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Happy Birthday Aditus!


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Just want to leave a note and say

Don’t eat too much cake

Don’t drink too much wine

Don’t swim in a lake

Cuz they’re frozen at this time

What you can do is go out to play

Hope you enjoyed your special day


Happy Birthday, Adi!


many happy returns



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                 :D               :D      Happy Birthday, Aditus              :D                        :D


                         I hope it's a great one and may you enjoy many, many more. 

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                      HAPPY   BIRTHDAY










Damn! Clo beat me to it!!!!!  I ran home and turned the computer on and saw she already started this thread!


Anyway...I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow (technically, where I am, it's still yesterday (or today?)).  Enjoy all the wolf cakes you get!  :D   :P   :D   :P




You are one of the people who make GA such an awesome site.   :)   :hug:  :kiss:   :2thumbs:  



Edit: I'm two minutes late!  

Edited by Lisa
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What a great way to start the day! Thank you so much!


So far everything is (almost) perfect. Many nice birthday greetings, the weather is very nice, I finally got my thermo mug (and burnt my tongue, silly me, the tea is actually very hot), the cake looks nice and I have a short day at work. 


@Clo Thank you for starting the thread. Nice cake!

@Val Great cake! I'll tell him you said so. ;)

@tim Thank you! I'll do that. ;)

@Lisa *hug* A friend is never late, nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to. Right?

@J. Hunter Dunn Peter! Vielen Dank für die lieben Glückwünsche!

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