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Egaran Stars - 30. Galen- A New Hole

He was so full. Reinard had no right being this big for his body size. Galen wasn’t sure exactly what was bigger, the Faro’s dick or the small plum sized bulb tying them together. The tiger let his hole tighten, trying to squeeze the knot, to push it out of him. Not that he wanted it out, he just wanted to see if he could move it. A soft moan slipped out of his bedmate, Galen chuckling quietly. He still needed to finish himself.

Lifting his butt, the tiger wrapped his hand around the barbed length, leftover lube greasing his heated flesh as he stroked. He heard a strangled sound, a sharp set of teeth nipping into his back. Galen let out a yelp as his hole squeezed again, warm seed flowing into his butt.

“Come on Reinard, I need to cum too,” he grumbled. “You can’t just fill me and just leave me out to dry like this.”

Reinard growled at him, the fox tugging at his knot. Galen felt a little give and then intense pressure, the tiger yelping. He was already sore from how Reinard had taken his virginity, and having the fox pull at his knot just made the ache worse.

“Okay, fine, you win. I won’t cum,” the Egaro snapped, his hand reaching around to push the fox back into him.

Cupping Reinard’s butt, Galen compared the feeling to the Faro’s normal globes, perfect little spheres that spoke volumes about how good it would feel to penetrate the bipedal fox. In this form though… Galen wasn’t so sure he wanted to fuck Reinard in this form. He was just too small. Which begged the question of where the fuck had the little fox been storing this length stuffed in his ass?

He just had to chalk it up to one of life’s mysteries. Another tug brought more pressure, Galen hissing quietly as Reinard slipped a little further out of him.

“Stop. Just… Please stop…” the tiger begged, his hole stretching.

Reinard grunted, but pushed back in, relieving some of the pressure. Galen wondered how long this forced cuddling session would go. He needed the fox to release him so he could go finish in privacy. Clearly the Faro had some sort of objection to the tiger spilling his seed.

“So… um… This is nice,” Galen said, laying flat on the bed. “I never actually thought you would do this with me. I like it.”

The fox huffed quietly, and Galen could just imagine the eye rolling taking place on his back. He felt Reinard shift his position, the Faro’s weight like a nice warm blanket. Warmth still trickled into him, Galen wondering just how much cum the little guy had in him. He was definitely going to need a shower after this.

Another sudden tug, and the knot pulled free, the tiger hissing in surprise. His hole clenched around nothing, Galen instantly missing the pressure. He had grown fond of it over the last ten minutes.

Reinard’s body shifted, the fox flopping onto the bed next to Galen.

“I… um… I liked it too. But I want to try the other way too. At least once.”

Galen chuckled quietly, squeezing his hole shut as he rolled over. Reaching for the Faro, the tiger pulled him up out of the bed.

“Why don't we go take a shower? This stuff is oily, so it should be nice for a good shower fucking.”

Holding up the lube, Galen led Reinard toward the bathroom, his tail helping to hold the fox’s seed in him until he could find the proper place for it.

“You don’t mind if I cum inside you, do you?” Galen added, smirking at the Faro. “Or are you going to bite my dick if I do? Because I already had a fish bite me, and I really don’t want to add a Faro to that list.”

“A fish? Why were you fucking a fish?” Reinard scowled as they entered the bathroom.

“Ew, no. I was racing in the ocean. Some of my friends and I thought it would be fun to swim from Delphi to Syros. A devilfish decided it wanted to do a little tasting.”

Reinard flinched at the thought, the fox folding his tail around his exposed length.

“Ah… that explains the scar I guess…”

“I still won, but my pride was a little sore. And my dick,” Galen added, turning on the water.

He squirted some lube into his hand, rubbing it liberally over his length.

“I was thinking you should be in control here, but honestly, I doubt you could reach. So, with your permission, I would like to pick you up and set you against the wall,” the tiger said, looking at the fox. “I will warn you, I really don’t know what I’m doing. If I hurt you, I want you to tell me immediately, understood? You are still in full control here, and we will stop the moment you tell me to.”

Reinard frowned, staring up at Galen’s arms. Letting out a tiny sigh, the fox reached out, Galen lifting him up into his arms.

“You said you didn’t do vaginas,” Reinard murmured.

“I… I’m trying to get into it,” Galen replied, stepping into the shower.

He cupped his hands under Reinard’s butt, the Faro moaning at the touch. A hand slipped between them, Galen positioning his rod at the fox’s entrance, wet lips warm and waiting for him. Reinard inhaled sharply, Galen chuckling quietly.

“Relax. It’s not quite ready,” he said, using one arm to hold the fox up while his other gently tweaked Reinard’s nipple. “Just relax and let me know what feels good, okay?”

“That feels good,” Reinard said quickly, before burying his muzzle in Galen’s chest.

The tiger let out a low groan as a tongue ran over his own nipple. He slowly let the fox sink, his tip spreading Reinard’s lips bit by bit as gravity pushed the Faro onto him. Reinard gasped quietly as he was breached, his teeth nipping into a nipple.

The pain sparked Galen into action, the tiger tilting Reinard’s face up with a finger. Their lips met in a flurry of passionate moans, Galen letting him slide even further until his full five inches was buried deep inside the fox.

Reinard’s eyes glazed over as his body adjusted to the intruder. Whimpering quietly, he nibbled at Galen’s chest, biting his nipples, suckling at them. It was a strange feeling for Galen, but one he enjoyed, his rod twitching at the sharp tugging.

“Reinard… fuck… Are you ready?” the tiger breathed.

Reinard nodded, and Galen pushed up, pinning the fox more securely against the wall as he slid in and out of the warm hole that welcomed him. Every inch brought pleasure, Reinard crying out as the nubs of Galen’s rod scrapped his walls, Galen panting quietly as he thrust slowly into his fox.

He wasn’t going to last long, not with Reinard clenching around him like that. The fox shook in his arms, mouth hanging in a tiny gasp, eyes shut as Galen fucked him. The tiger couldn’t hold back. His seed flooded out of his rod in strong spurts, filling Reinard, the Faro crying out from the searing heat that filled him.

As they came down together, the Egaro turned, sliding down the wet wall until they were sitting together. Galen held onto the Faro, stroking him gently as they recovered. Reinard nestled his head into the crook of Galen’s elbow, tail wrapping around them both to keep them warm.

“Galen… I think… I think I love you,” the fox breathed.

The tiger frowned at the words, continuing to stroke the fox. He wasn’t sure how to respond to that. They had released their tension. It was done now, and they could go their separate ways happily. Right?

(The fish that nearly ate Galen)

Black Devil Fish Pictures - YouTube

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Posted (edited)

Life is full of irony. We may envision our life within the expectations and norms of our society, ours parents, or our peers. But the reality often reverts to the more immediate environment and friendships we find ourselves living; nature has it’s own way of shaping  our life for us.

Two boys of different worlds, seemingly total opposites, find themselves thrust together in accommodations and in jobs. Sharing each other’s lives, learning their fears and their limitations, gaining perspective and understanding, can have a way of overriding  the expectations of others; the naivety of understanding oneself driving us to destinations unknown.

Seeking friendship, security, understanding, and companionship has a way of stripping away the facade of confidences not earned and fears not recognized. Ironic that the more personal emotions should find the roles of our two young men may now reverse; as the confident becomes unsure and the shy one becomes more confident, even bold.

@Yeoldebardhas done an amazing job of creating the awkward anxiety of young life and young love. But it is done in such a way that provokes deeper thought and consideration. Congratulations on this creation and delivery! Wow 😳  

Edited by Philippe
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These two are from such radically different cultures. The Faro are sexually repressed and conservative. Sexual pleasure is reserved for mates. Egaro are sexually promiscuous. Galen is looking for pleasure without commitments. Reinard, by the nature of his culture, is seeking a totally different endgame. How will this work out?

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