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DJ - 11. Chapter 11

As I’ve stated before, I tend to write more from the heart and less from the genitals. It’s easier for me to write love and emotions, than to detail a lot of hot and steamy gay eroticism, but I try to spice it up where I can. Comments are always appreciated.

It’s going to be a fun episode…….

DJ’s 20th Birthday, and his first ever Birthday Party

Thanksgiving shows how close knit a family can really be

DJ receives his own ride (Smile)

Joe moves in with Doug and DJ

The week of November 13th went pretty much normal, and nothing special really happened. On Tuesday, while DJ was working his shift, both Jamie and I did some sneaky chores. Jamie visited Game Stop and purchased some PS3 games that he hopes DJ will like. I took my camera to Walgreen’s and had the photo of the Tracker for DJ made into a couple of prints, one that I could show to a few people when DJ wasn’t around and one to put in with the card I had purchased for DJ. While at Walgreen’s I got another house key made, as Joe will need one. This is Joe’s first week on the afternoon shift.

Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Annie, Matt’s mom.

“Doug,” she asked, are you in a position to talk, or is DJ close by?”

“Annie,” I replied, “DJ is in classes today, isn’t Matt in school also?”

“Yes, he is, I should have known DJ would be there also. Matt’s all bent out of shape. DJ’s birthday is a week from tomorrow, and Matt has no clue as to what to give him, and that is why I’m calling. Actually, I don’t either. Has DJ even mentioned anything he would like, for his Birthday?”

“To be honest, Annie, I don’t think DJ is even aware that it IS his birthday. You know that his former family never acknowledged it. I’ve purchased a used Geo Tracker, for him, but of course he doesn’t know about it. We’re picking it up at the dealership the day after Thanksgiving. Jamie helped me pick it out, and I think he probably knows DJ’s likes better than anyone. We wished it was red, but he’s going to have to settle for orange.”

“Doug, what kind of music does DJ usually listen to?”

“Annie, I’ve never heard him play any music. He doesn’t have a radio or a CD player, and he never has adjusted the radio in my car. He took Jamie, well, Jamie drove, but they went to the Water Hole Saturday night, and the band played some oldies. Sunday he asked if I had ‘Sleepwalk’, I pulled it out and he put it on the old CD player I have in the den. He and Jamie started slow dancing to it, and, just got lost in each other. Annie, it was beautiful to watch them, those two are so much in love with each other.”

“Wait a minute, Doug, you just said that DJ didn’t have a CD player or Radio, do you think he would like a CD player?”

“He probably would. He just discovered Sunday that I have over 400 CD’s, but they’re all from the 60, 70 and 80’s. I think they might want to check out more of that music.”

“Thanks, Doug, I think we just solved Matt’s dilemma. Actually, it’s our dilemma, I didn’t know what to get him either. Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“Not that I can think of, Annie, I was good to hear from you, and I guess we’ll see you and Matt on Thanksgiving morning?” WAIT! There is something. Do you have a descent camera?”

“Yes I do, Doug, do you need to borrow it?”

“It and you. I have a camera, but Joe and I will be bringing DJ in for the party, and won’t be in a position to grab some, likely, awesome photos. I’d love to see his face when we all shock him that morning, and have some memorable photos of the occasion.”

“I will be prepared, Doug, and try to capture some great memories. See you Thanksgiving morning, and thanks for the helpful information.”

After we hung up, it occurred to me that I do think Annie is an angel in disguise. She is rescuing me again, as I was trying to figure out a way to get pictures. Joe will be with us, so he wouldn’t be able to do it. Just a few minutes after Annie and I finished our conversation, I received a call from Joe.

“Hi Joe,” I answered cheerfully.

“Good morning, baby,” Joe responded, “I wanted to check and see of you are going to be home today.”

“I have to be to work at Three, so I will be home until about 2:30, what’s up?”

“Mike and I were planning to drop something off at your house, and we both have to be on duty at 3:00 also. Can we drop by, say around 1:00 or 1:30?”

“Sure, Joe, I guess Mike is your new partner?”

“You guessed right, Doug, he’s a nice kid, you’ll like him. He’s picking me up at the apartment about noon, then we have to stop at Gun World, and we should be at your house a little after 1:00, you might want to be dressed.”

“Ok, Joe, see you then.”

About 1:00 I saw a patrol car pull into my drive, and two officers got out and headed toward the back door. Joe opened it and they both stepped inside, Joe stepped in front of me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me lovingly. Mike watched us, smiling. I guess he knows about Joe and me.

“Doug, this is my new partner, Mike Smith, and Mike, my fiancé, Doug Kendall. As I have told you, we’re getting married on January 14th.”

Mike, shaking my hand, “I’m glad to meet you, Doug, I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’m happy for the both of you.” He actually even gave me a hug.

“I think, Mike, ” Joe stated, “that it will be easier to bring it in through the front door and take it back to the bedroom on the left. We’ll be right back.”

Joe and Mike went to the patrol car and slid a fairly large box out of the back seat, and carried it to my bedroom. I didn’t know what it was. I watched, as Joe and Mike removed the box and packing material, and placed it, vertically, next to the tall chest of draws.

“Joe,” I asked, “What is that?”

“Doug, law requires law enforcement to keep weapons secured in a safe when we’re off duty, if others live in the same household. It’s protection for us, and for everyone else that lives here.” I understood.

Mike, looking at DJ’s picture on my dresser, “Doug, who is this?”

I answered, smiling proudly, “That, is my son, Douglas Joseph Kendall, aka DJ!””

“He’s black, like me. Joe, you never told me DJ was black!”

“I didn’t? It really doesn’t make any difference, does it? He is one of the most captivating and loveable young men I’ve ever met. He will steal your heart, in a heartbeat!”

Mike responded, “Doug, he’s handsome, I want to meet him. I think it’s pretty awesome that a white man like you, would take a black kid like DJ under his wing, and even adopt him.”

“It’s not hard at all, Mike, when you grow to love him as much as I do. He’s my pride and joy!”

“Mike,” Joe stated, “Now that we are partners, you will meet him soon, and he’ll steal your heart too, just like he has ours. I can’t wait to make him my step-son.”

“Doug,” Joe stated, “now that I have that safe here, I can stay over anytime. I don’t need to go to the apartment much, except to pack my shit, and get ready to vacate it. By the way, I do have Thanksgiving off, so I will be here next Wednesday night, when I get off duty.”

“Oh, Joe!” I exclaimed, “I have something for you, and something to show you.”

I reached into my top draw, under my underwear, and pulled out the photo of the Tracker and showed it to Joe and Mike. They both agreed that DJ is going to love it. I told them that Jamie helped me pick it out, and we are to pick it up the day after his birthday.

“Now who is Jamie?” Mike asked.

“Jamie,” Joe answered, “is DJ’s boyfriend, and he is a sweetheart too.”

“Now wait just a damn minute!” Mike exclaimed, “You and Doug are gay, Doug adopted DJ, and he’s gay, and DJ’s got a boyfriend, probably gay, right?”

“Yep,” Joe said, smiling, “you got it straight, pun intended”

“Well, I am straight,” Mike responded, smiling, “and I guess this is a whole gay household. That’s really cool! Society has changed a lot, in attitudes at least. I’m really pleased that folks like you can live and love how you feel comfortable. Most of the time, nobody really cares. I was cautioned before we became partners, that you were gay. I said that I didn’t really care, as long as you kept your hands to yourself, and I don’t. You’re an experienced police officer and I’m sure I can learn much from you.”

“I’m not trying to push you guys out, but it’s 2:00 PM and I have to get shaved, changed and be at work in an hour. Hold tight a sec,” I said, as I went over to the computer desk and got the spare key I’d had made and handed it to Joe, “Now you can get in, even if nobody’s home, it fits both doors.”

“No problem,” Joe said, “I think we’ll grab a burger, and we’re on duty at 3:00, I love you baby.” Joe shared a passionate kiss with me while Mike looked on, and then both police officers headed out, got into the patrol car and took off.

“I’m wondering,” Mike commented, “how long Doug and DJ have known each other?”

“Not even a year, they met in the early spring………” Joe told Mike the whole story, from DJ cutting Doug’s grass to DJ’s adoption.

“So,” Mike inquired, “was Doug drawn to DJ or DJ drawn to Doug?”

“I really think that they were drawn to each other. Doug saw something in DJ that no one else saw, He gave DJ a sense if worthiness, value, love, and made DJ feel wanted. Doug let DJ know that he cared about him, and for him. As much as Doug and I love and care for each other, I think the love between Doug and DJ is stronger, not as lovers, but as a father and son.”

“I noticed, when Doug told me that young man in the picture was his son, you could hear the love in Doug’s voice and see it on his face. I’m so looking forward to meeting that young man, Joe, thank you for your part in rescuing DJ from that terrible home life.”

“Mike, in all my 23 years of being a police officer, that was my best day.”

The following Tuesday night, Jamie and DJ spent the night at Jamie’s, mostly out of habit. They didn’t have classes this Wednesday because the school was on Thanksgiving break, until the following Monday. They are both scheduled to work Wednesday afternoon.

DJ had worked his normal 10 to 6 shift on Tuesday, and one of the night clerks was sick and had called out, so Justin asked DJ if he could work over to closing, and, of course, DJ said he would. Justin released him at 9:00 PM, and he went to the pizzeria to wait for Jamie, who got off at 10:00. They told Karen, before retiring, that they were planning to sleep in the next morning, as they didn’t have classes. The two boys went to their bedroom and quickly stripped and went to bed. They shared a passionate goodnight kiss, and Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ.

Jamie, his fingers wrapped around DJ’s BBC, “Can I get a little late night snack?” (Understand, BBC means Beautiful Black Cock in this case)

“Jamie, I just worked an 11 hour shift, and I’m beat. I just want to crash!”

“Okay, Sweetie, I understand, maybe in the morning.”

Even as tired as DJ was, he always feels so secure, and loved, when he is in Jamie’s arms, much like he has felt in his father’s arms. DJ was asleep in about 2 minutes, Jamie lost his erection and drifted off soon after. Both of these young men sleep very well, when they sleep together.

It was Wednesday morning, November 22, at about 9:00 AM, and Jamie woke up to the beautiful sensation of DJ’s lips on his own, and he responded instantly. Both boys started to make out, and both quickly grew erections, and started to fondle each other. Their fingers were playing with the precum that both had leaking from the tips of their cocks.

DJ, adjusting his position, “Baby, I want you!” and lowered his mouth over Jamie’s stiff penis.

“DJ, I gotta pee!” Jamie stated, and DJ ignored, continuing his oral assault on Jamie’s cock. Jamie feels he is close.

“Baby, I can’t hold off, I gotta pee too bad!” DJ is looking for Jamie’s load, and is feeling Jamie’s cock starting to pulse, taking 2, 3, 4 spurts of Jamie’s tasty cum into his mouth, and swallowing. He finally released Jamie’s cock, and Jamie slipped out of bed, pulling on his boxer-briefs, and headed to the bathroom. DJ seriously wanted to rub his own penis to ejaculation, but out of consideration for his boyfriend, kept his hands off his cock.

Jamie, coming back into the room, “My turn!” He pounced onto the bed, and in one quick motion had DJ’s BBC in his mouth. DJ was so aroused, also needing to piss, he was afraid he might cum in seconds, but he really wanted to hold off as long as possible.

Karen, knocking on the door, “Are you guys ready for some breakfast?”

Jamie, pulling off DJ for a few seconds, “Give us a few minutes, Mom.”

Karen walked beck to the kitchen, smiling. She had a strong feeling that she might have interrupted something, unintentionally. She started to fry up some pancakes.

“Jamie,” DJ gasped, “I’m gonna cum already!”

Jamie slowed his mouth’s action just a little, and DJ relaxed, or at least tried to, but his orgasm continued to push on, exploding into Jamie’s mouth and throat. Jamie swallowed, and then milked the last couple of squirts from DJ’s BBC. Oh, how Jamie loves the taste of DJ, cumming in his mouth! As DJ started to deflate, Jamie pulled off, and DJ quickly slid off the bed and quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs and headed to the bathroom to empty his bladder.

DJ, returning from the bathroom, “The problem I see, with getting a blowjob when I have to pee, is that I cum too fast.”

“I don’t see that as a problem,” Jamie responded, “What is the primary goal in sucking your man off?”

“I guess, to take that tasty load in your mouth, and swallow it.”

“Exactly!” Jamie exclaimed, “I enjoy the feeling of your cock in my mouth, but the real pleasure is in bringing you to an orgasm and getting your tasty cum.”

“I think you may be right, Jamie, why spend 15 or 20 minutes sucking, if you can get the prize in 5 minutes, I wonder why we cum faster if we have to pee?”

“I think it may be because we have a tendency to hold back, to keep from peeing, and it puts more pressure on the prostate, just my opinion. I sure do love the taste of you, when you cum!”

“Me too,” DJ said, “I probably wouldn’t be so willing to give you a blowjob, if I didn’t look forward to that reward at the end. I love you so much!”

“DJ, I think, if you pull on your boxer-briefs, we maybe should make ourselves visible to the world outside.”

Jamie and DJ headed to the kitchen, where Karen was frying pancakes and Carl was sipping coffee with a smirk on his face.

Carl queried, “So what have you boys been doing for the last hour?”

Jamie replied, “We’ve just been laying around, and chatting.”

“Right!” Carl said, grinning, “I’m certain you guys don’t just sleep together, night after night, and never touch each other!” Both DJ and Jamie felt blood rushing to their faces, and Carl noticed the redness.

Carl, continuing his picking, “Guys, I was young once, and I know first hand what havoc hormones can raise in young men. I’d be naïve to think that all you ever do in bed is sleep!” Then, laughing, “You both wear red quite well, but seriously, I’m just picking, not criticizing. What you guys do with each other, behind closed doors, is your business, we love you guys, more than you could possibly know! You can wipe the red off your faces and let’s eat.”

Jamie, smiling and looking at DJ, “I think we’ve been discovered, baby, I guess our secrets aren’t so secret.” DJ just smiled back.

Karen, placing a platter of pancakes on the table, “Jamie, you received a small package yesterday, in the mail.”

“Thanks, Mom, I’ll check it out later.”

“What time are you boys working today?” Karen asked.

“We’re both 3 to 9,” Jamie answered, “usually on Wednesday I’m 4 to 10, but Anthony is closing early tonight, but expects to be extra busy on carryout. He says a lot of people are cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and will order pizza for tonight.”

“I can understand that,” Karen replied, “I’m going to thaw the Turkey, and cook cranberries and make pecan pies today.”

“Mom, can I talk to you, alone?”

“Sure, honey.” Karen answered, and they both went into the living room.

“Where is that package?” Karen picked it up off the bookcase and handed it to Jamie. Jamie opened it immediately, pulling out two Pride rings, one of them labeled 9 and the other labeled 10, and showed them to Karen.

“They’re pretty, Jamie,” Karen spoke, “Those aren’t engagement rings, are they?”

“No Mom, they’re Pride rings. See all the rainbow colors? The size 10 is a birthday gift for DJ. The 9 is mine, but I don’t want to wear it until DJ has his tomorrow. Other LGBT people will know the meaning of the rainbow colors, and both of us wearing identical rings will solidify our love for each other. Can I ask you to wrap it up and,” grinning, “put it in a large box that will throw him off?”

“Sure, honey,” Karen said, smiling, “I need to wrap up the play station and the games you bought, also, I’ll do that after you boys go to work. Are you sleeping at DJ’s tonight?”

“As far as I know, thanks, Mom, you’re the greatest, I love you, we both love you!” Jamie and Karen hugged and kissed each other on the lips. It’s OK, they’re Mother and Son. Karen is comfortable even kissing DJ on the lips now, as she considers them both her ‘sons’.

They returned to the kitchen, Carl picked up the dirty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher and Karen tended to the beef stew she was preparing for lunch. Jamie and DJ, with no school today, decided to go back into the bedroom and play some games, while they had some time to kill before work.

“Jamie, when I can save up some money, I’m going to get a play station, and then we can play at our house too.”

“That’ll be cool,” Jamie responded, trying to hide the grin, as he knew that one of DJ’s birthday presents is a play station PS3, and some games. Jamie is so excited about his boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, much more excited than for his own birthday, coming on Christmas Day. He is having a tough time, trying to hide his excitement.

At 1:00 PM they shut down the play station, and both boys went to the bathroom and shared a shower together, then dried and went back to the bedroom to dress for work. At about 2:00 PM, they both ate a bowl of Karen’s beef stew before they left sharing lunch with Carl as he would need to leave about 3:30, his shift starting at 4:00 PM to midnight. His plant was to shut down at the end of his shift tonight, and re-open Sunday night with the graveyard shift, to give all the workers a long weekend for Thanksgiving.

DJ and I both clocked out at 9:00 PM Wednesday night, and as we got to my car, Jamie pulled up next to us. Jamie mentioned that he and DJ were planning to stop at WAWA and pick up subs and asked what kind of sub I would like.

“Hold on, guys,” I said, “Joe gets off at 11:00 and is spending the night at our house.” Then, pulling out a $20, “Take this, and get a giant Club Sub that Joe and I can share, plus whatever you guys want, will a twenty cover?”

“It should,” Jamie replied, “If it doesn’t we do have some money, Dad you don’t have to do this.”

“You guys are always treating me,” I said, “I think it’s my turn to treat you. I’ll buy if you fly! I’ll go home and wait for you. I’m going to wait up for Joe, anyway.”

The boys took off for WAWA, and I placed a quick call to Joe, letting him know we would have subs to eat when he got home. He told me that he would be in uniform, but had brought clothes with him for tomorrow, and he should be there about 11:00 or very shortly after.

I went on home and the boys came in just about 9:45 and lay the bag with the subs down on the table. DJ suggested that we wait for Joe and we could eat together, as a family. Jamie and I both agreed. DJ slipped into the den and opened the doors to the CD’s, and pulled one off the shelf.

“Dad,” DJ asked, “what is ‘Bread’?”

“They were a very popular soft rock band, out of the 70’s, their songs are mellow, and, in my opinion, very listenable. Give it a listen.” DJ started the CD playing and returned to the table.

Jamie commented, “That music is so much different than today’s, you can actually hear and understand the words.”

The strains of ‘Make it With You’ played, and Jamie stood up, reached for DJ’s hand and dragged him into the den. They wrapped their arms around each other and started to sway, getting lost in the sounds and words of the song. The song brought back memories, as I could remember dancing to this song, so many years ago.

A few songs later, Bread sang ‘Baby I’ma Want You’ triggering Jamie’s remembrance of DJ saying, ‘Baby I want you’ earlier that morning, but that was in reference to Jamie’s penis. Both boys were captivated, by the words of that song.

Jamie spoke, tears in his eyes, “DJ, that song is so—us. I love the words.”

A few minutes later, Joe arrived, while Bread was singing ‘Yours For Life’. Joe stopped in his tracks, listening.

Joe blurted, “Bread, I haven’t heard them in years. That song was one of my favorites and I had forgotten all about it. Doug, if I didn’t want to be yours for life, I would not have proposed to you. DJ, please play it again?”

DJ repeated the song, and it seemed to strike a nerve in all of us. Jamie and DJ were hugging and kissing, and so were Joe and I. The song ended for the second time.

Joe, looking at the still unopened subs, “You guys haven’t eaten yet?”

DJ suggested we wait for you, Joe, and we could eat as a family, “ I said.

Joe, eyes a little wet, and smiling, “In about 7 more weeks we will be a family, a big happy gay family! Until then, we’re still family.”

DJ brought out some Pepsi’s from the fridge, we all enjoyed the subs together. It’s such a wonderful feeling, the love we all share together. I doubt any straight family around could match the love we all share. It’s after 12:30 AM and we will need to be up by around 8:00 AM to make it to Denny’s at 10:00 for our ‘Thanksgiving Breakfast’, and we all soon went to bed.

Joe and I briefly thought about making up for lost time, and decided to pass for tonight. We’ll have lots of nights to make love and sleep together from now on. Joe removed his weapons, and locked them up in the safe. We both stripped and cuddled up in bed. I love sleeping with Joe.

DJ, cuddling up with Jamie, “I’ll be so happy to see them get married.”

“Me too, baby, I can’t help but think we may have had a hand in it, Goodnight, Cupid.” DJ giggled a little and they drifted off.

It’s Thursday morning, November 23rd and Thanksgiving Day. Doug and Joe both rose up after hearing the alarm. Doug slipped to the kitchen and made coffee while Joe grabbed a quick shower. When Joe had dried off, he opened the door and walked into the boy’s room, stepped to their bed, and gently shook their shoulders to wake them up. Jamie was on the outside, and was a little startled, seeing Joe’s somewhat larger cock only about a foot in front of his face, and jerked a little.

Jamie looking up, “Oh, Hi Joe, I didn’t realize you were so—big!”

(Joe has about 6½” soft and about 8” erect)

Joe, chuckling, “Not all of us are blessed with cute little wieners like you and your boyfriend have. I guess I can tell you’re not a size queen, or you’d probably have mine down your throat by now! We’re taking you guys out for Thanksgiving Breakfast this morning, and we have a table reserved for 10:00 so you guys need to get up and get ready, it’s almost 8:30. DJ, coffee is ready, and your Dad’s in the shower now.”

Joe, DJ and Jamie all headed to the kitchen, DJ poured a mug for Joe and himself, and Jamie got a glass of juice.

Joe, sipping his coffee and smiling, “Jamie, I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. You two may be a tad undersized, compared to average, and I am likely about an inch and a half over average. I’ve seen a picture of both of you, erected, and you both have very attractive penises. I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s not the size of the boat that matters, it’s the motion of the ocean. For what it’s worth, your Dad likes my instrument, and he is the one I need to please!”

Joe said, “You guys need to shower and get dressed, we need to leave in half an hour.”

Joe had purchased a sheet carrot cake, and had it decorated, and dropped it off at Denny’s while he was on duty Wednesday afternoon. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the two cards, from me and Clay, into Denny’s without DJ seeing them. I think I can maybe hide them inside my shirt. I had written a note on the back of the photo of DJ’s Tracker that said ‘We pick up tomorrow’. I’m glad that Annie will be able to get pictures, as I would not know how to smuggle my camera in there.

About 9:45 we all entered Joe’s car, Joe driving, with me in the passenger seat and the boys taking the back seat. We arrived at Denny’s at exactly 10:00 AM. Joe told the hostess we had a reservation for the Kendall family for 10:00 AM.

The Hostess, grinning, “Right this way, gentlemen.” We all followed her.

Suddenly, 8 people stood up, and we all yelled “SURPRISE!!” It was almost too much for the poor boy to handle, his knees gave out, and Jamie held him up until we could get a chair under his butt. Then the floodgates opened, and DJ was sobbing, like none of us had ever seen anyone sob before. Annie and Karen were trying to mop up the tears with napkins, and Jamie was holding him tightly and lovingly.

DJ’s reaction caused everyone there to start losing tears, it was phenomenal, and I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the emotional display. After about 5 minutes of intense sobbing, we started to see a smile starting to form on DJ’s face, even though some tears were still falling from his eyes. DJ was completely overwhelmed, even more so than at his adoption party. The whole staff of Denny’s came to the table and helped us sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to our dear, albeit overwhelmed, DJ! This is only the beginning, wait till he sees the gifts!

Our waitress came over to refill coffee cups, and was prepared to start taking orders. She asked if we preferred separate tickets and Joe said ‘it’s all on one ticket’.

“You’re first,” the waitress said, “Birthday boy!”

DJ, still recovering, “Jamie, I can’t think straight, please order for me!”

Jamie responded, “Steak and eggs, steak medium, eggs over easy, hash browns with onions, English muffins, times two, for him and me.” Then he added, “Baby, I hope you never think straight!” Everyone laughed, including the waitress.

She went around the table and got everyone’s order.

Joe spoke, “DJ, you were warned, we promised you, when we had your adoption party, that your Birthday would never be neglected again!”

There was a pile of presents, stacked on the seat of the booth behind where the party was seated, and DJ had not even noticed they were there. The waitress served all of our breakfasts, kept coffee’s filled, and checked back frequently. When everyone had finished eating, she picked up all the dirty dishes, and asked Joe if he wanted to do the cake now, and he said we could do that after DJ opens his gifts.

Matt spoke, “I think we should get a speech from the Birthday Boy!” Everyone started to say yes, Speech, Let’s hear it.

“Stand up, son, so we can all hear you.” I said.

DJ, standing, “I’m not into long winded speeches, so this is going to be short, today has been the second most happy day of my life, the happiest day is still the day that judge said that Douglas Joseph Kendall is the legal son of Douglas Ryan Kendall. I cannot believe you guys pulled this off, and I never had a clue, until it happened.”

“I know, that most of you know, this is the first time in my life that my birthday has been honored, and I am honored to have gained so many fantastic friends in the short time I’ve known you. It’s a simply incredible feeling, to know that there are people that care about me. Thank you, all.”

I walked around to where DJ stood, and put my arm around his shoulders.

“Folks,” I said, “About 8 months ago, when a certain young man wanted to cut my grass for $25, I never could have imagined where it would lead. I think we have as strong a Father and Son relationship as any father and son could possibly have. I love you DJ, unconditionally. Now folks, DJ thinks this party is about over, but it’s not. There are gifts. Jamie, would you do us a favor, and start bringing up those packages and envelopes?”

Jamie started to carry the gifts, one at a time, to where DJ was sitting, and all eyes were on DJ. DJ opened the first large package, which was from Carl and Karen Seldon. As DJ removed the colored giftwrap:

“Oh my god!” DJ blurted, “It’s a PS3 play station! Jamie, we’ll be able to play at my house too! Everybody, this is from my other parents, Jamie’s Mom and Dad.” He ran over to where they were sitting and hugged them.

Opening the next large package, uncovered a new bookshelf stereo CD System, from Annie and Matt.

“This beautiful CD System is from my best friend, Matt, and his mother, Mrs. Gill, our bedroom needs some sound! Thank you so much!” He ran over and gave both Matt and Annie Gill a warm hug and Thank you.

The next package was a little smaller, and soft. DJ opened it carefully, and pulled out not one, not two, but three pairs of Levi skinny jeans, one blue, one tan, and one white.

“I guess some people know my habits, or at least how much I like my skinny jeans. These three pair are from my awesome manager, Justin, and Sherry.” He ran over and gave them both a big hug and thank you.

Now the fun one, Jamie handed him a fairly large package from Jamie. DJ started to open it, uncovering a smaller box, opening that unveiled a still smaller box, and then finally a tiny box, inside that the size 10 rainbow Pride ring. DJ’s mouth fell open.

“Jamie, you found one!” DJ opened the little plastic bag, and slipped it onto his ring finger, and it fit perfectly, “I love it, baby!”

Jamie spoke, “I found two!” as Jamie opened an identical package he had in his pocket, and slipped in on his own ring finger. “For some of you that may not be aware, these are called Pride rings, and members of the LGBT community are quite aware of the significance. It works better than Gaydar, to identify other members of the community. When both of us wear these identical rings, on the same finger, it lets others know that I am his, and he is mine! I love you, DJ!” The two shared a quick, but loving kiss and hug, the group of guests applauded. They held their hands up together, showing their rings.

There was one last package, also from Jamie. DJ was almost afraid to open it, wondering what else Jamie might come up with. It contained two new PS-3 games, that neither of them had played before. DJ held them up.

“Also from my awesome boyfriend, these will level the playing field on the play station as he won’t have the advantage of experience on me!”

Now the greeting cards, there are four, all with a simple DJ on the envelope. I told Jamie to give him the largest envelope first, and he did. DJ pulled the card out of the envelope and looked at the front, which read ‘Happy Birthday to my Very Precious Son.’ The wording itself brought tears to DJ’s eyes. He then slowly opened up the card, and found the photo of the Tracker. For just a minute, DJ was speechless, then….

“DAD! YOU DIDN’T!” DJ ran over and jumped on my lap, like a little boy, he hugged me and kissed me. “Dad is that for real?”

“Son, you might want to read the note on the back of the photo.”

DJ went back to where he had laid the card on the table, picked up the photo and read the note, ‘We pick it up tomorrow’ then looked at the photo again.

“Dad, it’s beautiful! Are you pulling my leg? Is this a joke?”

“DJ, if you want to call the loan manager at my bank, you’ll find that it is no joke! Jamie helped me to select it.” Jamie nodded, smiling.

Jamie reminded DJ that there are still three more cards, and handed DJ one. DJ opened it, it was a Happy Birthday to an outstanding young man, and was a money envelope. Inside was a crisp, new $100 bill, and was from Anthony and Maria. DJ held it up and announced the gift from Anthony and Maria, then walked over, gave them both a hug and a thank you.

“DJ,” Anthony said, “that’s not for general funds, use it for something special that you want, something you can call a birthday gift, from us, and you’re welcome. We love you.”

Jamie handed the next envelope to DJ, and he opened that one. It contained a $200 gift card for Advance Auto, and was from Joe. DJ held it up and announced the gift. Then He asked Joe what he needed it for.

Joe, smiling, “DJ, you’re now the owner of an automobile, and cars are always in need of things, oil, spark plugs, wax, replacement parts. I’m sure you will have uses for it, sooner or later, it doesn’t need to be spent today.”

“Thanks, Joe, I guess that’s a rather practical gift, and I appreciate it.”

Jamie, playing game show host, “And now ladies and gentlemen, the final envelope. We’ll give it to our contestant, DJ, and see what he has won!”

DJ is grinning at Jamie’s antics as he opens the envelope, pulling out a Birthday card with a signature of Clay Hodges. Out falls a business card for a dealership he has never heard of. He looks at the business card, confused.

“Who the hell is Clay Hodges?” DJ asked.

“He is half owner of the dealership where we bought the Tracker,” I answered, “Check the back side of the business card.”

DJ read:

Happy 20th Birthday to
Douglas Joseph Kendall
Present this card to receive
Four 100,000 mile tires for
your Tracker, when needed
Signed, Clay Hodges

DJ smiled, he loves to see his name printed out.

“Why,” DJ asked, “didn’t he just put them on before I get the vehicle?”

“Because the tires on it are still good for probably 8,000 or 10,000 miles,” I answered, “no need to replace them prematurely. You’ll like Clay, and you’ll meet him tomorrow when we pick it up. He want’s to meet you.”

Joe flagged the waitress, and quietly told her it was cake time.

About 5 minutes later she returned with the cake, sporting 20 lit birthday candles, and another waitress carrying 12 plates and a handful of forks, and a spatula for cutting and serving the cake. She set the cake down in front of DJ, and he was beaming. Annie came over and took a snapshot of the cake.

“DJ,” I said, “I know this is new to you, do you know what to do?”

“Not really, maybe you better tell me?”

“There are 20 candles on the cake, representing 20 years of life. You need to make a wish, take a deep breath and blow out all the candles, with one breath. If you succeed, your wish will come true, if you don’t it won’t, and you can’t tell anyone what you wished, or that will jinx it.”

“OK, I’ll try,” DJ had a serious look on his face, then took a deep breath and blew out all 20 of the flames, in one breath. Everyone clapped. The cake was a carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting, and the lettering on the cake was red, DJ’s favorite color. DJ read the lettering and smiled.

The lettering read:

Happy Birthday!
Douglas Joseph Kendall

* * * * * * * *

Author’s Note: DJ can’t tell anyone what he wished, as it might jinx his wish, but I have inside information, and I will tell you. You have to love DJ’s heart. He simply wished that no harm ever comes to Serena’s little brother, Fernando. Let’s hope his wish comes true.

* * * * * * * *

The waitress picked out the remnants of the candles and took them away.
Karen asked Jamie to get a carryout box for Carl’s and her cake, as she wanted to get home and start the Turkey roasting. Karen kissed DJ a motherly kiss on the lips, and she and Carl left. The Seldon’s would see Joe and I and the boys later for Thanksgiving dinner.

Using the spatula, DJ cut half the cake into about 2½” squares, 12 servings. He placed a corner slice (more icing) on a plate and reserved it for himself and served 9 pieces on the plates for everyone else with 2 pieces in a carryout box to take to Karen and Carl. He would be able to get more cake later as he would have half the cake to take home.

The waitress came back with the check, and Joe held out his hand to receive it. He paid the $120 bill with his debit card, and added a $30 tip for the waitress. Everyone had left except Joe, the boys, and myself. Jamie, Joe and I helped cart DJ’s stuff to Joe’s car and put it all in the trunk, except for the cake, which was carried on Jamie’s lap until we got home.

It was about 2:00 PM when we all got home from Denny’s. I unlocked the door and Jamie brought in the cake and set it on the table. I rearranged a couple things in the fridge to make room for the cake. DJ said he wanted another piece, and I told him he might want to hold off, as we were to go to Seldon’s for dinner in a couple of hours, and he wouldn’t be ready for the meal. I won.

DJ brought in the CD player and took it straight to their room, and Jamie carried in the PS-3, temporarily setting it on the couch in the den.

“Dad,” Jamie said, “I may have been a little presumptuous. The play station needs a TV to operate, and DJ doesn’t have one. I had hoped, since you don’t often watch it, that we could borrow yours, until DJ can get one.”

“Jamie, would connecting the game machine still allow the TV to operate normally?”

“Yeah, Dad, and it can also play DVD’s.” Jamie and I entered the den.

I said, pointing, “Can the play station sit down there, under the TV?”

“Easily, Dad, it’s not that big.”

“I’d really rather not have you guys taking the TV to your room, but you know you’re welcome to play your games in the den. I don’t often watch TV, and I’m not sure if Joe does either. Joe did tell me he has a smaller TV to put on the wall in our bedroom, so we can watch it from our bed.”

Joe, when DJ returned, “Doug, did you tell the boys about the new rules?”

“Which new rules?” I asked.

“You know, Doug,” Joe stated, a smirk on his face, “Since DJ is now an adult, and Jamie is still a teenager, we can’t allow them to sleep together.”

A look of disbelief overcame DJ’s face, but Jamie saw the twinkle in Joe’s eyes.

“Joe!” DJ exclaimed, “you can’t be serious.”

“He’s not, baby,” Jamie grinned, “he’s just fuckin’ with you.”

We all laughed, DJ now had a grin on his face, and Jamie kissed him.

“So DJ,” Joe asked, “How does it feel to not be a kid anymore?”

“I don’t know,” DJ replied, “I don’t think I was ever a kid.”

DJ’s innocent and truthful reply stung, like a yellow jacket. I felt my tear ducts open, flooding my eyes. Glancing at Joe and Jamie, they too were wiping tears from their faces. That bit of truth really hurt.

“DJ,” I spoke softly, holding him, “we can’t undo the past, but we’ll make damn sure your future is worth remembering. We wish you nothing but a bright future, filled with happiness and success, and we all love you!”

“Dad, a year ago love was like a foreign word. Nobody loved me, and I didn’t love anyone, even myself. You showed me love, for the first time in my memory. Ever since we met, I’ve been collecting that love you so willingly shared with me, in my heart. Now, if and when the need arises, I have love in my heart, that I can share. Thanks, Dad.”

“Guys,” I commented, “Carl told me Karen is planning dinner for between 5:00 and 6:00, and asked us to come out earlier and watch the game with him. So I guess we could go out anytime.”

“Dad,” Jamie said, “Why don’t you and Joe go on out now. We want to try and get this Play Station hooked up and checked out, and we’ll come on out about 4:30. We’re not much into football, anyway.”

Joe and I took their suggestion, and headed out to the Seldon’s. Jamie and DJ got the play station connected, to the TV. They put one of the new games that Jamie had given to DJ in and started it up. They both decided this was going to work nicely, as my TV was about a 50” screen, and the one in Jamie’s room was only a 32”. They decided against learning to play the new game right now, and shut it down.

DJ pulled a CD off of the shelf at random and put it in the CD player, and sat at the end of the couch. The first song to play was ‘Nice To Be With You’ by Gallery. Of course, the song was completely unfamiliar to both of them. DJ encouraged Jamie to sit with him, and Jamie sat in the center, then adjusted, putting his feet on the arm of the couch and his head on DJ’s lap. Jamie reached for DJ’s hand, holding it loosely.

DJ’s other hand started to caress Jamie’s face, neck, chest, and running his fingers through Jamie’s platinum colored hair. Both of them were listening, and were mesmerized by the words and melody of the song. DJ avoided touching Jamie anywhere below his waist, not wishing to sexually arouse Jamie.

“I can’t believe we are actually enjoying this old music that Dad has,” DJ commented, “it’s older than both of us put together. I suppose we should get out of here and head to your house.”

“Yeah, baby, but it does feel so nice to be with you. I could lay here with you like this all the rest of the day!”

After the CD finished, the two boys forced themselves up from the soft couch, held each other closely, and shared a tender, loving kiss. They then left the house and drove to Jamie’s parents home, arriving about 4:30 PM. Jamie settled on the sofa, sitting between Carl and Joe, I was sitting in one of the recliners. DJ decided to go to the kitchen and keep Karen company.

“Mom,” DJ asked, “is there anything I can do, to help you?”

“If you would like to set the table? We’re eating in the dining room today, and the good dishes are in the buffet. There is a silverware chest in the top drawer, so use that silver, and the cloth napkins, in the same drawer.”

“Sure, Mom,” DJ softly replied, “you know, this is my first family holiday dinner.”

Karen, DJ’s words hitting too hard and making her eyes leak, and hugging DJ, “Honey, it’s just the first of many to come. In a month, we’ll be celebrating Christmas, and Jamie’s Birthday. I’m so thankful that you are here with us.”

Karen, stepping into the living room, “Carl, can you please come and help with the turkey?”

“Sure, Hun,” he responded.

Karen turned off, and opened the oven, Carl pulled out the roaster, setting it on top of the stove, and Karen pulled out the big pan of stuffing and placed in on the counter. She then took the pan of potatoes off the stove and drained them, setting the pan into the sink. Carl removed the lid from the roaster, releasing a scrumptious aroma of roasted turkey into the air. She then held the large platter while Carl lifted the bird up, and placed it on the platter.

Karen, getting the potato masher from the draw, “DJ, would you mash the potatoes?”

DJ, taking the masher from her hands, “Sure, Mom, that’s one thing I know how to do,” and he went to the sink and mashed up the spuds.

About 10 minutes later, all the food was on the table, Roasted Turkey and stuffing, with home made gravy, smashed potatoes, collard greens, cranberries, hot buttered rolls. Carl announced that dinner was ready, Joe, Jamie, and I came from the living room.

Carl took a chair at the ‘turkey end’ of table, Karen at the opposite end, Joe and myself on one side and the boys on the other side.

Carl, standing up, “Shall we join hands in giving thanks?” We all stood, holding hands.

Carl spoke, “Our heavenly father, we wish to thank you for a very eventful and blessed year. I especially want to offer thanks, for bringing our friend Doug, and his loving Son, DJ together as a family. I ask that you bless Doug and Joe, as they are soon to unite as loving husbands. Bless the relationship of our beautiful Son’s, DJ and Jamie, as they grow into adulthood. Some may question certain of these couplings, but we should never question the love you have brought together within this family. Thank you, God, Amen!”

Five voices in unison echoed an ‘Amen’ and were all reaching for a napkin to blot a tear or two. Carl’s words were very touching to all of us.

Carl, smiling, “There, we got that out of the way, let’s eat!” Then, his hands on the fork and slicing knife, “DJ, white or dark?”

“I’ll take some white meat, thanks.”


“I like mine dark, thank you.”

Joe and I looked at each other, grinning, and wondering if the boys actually intended a double meaning, on the type of meat, or maybe just coincidence.

Everything was delicious, and most of us did some seconds, even with Karen’s caution to save room for some Pecan Pie. Thanksgiving was certainly a day to be thankful, especially for friends and lovers. I really believe that, due to the attraction of two young men to each other, we have now become a loving family of six. Karen and Carl are wonderful hosts.

DJ and Jamie both helped Karen put away the leftovers, clean up the kitchen and wash up the dishes. Carl fell asleep on the couch. The boys will be sleeping at our home tonight, as DJ and I need to go pick up his Tracker tomorrow, and most likely, Jamie will go with us.

Joe and I soon left, we thanked Karen graciously for the terrific dinner, and she mentioned we would soon do it again, for Christmas. Joe wanted to stop by his apartment to pick up some clean uniforms, as he needed to be at work Friday afternoon. Good thing I have a large closet. It seems that Joe is gradually starting to move in, and that is really cool. I think we’re both tired of sleeping alone.

When we stopped at Joe’s apartment, he asked me to come in with him, so I did. I had actually only been inside his apartment a couple of times previously. It was just a one-bedroom apartment, with a double bed. The kitchenette was small, with a table and two chairs, and few appliances. It contained a small, apartment sized refrigerator and stove, a microwave oven and coffee maker, and toaster.

Joe had told me that he rarely cooked, outside of breakfast, and most of the time ate out. Most of the furnishings belonged to the apartment, with the exception of just an occasional piece, such as the computer and desk. He opened a large Hefty trash bag, and stuffed four soiled uniforms into it, that he planned to drop off at the dry cleaners tomorrow, along with the one he had worn Wednesday that was back at our house. He picked up the remaining 3 clean uniforms to take back to our home.

“Doug,” Joe asked, “do you have a spare draw in your chest?”

“I do,” I replied, “the one I had let DJ put some of his stuff in, before I got him the new dresser in his room.”

Joe opened another Hefty bag, and packed his Tee shirts, briefs and socks into it, then a third one, and packed his clean sheets and towels into that one. I’m smiling, as it seems apparent, that Joe doesn’t plan to sleep in his apartment any more. I helped him carry those bags to his car, and we then headed to my house.

When we arrived, it was evident that the boys were home, as Jamie’s car was in the drive. Joe and I took the bags and uniforms into the house, and to our bedroom. We smiled, as we heard the strains of ‘The Mama’s and The Papas’ coming from the Boys room. I opened the door a crack and peeped in, not wanting to disturb what they might have been doing. I then opened the door, and Joe and I stepped into their room.

They were actually decent, lying together on the bed, and just relaxing, making out a little, and listening to the music. They had set up DJ’s new CD player on the dresser. When they saw us in their room they both sat up on the bed.

DJ, now standing up, “Dad, do we have a spare table of some kind, that we could put the CD player on?”

“We might have to buy one, Son,” I answered, “I don’t think I have anything like that around here.”

“DJ,” Joe stated, “I think I have just what you need. I have a table back at the apartment that I used to put my weapons and belt on at night, but now that I’m living here, I have to keep those in the safe. We can probably pick it up, over the next few days.”

“Oh, thanks, Joe,” DJ replied, “I love the CD player, but I don’t really like it taking up all that room on the dresser. You know, you guys shocked the hell out of me this morning, but you can’t do it again. I am now well aware that on November 23rd I get a year older! I didn’t even realize it was my birthday, until you all surprised me this morning. I hope you’re not planning any more surprises for me, the next one might cause me a heart attack! I’ll remember my first birthday party for the rest of my life, I love you guys so much.”

“DJ,” I said, tearing up, “you have no idea how thankful I am, and how much joy you have brought to this old man. I wouldn’t want to live anymore, without you in my life!”

Joe spoke, “DJ, you’re going to make this cop very happy in a few weeks, the day you become my step-son! Actually, even though your Dad and I are not yet married, I already consider you my son! I love you, DJ!”

“Joe, is it ok if I call you ‘Dad’?”

“That would be an honor, DJ,” Joe replied, “You are my one and only son, unless, maybe someday you and Jamie decide to get married, then I’ll have two.”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Jamie blurted, “we’re still just boyfriends, give us a chance to finish growing up!”

“It’s so awesome!” DJ exclaimed, “to now have a terrific Dad, and to have two of them is simply spectacular! I love both of my Dad’s very much.”

“OK Jamie,” Joe said, grinning, “Just don’t go and get each other pregnant, we don’t need to have a shot gun wedding.” Everyone laughed.

“It’s getting late,” I said, “How about some hot cocoa, to go with some of DJ’s carrot cake, if he’s willing to share, before bed?”

“I think,” DJ responded, chuckling, “that’s really too much sugar for me to eat by myself, so, of course I’ll share.”

We all enjoyed some hot cocoa and carrot cake together, and went to bed. Joe and I just cuddled, chatted for a few minutes and passed out. The boys fell asleep, wrapped together, and listening to ‘Bread’.

Friday morning, November 24th, DJ woke early, 7:30 AM, anxious to go and pick up the Tracker. He made a full pot of coffee, then woke his ‘Dad’s’ and his boyfriend. By 8:00 AM the four men were all sitting at the table, naked, and enjoying coffee together, except for Jamie, who was drinking juice, as usual.

It was pretty much assumed that Jamie would go with us to pick up DJ’s Tracker. We invited Joe to go with us, but he declined, stating he needed to drop his uniforms off at the dry cleaners, and wanted to get more of his stuff from the apartment and bring to the house. I put on the apron and cooked us all some sausage and eggs for breakfast.

We are all enjoying our time together as a family and we all enjoy sitting around together naked. Joe and I had done it in the past, so we were re-living a memory. None of us are uncomfortable displaying our naked bodies in front of each other. Life is good. Nope, better than that, life is great!

DJ was experimenting with some more unfamiliar music, and had put on a ‘Beach Boys’ CD on the old CD player in the den. While we were eating, Joe and I were smiling, watching the boy’s bodies rocking back and forth to the music and remembering times gone by.

The boys picked up the dirty dishes and stacked them next to the sink. Joe and I both hugged them from the back, Joe behind Jamie and I behind DJ, finishing with a loving squeeze of their flaccid penises, causing both to grin. They knew that Joe and I were not making a sexual pass, just a little extra love pass, straight from our hearts, to their young cocks!

We all headed to our appropriate bedrooms to dress, all in casual clothing. Joe picked up the bag with the soiled uniforms, added the one he had worn Wednesday, and headed to the dry cleaners, and would then go to his apartment. DJ, Jamie and I soon headed out to my car, I drove, DJ was in the front seat with me and Jamie sat in the back. We headed to the dealership to pick up DJ’s Tracker.

It was a little past 10:00 AM when we arrived at the dealership. We all walked into Clay’s office, and he stood up, smiling. He, of course, knew whom Jamie and I was, and why we are here.

Clay, warmly, “So this is the awesome DJ I’ve heard so much about, I’m so glad to finally meet you!” He wrapped his arms around DJ and gave him a very tight and loving hug. Then, “I guess you’re here to pick up your ride.”

“Yes, sir!” DJ responded, excitedly.

Clay, picking up a manila folder and keys, “Well, let’s get you in it, come with me,” Clay then led us to the tarp-covered vehicle out on the lot, “Doug, did you give DJ my card?”

“I did, Clay,” I answered, smiling, “I wish you could have seen his initial reaction, ‘Who the hell is Clay Hodges?’”

Clay and Jamie carefully pulled the tarp off the Tracker and DJ’s chin hit the ground, I wished I’d brought my camera, his expression was priceless.

“DAD!” DJ exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful, I still can’t believe you did this!”

“Sorry, DJ, it’s just what you get, for being such an awesome and loving Son!”

“DJ,” Clay stated, “these tires should give you another 8 to 10 thousand miles. Give me a two or three days notice and I will order the new tires for you. The inspection is good until next August, and the registration is for a year. I think you will get many miles of pleasure from this old girl.” He handed DJ the keys, and DJ beamed. He got in and started the engine.

“Are we,” Jamie queried, “free to take off?”

“As far as I know,” Clay answered.

“I didn’t bring the insurance card,” I said, “so try not to attract a cop, or get into an accident on the way home.”

“Baby,” Jamie commented, smiling, “Let’s take her home!”

The boys both fastened their seat belts, DJ carefully drove out of the parking lot, and they headed toward home. DJ was really happy that Jamie had taught him how to drive a stick, and he handled the Tracker with skill.

Clay spoke, “Doug, DJ really seems like an outstanding young man. He does have a knack for stealing one’s heart. Actually, both of them seem so incredible. You can feel the love they both emit, towards each other, and towards anyone they come in contact with. It has been a pleasure, and I really mean that. Dealing with you and DJ is an experience I’ll remember for a long time to come. Good luck to your whole family, and have a Merry Christmas.”

Clay and I shook hands, I accepted the folder with the Title and the registration, went to my car and headed home. The orange Tracker is quite recognizable, and I’m keeping my eyes scanning, hoping I don’t see it parked on the side of the road, being a newly acquired vehicle.

When I got home it was just past 1:00 PM, and the Tracker was parked in front of the house. I’m thinking the driveway is getting too small, with my car, DJ’s Tracker, Joe’s car and Jamie’s car there often, that’s four vehicles, and if Joe has a patrol car at home, that’s five. Usually though, if Joe has a patrol car, his personal car would be parked at the Police Station.

All four of us are working today, I’m on my normal 3-9 shift, DJ is 4-9 and Jamie 4-11, and Joe is 3-11. I just walked into the house and my phone rang, and it was Joe.

“Hi baby,” I answered.

“Doug, how long have you been home? And did DJ get his wheels ok?”

“Yeah, Joe, we all just got home, and the Tracker’s out front.”

“I’m on my way there, why don’t I stop at Bojangle’s and pick up some chicken for our lunch, Mike is going to be picking me up around 2:30 at your house. I’ve got some stuff in the car, but it doesn’t need to be unloaded today, I can do it tomorrow.”

“That’ll be great, Joe. I need to shower and change, the boys have some extra time, as they aren’t due to work until 4:00 PM. See you soon, I love you.”

When I walked in, DJ was checking the fridge for lunch materials.

“Guys, Joe is picking up Bojangle’s for our lunch today. Both Joe and I need to be at work at 3:00, his partner is picking him up here about 2:30.”

“Cool!” DJ answered, “I was looking for some ground beef, I was going to try to make spaghetti for us, but I guess we can do that another day.”

“While we’re waiting for Joe,” I said, “I’m going to grab a shower and shave.”

Joe arrived with the food, and we all enjoyed another family meal together, Joe didn’t have time for a shower, and excused himself, going to our bedroom to change into his uniform and get his weapons out of the safe. I was just leaving to go to work when Mike pulled up with the patrol car, and headed to the front door, and Joe invited him inside.

“DJ, Jamie, please come in here a minute.” Then, “DJ, Jamie, I’d like you to meet my patrol partner, Mike Smith, Mike, this is my soon to be step-son, Douglas Joseph Kendall, nickname is DJ, and his boyfriend, Jamie Seldon.”

Mike, shaking hands with Jamie, then turning to DJ, “I’ve heard so much about you, DJ, and I’m really happy to meet you.” Mike took DJ in his arms, and hugged him, affectionately.

“Mike,” DJ offered, “I think Joe overbought a little, and we have all finished eating. There is a couple of pieces of chicken left and a biscuit, why don’t you eat them, before they get too cold.”

“Why, thank you, I actually hadn’t taken time for lunch, and that will hit the spot!” Mike answered, as DJ cleaned a spot at the table, and Mike sat down and cleaned up the leftover chicken.

DJ, going into the fridge and pulling out the remaining birthday cake, placing a piece on a small plate, and setting it in front of Mike, “A slice of my Birthday Cake, for your dessert!” Mike smiled, and ate that too.

DJ spoke, “If you gent’s will excuse us, we need to get a shower and get ready for work also. It is very nice to meet you, Mike.”

Jamie and DJ headed to their room, stripped, and darted across the hall to the bathroom to shower together. If Mike happened to see them naked, then I guess, Mike saw them naked, for a couple seconds. Joe cleaned up the trash from lunch and placed it in the waste container. Then Joe and Mike left.

Once in the patrol car, Mike spoke, “Those boys don’t seem to be blessed with a whole lot of modesty! And you were right about DJ, he damn sure grabbed a chunk of my heart. He’s also very hospitable.”

Joe, chuckling, “Mike, if you’re easily intimidated by seeing naked men, you don’t want to come around here early in the morning. We all typically sit around having coffee and breakfast in what Mother Nature dressed us in.”

“I guess it’s okay,” Mike replied, grinning, “in the privacy of your home.”

When I went in to work that day, there was a sign by the computer where everyone clocks in and out. ‘MANDATORY STORE MEETING Monday night, Nov 27th at 9:00 PM, signed, Justin Wade, GM’

“Justin,” I asked, “What’s this about?”

“Doug, you know how these corporations work, they’re always trying to fine tune things to make for a better bottom line. Sometimes their decisions involve personnel changes, but don’t worry, you and DJ are not going anywhere. You’ll find out what’s happening Monday night, along with everyone else.”

When DJ clocked in at 4:00 PM and saw the notice, he too, was alarmed, and also questioned, as he is off on Mondays, did he need to be there. Justin told him that a mandatory meeting means ‘your presence is required’ and he does need to come in, and everyone will be paid 2 hours for the meeting.

When I came in from some deliveries, DJ asked me if I knew anything, about the meeting. I told him that Justin had told me that the company was making some changes, but that neither of us would be affected, and not to worry about it.

As is typical, in a situation like this, there is rumors and chitchat between all the employees. A couple of clerks suggested that the store might be closing. Justin is very tight lipped, and has evidently not told anyone what is up. I guess we can all wait until Monday evening, it’s only three days away.

(to be continued……..)


Coming in Chapter 12……..

Joe completes his move in with Doug and DJ

We learn what is happening at Southside Drug and Pharmacy

The Rainbow Alliance Christmas Party on December 4th

A winter storm, DJ gets to try out his 4X4, for real

Christmas is coming soon, Jamie turns 20 on Christmas Day.

Copyright © 2019 Douglas Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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A perfect birthday party for DJ. The family seems to be settling down nicely. Joe’s partner seems nice. What’s happening at the drugstore, let’s hope it’s good news.

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55 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

A perfect birthday party for DJ. The family seems to be settling down nicely. Joe’s partner seems nice. What’s happening at the drugstore, let’s hope it’s good news.

Joe's new partner is cool, but straight.  About the drug store, a little unsettling, but it will work out OK.

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This reminded me of my first birthday party I had when I was five. I couldn't believe everything was mine. Barney bedsheets barney toys and a stuffed barney. Bet you can't Gus what I was into. To this day I still sleep with that barney. Thank you for bringing that wonderful memory to me

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Another great chapter full of all the right stuff. Love, friendship, compassion, and did I already say love?  Add in some sex and you have a wonderful gay story.  Thank you Mr. Author,  you are truly one of the good ones...or as my mom always says, you're a keeper

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A first birthday party at the age of 20:  It would be sad if the birthday weren't so wonderful. DJ is surrounded by the people who love him, and that makes all the difference. 

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