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Egaran Stars - 42. Galen- The Egaran Way

This chapter contains mention of watersports. As always, reader discretion is advised.

Tiganides for breakfast and a cup of a diluted drug. It was such a great way to start the day. Setting the cakes on a plate, the tiger heard a loud thump from the bedroom, a chuckle escaping him despite himself. His bonded was awake. A few minutes passed before the Faro joined him in the kitchen, complaining grumpily as Galen lifted him into a chair. The tiger squeezed the fox’s butt playfully, checking to make sure his diaper was clean. Other than the incidents when they had first started living together, the Faro had been good about keeping himself dry.

Galen set the cakes in front of Reinard, making sure the Faro drank his tea. He had noticed the fox had a bad habit of skipping doses. If it weren’t for his inhaler, the Egaro doubted Reinard would have taken his medicine at all the night before.

He got it, or at least he thought he did. It had taken months for the Egaro to get over his mitéras death. He wished he’d had the nepáta back then, it would have made things a lot less painful.

“So, how is your body feeling today?”

Reinard shrugged tiredly, a wide yawn escaping him. He sipped at his tea, grimacing slightly.

“I don’t know what you like in it, so I kept everything out,” Galen shrugged. “Besides, if you drink it all before eating, the tiganides will taste that much sweeter.”

“If drinking it doesn’t kill my tongue completely,” Reinard scowled.

“Hey, I tried,” Galen protested.


The Faro sighed, gulping at the warm tea. He took a bite of his food, shrugging at the taste.

“Thank you.”

“Now was that so hard? Hurry up, Themis wants us at work early today,” Galen added. “If I leave you alone in here, will the knives be safe?”

“You stuck them all in the cabinet above the stove,” Reinard accused. “How am I supposed to reach them?”

“You’re not supposed to reach them brachy. You ask if you need something cut.”

“Like your balls?” Reinard bristled. “Don’t call me short.”

Galen snorted, heading into the bedroom to get dressed for the day.

“Do you want me to leave a fresh diaper out for you?” he called.


The Egaro shook his head, looking back at the door. So many negative opinions about kinks. He knew Faro were prudish, but this was getting old.

Pulling a sleeveless chiton over his chest, Galen grabbed his peplos and stepped back into the kitchen, watching Reinard attack his food. He couldn’t believe how different the fox looked, and the tiger wondered how they would explain the change at the porneo.

“Okay Reinard, let’s have a little talk,” he said, sitting across from the Faro. “I like urine. I like being peed on, feeling the warm liquid running over me-”

“Do I really need to hear this while I’m eating?”

“Does it make me any less of a person?” Galen continued, ignoring the interruption. “You want to be taken with force. Does that say anything bad about you?”

“Noreen would probably say so.”

“My point is we all have likes and dislikes. Personally, I love seeing you walk around in a diaper. It is something I’m discovering about myself. You are adorable in a diaper, and I want to hold you and carry you everywhere when you wear it. Have I treated you so poorly that you think the diaper is a punishment?”

“But it is a punishment. You are making me wear it because I keep peeing in the bed,” the fox protested

“Which turns me on as well, though it’s a pain to clean up. It’s not a punishment Reinard. If you’re cooking something messy, don’t you put an apron on to keep from getting dirty? It’s the same idea here.”

“Wait… you want me to piss my pants?”

Galen shrugged.

“I mean, not all the time, but if you occasionally slipped up and I had to change your diaper-”

“Am I just some kit for you to take advantage of?!”

“You’re my cub to spoil and care for,” the tiger corrected.

“Right. And the fact that I’m nearly three years older than you?”

“Has no bearing on this. And I’m not taking advantage of you,” Galen added. “If it makes you feel better, I’m sure we can find a diaper in my size. It’s not the end of the world you know. I’ll even wear it to the porneo. I bet there are a lot of Egaro out there who’d love to see it.”


Galen chuckled quietly.

“Is it really that big of a surprise? You literally walked into a urinal meant to let people watch you pee the other day. Look around you Reinard, you’re not on Athalea any more.”

“And you’d let people know…”

“Why not? If I like it, why should I let anyone tell me not to like it? And don’t try to deny it, I know you like your diapers.”

“It’s humiliating,” Reinard said.

“And? There’s a kink for that too you know. Put a tiger out on a boat naked and let people stare at him. He’ll be uncomfortable, but I almost guarantee he’ll be rock hard.”

“Why would you do something like that? What if a kit saw-”

“Then the parents would explain to the cub that the tiger was expressing his enjoyment of something in a way that was natural, if not exactly applauded. We all have genitals, and most of them look similar to each other. Does it really matter if we see others exposed?”

“Yes! I don’t want my kits seeing that!”

“No, you’d rather keep it all hushed up, and make sure your cubs hide everything from you,” Galen said, shaking his head. “Here, the biggest issue with someone exposing their genitals in public is consent. There are those, like you, who might not want to see that. So tigers do it in areas designed for it. It’s a lot more common than you might think. Maybe we can go visit one of those places.”

“Let’s not,” Reinard grunted, pushing his half finished plate away.

He hopped off the chair, diaper crinkling as the fox walked away, leaving Galen to shake his head slowly. The tiger wasn’t sure how to get through to the fox, but he wasn’t going to stop trying.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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