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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 11,801 Words

DJ - 46. Chapter 46

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, who's father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. Warning, there is a mild sexual encounter between 17 year old Lucas, and 16 year old Camille, and a J/O session between Lucas and 14 year old Rodney.

In Chapter 46 Rodney gets to sleep over again Friday night with his big brothers and on Saturday the WHOLE FAMILY will celebrate Rodney’s birthday with a surprise party. We can see this family gradually coming together as DJ’s biological family is brought into the fold.

* * * * *

DJ Chapter 46 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s Friday evening, June 15th. DJ asked Randy to let him leave early, about 8:45 PM so he would have time to pick up the Birthday cake before the market closes at 9:00 PM. DJ picked up the cake and headed to the Seldon home with it, before heading out to Mama’s house to pick up Rodney. Karen instinctively stashed the cake out of sight, and DJ drove to his Mama’s to pick up Rodney, returning with his brother about 9:30 PM.

Since Jamie wouldn’t be coming home until about 11:30, DJ, Rodney, Damion and Brandon all got into a game of Monopoly at the kitchen table. About 11:30 Jamie arrived, with an extra-large pizza, and the boys all enjoyed a nice snack before heading to bed.

As usual, when Rodney was sleeping over with DJ and Jamie, the older boys kept their boxer-briefs on when they cuddled up with Rodney sandwiched between them in Jamie’s bed. Rodney couldn’t feel happier, or more secure, than when he gets to sleep with his big brothers. The three fell asleep shortly after retiring, as did Damion and Brandon, in their own separate beds. Karen went to bed alone, as Carl was not yet home from work, and wouldn’t be until about 1:00 AM.

Saturday morning, despite having not gone to bed until after 1:00 AM, Carl arose at 8:00 AM along with Karen. Karen and Carl plan to host a house full of company today to celebrate Rodney’s Birthday about noon.

The party had been moved up to noon to accommodate those of us scheduled to work early. Joe had asked Mike to pick him up at the Seldon home at 3:00 PM for his shift, and I was also scheduled in at 3:00 PM. DJ had swapped shifts with Gwen, and both he and Jamie were scheduled in at 4:00 PM to close.

While Karen, still in her robe and Carl in his skivvies enjoyed their first cups of coffee, other faces started to appear. Damion and Brandon both appeared, wearing just their boxers, and soon after, DJ, Jamie and Rodney appeared, all of the boys just wearing their underwear. Damion and Brandon had finally gotten used to this habit of sitting around the table nearly naked. They all enjoyed coffee together, except for Jamie and Rodney, who were sipping on glasses of apple juice.

Karen, not wanting to fill the boys up too full, placed a plate full of cinnamon rolls on the table, and then a second plate. That was breakfast for today! After downing a couple of cinnamon rolls, Carl brought out three racks of ribs from the fridge and proceeded to cut them apart, placing them in a large bowl. He then doused them with BBQ sauce and let them sit, soaking up the flavor.

“That seems like an awful lot of ribs,” Damion mentioned.

“Oh,” Carl replied, “we’ve invited some other guests to join us for the cookout today, I’m sure they’ll all get eaten.” Carl excused himself, went outside and fired up the charcoal grill, preparing it to grill all of the ribs.

Karen busied herself finishing up a huge bowl of potato salad, enough to feed an army, and then made a tomato, onion and cucumber marinated salad, placing both salads in the refrigerator to chill. The only boys aware of the guest list, were DJ and Jamie, and they wanted this party to be as much of a surprise for Rodney as was possible.

About 10:00 AM Carl loaded the grill with the ribs and Karen pulled out the deep fryer, and placed a three pound bag of frozen shrimp in cold water to thaw. Even DJ and Jamie didn’t know that fried shrimp were on the menu. As soon as the shrimp were thawed, Karen beat up some eggs and mixed up some breading, and proceeded to prepare the shrimp for deep-frying.

Finally, about 11:45 Joe and I arrived at the Seldon home, Joe in total Police Uniform and I was dressed more casually, in my Southside Drug polo. All five boys were seated together at the picnic bench and Damion and Brandon quickly approached Joe and myself, giving us warm hugs. DJ and Jamie soon followed, leaving Rodney alone at the bench.

“Rodney!” I exclaimed, “Come here boy!” Rodney, with some apprehension, approached Joe and me. Giving Rodney a warm hug, “How does it feel to be fourteen?” I asked.

“Not much different than thirteen,” Rodney replied, “I only grew one more year yesterday.” Of course Joe and I both knew that Rodney’s actual birthday had been on Friday, and Joe also gave Rodney a warm hug.

About five minutes later Ramous and Darrah pulled in with Camille and Lucas in the back seat.

Rodney, approaching them, “Mama, Ramous, what are you doing here?”

Ramous, a bit surprised, “Rodney, we were invited here—for a cookout today.” DJ ran to the house and got Karen and Carl, taking them to the yard.

“Mama, Ramous,” DJ stated, “these are Jamie’s parents, Karen and Carl Seldon. Mom, Dad, this is my Mama, Darrah Jackson, and her fiancé, Ramous Andrews, and my sister, Camille, and her boyfriend, Lucas Johnson.” The group all shook hands, warmly.

“Welcome to our home,” Carl stated, “Karen and I have wanted to meet the rest of DJ’s biological family for a long time. Darrah, you’ve brought up a wonderful young man, and Karen and I have just as much love for DJ as we do our own son. I have to admit that Rodney has also captured our hearts, and we consider him also a part of our extended family.” Rodney smiled, loving the feeling of acceptance.

Karen returned to the kitchen to start frying the shrimp, and Darrah followed her, asking if she could help. The two ladies seemed to have an immediate connection.

“Karen,” Darrah asked, “Doesn’t it bother you and Carl, knowing that your only son is gay?”

“Not at all, Darrah,” Karen replied, “Jamie came out to us when he was about Rodney’s age, and told us that he liked boys. We were well prepared that Jamie would have a boyfriend, rather than a girlfriend. Carl and I questioned him as to why he decided to date a black boy, rather than another Caucasian boy, and he just said that love is colorblind. We’ve accepted that fact, and grown to love DJ like he was our second son. We don’t even think of DJ as being black anymore, he’s just our son’s loving boyfriend, and a part of our family.”

“I’m a little concerned about Rodney sleeping with DJ and Jamie,” Darrah said, “do you think they might try to influence Rodney’s sexuality?”

“I highly doubt that,” Karen replied, “Rodney is well aware of their relationship, and I’m pretty certain the boys both just love him as their younger brother. If Rodney ends up gay, he’s gonna have to do it on his own.” Darrah seemed to be somewhat relieved, after Karen’s response.

While Karen finished frying the last of the shrimp, Darrah carried plates, silverware and condiments, and the bowls of salads out to the picnic table. Karen followed with the quite large bowl of freshly fried shrimp, announcing that the appetizer was ready. Everyone grabbed a small plate, piled some shrimp on them, and added spoonfuls of cocktail sauce and/or tarter sauce. While all were enjoying the shrimp, Carl started to pile the ribs onto a large platter, using the tongs, and placed it on the table. Dinner was served!

Jamie and DJ brought a small, two-seater bench over, placing it on one end of the table, and the birthday boy was seated in a chair at the opposite end. Ramous and Darrah sat on one side of the table, along with Camille and Lucas, while Joe and Doug shared the flip side with Karen and Carl. Brandon squeezed in between Camille and Darrah, and Damion between Joe and Doug. Doug stood, to address the group.

“You know, family, fate has a mysterious way of bringing folks together,” I stated. “I refer to you all as ‘family’ because we have all become ‘Extended Family’ and I love every one of you.”

“Little did I ever imagine how things would all progress,” I continued, “that fateful spring day that a young man from the projects wanted to cut my grass to earn a few dollars. As you all are aware, I had a desire to help this young man, and that fall, a few days before DJ’s 20th birthday, I legally adopted DJ as my son, and he became a Kendall.”

“Meanwhile, DJ and Jamie became boyfriends, and their closeness with each other, brought Jamie’s parents, Karen and Carl, to become close friends with Joe and myself.” I continued, “DJ had pretty much ignored his former biological family, but his younger brother, Rodney, set out on a mission to find his older brother.”

“As fate prevailed,” I went on, “Rodney’s efforts were successful, and one Sunday Rodney showed up at DJ’s work. DJ asked me if it would be OK if Rodney slept over that night, and of course, I had no objections. Rodney proceeded to steal not only Jamie’s heart, but also Joe’s and mine.”

“Today, we are celebrating two events. The delightful young man seated at the end of the table was highly instrumental in reuniting DJ with his biological family, but also in bringing the Jackson clan into our Extended Family.”

“The other event,” I continued, “we are all together today to help Rodney celebrate his Fourteenth Birthday, even though his actual birthday was yesterday. With everyone’s work schedules, there was no way to get everyone together on Friday, so we planned it for today. A special thank you goes out to Karen and Carl, for hosting this happy event.” Everyone gathered around Rodney, with hugs and best wishes for a Happy Birthday, and Rodney had the biggest smile on his face that we’d ever seen.

After everyone dug into the ribs and salads, Karen announced that dessert would be served in the dining room. Carl quietly went into their bedroom and lit the fourteen candles on the cake, and carried it out to the dining room, while everyone sang Happy Birthday to Rodney, who had tears streaming from his eyes. Rodney made his wish, and managed to blow out all the candles in one breath.

After demolishing the cake, out came the cards and gifts. The first gift he unwrapped was the small package from DJ and Jamie. As Rodney pulled out the phone and held it up, the smile on his face could have lit the world. He thanked DJ and Jamie graciously.

He then opened the largest package, from Darrah and Ramous that contained a new, sporty, lightweight summer jacket. The card read that they had added his new phone on their family plan, so he wouldn’t need to worry about a phone bill.

The next gift he opened was a funny looking package from Lucas, and the card read that it should keep his pants from sagging. It contained a new belt with a Western Buckle. Camille’s gift was a new, matching wallet. He then opened the package from Joe and me, containing a new pair of $100 white Reebok sneakers. Joe informed him that they could be exchanged at Footlocker if the size was wrong. Rodney spontaneously gave both Joe and me a kiss on our cheeks. Karen and Carl’s gift was a money envelope, with two Twenties inside. Damion and Brandon each gave him a new Rapper decorated tee shirt.

Rodney, a bit overwhelmed, and with tears running down his cheek, “Guys! Thank you all so much, this has been the best Birthday of my life!” We all told him he was more than welcome.

Shortly after 2:30 Mike drove in with the patrol car to pick up Joe, and Joe introduced him to DJ’s biological family, and Mike enjoyed a hunk of Rodney’s Birthday Cake. I had to leave, as I was due at work at 3:00 PM. DJ and Jamie were both scheduled in at 4:00 PM to start their shifts, and left together shortly after 3:30.

Lucas and Camille disappeared from the rest, attempting to find a place to spend some romantic time alone. There was a bench on the shady side of the garage, and they settled on it, starting to make out, kissing and hugging. Of course only two or three minutes of kissing the lovely Camille caused Lucas to become aroused, very aroused. Lucas felt his now erect pecker totally filling his crotch.

“Excuse me for a few minutes, baby,” Lucas stated, “I need to take care of something.” Feeling a serious need to drop a load, Lucas thought he could slip behind the garage and rub off a quick one. Behind the garage, out of everyone’s sight, Lucas pulled out his rather substantial boner and started to stroke it. Mere seconds later Camille was standing in front of him.

“What are you doing, baby?” Camille asked, curiously. Lucas’s face immediately turned crimson, having been caught.

“It’s called masturbation,” Lucas replied. “When a boy kisses a hot girl, like you, we get very aroused, and turned on. We have a need to get a load off, and relieve the sexual tension, and we do it by using our hand to simulate having sex.”

“You’ve got a really nice—pecker,” Camille stated, “Can I—touch it?”

“I suppose so, if you want to,” Lucas replied, “I’m wondering how many other boys peckers you’ve touched?”

“None!” Camille exclaimed, “The only pecker I’ve ever even seen is Rodney’s, and I’ve never touched it. Yours is a lot bigger than his, and I’ve only seen his hard a couple of times, in the morning, when he first gets up.”

Lucas, grinning, “Most boys wake up in the morning with a hardon that we call morning wood. It’s a nuisance, because it’s hard to bend it down to pee. Sometimes I masturbate before I get up, and then it’s not hard anymore, and makes it easier to tinkle. I think most everybody needs to use the toilet as soon as we wake up in the morning.”

“I think you’re right,” Camille replied, “the bathroom is the first place I go to when I wake up.” Camille now has her hand wrapped around Lucas’s boyhood. “I like the feeling of your pecker in my hand,” she said, starting to stroke it.

“It feels mighty good to me too,” Lucas responded, “I’ve never had a girl stroke it before, but I need to give you a warning. I’m close to cumming, and you probably shouldn’t stand in front of me! When I shoot, my cum will get all over you, better to stand beside me.” Camille stepped to Lucas’s side, but continued to stroke his nice pecker.

“This is fun,” Camille said, “I never realized how nice it would feel, just to play with a boy’s pecker!”

“Watch out, Camy!” Lucas remarked, “I’m about to shoot.” Seconds later, Lucas’s dick started to spurt several ropes of pure, milky white semen, most of it going onto the ground, and a couple of globs on Camy’s fingers. Before Lucas could stop her, Camy licked her fingers clean, and swallowed it.

“So that white stuff can make a girl pregnant?” Camy asked.

“Yeah,” Lucas replied, “if it’s the right time of month for the girl, and the sperm goes into the girl’s vagina. That’s why smart kids use condoms, when they have sex. Thanks, baby, that was the best hand job I’ve ever had!”

“I enjoyed doing it, baby,” Camille replied, smiling, “I’ve heard some of the girls talk about giving their boyfriends blowjobs, and swallowing their cum. Maybe next time, I can give you one. I can’t get pregnant from swallowing your sperm, can I?”

“Nope,” Lucas answered, “the sperm would have to swim up your vagina, to make you pregnant. So you tasted my sperm, what did you think?”

“It didn’t taste bad at all,” Camille replied, “I think I could handle the whole load!”

“Baby,” Lucas replied, “I care deeply for you, and I’ll be here for you, any time you want. I suppose we better join the others, before they get suspicious.” Lucas and Camille walked back to the yard, holding hands, and, fortunately, no one asked any questions.

Darrah and Ramous hung around until nearly 6:00, getting to know Carl and Karen, then gathered up their crew and headed home. I’m sure that Rodney’s Birthday was enjoyed by all, and that Rodney’s fourteenth birthday was a happy one.

* * * * *

I returned from my deliveries about 8:15 PM, and Randy told me I could leave early, as there was no reason to keep me on the clock. I informed DJ that I was going to cook up something at home for Joe and me for a late supper, and there should be leftovers that he and Jamie could heat up for a late night snack, when they come home that night. I’m sure the munchies were hitting all of us, as we had not eaten anything since the food earlier at the cookout.

DJ clocked out at exactly 9:00 PM and walked over to the pizzeria to hook up with Jamie and help him clean up. It was quite obvious that they had been busy, as several tables had not yet been bussed. Fernando was on the cash register, taking in money and handing out to-go orders. DJ instinctively gave Fernie a hug.

“Hi DJ,” Fernie said, “We’ve been really busy tonight! Are you gonna give us a hand?”

“Sure, Fernie, I think you guys can use a little help,” DJ responded.

“Son,” Antonio stated, “clock DJ in as kitchen help, so he’ll get paid for his assistance.” Jamie smiled, as soon as he spotted DJ. DJ intuitively entered the kitchen area, said ‘HI’ to Maria and grabbed an empty bus bin and headed out to start bussing tables. It took over half an hour and three bus bins just to bus the tables that were no longer occupied, and he started to load the dishwasher. Jamie brought in another full bus bin, and took about 30 seconds to share a loving kiss with his boyfriend, Maria was watching and grinning. She is well aware of these boys love for each other, and appreciates that they don’t practice PDA in front of the patrons.

They’d been extremely busy since about 6:30 PM and Jamie and Danny had been busting their asses all night long. Antonio and Maria had been kept busy slapping and topping pizzas, and Maria was boxing and cutting most of them. Fernie had been glued to the register most of the evening, and had had little time to help Jamie and Danny with their work as servers.

DJ carried out the first batch of silverware to be wrapped, and set the white cylinders at an empty booth, but neither Jamie nor Danny were ready to start wrapping, as they both had tables that still required their attention.

Finally, it was 11:00 PM, and Antonio turned off the ‘OPEN’ sign, and flipped the open sign on the door to read ‘CLOSED’. He didn’t lock the door, as there were still about four customers due in to pick up and pay for their carryout orders, and about three more tables of patrons still eating.

By about 11:15 the orders were picked up and the last diners had left. DJ bussed the last tables, and the other three boys settled at the booth to wrap the silverware, soon joined by DJ. With DJ and Jamie on one side, and Fernando and Danny working as a team on the flip side, they had the job done shortly after 11:30.

It was pre-arranged that Danny would be spending Saturday night with Fernando at the Chevas’s home. Fernie and Danny had gotten into a routine, sleeping together on Friday and Saturday nights, usually one of them at the Whites, and the other at the Chevas’s.

Antonio, walking over to the boys, money in his hands, “I just clocked you guys all out, and here are your tips for the night. Danny, you and Jamie both topped $100 in tips tonight, but I know you both gave your all, and I appreciate you both stepping up to the plate tonight. We don’t have many nights as busy as we were tonight. Good job, boys!”

“Thanks, Antonio,” Jamie replied, “and we appreciate the complement—and the money!”

“Danny,” Antonio asked, “your parents know you’re sleeping over with Fernando tonight, don’t they?”

“Yeah, they know,” Danny replied, smiling, “I think Fernie and I both look forward to the weekend nights, when we can sleep together.” Just a few minutes later, the whole crew walked out, and Antonio locked the door behind them. DJ and Jamie headed to the Tracker and headed to the Dad’s house, while Danny and Fernando climbed into the back seat of the Chevy, and they headed to the Chevas’s home, stopping by the bank to drop off the deposit.

* * * * *

Later that night, after the nightly ritual of Mexican Hot Chocolate, the Chevas household headed to bed, Danny and Fernie both crawling into Fernie’s bed, naked, as usual. The boys got into an interesting conversation.

“Danny,” Fernando stated, “I think I’m going to ask Dad to take me to a doctor, and get this damned foreskin cut off.”

“Fernie!” Danny exclaimed, “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because I hate my pecker, the way it is,” Fernando replied, “there are only a couple of other boys in the whole high school that still have foreskin on their peckers, and it makes me feel weird, and different. I’d feel better if my pecker looked more like most of the other boy’s peckers.”

“I was well aware, even back in Juvie Hall, that you were uncut,” Danny explained. “I so much wanted to fondle your prick, but of course, I couldn’t, we would have both been pegged as queer, and that would have caused trouble for both of us. I really like to feel you, complete with the foreskin. It’s actually more fun to stroke your pecker, because of the foreskin. I would miss it, if you had it cut off, it’s just a part of what makes you unique.”

“You wouldn’t like me more, if I didn’t have that foreskin?” Fernie asked.

“Fernie,” Danny explained, “when you first arrived at Juvie Hall I had an immediate liking for you, and I wanted to become your friend. After you told me why you were there, I felt that I needed to share my little secret with you, that I also, was gay. We were probably the only two boys at Juvie Hall that were gay, and it gave us something in common, to build a close friendship on. You were the only boy at Juvie Hall that I had shared my sexuality with, and I preferred to keep it secret from those other thugs there.”

“The first time we showered together, I took notice that you were uncut,” Danny continued, “but it was irrelevant, and still is. I liked you for the wonderful boy that you are, not basing my feelings on just your sweet pecker. Cut or uncut, I consider you to be my closest friend, and my feelings toward you just continue to get stronger, by the day.”

“Just wondering, Danny,” Fernie asked, “Do your parents know that you like boys?”

“Of course they do,” Danny replied, “I came out to them when I was fourteen, and they both accepted my sexuality, and still love me. I’m truly sorry that your parents couldn’t accept that their son was gay, and you ended up under the care of CPS. I guess maybe I should be thankful, otherwise I would never have met you. I’m really happy that your Dad gave me a job at the pizzeria, too, that gives us even more time to be together."

The boys shared a loving hug and kiss, cuddled together and fell asleep, without even any thoughts of doing anything sexual.

* * * * *

In another home, Doug arrived home from work about 8:30 PM to await his husband’s return at 11:00 and settled down to watch some TV to kill the time. His wonderful son had told him that he and Jamie were going to pick up subs for all of them on their way home, about midnight, so he needn’t worry about cooking something up. About 11:00 PM he started a pot of coffee brewing so that he and Joe could enjoy it, and Mike dropped Joe off shortly after 11:00. Joe and Doug shared coffee together at the table and discussed the day's events.

“So Joe,” Doug asked, “what did you think about the party today?”

“I think it went really well,” Joe replied, “Doug, we are extremely fortunate to have Karen and Carl in our family. I can’t imagine us trying to host that crowd in our little home. I think that Darrah and Ramous blended well with the rest of our family, and they seemed quite comfortable with the rest of us.”

“I think DJ’s Mama has finally found a man worthy of a future.” Doug responded, “It takes a man with a strong heart to become a step-dad to two teens, like Rodney and Camille, and it’s pretty obvious that Ramous really does care for them. They both seem to like him a lot too. I think Ramous is a good roll model for both Camille and Rodney.”

“Rodney is,” Joe said, “not too surprisingly, a lot like DJ. You know how DJ had been able to steal the hearts of everyone that has ever gotten to know him, and Rodney seems to have that same ability. We both lost our hearts to that young man, the first night that Rodney spent the night at our home, sleeping over with Jamie and DJ.”

“I would hope,” Doug added, “that today was just the first family function of many, where our whole extended family are together. I think we have successfully brought DJ’s biological family into our extended family. I can’t help but like both Darrah and Ramous, and of course, Camille. What did you think of Camille’s boyfriend, Lucas?”

“Lucas seems like a very nice, upstanding young man,” Joe replied, “He’s definitely not a typical teen-aged hood rat. I just hope that he has the decency and respect for Camille to keep his pecker in his pants, and not make Camille a young lady in trouble.”

DJ and Jamie arrived, and dropped two giant subs on the table. Joe and I split one, and DJ and Jamie split the other.

“Today was really special,” DJ stated, “I’m glad that Rodney didn’t have to wait till he was twenty to have his first birthday party. He did say that this was his best birthday ever. It was awesome to have our families together to celebrate his birthday.”

“Son,” I stated, “I have to agree, One Hundred Percent! I think I can safely say that your family is now part of our growing family, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I’m looking forward to more family get-togethers that includes both our family and yours.”

After eating the subs, everyone all headed to our bedrooms. DJ has to be at work at noon on Sunday, to help handle the after church crowd that always seems to descend on the store after the churches all let out. DJ and Jamie stripped, as usual, and climbed into bed naked.

“I need my dessert, Baby,” Jamie stated, “we got deprived last night, having Rodney in bed with us.” Jamie threw back the covers and knelt between DJ’s legs, descending on DJ’s BBC. (Remember, BBC stands for Beautiful Black Cock)

“Don’t you ever get tired of sucking my pecker, Baby?” DJ asked.

“Nope,” Jamie answered, “and I don’t think I ever will, I’m addicted to the taste of your delicious cream!”

“Let’s do a sixty-nine,” DJ suggested, “and we can eat our desserts together.” The boys got into a sixty-nine position, and seconds later both of them were moaning. A few minutes later, both boys were on the verge of reaching their orgasms. They’d gotten pretty good about cumming together.

Jamie felt DJ’s body stiffen, and knew his treat was imminent, which usually causes him to come to orgasm within seconds afterward. DJ’s BBC started to spurt, filling Jamie’s mouth with his sweet cream. Seconds later, Jamie returned the favor by filling DJ’s mouth with his own cream. Both boys swallowed each other’s gift, shared a romantic kiss, and cuddled together for sleep.

* * * * *

Ramous and Darrah returned home from the party with Rodney, Camille and Lucas, and they all entered the house. Tomorrow is Sunday, and Lucas and Camille are planning to take another romantic walk in the park.

“Mama,” Camille said, “Lucas and I are planning to take another walk in the park tomorrow morning, wouldn’t it be okay if Lucas spends the night here with us? He can share my bed, with me.”

“Absolutely not!” Darrah exclaimed. “There is no way I would allow my daughter to sleep with any boy in her bed! Lucas is welcome to spend the night here, but he will need to sleep in the guestroom.”

Rodney spoke up, grinning, “If Lucas doesn’t mind, I’ll share my bed with him, and we can save the guestroom for another time.”

“It’s kinda gay,” Lucas stated, “but I could handle sleeping with another boy for just one night.” Rodney smiled, secretly wanting to sleep with Lucas, it would be a lot like sleeping with DJ, but likely without any cuddling.

“I need to call my Mom,” Lucas stated, “and let her know I’m staying over here tonight.” Lucas placed the call.

“Mom,” Lucas said, “we just got back from Rodney’s Birthday Party. Camy and I are planning to take a walk in the park in the morning, and I’m staying over at her house tonight.”

His mother, on the phone, “Lucas, I hope you’re not sleeping with Camille, sleeping together could get you both in trouble!”

“No Mom,” Lucas replied, “I’m not sleeping with Camy, I’m just sleeping over at her house.”

“Okay Son,” his Mom said, “while you two are out for a walk, why don’t you bring her by the house, your father and I would both like to meet your girlfriend.”

“OK Mom, will do,” Lucas answered, “I think you’ll like Camy, see you tomorrow, goodnight.” Lucas hung up.

It was still early, and Camille, Rodney and Lucas played some cards at the kitchen table, while Darrah and Ramous enjoyed watching some TV. After the 11:00 PM news, everyone was ready to hit the sack. Lucas and Camy shared a goodnight hug and kiss, Camy went to her bedroom, Darrah and Ramous to theirs, and Lucas and Rodney to Rodney’s bedroom. The boys removed their outside clothes, and entered Rodney’s bed, both wearing just their boxers.

Lying there, next to Rodney, Lucas was thinking about what he and Camy had done earlier that day, and Lucas grew a very stiff erection that was seriously tenting his boxers.

“FUCK!” Lucas remarked.

“What’s the matter, Lucas?” Rodney asked.

“I was just thinking about making out with Camy,” Lucas replied, “and you wouldn’t believe the hardon I’ve got. I kinda feel like I want to—never mind, I just need to try and get to sleep.”

“Feel like you want to do what?” Rodney asked.

“Rodney, this is just boy talk, just between you and me, OK?”

“Sure,” Rodney replied, “Let’s talk.”

“Rodney,” Lucas asked, “Have you learned about jacking off?”

“Do you mean, about rubbing your pecker the right way, and making that white stuff come out?” Rodney asked.

“Exactly,” Lucas replied, “I wasn’t sure you were old enough to do that yet.”

“I just did it for the first time a few weeks ago,” Rodney replied, “and it was totally by accident. It felt really good, and I’ve done it a few more times since then.”

“Care to tell me about that first time?” Lucas asked.

“Sure,” Rodney said, “I was taking a shower, and I soaped up my pecker, and started to play with it, pulling on it, hand over hand. It felt good, and I couldn’t stop. Suddenly, my knees got weak, and I started to shake, then my pecker started to shoot that white stuff. Gosh, that felt good, and now I do it almost every time I take a shower. Just thinking about it, now I’ve got a boner too!”

“How about a little show and tell?” Lucas suggested, “I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours.” Rodney reached over and turned on the bedside table lamp, and both boys shoved their boxers down, exposing their erections. Lucas displayed about eight inches, hard, while Rodney sported more like five and a half.

“I wonder if mine will ever get as big as yours,” Rodney stated.

“You just turned fourteen Rodney,” Lucas said, “give it time to grow, but I have to admit, compared to some of the other guys at school, I may have a little larger cock than some of them. I’ve never seen most of them hard, but when soft, I’m a little bigger.”

“Since we’re both hard,” Lucas stated, “suppose we go ahead and jack off together. Do you have any paper towels to clean us up?”

“No,” Rodney answered, “but there’s a box of tissues on the nightstand. Wouldn’t doing it together be considered kinda gay?”

“There’s nothing gay about jacking off,” Lucas stated, “all boys jack off, even though some are afraid to admit it. One time a couple of years ago, three of my sophomore classmates and I took a hike in the woods. One of the guys, Stephen, suggested we have a circle jerk, and we all agreed.

“We all pulled out our dicks, and started to stroke, all facing each other in a square. One of the guys placed a rock in the center between us, and the game was to try and aim our loads on the rock. We all shot our loads, most of our cum landing on the rock and turning it white! We had some fun, and none of us considered a circle jerk to be gay, and none of those boys, or myself are gay.”

The two boys started to stroke themselves, swapping hands for a time and stroking each other. Before long, they both reached their climax, and spewed their cum on their abdomens and stomachs. They both grabbed tissues, and cleaned up, dropping the cum soaked tissues in the wastebasket, then pulling their boxers back up. Rodney reached over and turned the lamp back off.

“That was fun,” Rodney said, “I wouldn’t mind doing that again.”

“Me either,” Lucas said, “jacking off is about the only way we boys have of getting our sexual release, unless we have a girlfriend that is giving us sex. I think highly of Camy, and I don’t think either of us is ready to have sex yet. Maybe someday.” The two boys both relaxed, both now sexually relieved, and fell asleep.

Sleeping with Lucas was different than sleeping with DJ and Jamie. His brothers tended to cuddle closely with Rodney, usually wrapping arms around his torso and cuddling close, whereas Lucas kept a distance between his body and Rodney’s. Rodney was pleased that he and Lucas could enjoy jacking off together, without feeling they were doing something gay.

Sunday morning, the family all got vertical early, about 7:30 AM. Darrah fixed a nice breakfast for all, and right after eating, Lucas and Camy headed out for their walk in the park. Lucas informed Darrah that when they finished their walk, he was taking Camy to his house, to introduce Camy to his Mom and Dad, and to change into his work outfit, as he was scheduled at the Ice Cream Parlor at 3:00 PM.

Before leaving, Lucas thanked Darrah and Ramous for breakfast and their hospitality, and allowing him to spend the night there. He would be bringing Camille home on his way to work, about 2:30 PM, and that Camy was invited to have lunch with Lucas and his parents.

* * * * *

Typical for a Sunday night, DJ and Jamie spent the night at the Seldon home, although they didn’t have classes on Monday, as they were on summer break. Lying in bed, Jamie suggested that they could take Brandon out to the campus tomorrow and show him around, since the boys are both free on Mondays.

“Maybe we can get him hooked up with a counselor,” DJ suggested, “and he can get his records transferred and get ready to start classes in the fall semester.” Jamie agreed, the two cuddled together, and fell asleep.

Damion was the only one in the household that needed to leave early on Monday morning, and left for work shortly after 7:30 AM.

Soon after his arrival, Phillip called Damion into his office, and closed the door. ‘Oh shit,’ Damion thought, ‘what have I done wrong?’

Phillip, noticing Damion’s nervousness, “Relax, Son, and have a seat.” Damion sat in one of the chairs in front of Phillip’s desk. “I’m quite pleased with how you’ve adapted to our work here. I closed the door, because I wanted to discuss something with you, with no ears listening in."

“As you’re aware, Damion,” Phillip stated, “you were hired to replace Mrs. Rice, who is taking her retirement a week from this Friday, after over twenty years of splendid service. As with any long-term employee that departs from our company, I would like to do something special in her honor. Are you up for a challenge?”

“Life is full of challenges,” Damion replied, “is there something in particular that you would like me to do?”

“As a matter of fact, there is,” Phillip responded. “When I first knew that Mrs. Rice was taking her retirement, we put out notices that we were in search of a bookkeeper. I was looking for a rhinestone, but I think I uncovered a diamond!”

“Damion,” Phillip continued, “you’re well educated, young, bright, and over qualified to be just a bookkeeper. Your knowledge and ability to use advanced software will be an asset to our company. Your first assignment, as our future Office Manager, will be to make the arrangements for a farewell luncheon, to honor Mrs. Rice’s tenure of service to Smalltown Contractors.”

“The luncheon will be taking place a week from this Friday,” Phillip continued, “which is also Mrs. Rice’s last day here, and will be for all the employees to attend. We only have about twenty employees, including salaried and hourly people. This luncheon will also give me an opportunity to announce your promotion, and introduce you to the others as our new Office Manager, a position that we have not previously had.”

“I can’t believe it!” Damion remarked, overwhelmed, “I’ve only been here for a few weeks, and you’re giving me a promotion!”

“Don’t let it go to your head,” Phillip said, smiling. “If I didn’t think you were the right person to be my Office Manager, I would not have made this decision. It also places you third in command, under myself, and the site supervisor, Ramous Andrews. Of course you’ll still need to keep the books, as Mrs. Rice did.” Damion smiled. This ‘bookkeeping job’ is turning into a lot more, and also putting a lot more responsibility on his shoulders.

“Are we having this luncheon catered?” Damion asked.

“We are,” Phillip answered, “check around, and see who we can get to cater it, and make the best deal you can. I totally trust your judgement, and I would prefer we make this as much of a surprise as possible for Mrs. Rice. Just tell her it’s a company luncheon.”

“Ramous should be bringing in the time sheets for last week shortly,” Damion stated, “maybe, when I take the payroll to the accountants office, I can take a little extra time to contact some local eateries, and see who might be able to cater the luncheon.”

“Good idea, Damion,” Phillip said, “and speaking of payroll, have you found us some good software yet, so we can do our own payroll, and print the checks?”

“I’ve requested information from three promising companies,” Damion replied, “but we haven’t received it yet. I’ll get with you after it arrives, and we can make a decision on which one will work best for us.”

“Good man,” Phillip said, “I think Ramous just dropped off the time sheets, so you can get to work on the payroll.” Damion left Phillip’s office, and started to transfer the worker’s hours into the system, preparing to print it off to take to the accountants.

* * * * *

That same Monday morning, DJ and Jamie awoke about 8:00 AM without an alarm. They pulled on their boxer-briefs, shared a pee together, and headed to the kitchen for coffee.

“I guess Damion and Brandon are still sleeping,” DJ commented.

“Damion left for work about 7:30,” Karen stated, “and I haven’t yet seen Brandon this morning, so I guess he’s still sleeping.”

“Baby,” Jamie said, “if we’re gonna take Brandon out to campus this morning, we probably need to wake him up.” DJ and Jamie both headed into Brandon’s bedroom and sat on his bed, and DJ rocked Brandon’s shoulders, bringing him to an awareness of their presence on his bed.

“You guys are up already?” Brandon stated.

“Yeah,” DJ replied, “Since Jamie and I are both off on Mondays, Jamie suggested that today might be a good day to take you out to campus, show you around, and maybe get you hooked up with a counselor.”

“Sounds cool,” Brandon said, swinging his legs off the bed and standing, an obvious tent pole pushing against the fabric of his boxers. “I hate this,” Brandon stated, “waking up in the morning with a woody, and needing to piss! Give me a few minutes to let this boner die, and I’ll join you in the kitchen.” DJ and Jamie left the room, grinning at each other, and returned to their coffee and juice. A few minutes later Brandon joined them, without the boner, and just wearing his boxers.

Karen fixed them all some breakfast, and after eating, the boys all returned to the bedrooms to dress. They piled into the Tracker and left the Seldon home about 8:30 AM, Brandon sitting in the back. Arriving on campus, DJ parked in the lot across from the main building. Brandon was in for a surprise.

“WOW!” Brandon exclaimed, “This is sure a lot different than the CC I attended in Frisco. These buildings are spread out, and most of them just one story high. The CC in Frisco is just one building, with four floors—and no elevator! I can’t believe the size of the parking lots here. Most of the students back home rode busses, or the subway to get to campus, and few drove there.”

“We don’t have any public transportation here,” Jamie stated, “so most of the students here either drive themselves, or maybe carpool with other students.”

Just before the boys entered the main building, they heard someone holler “DJ, Jamie, hold up!” The boys paused, and Phil came trotting up to them. DJ and Jamie shared hugs with Phil.

“Phil,” DJ said, “you remember my cousin, Brandon Whitlock, you met him and his brother, Damion, during Granny’s funeral.”

Phil, bumping fists with Brandon, “Of course I remember Brandon and Damion, the California boys. It’s good to see you Brandon, how long are you visiting for?”

“They’re not visiting, Phil,” Jamie stated, smiling, “they’ve moved here, and both Damion and Brandon are living with my parents. Damion landed an office job with Smalltown Contractors, and Brandon is going to be attending college here, with us. Are you going to pick up classes again this fall?”

“I’m already back in school,” Phil said, “taking a couple of my needed classes this summer. I need to run, or I’ll be late for my 9:00 AM class, and I have another at 10:30. Let’s hook up about noon for lunch at the student lounge.”

“Deal,” DJ said, “we’ll see you at noon.” Heading to admissions, Brandon secured an appointment with a counselor at 11:00 AM, nearly two hours away. DJ and Jamie used the time and took Brandon on a tour of the campus, including the gym and the boy’s locker room and showers, which was a surprise to Brandon.

“We didn’t have a gym at SFCC (San Francisco Community College) and Physical Education was not part of our curriculum. I’m not too crazy about those open showers,” Brandon stated, “I’ve never been keen to display my naked body to other boys, especially in a school where half the male students are gay!”

They returned to admissions a few minutes before 11:00. While Brandon talked with the counselor, Jamie called Karen, and told her that they had run into Phil, and were sharing lunch with him at the student lounge about noon. Karen was happy to learn that Phil was back in school, and that his father was helping him with school expenses.

Mr. Caldwell, the counselor, scrutinized Brandon’s transcripts and informed Brandon that all but two of the classes he’d taken at SFCC could be transferred to this college. They worked out a tentative schedule for Brandon’s fall semester, to continue his pursuit for a degree in Graphic Arts.

The three boys then went to the student lounge to hook up with Phil for lunch. DJ and Jamie advised Brandon to eat lightly, as Karen would be serving a full dinner about 2:00 PM, before Carl needed to leave for work.

“So Brandon,” Phil asked, “what is your curriculum?”

“Graphic Arts,” Brandon answered.

“Cool!” Phil exclaimed, “That’s the same as Bryan and I are studying. Since we’re all in our second year, Bryan and I will likely have some of the same classes with you. Because I dropped out early in the spring semester, I have about three additional classes from the first year that I will need to take over in the spring semester. I may not be able to graduate next June with you and Bryan, because of dropping out last spring.”

The boys finished lunch, and Phil returned home to get ready for work. DJ, Jamie and Brandon returned back to the Seldon home to enjoy lunch (dinner) with Karen and Carl.

After dinner, DJ and Jamie decided to pay Matt a visit, if he was up to having company. They have not seen Matt since his surgery. DJ made a call to Matt, to see if he was ready for some company.

“I’m still not all healed,” Matt said, “but I’m definitely ready to see you guys. I’ve missed you both terribly. Come on over.” DJ and Jamie hopped into the Tracker and headed to Matt’s house.

Just as Jamie was ready to press the doorbell button, the door swung open, and a smiling Matt stood just inside, with open arms.

Matt, as DJ was preparing to give Matt a hug, “Easy guys, I’m still pretty tender up here,” Matt said, pointing to his chest.

DJ, still giving Matt a loose hug, but not putting any pressure on his chest, “You’re looking great, Dude! And even more like a man.” Matt grinned, always pleased when another boy calls him ‘Dude.’ Jamie followed suit with another loose hug, and Matt kissed both boys on their cheeks.

Matt invited the boys into the living room and Annie served them all some fruit punch, and cookies. Matt instinctively sat on the sofa, sandwiched between his two closest friends. Jamie and DJ are the only ones, besides Marie and his Mom, that have any concept as to what this gender change involves.

“I hate to think,” Matt stated, “if my upper surgery caused this much pain, my lower surgery will probably cause even more.”

“Mattie, have you had any second thoughts about going through this transition?” Jamie asked.

“Nope,” Matt replied, “I may suffer more pain than I ever expected but the gain is worth the pain. It’s the only way I can become the man that I’ve always known I should be! While I was in Atlanta, Dr. Effram made a huge discovery. She discovered that I actually have testicles. They could never drop into my scrotum, because I didn’t have a scrotum, but they’ve been pumping testosterone into my blood stream all these years, and may have contributed to my feelings of being a boy.”

“Dr. Effram said that it’s possible, when I have my lower surgery, that the doctors can surgically lower my own testicles into the scrotum they will build for me. Do you realize what this means?”

“Not for sure, Matt,” DJ replied, “can you explain?”

“It’s unknown yet,” Matt explained, “if I will be able to father a child through normal sex. But even if we needed to use insemination, my wife could be made pregnant, using my own sperm, and the baby would truly be MY baby, all mine!”

“Dr. Effram told me that there has been a lot of advancement in sex change over recent years. There have been about four known cases where a penis, from an organ donor, has been transplanted onto a transgender man, to give him a real penis. Maybe I could become one of those lucky men.”

“I hope you know Matt,” DJ stated, “that Jamie and I care deeply for you, and we wish only the best for you, as you go through these changes. I think we both got quite an education today.”

“We’re gonna run on, Matt,” Jamie said, “Mondays are the only day we are both off from work, and we can do fun things together, other than just having sex. As DJ said, we both care a lot for you, please keep us posted.” DJ and Jamie both stood, ready to leave.

“Hold up, guys,” Matt said, unbuttoning his shirt, and holding it open, “a few bandages yet, but look, NO BOOBS! And no more need for binders. I breathe and sleep better now, not having the weight of those damned boobs pushing down on my chest.”

“Way to go Dude,” Jamie said, bringing that grin to Matt’s face. DJ and Jamie both gave Matt a loose hug, and took off.

On Monday evening, DJ and Jamie will be coming to our house for the night, as DJ has his long day at the store on Tuesday.

* * * * *

On Friday afternoon of his third week, Damion received his second paycheck. He cashed it, reserving $100, planning to give it to Karen to help pay for the food that he and Brandon ate, and used the balance of his check to open his new account at the bank.

When Damion returned home from work (and the bank) Karen heated up leftovers from dinner, and fed Damion, sitting at the table with him. Damion casually handed Karen the $100.

“What’s this for?” Karen asked.

“To help pay for the extra food that you have to buy, to feed Brandon and me,” Damion answered. “Do you think that $50 a week will cover the extra groceries you have to buy to feed us?”

“We haven’t asked you for any money,” Karen replied.

“Aunt Karen,” Damion stated, “Brandon and I are both very appreciative that you and Uncle Carl have opened your home, and are giving us a roof over our heads, and a place to call home. If we were to get our own apartment, the cost of living would be a lot more than $50 a week. I’m working now, and I had planned to help support my brother so that he could finish his education. We don’t want, or expect you and Uncle Carl to completely support us. At least I can give you some money to help toward the groceries, and it would help us feel that we were not just freeloading.”

“Okay Damion,” Karen said, “We’ll be happy to accept $50 a week for yours and Brandon’s board, but I doubt that you guys eat $50 a week in extra groceries. I think that Carl and I both enjoy having you guys living here. It’s like having a couple of extra kids, and we both have come to love you both. Carl and I have adopted you and Brandon as a part of our family.”

“One thing is for certain,” Damion stated, “Brandon and I have received more love and affection from our East Coast Family than we ever got from our own parents. Mom and Dad we’re cold and seemed pretty uncaring. You and Uncle Carl have quickly become wonderful foster parents and Brandon and I both can feel that you actually love us, and care about us. We get the same feelings from Uncle Joe and Uncle Doug. I don’t believe that Brandon and I will ever regret making the move to live here in North Carolina.”

The following Wednesday, Joe and I were both off, as usual, and we decided to fix a nice dinner at home. DJ and Jamie were both working, and we invited Damion and Brandon to have dinner with us at our home.

“Uncle Joe,” Brandon asked, “will Grandma’s educational trust fund pay for my school expenses this fall?”

“Of course it will, Brandon,” Joe replied. “As executor of Mom’s estate, I have the authority to write checks against that account. Let me know exactly how much the tuition is, and I can write a check for the exact amount to the college. I will write another check to the bookstore, without an amount filled in, so you can write in the amount when you buy your books. When is the registration for the fall semester?”

“Registration is the first week of August,” Brandon replied, “I had a consultation with Mr. Caldwell Monday, to set up my schedule. He told me that all but two of the classes I had taken at SFCC would transfer to this college, so I guess they were wasted classes. This campus is a lot bigger, than SFCC, which was all in one big four story building, with lots of stairs to climb. This campus even has a gymnasium. Mr. Caldwell told me I would be required to take at least one Phys Ed Class to graduate.”

“DJ and Jamie signed up for a Volleyball class for their Phys Ed requirement and had a lot of fun with it.” I stated. Brandon smiled. “Damion, how is the new job going?” I asked.

“Very well, Uncle Doug,” Damion replied, smiling, “much better than I expected. Would you believe that Mr. West is giving me a promotion already, from just a bookkeeper to Office Manager!”

“That’s wonderful, Damion,” I said, “I hope that comes with a little more salary.”

“Mr. West, because of my education, and the fact that I’m an accountant,” Damion explained, “started me with more than he pays his current bookkeeper, who is retiring a week from this Friday. Phillip has asked me to make all the arrangements for a farewell luncheon to celebrate Mrs. Rice’s retirement.”

“Congratulations, Damion,” Joe said, “I’m really happy that you were able to get a decent job locally, and not have to commute, or move to the city.”

“I have to thank DJ’s Mama’s boyfriend, Ramous,” Damion stated, “He’s the site supervisor at Smalltown Contractor’s, and tipped me off about the job opening there.” Joe and I both smiled.

“Brandon and I are both very happy living with Aunt Karen and Uncle Carl. They’re like having loving foster parents, and they’re house is so full of love! Bran and I have never experienced the love that we get from all of our East Coast family! I think we’re both satisfied that we made the right decision, in moving here.”

“I’m glad,” Joe said, “that you boys didn’t acquire the homophobia that your parents have. I’ve always had a lot of love for my only nephews, even if you lived so far away, and I rarely got to see you. I’m so very happy to have you living close to me.”

“Uncle Joe,” Brandon stated, “when we returned to Frisco, after Grandma’s funeral, you wouldn’t believe how much we missed our newly found cousins. I know that Jamie is not really our cousin, but we regard him as one.”

“As Brandon stated, a while back,” Damion said, “cousins are the best friends. Bran and I have nothing but love for DJ and Jamie. We think they’re both pretty cool, even if they are gay!” Doug and Joe both grinned at the connotation.

“We missed them terribly,” Damion continued, “when we were back in California, and we missed you and Uncle Doug too. By the way, this was an awesome dinner tonight. You guys are much better cooks than our Mom is! And so is Aunt Karen. If Bran and I keep eating like this, we’ll probably turn into blimps!” It’s hard to imagine these slender boys ‘blimping out.’

After dinner, Joe and the boys settled into chairs on the back porch while I tackled the dishes. Damion popped an unexpected question to Joe.

“Uncle Joe,” Damion asked, “how much money will you and Mom be getting from Grandma’s estate?”

“Not a lot,” Joe answered, “Mom figured that Julia and I have been on our own long enough, that we didn’t really need much. Most of her money was placed in accounts that would benefit her three grandchildren. There is an education trust, big enough to put both Brandon and DJ through four year college.”

“In addition to that,” Joe explained, “She set up individual, interest bearing trust funds for all three of you. There is a catch though, none of you can get money from them, until you reach the age of Twenty-five.”

“Mom told me that when the estate got settled, and she gets her half of the estate, she would be getting enough to pay off the mortgage on their house.” Damion said.

“Please don’t tell her that I told you this,” Joe stated, “but I’m afraid your Mom is going to be highly disappointed. I’ve seen Mom’s will, and there are some smaller accounts that will be split between Julia and me. We may inherit a couple of thousand each, but the majority of her estate is earmarked for her grandchildren. You three boys will reap the biggest benefits from her estate, once the estate is settled.”

“Mom said that DJ shouldn’t get anything,” Damion said, “because he’s not a real grandson.”

“Look, Damion,” Joe explained, “When Doug adopted DJ as his legal son, and then when Doug and I married, that made DJ my legal stepson. That’s how you and Brandon became DJ’s first cousins. My Mom and DJ became very close, and she was DJ’s only living grandparent. When Mom passed, DJ was devastated!”

“I understand a lot better now,” Damion stated, “Grandma was just as much DJ’s grandmother, as she was Brandon’s and mine. Bran and I still have our paternal grandparents, but we aren’t close to them. They didn’t like Mom, and rarely visited our family. Bran and I hardly knew our Whitlock grandparents, and I don’t even know where they live. Bran and I never spent time with our Whitlock grandparents, like we did with Grandma Reynolds.”

“I hate to say it,” Joe stated, “I love your Mom, but only because she is my sister. That doesn’t mean I have to like her, and I don’t. In my honest opinion, I think Julia is an ass!”

“TELL ME!” Damion exclaimed, grinning, “I had to live with her for almost twenty-two years. Once I graduated, and got a job, I couldn’t wait to get an apartment and move out of that house.”

“I’m pretty happy to get away from her too,” Brandon added. “Mom hated San Francisco, because of so many gay people that live there. I’m glad that Dami and I grew up there. I think that growing up surrounded by so many gay people, we just learned to accept that some folks are gay, and it’s just a fact of life. Neither of us has the hatred for gay people that our parents have.” Then, snickering, “So here we are, in North Carolina, where our closest and dearest friends, are our gay cousins, and our loving Uncles are married to each other!”

“We need to get on home,” Damion stated, “tomorrow is another work day for me. Uncle Doug, Uncle Joe, Thank you for inviting us here for a delicious dinner tonight. Uncle Joe, thank you for explaining how Grandma set up her will. I could care less if Mom didn’t get a penny from Grandma’s estate!”

“Boys,” I stated, “I hope you both realize that you don’t need an invitation to come and visit us. Our door is always open for you, and Joe and I both have nothing but a ton of love for both of you.”

As the boys were ready to leave, Joe and Doug both gave each of them a warm and loving hug, which both boys happily returned. Damion and Brandon left, returning to the Seldon home. On the way, they discussed the evening, and were both very happy boys, very content with the love they were receiving from their East Coast Family.

DJ and Jamie, mostly from habit, also spent that Wednesday night at the Seldon home, and Damion and Brandon were excited to tell them about their happy evening with the Uncles. DJ and Jamie were happy for their cousins.

DJ, after slipping into bed with Jamie that night, “Baby, how would you feel about maybe, some Saturday night, taking Damion and Brandon to the Waterhole?”

“That’d be cool,” Jamie replied, “We always have a good time there, and maybe they might meet some decent chic’s there. I know they are both longing for some female companionship. We’d need to make arrangements to get a Saturday night off together.”

“Maybe,” DJ responded, “if we are all up early enough to have breakfast together, we can suggest it to them, and see if they’re interested. It would be different, taking a pair of straight boys there. If they’re as horny as I think, I’m betting they’d find some straight girls to hook up with and have some fun. Goodnight Baby.” After sharing a passionate kiss and hug, they cuddled together and fell asleep, without having any sex.

* * * * *

Thursday morning DJ awakened early, about 6:30 AM with his bladder about to bust. He pulled on his boxer-briefs and headed to the bathroom, finding it locked. He quickly checked Damion’s room, noting that the bed was empty, and figured it was Damion in the bathroom. DJ knocked on the door while doing the pee dance.

“Occupied!” Damion’s voice was heard.

“Hurry up, Damion,” DJ said, “I’m about to spring a leak!” Damion unlocked the door, his face covered with shaving cream, and allowing DJ to enter. DJ immediately took his stand in front of the toilet and peed. “I can’t believe that you locked the door just to shave!”

“Well,” Damion replied, “I was doing another job before, and needed the privacy. I didn’t want someone walking in on me.”

DJ, grinning, “Rubbing one off, I’ll bet?”

Damion, his face turning pink, “DJ, I’m just twenty-three, and I don’t have a girlfriend yet. A boy my age still has a need for some sexual relief!”

“I wasn’t questioning you,” DJ stated, “it was more of a comment. If I didn’t have Jamie to keep my balls drained, I’d be jacking off quite frequently too. It’s only natural for boys in our age group to find one way or another to release those sexual hormones.” The boys both exited the bathroom, as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee drew them to the kitchen. Karen poured them both a mug and another for herself, joining them at the table. Just minutes later Jamie joined them, with a glass of grape juice.

“Baby,” DJ stated, “why don’t you go and wake up Brandon, and we can offer our proposition to our cousins, together.” Jamie left the table to get Brandon up.

“So what’s this proposition that you guys have in mind?” Damion asked, curiously.

“Patience, Dude,” DJ said, “and we’ll explain it to you. I think you and Brandon will like it.” Jamie returned, and about four minutes later Brandon showed up. Karen excused herself, and started to cook up some breakfast, knowing that Damion needed to leave for work shortly after 7:30.

“OKAY!” Damion stated, “We’re all here now, what’s this proposition you and Jamie want to offer us?”

“When Jamie and I can get a Saturday night off together,” DJ explained, “we’d like to introduce you guys to the Waterhole.”

“Do you guys skinny dip there?” Brandon asked, curiously.

“Brandon,” Jamie stated, “The Waterhole isn’t a swimming hole, it’s a bar, actually more of a club. They offer great food, a big dance floor, and sometimes on Saturday nights have a live band. It’s about the only place around where DJ and I can go for a good time, and be our gay selves. We can dance together there, without feeling out of place!”

“So you want to take Brandon and me out to a gay bar?” Damion asked, “Bran and I would feel out of place in a gay bar!”

“It’s not a gay club, per se,” DJ stated, “but they welcome all fun loving people, including us gay folks. The clientele is pretty mixed, about fifty-fifty straight and gay. We think you guys would like the place, and you might even hook up with some straight girls to have some fun with. Not all of the girls that go there are lesbians, some of them are just looking for nice boys to meet, that aren’t gay.”

“What do you think Bran,” Damion stated, “I think we should accept their offer. It might be a chance to meet some sexy chicks.”

“I think I’m ready to go there,” Brandon stated, “just let us know the date, and we’ll be hot to trot!”

“Cool,” Jamie replied, “our schedules are already set for this weekend, but we can try to get next Saturday night off, and we’ll go to the Waterhole. I need to warn you guys, it’s about an hour and a half drive from here, so we’d need to leave about 6:00 PM. We can get a nice dinner there, before things pick up, about 9:00.” Damion and Brandon grinned at each other, now both excited about the visit to the Waterhole.

“Thanks, guys,” Damion stated, smiling, “I think that’s an offer that we’d be foolish to turn down. How do we know if the girls are straight or gay?”

“Just ask them,” Jamie replied, “most lezzies will quickly admit their sexuality, and tell you if they’re interested in boys or girls.” It was already 7:30 and Damion quickly ran to his room and dressed for work, then left soon after.

DJ, Jamie, Brandon and Karen were all still sitting around the table, and Brandon opened up a brand new topic.

“I’m sick and tired of being broke all the time,” Brandon stated, “I need to find a job, even if only part time. Granted, my school costs will be covered from the Trust Fund that Grandma set up for us, and my brother is trying to pay for our food. I hate to ask Damion for spending money, it makes me feel like a beggar. I need to have an income, so I can at least have my own spending money.”

“What kind of work are you looking for?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t care,” Brandon replied, “anything that will pay me a few bucks a week, so that I can feel somewhat independent, and have a little spending cash. I can’t even buy a soda at 7-Eleven, when I’m broke all the time!”

“Would you consider being a busboy and dishwasher?” Jamie asked.

“Sure, as long as I get paid for it.” Brandon answered.

“I can’t promise anything,” Jamie stated, “but we’ve been getting pretty busy at the pizzeria, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t think I would have to twist Antonio’s arm very hard to get him to hire a busboy-dishwasher for Friday and Saturday nights. You’d get an hourly pay, plus the servers would be sharing some of their tips with you.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Brandon replied, “I’ve never had a job before, but I’m sure I could learn pretty fast.”

“Let me talk with Antonio tonight,” Jamie said, “and I’ll let you know what he says. I’m scheduled from 4:00 through rush tonight, about 8:00 PM, and I’ll go in a little early, and try to bend Antonio’s ear.” Brandon grinned, with some hope in his heart.

To be continued................

* * * * *

So ends another chapter in the lives and loves of my two favorite boys, DJ and Jamie. This has been a fun chapter to write, and I may have detailed a little more sex than I usually describe. We celebrated Rodney’s birthday and brought DJ’s biological family into our extended family. Damion’s new job seems to be going well. Damion and Brandon are happy that they made the choice to move to the East Coast, it wasn’t a mistake!

In Chapter 47, Jamie will be trying to convince Antonio that they need a busboy, at least on Friday and Saturday nights. In a couple of weeks, Jamie and DJ will take their cousins to The Waterhole and the cousins will have a blast. A surprise may result from this. The first week of August is registration and DJ, Jamie, Brandon, Phil and Bryan will all get registered for the fall semester. Bryan and Phil’s lesbian neighbors will contact Pastor Evelyn White, to plan their marriage. Hang on folks, this ride is far from over.









Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.


Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Oh I so Love this story. I have a feeling that Brandon may not be as straight as he thinks.

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I dont usually read a story unless I know it has been compleated. Somehow this one slipped through the filters. I am glad it did. The way the guys are all getting on with their seperate but connected lives feels real.

I have given up reading the times that person A is working and person B is working etc as it just so complicated. No wonder Karen needs a white board!

My one critasism is that you have a really good story and we dont need to hear about the sex in as much detail. We all can guess what happens. This (in my view) detracts from the story.

I will now have to sit back and wait for the next chapter. Hint Hint!!!!

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