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Egaran Stars - 46. Galen- Heated Passion

Galen opened the door to the room, stepping inside swiftly. He cleared his throat, nerves building slowly as he looked over the other two Egaro. They were both perfect, and he couldn’t believe he got to be naked with them both. This had to be the best day of his life to this point, and Galen was scared something was going to happen. There was no way he could be this lucky.

“Galen, relax. Hagan, could you give me a moment with Galen? He’s new to this, and I want to make sure he understands his role today,” Iason said. “I promise your time will not start until we are all prepared.”

The other tiger nodded, his husky voice almost purring as he looked them over.

“Take your time Kýrie.”

Iason set a hand on Galen’s shoulder, guiding the younger tiger toward the shower.

“I know you are worried. Don’t be. Hagan is harmless, even in heat. I’m going to tell you what to do, okay? If things go wrong, not that they will, there is a red button beside the bed. Pressing it will alert Aedan that one of us needs help. Because this is your first time, I will make sure we take it slow.”

Galen nodded silently, glancing at the other Egaro.

“Do you know the colour code?”

“Yes, the porneos in Delphi used it.”

“Good. At regular intervals, no more than two minutes apart, you will check in with us. Tell Hagan to give you a colour, and then give me your colour. Understood?”

The Egaro nodded again, Iason smiling. The white tiger kissed Galen on the cheek before nudging him back toward their client.

“Hagan, please tell us why you are here,” he said.

“Kýrie. I want someone to use me, to teach me the meaning of respect,” the Egaro replied, the slightest hint of a challenge to his voice.

“Galen will teach you, under my command. Is that acceptable agóri?”

“Yes Kýrie.”

“Good. Galen, thirty minutes on the timepiece please. Agóri, you will remove my clothes.”

Galen turned toward the timer, setting it up as he heard the soft thump of fabric hitting the floor. The timer started with a soft beep, and a soft hiss filled the air. Turning back, the Egaro frowned at the sight of Iason holding Hagan’s jaw as the other tiger knelt.

“Galen, agóri tried to remove my peplos with his teeth. Is that respectful?” the older tiger asked.

“No,” Galen said, his ears pricking up slightly as he watched the two.

“Would you please show agóri what happens when he treads too far with our commands? A single slap should suffice for now.”

The blue tiger approached Hagan, glancing at Iason. Iason nodded to him, and Galen stepped around the kneeling tiger. He let his hand caress Hagan’s rear, feeling out the thickest part, finding a spot that would hopefully hurt the least.

His hand slapped the tiger’s butt, the sound echoing through the room. Hagan yelped, his head trying to dip in Iason’s grip.

“Give Galen a colour,” Iason said.

“Green Kýrie,” Hagan said, his rod visibly straining through his peplos.

Iason looked up at Galen, the blue Egaro adding, “Green.”

“Good. Now agóri. Remove my clothes,” Iason commanded again. “Galen, prepare the shower, and we’ll get the party started.

Galen stepped back toward the shower, pulling his clothes off. He set the water on warm, testing it briefly. He could smell Hagan’s heat, but the scent was far too strong for one Egaro.


Turning his head, Galen took a deep breath, steadying himself against the pheromones pouring off the other two tigers. He could see Iason clinging to Hagon, like a drowning cat, their mouths claiming each other in a heated passion, and the Egaro tried to figure out what he was supposed to do. Iason was in heat, the tiger taking advantage of Hagan’s presence. They were going to fuck if Galen didn’t stop him, but that was why Hagan was here.

“Iason? Iason, back up,” Galen said, keeping a distance from the tigers.

He was just going to treat it like he would any accidental heat, and try to get Iason dressed and home. But that wouldn’t work if he was sucked into the growing heat himself.

Moving around the tigers, Galen hit the button Iason had shown him. He reached for a cup, filling it with water before throwing it over the tigers.

Iason yelped, pulling away from Hagan as he was drenched with the freezing liquid. His eyes turned on Galen, the tiger growling at the younger Egaro.

“You don’t have to separate us Galen…” he murmured, reaching for the blue Egaro hungrily. “We were supposed to share. Come on, let’s get Hagan all nice and hot…”

The door to the room opened, Aedan stepping into the room. He took quick stock of the situation, striding forward to take Iason’s hand.

“Come on big guy. You can’t be in here right now,” the Cervidas said, pulling at the Egaro’s arm. “You know the rules, no mixing heats.”

“But he wanted me. Come on Aedan, wouldn’t a somnus with three tigers-”

“It would be incredible and sexy,” Aedan agreed. “But some other time, okay? Let’s get you to the breakroom and get some food in you. Galen, Pasiphaë is watching the lines right now. Can you stop the timer please? Hagan, Galen can take care of you, but he’s still training. Do you mind if a tigress watches?”

“I can still take good care of the agóri…” Iason protested.

“I… I do not mind,” Hagan said, looking a little dazed.

“Excellent. Give me five minutes. Galen, I know it’s not ideal, but I promise Pasiphaë will help, okay?” Aedan said.

Galen nodded slowly, trying to figure out just how the day had gone so wrong. Having to spank a client, break up tigers in heat, and now he had to fuck a tiger while a tigress watched? The tiger wasn’t sure he was okay with this… but at least he was trying something new.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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