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Egaran Stars - 29. Reinard- Claiming A Mate

This chapter contains consensual sex between a tiger and a fox shifter. Reader discretion is advised.

The Faro shivered as he removed the rest of his clothes, his eyes staring at Galen’s sizable length. From what he had seen, the tiger would be considered small in most Egaran circles. Yet to the fox, the Egaro’s rod was nearly as long as his calf. He had no idea how he was going to take it.

“Easy Reinard. I don’t want inside you. I want you inside me,” Galen murmured, a hand reaching to stroke the fox.

Reinard flinched slightly, before letting the tiger touch him, the warm, furry hand bolstering his confidence.

“I… Galen… there’s something you… you need to know. My clan, they always bond in their bond form,” Reinard breathed. “I can’t break that tradition.”

“I want you to do what brings you joy Reinard. I am your willing partner,” Galen smiled.

Taking a breath, the fox let it out slowly. He had been avoiding this form for so long. What if something happened? What if someone came after him, and he couldn’t defend Galen from an attacker?

But he tried to push all of that away, letting his body tremble and melt, until he was standing on all fours on the bed, a tiny, dusty tan fox that would be lucky to come up to the tiger’s knee.

A hand came down, huge and menacing, the fox flinching back in alarm. It was okay, he was okay… he was safe. Tentatively, Reinard licked at the hand, a soft chuckle rumbling from the tiger above him. In this form, he could smell Galen’s arousal, and it fed his own, his length slowly growing to its full four inches. He heard a quiet click, a glistening hand reaching underneath the fox.

“You’ll need to lead a bit, okay? I’m not sure what you want, and I don’t want to assume,” Galen said gently, his voice still loud and forceful to the fox. “Small or not, you are in control, Reinard. You will always be in control.”

The Faro shook nervously, stepping forward until his warm length was slipping into Galen’s hand. This was it… he had been touched in his bond form. To take another lover would be taboo to his culture.

“I don’t know exactly how to do this. I’ll try to stay low for you?” Galen suggested, before stretching out on the bed.

The tiger’s tail raised slowly, curling into Galen’s hand as he exposed his butt. His free hand reached back, spreading his cheeks as he slipped a finger into his hole. A loud moan escaped the tiger, his tail twitching as he lubed his insides.

“Come… Come on Reinard. Do what you want with this tiger…” he said, Reinard letting out a low gekker.

The fox climbed onto the tiger, his legs trembling under Galen as the body shook under his slight weight. He slipped, hind feet dropping between Galen’s legs as his rod slapped against Galen’s cheeks. A quick thrust confirmed he was nowhere near his mark.

Thrusting repeatedly as he sought out Galen’s hole, the fox grunted in frustration. A pair of hands reached around, one scooping up under his tail while the other found his rod. Setting the fox where he needed to be, Galen took a breath.

“Be careful,” he said quietly, as Reinard continued thrusting.

Finally he found the spot, his tapered rod shoving into the tiger. Galen let out a sudden yelp, Reinard trying his best to beat his baser instincts, to slow down. The butt raised, lifting Reinard with it as Galen tensed, the heat of his hole attacking the fox, trying to force him out. Scrambling to find purchase on the moving platform, Reinard shoved the rest of his length home, hind legs nearly digging into the tiger’s legs. He could already feel his orgasm coming, despairingly soon. The Egaro always took at least an hour in the brothel, and Reinard hadn’t even lasted a minute.

Letting out an angry gekker, the fox humped into Galen, trying to prove himself, to show he could be just as good as the Egaro the tiger usually slept with. With every thrust, he heard an answering grunt, his knot growing rapidly. Shoving forward, the fox pushed his knot into Galen, tying the two together with a growl and an answering cry.

Seed erupted from Reinard’s length, small, even spurts spraying into the feline under him. His legs collapsed, the Faro hanging off Galen’s backside as he let himself drop. Crying out again, Galen followed, pulled down by the Faro’s knot.

“Skatá… skatá skatá skatá…”

The tiger breathed heavily, Reinard trying to lay still on his back. He didn’t want to hurt Galen, not any more than he already had. His rod was still cumming, still filling the tiger, his knot holding them together. There was no way he could pull out, not without causing damage to Galen. The fox wasn’t sure how long they would be stuck like this. His parents had never actually talked about the act with him.

“So… So this is what… what a knot feels like…” Galen panted. “It’s… not bad… And here I thought you were small.”

Reinard let out a snort, still catching his own breath. The fox began licking the tiger, taking the time to groom his Bonded carefully. A thought came over him; he had been right. Galen had wanted his body, just in a different way than he thought. The fox would have to figure out how to get the tiger inside him though. He still had an obligation to bear cubs, and at least try to ensure his clan lived on beyond him.

The Faro could feel Galen shaking under him, the tiger’s hand pistoning under him. Reinard let out an alarmed gekker. Galen was spilling his seed? No… No, that needed to go inside him, create life.

Nipping the tiger’s back, Reinard felt Galen’s hole tighten around him, the Egaro wincing.

“Come on Reinard, I need to cum too,” Galen sighed. “You can’t just fill me and just leave me out to dry like this.”

Reinard growled quietly, trying to get the tiger to wait. If he would just give the fox a chance to pull out, he could try to take the Egaro’s rod, and do his duty as a Faro.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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