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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 3,640 Words
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DJ - 67. Chapter 67

Note: Most sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, who's father had kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) had placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. The couple has now adopted Fernando. Warning: There is some gay softcore sexual activity described in this chapter.

In Chapter 67 we’ll pick up with Chad and Phillip’s ‘cooking class’ on Sunday morning as the boys learn how to make Buttermilk Pancakes—from scratch. Sunday afternoon DJ and Jamie, with Rodney pick up Fernando to play Miniature Golf, and the younger boys share an ‘interesting’ conversation.

* * * * *

DJ 67 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s Sunday morning, Sept 30th. Shirley and Rick were already up and having coffee when Chad and Phillip woke up. Even now awake they cuddled back together for just a few more minutes to enjoy their naked closeness and the warmth of each other’s body’s, and shared good morning kisses and hugs. Both boys love the feeling of unity, waking up in the morning with the boy they love.

About 9:00 AM, between the desire for some food in their tummy’s and full bladders they rose from bed, pulled on their boxers and headed together to the bathroom. Closing the door, they stood next to each other in front of the toilet and took care of the most urgent need.

After washing their hands, they ventured to the kitchen and Shirley poured them both mugs of coffee. She and Rick both gave the boys a warm ‘Good Morning’ greeting. Rick, only wearing his skivvies, stood up and gave the boys a group hug. Rick’s hands on their naked backs felt very warm and loving to both boys, but especially to Phillip, as Jacob had never showed him this kind of fatherly affection. (It wouldn’t be manly)

Shirley, as the boys sipped on the hot coffee, “When you guys get your first cup of coffee swallowed, you two are going to fix us all some pancakes and sausage for breakfast.”

“We are?” Chad and Phillip asked, in unison, looking at each other, then back at Shirley.

“You are,” Shirley replied, smiling, “It’s Sunday, so there’s no big rush. You boys need to learn how to use a cookbook and follow recipes. Betty Crocker is your instructor this morning! Chad, get the Betty Crocker Cookbook, and go to the ‘Breads, Pasta and Rice’ section, and find the recipe for pancakes. You boys can read it over, and just follow the recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes. That’s the recipe I always use. Chad knows where everything is stored. If you work together, you’ll learn together. You’re making pancakes for five, so you’ll probably need to double the recipe.”

“Chad,” Shirley suggested, “Use the tray from the toaster oven, and line it with foil. You can spread out all the sausage links and put them into the toaster oven to bake. There’s sixteen links, so that will give everyone three links each. If you use that long, cast iron griddle over two burners, you’ll be able to bake four pancakes at a time. Before you pour the batter on the griddle, spray the griddle with some cooking spray, so the pancakes won’t stick.”

Shirley, reaching into a drawer and getting the wire whip and a ladle, “Phillip, this will work well for mixing the batter, and this ladle is just right to ladle the batter onto the griddle, one ladle full for each pancake.”

While the boys beat the eggs and added the buttermilk, Shirley watched. The boys then measured the flour, baking powder, salt and the two tablespoons of sugar into the sifter, and gradually sifted the flour mixture into the bowl, beating it in with the whip. Shirley checked the batter, which was pretty thick.

“I think it’s a bit too thick,” Shirley stated, “you need to add about a quarter cup more buttermilk.” The boys complied, mixing it in. “Looks about right now, you can start to bake the pancakes.”

“How do we know when it’s time to turn them over?” Chad asked.

“You’ll see bubbles form on the top,” Shirley replied, “when you see those bubbles, they should be ready to flip.” So far so good!

About ten or twelve minutes later, they had a stack of twelve golden brown pancakes ready to serve and placed the plate of pancakes on the table. Rick, Shirley and Dorie put pancakes on their plates and spread butter on them, while the boys continued to bake more pancakes.

“Phillip, we need the syrup out of the fridge,” Rick stated. Phillip looked in the fridge, expecting to find Aunt Jemima’s or Log Cabin pancake syrup, neither to be found.

“It’s in a bottle called Vermont Pure Maple Syrup,” Shirley stated. “We don’t use that manufactured syrup, loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Real Maple Syrup is made from the sap of Maple Trees, that they boil down, and it’s much better.” Phillip located it and placed it on the table, now anxious to try it himself. Chad removed the sausage links from the toaster oven, putting them in a bowl and placing them on the table.

A few more minutes and the last of the pancakes were done. Now Chad and Phillip could eat, splitting the last twelve pancakes between them. Having never tasted real maple syrup before, Phillip quickly agreed that the real maple syrup was much better than his Mom had ever bought. His Mom never made pancakes from scratch either, always using a mix.

Rick, as the boys dug in, “Great breakfast, guys, we just might make your cooking our breakfast on weekends a regular thing!” Chad and Phillip both smiled, appreciating the complements, but not too certain they wanted to be saddled with being chefs on a regular basis.

“I’m really proud of you boys,” Shirley stated, “you done really well. Making pancakes wasn’t really all that difficult, was it?”

“Not as hard as I thought it would be,” Phillip replied, smiling, “and actually, it was kinda fun, especially with my baby helping me.” Chad grinned.

“Since you guys were kind enough to cook our breakfast today,” Shirley stated, “Dorie and I will be kind enough to clean up your mess! Don’t forget, Chad, we’re having steaks and baked potatoes for dinner tonight and it’s your turn to make dinner!” The boys glanced at each other, Chad frowning and Phillip grinning.

* * * * *

Sunday after brunch at the Kendall-Reynolds home DJ, Jamie and Rodney were preparing to leave to pick up Fernando and go to the Miniature Golf place for some fun. DJ and Jamie, both scheduled to work later in the afternoon, dressed in their work outfits, and Rodney dressing in the clothes he’d worn the night before.

Planning to pick up Fernando at 12:45 and ready to leave home about 12:30 Doug and Joe, both still naked, gave Rodney a departing hug.

The boys arrived at the pizzeria at 12:45 to pick up Fernando.

When should I expect you to bring Fernie back?” Antonio asked.

“About 3:00 PM,” Jamie answered, “DJ is scheduled to work at 3:00, so we have to be back by then.” The boys left, Rodney and Fernando riding in the back seat of the Tracker, DJ and Jamie in the front with DJ at the wheel. Fernando is wishing to learn what he can about Rodney, desiring to become friends with him.

“Rodney,” Fernando stated, “I like you, but if we’re going to be friends, I think we need to know more about each other. Can I ask you a kind of a personal question?”

“Sure, Fernie,” Rodney replied, “ask away.”

“Rodney,” Fernando asked, apprehensively, “Do you like boys?”

“Are you asking if I’m—gay?” Rodney asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Fernie replied, “I’m just curious, It doesn’t really matter. I guess you might know that I’m gay, and it would be cool to have some good friends that are also gay.”

“To be totally honest, I’ve never really considered that,” Rodney replied. “I’ve never dated another boy, but then, I’ve never dated a girl either. I just turned fourteen, and I probably need to start to think about dating. Are you thinking you might like to date me?”

Rodney is thinking back to the night that Lucas slept over with him, and the thrill of playing with Lucas’s rather big cock, while they jacked off together. And then last night, handling his brothers and Jamie’s boyhoods and bringing DJ to a climax was totally exciting. Maybe he’s a little bit gayer than he’d ever considered, and maybe Fernando would even like to give him a blowjob!

“No,” Fernando replied, “I really don’t want to date you. I already have a boyfriend that I’m very much into, and I wouldn’t want to cheat on Danny. I would just like to have some other gay friends, but not for having sex. Rodney, would you be comfortable having a close friend that is gay, as long as no sex is involved?”

“I would be,” Rodney replied, smiling. “I do like you a lot, Fernie, and it was my idea to bring you with us to play miniature golf today. I would like for us to be friends, if you can handle being a close friend with a straight boy. At least I think I’m straight!”

“You THINK you’re straight?” Fernie questioned. “I’ve known that I was attracted to boys, since I was only about twelve. You’re fourteen, and not yet secure in your sexuality?”

“I’ve always assumed that I was straight, like most boys,” Rodney replied, “but I’ve had a couple of encounters recently that are causing me to question my own sexuality.”

“How so?” Fernando asked.

Rodney explained about the night that Camille’s boyfriend, Lucas, slept with him. How they decided to jack off together, and how exciting it had been to play with Lucas’s big pecker. Lucas had assured him that there was nothing gay about jacking off with a friend, and that all boys jack off.

“Lucas told you the truth,” Fernando explained, “but when gay boys get together, we tend to go further than just jacking off. When Danny and I sleep together, we sometimes give each other blowjobs.”

“I think I’d like getting sucked off,” Rodney stated, “but so far I’ve not met up with the right boy to do it.”

They arrived at the Miniature Golf Course and DJ paid for the first round for all four of them. They all enjoyed the game, Jamie achieved the lowest score, winning the round, DJ coming in second and the younger boys having the highest and losing scores.

“I was having trouble concentrating,” Fernando stated, “I needed to pee too bad, I need to use the restroom before our next game.”

“I’ll go with you,” Rodney said, “I also need to go.” The boys headed off to the Men’s room. Fernando was pleased to see that there was a four foot long trough to pee in, hoping to get a glimpse of whatever Rodney carries between his legs.

Fernando, grinning, as the boys both unzipped, “Wanna hold each other’s peckers while we pee?”

“Why not,” Rodney replied, “that could be fun!”

“Wait up a second,” Fernando stated, “I need to pull my foreskin back.” Rodney watched, fascinated, while Fernie pulled it back, not used to seeing boys with uncircumcised penises. The boys then held each other’s peckers and proceeded to let their urine flow while glancing at each other, snickering.

While stroking each other to squeeze out those last few drops, Rodney could see an advantage to having foreskin when jacking off. They finished, and put their junk away.

“That was different,” Rodney said, “but fun. I can’t believe how nice it felt to hold you in my hand, and how good it felt to have your hand holding my dick! How come you still have your foreskin, most guys I’ve seen are cut, like me?”

“I’m Hispanic,” Fernando explained, “and in most Hispanic cultures parents tend to leave their baby boys complete, with their foreskins. Most American parents let their baby boys get cut, at birth. That’s about the only thing I can thank my Papa for.”

“I wanted to get circumcised,” Fernie continued, “and I told my plans to Danny. He told me not to, because he liked my pecker just the way it is. He likes to run his tongue under my foreskin and around the head of my cock, and it feels really good!” Rodney grinned, still having a desire to be sucked. He might even consider returning the favor!

When Fernando and Rodney returned, they all played a second round, Jamie’s treat. DJ and Jamie had decided mess up their games on purpose, to allow one of the younger boys to win. Fernie and Rodney ended up tied with the lowest winning scores. It was now 2:30 PM and time to head back. Jamie took the wheel and drove back toward the shopping center, planning to drop DJ and Fernie off, and then take Rodney home. The boys in the back seat continued to develop their friendship.

“Rodney,” Fernando suggested, “if we’re going to be friends, I think we should seal our friendship—with a kiss!”

“I dunno,” Rodney replied, “I’ve never kissed a boy—or a girl either, for that matter.”

“Are you willing to let me teach you to kiss?” Fernando asked.

Rodney, grinning, “Go ahead, Teacher, I’ll be a willing student. I’ve never kissed anyone before, let alone another boy!”

Fernando leaned over, facing his head in front of Rodney’s, and after tasting Rodney’s succulent lips, placed his lips firmly against Rodney’s. Rodney subconsciously opened his jaw a little, just enough for Fernando to slide his tongue into Rodney’s mouth, searching for Rodney’s tongue, and found it! Both boys started to investigate each other’s mouths with their tongues.

This was a new experience for Rodney and he was totally captivated with the sensational feeling. He’d never known how great a kiss could feel and didn’t want it to end. He also felt a stiffness down below, as his penis decided to become erect. The boys broke apart, both smiling.

“Fernie,” Rodney spoke softly into Fernando’s ear, “I’ve got a serious hardon!” Fernando grinned.

“Speak for yourself, Rodney,” Fernando replied, “that usually happens when two boys kiss like that.” Fernando pulled Rodney’s hand over, placing it on his own bulge, then reached over and gave Rodney’s bulge a loving squeeze, causing Rodney to grin.

Rodney suddenly got the nerve to shove his hand down into Fernando’s jeans and underwear with no objection from Fernando. Wrapping his fingers around Fernando Jr. a thought passed through his mind. Could he take that sweet dick into his mouth? He thinks he could, though he’d never before even considered sucking a dick.

Arriving at the shopping center, Jamie pulled the Tracker about halfway between Southside Drug and the pizzeria. Jamie and DJ shared a kiss across the console and the two boys in back also shared a departure kiss.

“Will we see each other again?” Rodney asked.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Fernando replied. “Danny and I usually sleep together on Friday and Saturday nights, maybe you could sleep over with both of us, and we could all have some fun together. Let me discuss it with Danny and I’ll let you know. I think we should swap phone numbers.” Before Fernando left the Tracker, the boys swapped numbers. DJ headed to the drugstore, Fernando to the pizzeria, and Rodney took the front passenger seat, Jamie preparing to take Rodney home.

As Fernando walked into the pizzeria, he was warmly welcomed back by both Antonio and a hug from Danny, who was the day server. They asked Fernando if he had a good time, which he returned a positive answer to. Danny, understandably, is a bit concerned over this friendship between Fernando and Rodney.

Rodney, as Jamie drove them toward Mama’s house, “Jamie, I think I need some advice. You and DJ are the only ones I feel comfortable discussing this with, can we keep this between us?”

“Certainly Rodney,” Jamie replied, “What’s on your mind?”

“Jamie, what’s a boy supposed to do, if he thinks he might be—might be gay?” Rodney asked.

“There’s really not much you can do,” Jamie replied, “there’s no fix to being gay, you either are, or you’re not. What makes you think that you might be gay?”

“A lot of things,” Rodney replied, “like showering after gym in school. I like to see the other boys naked, and see their cocks. I’m always afraid I’m gonna get caught looking.”

“I think that most boys observe other boys cocks,” Jamie said, “they like to see how they stack up against the other boys.”

“I’ve never dared to do it,” Rodney stated, “but I’ve had a desire to reach out and touch some of those cocks!”

“Probably a wise choice not to do it,” Jamie replied, “some boys would consider that an offensive move, and it could have gotten you into trouble, or maybe even beaten up.”

“When Fernando and I went to the restroom,” Rodney explained, “He suggested that we hold each other’s peckers to pee, and we did. It felt really nice to hold his pecker in my hand, and him holding me in his. Did you know that Fernando still has foreskin?”

“Been there, done that!” Jamie replied, grinning, “DJ and I often hold each other when we pee. I’ve never seen Fernando’s penis, but I was aware that he was uncut. A few months ago he discussed his desire to get circumcised with me.”

“When we jacked off last night,” Rodney continued, “it was really fun, and exciting, to be able to feel, and handle DJ’s and your cocks. It didn’t feel at all strange, or abnormal to me, and I loved making DJ cum!”

“I have to admit,” Jamie replied, grinning, “I like to make DJ cum too, but I prefer to use my mouth, rather than my hand. I love the taste of DJ’s sperm! Rodney, you’re a right handsome young man, and you should be able to interest some young ladies. Haven’t you had any sexual desires for girls?”

“Not really,” Rodney replied, “I’ve considered trying to date some girls, but I just don’t have a strong attraction for them. I just feel a lot more comfortable around boys, any boys. Sleeping over with you and DJ, especially naked, is awesome. I love the feeling of my naked body cuddled up with other boys, even my big brothers!” Jamie grinned. “I’ve even wondered how it might feel to suck another boys’ cock, but I’ve never done it—yet. If the right boy asked me to, I would do it.”

“I think,” Jamie responded, “just the fact that you would even consider sucking another boy’s dick is a pretty good indication that you may be gay.”

“Fernando told me that he and Danny usually sleep together on Friday or Saturday nights, and maybe they could invite me to sleep over with them, and we could all have some fun together.”

“Rodney, I was about your age when I came to the realization that my interest was in boys. I was fortunate that my parents were very open minded and understanding, and accepted my sexuality when I finally came out to them.”

“It was a few years later that DJ and I started dating,” Jamie explained, “and they’ve always treated DJ like my brother, as well as my boyfriend. We spend half of our nights sleeping at my Mom and Dad’s house and I’m certain they know that we sometimes do more in bed than just sleep!” Rodney grinned.

“Do you guys hang around naked,” Rodney asked, “like at the Dad’s house?”

“Not quite,” Jamie replied, “out of respect for Mom we at least wear our underwear. All of us guys typically enjoy hanging around in just our underwear in the early mornings, even our cousins, Damion and Brandon, and my Dad, if he’s up early.”

“Jamie,” Rodney asked, “I think we’ve pretty much determined that I am gay, do you think I should tell Mama and Ramous?”

“That’s a Million Dollar Question!” Jamie remarked. “I don’t know your Mama and Ramous well enough to give you an answer. They don’t seem to have an issue with my relationship with DJ. My gut feeling is that Ramous would be pretty much accepting, but I’m not sure that Mama is prepared to learn that she has not just one gay son, but two!”

“I suppose,” Jamie stated, “that if you get into a relationship with another boy, and bring him around, but don’t have a girlfriend, that Mama and Ramous won’t be able to ignore the elephant in the room. They’ll soon figure it out!”

“So you don’t think I should come out to them,” Rodney said.

“I wouldn’t be in a rush to tell them,” Jamie replied, “time is on your side. Give yourself some time to make sure you want to travel the gay road and its not just a phase. I think you’ll know when the time is right to come out.”

Returning to Ramous’s house, Jamie walked in with Rodney. Darrah asked Rodney how the sleepover went, and he was excited to explain that it went well, and about DJ and Jamie taking him and Fernando to play Miniature Golf and that he had made friends with Fernando.

Jamie, giving Rodney a warm and loving departure hug, “I need to get to work, Rodney, until the next time!”

“Thanks Jamie, for everything,” Rodney replied, “especially for talking with me.” Rodney planted a kiss on Jamie’s cheek, Jamie walked out and headed the Tracker toward the pizzeria.

To be continued.................

Ahead in Chapter 68 Chad prepares Sunday nights dinner of Steak and Baked Potatoes. Shirley plans to make a grocery list, and turn the boys loose to do the chore of shopping on Saturday morning. Fernando has a discussion with Danny and Danny and Fernando make arrangements for a sleepover with Rodney. AS ALWAYS, COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED, READ AND APPRECIATED. I 💓 YOU GUYS!


Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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This is such a beautiful and enjoyable read.  Keep them coming

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Great chapter. The talk between Jamie and Rodney was good. A loving chapter all round.

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