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Egaran Stars - 9. Reinard- Intro to Porn

His eyes followed the tiger's motions in amazement, taking in kick after punch after trip. Reinard flinched as Iason slammed the brown Egaro to the pad, the thud nearly shaking the ring they fought in.

"Why doesn't he give up?"

"That's a she. And she will. But if you see, Iason left himself open there," Galen pointed out.

"What's the difference?" Reinard frowned. "Between he and she, I mean…"

"Mainly the cock and vag," Galen shrugged. "Did you not research before you got here?"

Reinard huffed indignantly. As if he could afford to look things up while on the run. The ship that had brought him over had no way for him to do any real research. Not that Galen knew that.

"Stupid question, I know," Galen sighed. "Don't expect me to be your Egaro 101 teacher though."

As Reinard turned back to watch the screen, the brown tiger swept out at Iason with her leg. Iason fell heavily, nearly crushing the brown Egaro under his nude body. The tigress tried to stand, but was unable to move under him. Her hand flailed for a moment before pounding the mat three times.

"So… he let her take him down?"

"And used his weight to keep her down," Galen nodded. "And if you notice, she tapped out. That's one thing every Egaro knows. You are responsible for your body and your actions. When she was done, she let Iason know."

Reinard let out a grunt as Galen paused the video.

"So, you ready for some actual sex now?" the tiger smirked.

"I suppose. But when is work tomorrow? We need to sleep."

"Eight. We should be able to get up at six. It's only seven right now, we have twelve hours."

"Wait… twelve?"

"Uh, yeah? Egaro has twenty six hour days. You didn't know that?"

The Faro shook his head, staring at the screen as Galen pulled up a video of Iason dressed in tight clothing. The tiger's butt showed plainly through the dark fabric, his body frozen in place.

"Well, best get used to it. And this video should be good to cut your teeth on. It's a soft video, just humping really, but that can be hot on its own," Galen said. "If you do good with this one, we'll see how you handle a couple of guys."

The tiger hit play, Iason moving to the bed as a young tigress came into the room. He grinned on camera, the screen moving to focus on the newcomer.

"That's Daphne. Themis said she was having a problem with a Xanar who started falling for her," Galen explained.

"I don't get that. If Xanar are asexual, why would one be chasing Daphne?"

Galen shrugged.

"They're asexual, not aromantic. And Daphne is a good cuddler from what I've seen, which is admittedly not much. I prefer the guys," he replied. "This isn't my favourite porn, but it's the only one of Iason's that is underwear only."

"Why are you watching it then? Aren't you looking for actual fucking?" Reinard frowned, watching the two embrace on screen.

"Well, yeah. But I'm trying to be considerate," Galen pointed out.

"Oh. Well… thanks?"

Nodding, the tiger leaned forward to watch the screen. Reinard stared at him uncertainly, trying to figure out what was going on with him. What was Galen's game?

"You're not going to learn by staring at me," Galen said. "And I'm not thinking of ways to eat you, so don't go freaking out on me. Just watch the film."

Shaking his head, the fox turned back to the screen, where Daphne was pulling Iason's shirt off slowly. Quiet moans filled the room, Reinard's fur puffing out as he listened. This was so wrong… but it was his life now. And Reinard knew he'd be seeing worse soon enough.

Tigers humping slowly, nipples being nibbled on, underpants growing wetter as he watched, Reinard had to admit he was strangely turned on. He had no idea what to do with that information though. But as his robes tented slightly, the fox frowned, trying to hide his arousal with his tail.

"Fight it all you want. It would be easier just to deal with your excitement, either here or in the bathroom," Galen smirked at the fox.

"I'm fine. Besides…"

He had no idea how to deal with this. But that was not something the fox was about to tell Galen. He'd rather suffer through whatever this was.

"I guess I'm just going to head to bed. I'll stay on the side so you have plenty of room."

Standing, the fox headed out of the room, tail bristling as he tried to ignore the tiger's laughter. It was humiliating, something that had never happened to him before and wasn't supposed to happen until he found his mate.

Someone to care for him, make him feel protected. He supposed if anyone like that existed in the universe, it would not be another Faro. Though he doubted it would be a tiger either. Though Galen did have a certain charm...

Reinard shivered at the thought of finding Galen that attractive. He was an Egaro for Golaski's sake. A giant cat that thought about nothing but sex.

But that wasn't true. Galen probably hadn't been thinking about sex while climbing out of the basement. Or when he had made the fresh sandwich. Fuck, Reinard probably thought about the tiger thinking about sex more than Galen actually did think about sex.

Besides, Reinard was the one who had made the mistake of thinking Galen was going to rape him. And he needed to show the tiger he was sorry, because his words certainly weren't working. Maybe if he could figure out how to cook...

He'd figure it out in the morning.

Lifting himself into the giant bed, the fox fought the urge to curl up in his bond form. That was just asking for trouble. Instead, he wiggled under the heavy covers, purring quietly at the warm weight. If he closed his eyes, he could almost imagine he was home with his segal.


Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.

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6 minutes ago, drpaladin said:

This chapter highlights just how naive and sheltered Reinhard has been up until now.

I wouldn't exactly call him sheltered. But he definitely has some growing up to do.

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38 minutes ago, Yeoldebard said:

I wouldn't exactly call him sheltered. But he definitely has some growing up to do.

Sheltered can be merely a matter of degree.

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