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tim's Bits and Pieces - 53. No Hearts and Flowers

There's love here, but this is not hearts and flowers, not even close. This is raw poetry from the heart.

You take my hand and we walk in fields of flowers

And though it’s winter, deep and bone chilling

You walk in summer in this dream we share

Through my tears, I see you, with me always


And I wonder what you’d be, if you’d lived

But, ever to me, you are young and laughing

I will live, like you asked me to, but … I pray

Pray that this isn’t really all there is


My thoughts stray ... to life and its significance

And how truly little it means, and we

walk on the graves and bones of ancestors

Generation after generation living and dying


While we build and destroy, murder and die

Over and over, eyes forward, don’t look back

Yet I cannot help but reach for your hand

Smiling, you reach out; hands turning to bone


And I pray we will get back those stolen years

Logic rightly screams at my foolish longings

And I know what the likely truth is

But my heart doesn’t want to hear it.


Thanks for reading.

Copyright © 2018 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.
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