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Happy Birthday Headstall!

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                   :D                 :D      Happy Birthday, Gary.                :D                          :D


                            I hope it's a great one and may you enjoy many, many more. 

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                      HAPPY    BIRTHDAY,








   I hope you have an awesome day!!!!!    :)   :)   :D

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:read:  From January to December   :read: 


:)  From Winter to Fall   :) 


:2thumbs:  Your Birthday is special   :2thumbs: 


:glomp:  And gather here us all.  :glomp: 



HappY BirthdaY, GarY!!!!


:hug::heart:   :hug::heart:   :hug::heart:   :hug::heart:   :hug: 


And many, many more to come.

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  • Site Administrator

:music: :music: Happy Birthday Gary :music: :music:


I hope your day was a little bit extra special and that everyday going forward are the same :)

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It can’t be Gary’s birthday

He’s too young for one of them!

Cycling like a demon

Stopping highway traffic cold!!

To rescue tiny turtles

The man is very bold

But he’s the bestest ever friend

He’ll pin your ears back if you’re mouthy

Remember! Cuz you've been told!



Happy Birthday, Gary

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