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tim's Bits and Pieces - 76. Killer on the Road

On Sunday June 6, 2021 .. a young man killed a Muslim family, mom, dad, grandmother and daughter out for their evening walk together. The son is alive in hospital.

See the family lying dead on the ground

Their crime that night going out for a walk

Was religion the reason for your displeasure?

Ironic your sin was not cause for a balk


Can we let him, among us walk;

the one who chose that day to kill?

Did his God send him, to take his measure?

Mowing them with a truck took no skill


Can such a wrong be righted?

Will an eye for an eye pay the cost?

Can he now repent in leisure?

Not words nor jewels will replace the lost.


Your ghosts will forever haunt us

Tears for the lost have been shed

Stolen from you the greatest treasure

From you was taken a life unled

**** RIP

Thank you for reading. Discussion is welcome ... hatred is not.

Copyright © 2018 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.

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I don't understand the world anymore. Thank you for writing this tim. 

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I am saddened by this, and by the joy this so-called person expressed over his deed.  I am most terribly saddened over the poor little boy who lost all his closest family that evening.  At nine to lose them all. 

I won't continue, because I'm sure it would become political. 


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