didn’t even know I liked to be spanked, but I was just wearing gym shorts and boned up something fierce. He locked the door and gave me the best blow job I’d ever had. After school and on weekends, he would pick me up and go to his house to get high and have sex. He offered me a hundred bucks a head to find him other boys for him, but I didn’t go for that. He still blows me every time I make a delivery.”

Callahan asked, “So you deliver to Chuck Farmer?”

Tyrone said, “Yeah, twice a month. Weed, ecstasy and different stuff too sometimes.”

Callahan asked, “Do you know if he is still having sex with boys?”

Tyrone replied, “I don’t know about that for sure, but I wouldn’t doubt it. When I deliver, we meet at Center Park Saturday afternoons. He blows me, pays me, and we go our separate ways. Back when I was an eighth grader there were a couple of other boys I suspected he was doing it with, but I didn’t know for sure.”

Tyrone shifted and said, “It’s been a long time ago but do you remember Hunter Young, the kid who went missing without a trace eleven years ago?”

Callahan did remember that name. It was a cold case with absolutely nothing to go on. She said, “I know the one you are talking about.”

Tyrone said, “He was in my gym class. I don’t know for sure and, Coach never talked about it, but Hunter was in and out of his office pretty regular. I think Coach might have had a thing with him like he did with me. Maybe... maybe things went wrong, and Coach decided to shut him up. If I were you, I’d look for him in that park buried somewhere out behind his place.”

That was Tyrone’s very last card. He was all played out. He really missed Hunter. If Coach had offed him, it would serve him right to get nailed for it. That boy had the very best ass Tyrone had ever tapped male or female.



Phillip hid behind the door of the bathroom. The more he thought of the good-looking older teenager David, the harder he got. His dick was so hard it had seemed to grow bigger and harder than it had ever been.

David entered the bathroom with a big throbbing boner under his towel. He closed the door, locked it and came face to face with Phillip.

David whispered, “What are you doing here?”

Phillip turned on the water and said, “It wasn’t very nice of Juan to let you suck his dick and not even jack you off.”

David said, “Shit! You know about that?”

Phillip nodded, reached out and touched David’s boner and said, “I can keep a secret if you can.”

The towel fell away and Phillip had the older boys cock in his hand gently jacking it. David didn’t stop him but protested, “Phil, you’re way too young. I’d get in big trouble. Can you even cum yet?”

Phillip lied, “A little. Come on David. It’ll be way better than jacking off.”

David was too horny and high to think straight. Phillip was an adorable kid. He and Javier had entered his masturbation fantasies occasionally, but he had dismissed it as forbidden fantasies. Phillip was right in front of him with his dick in his hand, the sheer forbidden nature of such a liaison added spice to it. David’s shaking right hand caressed Phillip’s erection. Both boys were so horny they were shaking with anticipation.

Phillip shivered at David’s touch; he could tell it was going to happen.

David put his arms around Phillip and whispered in his ear, “If we’re going to do this, I want to make it good for you too. Tell me: do you do it with Javier?”

That put Phillip in a bind and, he asked, “Why?”

David said, “You know I do it with Juan. It’s only fair.”

Phillip said, “Yeah, we do it. It’s fun.”

David whispered, “I guess you and Javier are like Juan and me were at your age. Swear you won’t tell?”

“I swear.”

David knelt in front of Phillip, pulled his shorts down and began to suck his dick. It was different from when Javier did it. David knew things Javier and Phillip had yet to discover. David could suck Phillip’s entire dick and lick his balls. It felt spectacular and, he began to shake. Phillip had made Javier cum numerous times and, recognized the signs. His excitement drove David to greater efforts until Phillip actually did cum for his first time.

It was Phillip’s turn. David’s dick was the biggest he had ever seen up close. He took as much as he could and within a short few minutes, he erupted in Phillip’s mouth. David was stunned. He wasn’t expecting the younger boy to turn him on like that, but Phillip did.

Phillip stood and David hugged him. He whispered, “That was great. Let’s get together again sometime tomorrow.”



Detective Butler entered the interview room. Tyrone knew Butler by sight but had never met him. He identified himself and said, “Tyrone, I’m Detective Butler. I work homicide. Would you mind telling me everything you can remember about Hunter Young?”

Tyrone did. He was honest and told Butler that he didn’t know for sure that Coach Farmer had been with Hunter, but had good reason to think so. Farmer would pick Tyrone up and take him to his house for sex. It was possible that Farmer had a similar relationship with Hunter.

Butler asked many questions. Tyrone answered everything he could and didn’t add any helpful fiction.

Butler left the interview conflicted. There was very little in the file. The Young kid had just up and vanished over a weekend and had been reported missing on a Sunday. There had been interviews with family and friends, and there were no signs he was contemplating running away.

This was the first lead the case had gotten in eleven years.

Was Farmer good for it? His gut told him yes. It had to be something like Tyrone described. Young gay and bisexual men were almost always secretive about their adventures. That would be even truer if it were with an adult. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time one had met the wrong guy and ended up dead.

Such cases were extremely difficult to solve. You just had to pick away at them until you found someone who knew or suspected something. It was like finding a loose thread: once you found it, you pulled on it and hope a seam would break open.



The next day, David and Phillip exchanged blow jobs three times: twice during the day and once again later at night in the shower. David was finding sex with the eager younger boy addictive.

Phillip used some of what he had learned on Javier who decided having his balls licked was astonishing. During their encounter, Javier made Phillip cum for the first time. He congratulated Phillip for that milestone.

All in all, it was a great day. The only person in the room that didn’t have a great day was Juan. Despite his protests, he missed his blow job.



As dawn approached, Callahan had a strategy conference with Gaddis, Butler and a new addition: Danny Warren from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Warren had joined the team because of the Trans-Continental Shipping end of the case. That was coming together nicely from the information provide by Tyrone.

Deputy District Attorney Callahan had more than enough probable cause for search warrants needed for Chuck Farmer’s home. She could make a case against Farmer simply from his abuse of Tyrone Flowers as an adolescent, but there was much, much more at stake. The information gained on the Hunter Young case was still sketchy. If they could find a body in proximity to Farmer’s house, Butler could build a case from there.

They needed a game plan and decided that it would be best if they allowed Tyrone to make his deliveries, and they got them on tape. Then make arrests later for maximum effect. It was an imperfect solution, and for it to work, timing would be key.

Tyrone would be offered a deal. His charges wouldn’t simply go away but, he was another victim of Farmer. In exchange for his testimony, he would be offered a plea deal that gave him a chance to be out in twelve to twenty years in a medium security prison with sex offender treatment and access to educational opportunities. He would pay, but have a chance to have a life.



On Thursday, Juan knew something was up. David hadn’t even offered to suck his dick since Monday night. That was unusual and, Juan grudgingly admitted to himself that he missed it.

Maybe David was just being considerate of his own stated wishes, but that did not quite ring true. Juan was aware his and his best friend’s eighteen-year-old libidos. They had a lot of history and most of it was splattered with their cum. Had David found another guy, or worse, had he taken up with Javier and/or Phillip?

Juan knew the two boys were doing pretty much what he and David were doing at their age. He had seen them rolling around wrestling in their underwear more than once. Unbidden and strictly forbidden, the thought of Phillip in his underwear with a cute little boner made Juan’s cock harden.

Phillip had grown up quite a bit over the last year. His body had grown long and lean with his constant competitive swimming. The way he filled out his Speedo was... appealing. The thought of his tight ass actually made Juan leak pre-cum.

What a sick bastard he was! Juan had to admit to himself he was turned on by his baby brother’s bestie.



Tyrone and his Public defender sat down with Callahan, Gaddis and Warren. They offered the plea deal and Tyrone was glad to get it.

Then Gaddis outlined their plan.

Tyrone was to make his deliveries as usual. If questioned he would tell his customers he wasn’t feeling well and had seen a doctor for an inflamed appendix and might have to have it removed.

He would be shadowed by Gaddis’s men and once he was done, he would be taken into custody.

Tyrone wasn’t thrilled with the plan, but he rolled with it. The Cops and the Prosecutor held his life in the balance and success meant, he would be free again eventually. It was a nightmare, but there was an end to it.



Friday was a great day. Juan usually kept Phillip at arm’s length but had been affectionate with him all day.

That night went as usual: Phillip and Javier played around on the beach with some friends they had made. Juan and David went out to hang out with the friends they had made. By eleven, they were all back.

Juan and David were buzzed making them both act silly and sweet. It was their last night, so they had brought two of containers of the strawberry daiquiri concoction and David broke out his bong. All four of the boys were hammered, especially Javier and Phillip. Juan got his laptop out, hooked up the wireless connection, plugged an HDMI cable into the television and played some straight internet porn.

Soon everyone in the room was high, drunk and horny. Phillip got up and went to the bathroom. He was surprised when Juan stumbled in behind them and locked the door. He stood beside Phillip at the commode and pulled out a bigger cock than David’s. It was hard and wet with pre-cum.

Phillip was mesmerized by the big throbbing boner. He had always worshiped the tall, handsome Juan and recently harbored fantasies that made him just as hard. His eyes were glued to Juan’s cock.

Juan whispered, “You like that?”

Words failed him. He stared wide-eyed at Juan’s long, slim seven inches, and he just nodded.

Juan put his hand on the back of Phillip’s head and guided his mouth onto his cock. He pumped his big cock deep into Phillip’s mouth once, twice and a third time and came with white-hot intensity. He was stunned at how turned on the eleven-year old made him.



That was Phillip’s nightmare for the next few years. After the trip was over, whenever Juan was home, Phillip was his secret sex slave. Phillip was simply unable to say no to the big, handsome teen’s desires. Later that spring when he turned twelve, Juan’s birthday gift was to fuck him.

The pain was searing, but it did not last long, and gave way to unimaginable pleasure. Phillip would do anything, endure anything for Juan, but Javier could never know.

During that time there was always weed. Soon the mild buzz of pot, he associated with Juan and the truth— he was being used. Every time he smoked the stuff the memory came back and made him a little sick. It was part of him. It was the reason why he was so protective of his boys. It was why he was much more apt to give pleasure than take it.

Phillip knew, he did not think, he knew something was broken inside him. It was why he clung so desperately to the secret shame, to Javier and why he was so lost without him.

He woke with a shiver from his nightmare and saw Mikie’s face glowing angelic in the morning light. He wrapped his arm around the boy he had come so far with and went back to sleep.

Copyright © 2021 jamessavik; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Chapter Comments

Philip didn't act like he was damaged he seemed well adjusted. It does explain why he cares for the kids

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We find out why Philip cares so much about his boys. Philip seems well adjusted, rather than damaged from these events.

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14 hours ago, weinerdog said:

Philip didn't act like he was damaged he seemed well adjusted. It does explain why he cares for the kids


8 hours ago, chris191070 said:

We find out why Philip cares so much about his boys. Philip seems well adjusted, rather than damaged from these events.


That's one of the ways many abuse survivors turn out: very tight and seemingly well put together and controlled. but with underlying feelings of inferiority and the belief that they are fundamentally damaged. Outwardly, they may appear to be the all-American kid. They are compensating for their internal feelings inferiority, inadequacy or that they damaged goods.

Phillip has a few other character traits that are directly attributable to his abuse. It's why he's such a tom cat and hasn't settled into a monogamous relationship others.

Phillip is not the only one in the story coping with this by far. Pay attention to the behavior of Tanner, Seth and David and the four Green brothers in the chapters to come.  It screams- we're sexual abuse victims. The behaviors always tell.

Things are about to get very spicy.

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The way the story balances/contrasts the teens exploration of their sexuality with the ruthless exploitation by adults of teens is well done. 

As someone who finds the adult sexual attraction to young teens as truly bizarre and uncomprehendable, I will always be attracted to a well crafted story. Thanks. 

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Marijuana is quite dangerous for children and teens in addition to the social effects of hanging out with druggies and drug dealers.  One third of teens develop a dependency disorder and heavy usage by adolescents is associated with permanent IQ impairments. 

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We sure got to know Phillip more deeply in this episode.  Nice explanation and how it affects his psychology.

Edited by GanymedeRex
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12 minutes ago, GanymedeRex said:

We sure got to know Phillip more deeply in this episode.  Nice explanation and how it affects his psychology.

I tried hard to create a character arc for Phillip that was consistent and believable. At first, he seems like just another teen horn dog, but there's more too him. There are reasons why he is like he is.

Not just Phillip but Mikie as well. Watch him toward the end. He grows up quite a bit.

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