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  2. chris191070

    Chapter 27

    Beautiful wedding.
  3. Mancunian

    Chapter Two

    Another chapter that draws me in even further, I'm enjoying it.
  4. And back to me now. American Business Women’s Day Car Free Day National Centenarian’s Day Elephant Appreciation Day National Girls’ Night In Day Hobbit Day National Ice Cream Cone Day National Legwear Day National White Chocolate Day BTW, this time tomorrow, it will be Fall.
  5. Waldo, WI (We found him folks.)
  6. Mancunian

    Chapter One

    I like it, you have a talent that paints a picture and draws the reader in. I'm looking forward to catching up on the rest of this story.
  7. "Meow means woof in cat." George Carlin
  8. JeffreyL

    Chapter 27

    The wedding was great! I enjoyed the way you wrote Tyler's emotions and reactions throughout the service. Three cheers to Andy and Brian for getting Sean there. I don't know for certain what's next, but I am very happy for Tyler and Sean! Your characters are terrific, and your fine writing really brings them to life! Thanks.
  9. Today is a new day with a new set of challenges, todays challenge? Going out in the rain to do some shopping and remembering to buy a new suitcase. 😀

  10. Today
  11. R. Eric

    Chapter 10

    Sorry, I've been busy. Yes, Kchivchany Mountains. It is in the lower part of the Carpathian Mountains. Right on the Eastern edge of the Ukraine and Western edge of Poland. North of Romania and South of Belarus.
  12. tesao

    Chapter 27

    I haven’t cried that much at a wedding since we coincidentally found ourselves near San Francisco City Hall on the day marriage equality became a legal reality in California and we rushed over to witness the first very emotional ceremonies in that gorgeous, soaring structure! Beautifully written. Helen is a piece of work - in the best way. And YAY...finally Sean!!
  13. OYEAH Our Yanni enjoys a hearty LUNCH
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