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Into the fields of Summer - 94. Titles 2

Chapter 94 - Titles

Morning came all too soon for my liking. However the warmth of Victor’s body beside certainly gave me comfort.
I left Victor asleep in our bedroom as I made my way to the kitchen to grab some juice, the mansion was still quiet. I guess everyone decided to sleep in.
Aside from some of Luca’s security detail making their rounds and household staff tending the garden, I didn’t see anybody else.
“Good Morning Chris” Luca greeted me as he walked into the large kitchen.
“Good Morning Luca”
“Early morning eh?” He asked.
“Seems like I can say the same to you” I replied with a smile.
“Haha. You’re right, though I’ve always been like this, anything bothering you to be up this early?”
“Hmm... it’s just that I have this sinking feeling that the demons are gathering strength right at this moment”
Luca gave me a concerned look “what makes you say that Chris?”
“Just a feeling. I don’t have proof of it, but I can’t shake off this feeling I have”
“When did you have this suspicion? ”
“The moment we crossed back to Earth”
“I see. I’ll have my agents be on alert then”
“Remember the lessons Sarad and Zenfar gave you, Reza, and Konrad about Anami biology?”
“It wouldn’t hurt to disseminate that
information amongst your agents ... when the VHC and WCC comes around we can then start sharing more information with them too”
I paused. “We’ll really have to shore up our resources”
“That’s a good idea.” Luca paused as he took a moment to take a sip of tea. “Speaking of the VHC...”
“Reza and I have informed them of the results of our meeting with your grandfather”
I took a moment to collect my thoughts and took a heavy breath. “And what is there response?”
I nervously asked.
“First... they’re all surprised some were none too happy that only Reza and I crossed into the realm but that’s their worst complaint so far.
All VHC members were wise enough to recognize that we couldn’t fight the demons alone, having the werewolves and elves with us with surely give us some leverage against the enemy. All other VHC members have started to scour for records regarding the demons,
I know the elves are in the best position regarding knowledge on that matter, but there’s no harm trying from our end as well right?”
Luca paused again then added “Regarding the meeting with your grandfather, They’re all amenable to meet him in New York, give us the time and date and we’ll be there”
Hearing those words from Luca certainly put me a little bit more at ease. “That’s good Luca... though I actually assumed that there would have been more of a resistance from other VHC Councilors”
“Resistance?” Luca gave me a mischievous smile then continued.
“Not if it’s against Reza’s words, questions maybe, actually lots of questions regarding the trip but none have voiced opposition to the proposed alliance so far” Luca explained and then after giving me another brief smile, “And Chris...”
“Don’t tell Victor just yet but in the next few hours he’ll be the newest Councilor of the VHC”
“Huh? What do you mean? Isn’t the screening still a few days away?”
I asked.
“All the other 9 nominees have withdrawn... even Robin Latham”
“Robin can sometimes be a pain but he’s smart, this was a battle they’ve all lost before it even began. This afternoon the VHC will have another conference and we’ll make Victor’s appointment as Councilor official and Patrick’s as the new governor of District 4”
“That was rather fast”
“Indeed... the fastest decision we’ve had in centuries, and believe it or not Chris, all those nominating votes for Victor, I never lifted a single finger for him, all of those votes were his to begin with, he earned all of those votes himself”
“Indeed. Do me a favor and keep it a secret for now okay? I want to be the one to give him the news when it becomes official”
“Of course Luca”
“Now there’s no denying that you both are the power couple of the century... don’t you think?” Luca teased.
“Stop it Luca”
“Just saying...” oh and I could have just melted away when Luca shot me his disarming smile. Did I already say that Luca is incredibly hot? Gosh... okay, I have to get out of here or my hormones will get the best of me. I think there’s still some lingering excess horniness from the ascension, why is Luca so hot?!
Before I left the kitchen Luca called for me again. “Reza and Konrad will drop by for lunch. Don’t be surprised if we have another VHC member that will drop by ... I’m fairly certain those that are within several hundred miles of London are already on their way to come meet you”
“You’re kidding right?”
“Far from it...“
Half an hour later everyone finally got around to joining Luca and I for breakfast. Eating breakfast with my friends, I realized how used to elvish food I’ve become, though I’m not complaining about the food... I mean Luca’s cooks are actually awesome.
“So what’s your plan for today?”
I asked Leo.
“August and I will be doing some last minute shopping... given that we’re flying out tomorrow”
“Right. Goodness time certainly flies” I offhandedly remarked.
“You can say that again” Dad nodded in agreement. “Remember Chris... we’ve filed for an advanced schedule of your matriculation test. So you may be Prince and Ambassador now but we’re back to studying once we get back home okay?”
“Yes dad... though... if I remember it correctly, you and Leo and magic have lessons of your own right?”
I proudly retorted. Which earned me a mock look of offense from dad. Though of course I’ll be more than happy helping my dad and best friend learn to hone their skills. “Don’t worry, I’m sure when Etalos and Nomir joins us, they’ll be helping you both too” I added.
“I’d rather work with either rather than you” Leo snorted.
“Why is that?” I said as I raised an eyebrow.
“If I remember correctly I’m not the one that nearly killed his great grandfather father in a sparring session!”
“Oh geez Leo. That Magnus Spell was certainly something King Ethnar could have handled for himself” I reassured Leo or was I reassuring myself?
“Based on what I’ve heard Chris...
I doubt anyone could have survived your Magnus Spell”
Thankfully Leo shifted the attention away from me. “So can you do a Magnus Spell?” Leo asked Yal.
“I’ve tried before... not to much success. It’s very difficult and highly draining. The most I’ve done is 5 spells on top of one another”
“Not bad...” August chimed in.
“You’ll have to teach me how do that in the future” Leo said to Yal.
“I think your best friend is in much of a better position to teach that”
Leo gave me a pleading look and what can I say when he gives me those puppy eyes? “Of course Leo”
I smiled back at him.
Just before lunch, Reza and Konrad arrived to join us. Reza gave my boyfriend a lingering hug, and I’m sure it was his subtle way of welcoming my boyfriend to the VHC.
I can’t wait to see the look on Victor’s face when he realizes he’s the newest VHC Councilor.
“It’s good to see you again Reza” Victor greeted the older vampire.
“It’s been barely 24 hours Victor but I do understand where you’re coming from.”
Within minutes of Reza and Konrad’s arrival, two other cars entered Luca’s estate and some of us started to walk to the front portico to welcome the visitors”
“Who might this be?” Reza mused.
“Robert’s from England right? Guess he’s in one of those cars?” Reza said to Luca.
“I don’t think so, he mentioned to me last night that he’s in Boston, so it must be someone else”
“Well... we’ll find out soon enough” Reza said.
“What are you guys talking about?”
I asked as we made our way to the front doors to greet our visitors.
“Curious VHC members” Luca winked at me.
“Oh...” Then I glanced at August and asked “Anyone coming from the WCC?”
“Nah... I only talked to two senior WCC members, both showed interest in meeting you but I told them to hold back until we’ve discussed the matter with the entire WCC” August replied.
The first that got out of the black Mercedes was a tall and slender woman who looked to be in her early thirties. She was dressed in a tight black dress with a red scarf on her neck. The woman had shoulder length dark brown hair and carried herself with elegance.
I immediately felt Luca and Reza’s powers work in overdrive to hide my scent and aura.
Then out of the second car a black Audi sedan was a man about 6’3 in height and had light brown hair approached us as well.
The two vampires as I sensed them exchanged pleasantries with each other as they approached us.
Luca was the first one to speak to them. “Victoria... Jeppe, dropped by for a visit so soon?”
“This is something I could not miss, what you and Reza brought upon the VHC last night was the revelation of the century” Victoria replied, her voice was soft yet forceful, her light brown eyes taking its time to scan us who were waiting for them.
“Hello. It’s nice to see you again” Jeppe said to Luca and Reza. The man had a clean shaven face and was more muscular and fit up close. He was handsome, had a defined jawline and piercing blue eyes.
Luca then spoke again. “I believe you’ve already met Victor before?”
“Of course I have” Jeppe said as he shook my boyfriend’s hand.
“It’s been awhile Victor” Victoria greeted my boyfriend with a light hug and a peck on the cheeks.
“Jeppe... Victoria. What a pleasant surprise” Victor said to the older vampires.
“Hmm... we’ve heard about your travels to the elvish realm. We learned from Reza and Luca that two elves are staying here? Am I correct?” Victoria asked Victor.
“Uhm.” Victor looked at his sire who nodded in the affirmative. “Yes ... they’re both here”
“Good... I want to talk to them” Jeppe chimed in. “It’s been more than 200 years, I’ve forgotten how the smelled, and I have questions too”
Victor then interjected to introduce me. “Victoria... Jeppe... I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Christopher Rogers”
Victoria gave out a surprised look and Jeppe smiled back at my boyfriend.
“Oh my. What a handsome fellow!” Jeppe pulled me in for a hug rather than a handshake and all I can say is that Jeppe smells amazing! Yum!
“Hmm... you do know what type of guy you’re dating don’t you young one?” Victoria said as she shook my hand. “I’m Victoria Leonova, it’s my pleasure to meet you”
I was nervous but I kept myself calm and collected. If I were to be ambassador, I should not show any weakness or hesitation on my part.
“Yes... I know what Victor is, and I’ve fully accepted to be part of his world”
“Hmm... my my you’re in for one hell of ride then” Jeppe said. I wasn’t sure if he meant sexually speaking or regarding Victor’s upcoming appointment as Councilor.
“Come on, let’s continue this inside” Luca invited.
We all walked into the main study and August and Yal joined us.
“Oh dear... August?” Jeppe said as he recognized the werewolf.
“My dear old friend!” August greeted as he hugged Jeppe like the old friends that they seemed to be.
“Luca made no mention of you being here” Jeppe said.
“Surprise” Luca said to Jeppe.
“So I assume you’ve crossed into the elvish realm as well?” Jeppe asked August.
“The first and only werewolf... Luigi and Juan were pretty miffed about it when I discussed it with them last night” August said.
“Ahh... so the WCC is already discussing its next plan of action eh?” Jeppe asked.
“Based on what I’ve heard the VHC has already made its decision so we’re playing catch up here” August replied.
“Hmm... you Werewolves always take longer to come to a decision. Remember August... we’re running out of time” Jeppe said. “The demons are not going to wait for us”
“Jeppe’s right” Victoria said to August.
“Ahh... Victoria, it’s been awhile” August said as he smiled to the beautiful russian lady.
“Indeed it has been, I’ll make it a point to visit the States more often, you’re one of my favorite WCC members” Victoria said, it was clear to me that she was being honest with that remark and I can’t complain, August is indeed an easy guy to be with.
Victoria then set her gaze on Yal.
And gave him an inquisitive look.
“Ahh... Victoria... Jeppe... this is Master Yalekin of the Elvish Realm” Luca said introducing Yal to them.
“Ahh... a pleasure to meet you” Victoria swiftly said to Yal as she shook his hand, if I sensed it correctly I think Victoria made sure that shook Yal’s hand before Jeppe did.
“Hmm... he doesn’t smell like an elf though” Jeppe mused after he shook Yal’s hand.
“It’s because we’re covering their scent”
“Their?” Jeppe caught on as he set his gaze on me. “You mean... him too?” As he pointed his finger at me.
“Guilty” I smiled back at him.
“My my ... it seems it’s Victor who has found himself in a pickle then” Jeppe laughed a bit.
“Hmm... I love Chris just the way he is” Victor said as he put his right hand around my waist and pulled me closer to him.
“Can you and Reza stop using your powers to hide their scent?” Victoria asked.
“Victoria... it’s not just their scent Luca and I are hiding, it’s their aura as well” Reza explained.
“Oh I see... It seems like we’re in for a surprise Jeppe” Victoria said realizing that there must have been a reason behind why our auras were being cloaked.
“My my... aura eh? What kind of powers are these two hiding?” Jeppe curiously asked.
“Are the both of you ready?” Luca asked.
“Yes...” They both answered.
And in a fraction of a second I felt Luca and Reza stop the use of their powers.
Victoria gave out a soft yelp while Jeppe stifled a grunt.
“Damn.... the aroma and oh wow...” Jeppe held onto his head. “What an aura”
Jeppe looked at both Yal and I and it took him a second or two to realize that the presence or aura was mainly coming from me.
“You?” Jeppe asked me.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“He means your aura Chris... I think both of them have found it disconcerting to say the least”
Luca noted.
“I believe we haven’t fully introduced Chris to the both of you” Reza added with a sly grin.
“What do you mean?” Victoria asked as she lightly massaged her temples.
“This is His Highness Prince Christopher Stewart Rogers of the House of Haldruin, third prince of the elves and grandson of King ZoHal” Luca said.
“Oh my... Your Highness” Victoria gave me a light bow which was immediately followed by Jeppe.
“He’s also the Ambassador Luca and I mentioned in our meeting last night” Reza said.
“The aura fits the role” Victoria commented. “I look forward to working with you Your Highness”
“I look forward to working with you as well” I smiled back at her.
“Are you both using glamour?” Jeppe curiously asked.
“Yes...” Yal replied as he removed his glamour to show his pointy ears, I followed suit in seconds.
“Wow... Victoria, the elves are indeed back” Jeppe said.
“I think it would be better if we talked this over lunch, both of you can meet the rest of my family as well” Luca said.
During lunch the rest of the group were introduced to the two VHC members. Victoria and Jeppe were surprised to find that August had a boyfriend too, but both were happy for him.
The rest of the group kept a low key during lunch, I can only imagine how intimidating it must have been for them to have multiple members of t he VHC and WCC in a single room.
I later learned from Victor that Jeppe is the fourth oldest member of the VHC, despite looking like a thirty year old, the gorgeous Dane is actually 489 years old and has been in the Council since 1784. Victoria on the other hand is the second oldest member of the VHC, at 539 years old, she’s only 29 years younger than Reza, she’s been in the VHC since 1726. No wonder Patrick, Lucy, Henry, Raymond, Erica, Hashim, and Stefano were more than sheepish being in the same room with them.
While we were having lunch. Victoria and Jeppe spent their time mainly talking to Luca, Reza, Konrad, and August regarding their experiences at the realm. However at some point they did ask Yal some questions.
“So King ZoHal is willing to meet us?” Jeppe asked me.
“Yes, he will be joined by King Ethnar as well in meeting the representatives of the VHC and WCC”
“King Ethnar? That’s groundbreaking...” Jeppe said in disbelief.
“August get your Council to decide soon so we can set the date” Jeppe insisted.
“That’s why I talked to Luigi and Juan first, they hold more sway in the WCC, with their support, the rest of the WCC members will certainly follow”
“What does he mean by that?”
I whispered to Victor.
“Luigi and Juan are the strongest members of the WCC.”
“Oh... I see”
“And you know how werewolves are. With strength comes influence” Victor added.
“The WCC will convene tonight. We’ll be discussing this for hours ... that I assure you”
The conversation later took a lighter tone when Jeppe noticed one of Luca’s elvish paintings.
“I’ll be damned. Luca is that an elvish painting?” Jeppe asked.
“As a matter of fact it is” Luca proudly stated.
“How much?”
“Not for sale my friend”
“Seriously how much? One million pounds? Two million? Name your price”
Damn. Luca was right... he could make a killing selling these to other vampires.
“Sorry Jeppe but I think my elvish art collection is put to shame by Reza’s he actually bought more when we were in the realm”
“Seriously? Reza? I have to drop by your place soon and see it for myself”
Victoria then chimed in “How predictable, of course Reza would snatch as many elvish works as he can”
“What can I say, I love elvish art” Reza beamed with pride, there was a certain twinkle in his eyes the moment he mentioned elvish art. There’s no doubt that he is a fan of elvish works indeed.
After lunch, I found myself with Victoria, Jeppe, Reza, Konrad, Luca and Yal.
“Your Highness. We’re looking forward to this alliance with the elves” Victoria said to me.
“As much as we’d hate to admit it, if we’re facing the demons, the vampires are not strong enough to face them alone... I doubt the help of the werewolves would have made much of difference” Jeppe added.
“Later after the matter of the election of the new VHC Councilor, We’ll grant Konrad more leeway to act on his own accord regarding cooperation between Stratos and Akros” Victoria said.
“We’ll greatly benefit from knowledge sharing and combat training with the elves” Jeppe added.
“I have one more thing to ask of you before you leave, I said to the two vampires”
“What is it?”
“Put your forces on high alert and let us know of any Anami or Demon sighting. I’ve been informed that vampires seers may be of help?”
I said.
“Certainly... we’ll have that done” Victoria said to me.
Reza then spoke to his husband and said “Konrad, make sure the Stratos agents and Stratos apprentices are getting more training”
“Of course”
“We should also find a way for Vampire governors to strengthen their security measures without alerting them just yet of the Demon threat” Reza noted.
“Yeah, we’ll have to figure out a way regarding that” Luca replied. “We can’t just announce the existence demon threat just like that, it will just lead to chaos and further uncertainty within the community”
“How about we push governors to be on higher alert under the guise of heightened threats from the Blood Army and Vampire syndicates?” Konrad suggested.
“That could work” Victoria said as she nodded in agreement. “As spokesperson of the VHC, I’ll have the memo drafted for circulation regarding that... I think we should also vote later on increasing the resources made available to Stratos?”
“How much do you think you’ll need Konrad?” Luca asked.
“Several more dozen agents and a hundred more apprentices...” Konrad replied. “With the accompanying necessary arms and equipment and other security tools... that would cost us at least half a billion dollars”
“Hmm... that’s indeed not cheap but that’s nothing compared to the repercussions of being unprepared” Reza replied. “We’ll talk about this in the Council meeting later, I’m sure Councilor Ignatov as VHC treasurer can wire Stratos the funds by tomorrow”
“Hehe, Sergei Ignatov will surely give you the money you need Konrad” Jeppe reassured the Stratos Head.
“Thank you” Konrad said.
After Jeppe and Victoria left.
Reza then spoke to me, “you do realize that they were sizing you up right?”
“I had a feeling that was the case”
“And they came to an immediate realization that they were no match for you. Don’t worry about Victoria and Jeppe, they’ll tow the line both only have the VHC’s best interest at heart” Reza added.
Mid afternoon Yal and I borrowed one of Luca’s sedans and made our way to London where we were both meeting the elvish officers that I was scheduled to meet.
Yal and I walked into an upscale restaurant and had an area reserved for us.
We were both joined by Welyana and Nethor. They worked for the Treasury Ministry and were the key officers for the export and import operations of the realm here on earth.
Welyana looked to be in her late twenties as had Mediterranean features like Yal. Definitely Sokodeya Tribe. Nethor on the other hand looked to be in his mid thirties and was Elurdeya like myself.
The meeting with them lasted only for an hour. It was mainly them introducing themselves to me and they also went about explaining their operations on earth. I sensed both were nervous talking to Yal and myself though both kept their composure all throughout the meeting.
It was quite enlightening to learn more about the nitty gritty of their operations, as expected both of them were masters in supply chain management.
After Welyana and Nethor, it was time to meet Yal’s Earth based Deputy Minister, this person would be my key liason regarding “research and scholarship” affairs should Yal not be within reach.
I was introduced to Kalron, One of Yal’s Deputy Ministers. He had a light brown hair and a slightly tanned complexion that complimented his handsome features. And those light brown eyes were just dazzling to say the least.
He stood at around 5’11 and had a slender yet toned body.
“Your Highness” Karon lightly bowed as he stood in front of me.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you”
I greeted the elf.
“Kalron, any updates?”
Yal beckoned.
“Regarding on what you’ve asked from me last night sir...” Kalron started.
I shot Yal a curious look.
“It’s about the information you’ve asked for last night” Yal explained.
“Oh ... I see. Please continue Kalron”
“Yes your highness” Kalron paused. “This is all just preliminary for the most part looking at trend lines and statistics and reports and very little seem to appear out of the ordinary, however...”
“However what Kalron?” Yal asked.
“Sir... it seems that there’s been a significant drop in the homeless population in major cities across America and Canada... 28-30% by our estimates”
“A decrease in homeless population? You’ve got to be kidding me” I said fully knowing that there’s a homelessness crisis gripping my country.
“It all happened just within the past month sir. It seems that the local authorities have barely taken notice of it... and also... uhm”
“ Also what Kalron?” I asked.
“There’s also been a spike in missing persons reports as well... 16% higher compared to the same period last year”
“Yal... people are disappearing. Targeting the homeless is smart ... no one would go looking for them”
I quipped. “Whoever’s behind this is targeting the most vulnerable and mainly invisible members of society”
“Got any ideas for what purpose?” Yal asked.
“No... but that’s just too significant a number to ignore. Kalron... can you access any surveillance footage of areas where homeless individuals congregate?” I asked.
“I already have your highness. Most areas are not covered by nearby surveillance cameras but in areas that were ... 35% were found to be damaged, with the rest the videos were too damaged to use”
“Something’s up Yal” I grimly said, these figures are deeply disturbing. “The numbers point to hundreds if not thousands of people missing”
I noted.
“Chris... you sure this could be the doing of demons?”
“No... I am not, for all it’s worth it could be the Blood Army or Vampire or Werewolf Syndicates” I said.
“Just to be sure. Kalron... increase monitoring on the Blood Army, and any other major syndicates out there, and if you have the agents to spare, have them put cameras on their own in areas where the homeless tend to gather... let’s assume whoever’s attacking or taking the homeless away will target the areas they haven’t attacked yet. So focus on those.”
“Certainly your highness”
“Another thing Kalron...”
“Assume that this wave of disappearing homeless individuals will occur in other major cities outside the USA and Canada as well... so better start monitoring cities across the world in addition to the cities we’re already monitoring now”
“Of course your highness”
I turned my attention to Yal and said.
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this Yal”
“Yes... it’s deeply disturbing”
“What we’ve got on our hands are cases missing individuals that the state has not dared look into”
I grimly said.
“If the demons are indeed behind this, any ideas why they’ll be taking humans?” Yal asked.
“No idea at all. As far as I know humans aren’t compatible hosts for the creation of Anamis... humans can’t simply survive the process”
I then paused and thought about it. “Kalron... how about missing vampires or werewolves?”
“No spike in that regard sir...”
“Does the VHC and WCC have a database for that?” I asked.
“Yes sir.”
I cant believe I said it but I did. “Hack into it and let me know if any reports of missing vampire or werewolf have disappeared under suspicious circumstances”
Yal looked at me with amusement.
“Yes your highness... that can be done” Kalron said.
“Okay. Let me know if anything comes up” I replied. “Can you give me a report twice a day?”
“Of course sir”
“What’s your plan Chris?” Yal asked.
“Seems like I’m due for some heavy reading at the tower. Hopefully i can find something to shed some light on this” I took a moment to think further. “I’ll have to talk to Uncle Rehanmir and Jetan ... We can’t wait for the alliance between the elves, vampires, and werewolves to be official. I’ll have Uncle Rehanmir and Jetan position squadrons of Akros at portal cities at the realm, so they can easily cross over into earth when necessary.... we’ll have to put the Royal Guard on standby on top of more stringent preparations. I’ll talk to my uncle and Patri about this”
“Anymore updates Kalron?” I asked.
“Nothing else of significance your highness”
“Okay... give me a detailed copy of your report. I’d like to go over it”
“Certainly your highness”
Yal and I made it back to Luca’s estate just in time for dinner.
“Busy day?” Victor asked.
“I’m really sorry for not being able to fly with you tomorrow” Victor said.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll miss you but we both know it’s for the better” I said. Goodness I can’t keep this from Victor... he’s flying with us coz in a few hours he’ll be appointed as the newest member of VHC! Deep inside I’m all giddy and excited for him yet here I am lying through my teeth in front of him. Damn I’m so proud of Victor... Council Victor Meyer that certainly has a nice ring to it.
“You can at least pretend that you’ll miss me” Victor said.
“Oh... of course I’ll miss you lots”
I smiled back at him. Victor all knew too well that something was up with the way I was smiling but he didn’t push.
We all had dinner together except for Reza and Luca who were in Luca’s study for a VHC meeting. August wasn’t with us as well as he had a meeting with the WCC.
Victor and I were cuddling in bed together when Luca called for him.
I knew it was done and my boyfriend was now officially a VHC Councilor.
In less than 45 minutes Victor slipped back into our bed and under the covers and wrapped his hands around me from behind.
“You knew?” He whispered to me.
“Chris...” I cut my boyfriend off and faced him.
“I love you Councilor Victor Meyer. Congratulations on your appointment” after saying that I kissed him softly on the lips. “You’ll be great Victor... don’t fret, we’re a team remember?”
“Hmm... I guess I’ll be joining you in the flight tomorrow after all eh?”
“Yeah... so I won’t be missing you at all” I smiled back at him.
“The VHC will be hosting a banquet for my appointment soon... I want you there with me”
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world”
I replied as I kissed Victor again.
After Victor fell asleep in my arms.
I carefully extricated my body from his right embrace. I love his warmth around me but I had some princely reading to do.
I willed myself into the tower and as I crossed into the realm, I felt a subtle difference, yeah, the barrier was getting stronger and thicker, it did not pose much of hassle for me but it was significant enough for me to feel.
Curiously I found myself at one of the basement levels of the tower. Which level, that I’m not sure of.
I was entirely sure if talking to the tower would help but I did it anyways.
“If you can read my mind... please help me find books and scrolls that will help me” my voice echoed through the walls of the brightly lit building. I wasn’t sure what type of response I was expecting but none came.
I walked around and felt my tattoos tingling and I could even feel the chains inside me rustle as well. To say that feeling chains move inside you was disturbing is quite an understatement.
I continued to walk around the basement level and I felt myself drawn to five particular books.
I grabbed the black leather books and found a spot for me to start reading.
Copyright © 2019 gabz2000; All Rights Reserved.
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Excellent idea checking for supernaturals who have also gone missing, as they are more likely to play the role of Trojan Horse.

The Tower of Knowledge is better than the Encyclopedia Brittanica, internet, and Oija-board rolled into one!  But does it hold the knowledge they need?

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A glorious adventure that just gets better and better as well fallow along..................

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The call of jFairground barkers comes to mind "Step up, step up and play the game."  Our intrepid prince has done the very act, pressure has forced the rubbish out and left a hard sparkling diamond in its wake.  Carpe Deum!  Awesome chapter thank you for sharing and very well done. 

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Awesome chapter, so he finally understands the serious threat and it seems that he is certainly going to be prepared for it , 

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