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Egaran Stars - 8. Galen- Feed the Fish

Galen sat on the cold floor, the chill of the ocean around him battling his nerves. He could see the glow of the Cnidarian, the luminous eyes staring at him hungrily through the metallic glass. It was his first encounter with the beast, though he'd grown up hearing stories of tigers eaten alive. Galen knew the ocean was dangerous; he always took caution. But there had been no warning. If it weren't for Reinard, he would likely be dead. And it scared him half to death.

Rising unsteadily, Galen moved away from the water, his hand touching the stone wall of a staircase. The stairs had to lead somewhere, and the sun was sinking too fast. The darkness of the stairway seemed more comforting than sitting in the dark with a hungry Cnidarian.

He walked slowly, every step a cautious exploration for the stair ahead. Keeping his hand on the wall, Galen shivered as he pushed through spiderwebs. The insects disgusted him, and more than once, he nearly panicked at the feel of webs falling across his back.

To make matters worse, he was nude. If this staircase ended up leading to somewhere beside his house… Galen shook his head at the thought. A porntiger arrested for public nudity… he couldn't think of a worse way to start his career.

His hand moved through web after web, a strange clacking sounding as he walked up the stairs.

"Hello? Is someone there?"

Suddenly, a stick smacked him in the knee, the tiger yowling in pain.

"Galen? Is that you?"

"Reinard? Oh thank fuck. I thought I was going to end up in a different house…"

"No. What was that thing?" Reinard demanded.

"A swimmer's worst nightmare. I won't be sleeping well tonight," Galen shook his head, still stumbling through the dark. "Didn't you bring a light?"

"Can't afford it. That's what the broom is for. Oh, there's a wall of webbing at the top of the stairs. You might be able to squeeze through underneath."

"Ugh… I hate spiders…" the tiger grunted.

The clicking of Reinard's stick accompanied him as they rose through the stairs, more and more webs brushed aside by Galen's hands.

"Fuck, I am so taking a shower after this. I don't suppose you picked up my clothes?"

"The thought must have slipped my mind with that… thing staring at me," Reinard replied.

"Try swimming with it," Galen scoffed as a bit of light came into view.

"Well, I suppose you can make it from here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really have no desire to see you naked again," Reinard said, scurrying toward the light.

"You realise you'll probably be filming me at some point, right?" Galen called after him.

"Well until then, keep it in your skirt!" Reinard called back.

"It's a peplos…"

Sighing, the tiger followed the fox, grimacing as he realized the thickest of the webs were still before him.

"Fuck this…"

He got on his hands and knees, following Reinard's progress as he crawled up the last few stairs.

"We're cleaning this place on our day off."

The fox made a noncommittal grunt, hiding his eyes.

"Can you put some clothes on please?" he grumbled.

Galen snorted.

"What's the matter? You don't like my sheath?"

"Maybe I just don't want it to be swinging in my face," Reinard retorted.

"You're clear across the room! And it's not even that big!"

"Still, get some clothes on," the Faro grumbled, heading back into the kitchen.

"Don't go touching anything in there. The last thing I want is to go feed the Cnidarian. Again."

Heading into the bedroom, the tiger let out a sigh. Grabbing a thin tunic, Galen draped it over his body. So much for sleeping naked. He'd have to learn to sleep dressed. This whole thing was starting to be far too much work.

Lifting the tunic to look at his sheath, his rod hiding inside, Galen felt a surge of frustration. He wasn't sure it was rational though. The tiger figured he would have done this for Cassandra. It was just the fact that he was going to sleep with a Faro that was making this difficult for him. Still, he had made a bet, and he would stick with it.

Stepping out of the bedroom, the tiger started making a sandwich for Reinard, resisting the urge to use more hagfish jelly. Setting the plate in front of the fox, Galen left the room silently, just catching a tiny thanks from the Faro.

A nice long shower followed, the tiger cleaning the webs from his body. The basement would need to be cleaned, and a light source found. Of course, if it was in a Cnidarian's hunting grounds, there was no way he'd be swimming, basement or no.

Reaching down to clean his sheath, the tiger let out a quiet moan, his small rod slowly sliding out. As much as he wanted to take a moment, Galen decided it would be better to wait until tomorrow. Though he did need to do some research on Iason, just to make sure he knew what he was getting into. Reinard wouldn't like it, but then, it seemed like Reinard didn't like anything. That was the Faro's problem, not Galen's.

Shutting off the water, Galen stepped into the drying room, air buffeting him from all sides. The tiger wondered how Reinard would handle showering. Hopefully the fox wouldn't let his musk build up. Galen had a thing for smells, and if the fox did that, it would be hard for Galen to keep his promise.

Dressing in his night tunic, the tiger headed out to the living room, grabbing the remote. He plopped heavily onto the couch as he turned on the screen, instantly searching for a video.

"What are you doing?" Reinard asked.

"Watching Iason. Surely you won't mind, it's for work."

The fox grunted, before sitting in a chair, much to Galen's surprise.

"You do understand I'm watching a naked tiger get fucked, right?"

"Well, Pasiphaë did tell me to have you show me some videos," Reinard shrugged. "Just don't make them too crazy…"

Shaking his head with a sigh, Galen searched for one of Iason's earlier videos, finding one of the tiger fighting in a tournament.

"There, nudity without the sex. But the next video will have sex. So, either be ready, or leave."

The fox nodded, eyes glued to the screen. Galen shrugged, settling back to watch the tiger he was going to fuck.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.

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Spiderwebs in the house and omnivores in the water. What a lovely place. Chumming the water is definitely not a good idea.

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