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Timothy - 30. Chapter 30

During the week, Stephen worked on a computer set up for Randy. “Stephen, be sure to include flash drives and a disc reader.”

“Do you know if he is taking computer courses in school?”

“I think most schools have classes on the use of computers. He may need storage, and most libraries now have books on discs.”

“I’ll set up an offline storage unit. It will allow him to copy discs directly into the storage unit. He can access the storage unit through his computer.”

Laughing, “You need to put some whistles and flashing lights on it.”

“Maybe I will. He’d get a kick out of that.”

“I wonder if he has any friends over to the house? I know he had a girlfriend. I don’t know if she is still in the picture.”

“Why do you wonder about that?”

“If you make his system too flashy, you might have to go into business, supplying his friends with the same system.”

Friday, we drove to my home. I was a little afraid of what I would find. “I haven’t talked to Mom or Dad, so they won’t be expecting us.”

“I hope they are still there. Your sister may have caused them to leave.”

“Do you have all of Randy’s equipment?”

‘Yes, I hope he likes it.”

“You’re joking, right. You’re his hero. He hangs on every word you speak. You’ll see, when he sees his system, you won’t get rid of him.”

“Do you think your sister is still there?”

“The last time I checked, she was. Let’s make a bet. I think she will talk to you first and ignore me.”

“Does Mom know we are coming?”

“No, I didn’t mention anything about us coming down.”

“Let’s park the car and walk to the house and surprise them. Then I’ll go and get the car and drive it to the house.”


Walking up on the porch, we heard, “Mom, I’m not going to wait on her anymore. If she asks me to get her anything more, I will call Stephen and Tim to come and get me. It’s bad enough she has me driving her all around town and not paying for the gas. She wants me to bring her food to her room. I don’t mind sleeping in Mom’s room, but I’m not her servant.”

I whispered to Stephen, “It’s worse than I thought. Let’s walk in and see what happens.”

We quietly opened the door. Standing in the living room in front of the door, Randy sat on the floor next to his mother. Dad was reading the newspaper, and Mom looked like she had a migraine. How can one person upset a family so much?

“Randy, bring me a cup of coffee.”

I watched Randy get up. That was when he saw Stephen and me.

He rushed and grabbed Stephen, and when he saw me, he pulled us into a three-man hug. Now, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Clara saw us.

“We didn’t hear a car.”

“No, we wanted to surprise you, and it looks like all of you need some good news.”

Then we heard, “Randy, where’s my coffee?”

Now I was angry, “Get your lazy ass down here if you want coffee.”

Mom and Dad looked at me. Randy and Aunt Clara had smiles. “Randy, you don’t wait on her. She has two legs that she can use. And no more chauffeuring, she can call a taxi.”

I whispered to Stephen, “Get ready for a storm. Here she comes.”

“Oh, I might have known it was you who yelled.”

“Yes, you need to get your lazy ass out of my room and start waiting on yourself. Instead of demanding to be waited on, you should be looking for your own place. You don’t belong here. We weren’t good enough for 30 years and now since none of your friends want you, you have decided to come home. Get your luggage, and I’ll call a cab for you or start earning your keep here.”

She started to cry. “Cut out the theatrics. They don’t work here.”

“I’ll have my lawyer sue you for defamation of character.”

“You do know I am a lawyer, right.” It was apparent she didn’t know that. “Anytime you want to go to court, let me know.”

“Stephen. Let’s go. I’ll book her into a hotel and call a cab. Pack your things and be ready to leave by the time we get back.” Saying that Stephen and I left.

Walking to where we parked the car, “Tim, you aren’t going to do that, are you?”

“If she starts that bullshit in ordering everyone around, I will. She should be grateful she has a place to stay. When we get home, I will check out her husband and see if I can review his will. I’ll bet he left her nothing.”

We saw Randy running toward us before we got back to the house. Stephen stopped the car. “Randy, what’s wrong?”

“It’s Ann Marie. She is crying very hard. She told your mom she has no place to go and no money.”

“What do you want to do, Tim?”

“I don’t know, but let’s find out.” So Stephen drove to Mom and Dad’s while I tried to make heads and tails out of what Randy said. The only way she could have been left out of the will would be a pre-nuptial agreement.

Arriving home, it was a mess. Ann Marie was crying. Mom had tears in her eyes and held Ann Marie in her arms.

When Dad saw us, he came, took me by my arm, and led me outside. “Your sister has no money. She signed a pre-nuptial that she would be entitled to a lump settlement of 10,000 dollars in the case of her husband’s death. She spent most of that money parading around as a grieving widow. Everything she owns is in those suitcases she brought with her. She came home because she doesn’t have any friends or any place to go.”

“Dad, what was her major in college? Surely there must be something she can do to earn a living.”

“I think she majored in having a good time. She has a degree in Liberal Arts.”

My first thoughts were she deserved what she was going through. Her family wasn’t good enough. Now, her only refuge is that family. I looked at Dad and saw the distress in his face. Mom was holding her. I looked at Stephen, and I knew what I would do.

“Dad, does she have the pre-nuptial agreement with her?”

“I don’t know?”

“Ask her, and I’d like to see it.”

I waited on the porch. Stephen took Randy and showed him his computer. I could hear the excitement in his voice. I saw them walking back. Stephen had an arm around Randy’s shoulders.

“Tim” Randy ran to me and hugged me. “Wow, I can’t wait to get my computer set up.”

Dad came out, “She went upstairs to get her papers. She thinks she might have a copy.”

“Dad, remind her she needs to move back to Eva’s room. We have a computer set up for Randy, and he needs to have it set up in his room.”

I felt sorry for Dad. I’m making him the heavy.

While I waited for Dad, “Randy, I may need to use your computer. That’s okay right?”

“Stephen, I need to go and see Mr. Parker before we leave.”

“Can I go with you?”

“Sure, maybe when we come back, we can set up your computer.” Now he was in a dilemma. He wanted to see his computer and wanted to go with us to Parker’s farm.

Copyright © 2021 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
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I would've thought dear ole mom and dad wouldn't have put up with Ann Marie's shit but guess that didn't happen, they just caved into her bossing Randy around and ignored it. What all three of them need is a good swift kick in the ass and Randy probably has the boot to do it! It's pretty evident where Ann Marie's problem originates from ... she turns on the water works and it's 'oh poor baby'. And how the hell did she end up kicking Randy out of his bedroom??? That right there is a big bunch of bullshit!!! 🤯😡

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So, after all these years of ignoring her family, Ann Marie was booted to the gutter by her own husband.  How wonderful.  And she has no friends.  I wonder why that would be?   Even a stick or branch off a tree can get stuck in the mud, but at least this stick or branch has some support.  Poor Ann Marie.  not even as good as the stick in the mud.  I would let her stay there with mom and dad.  I am sure there is a camping tent close by that she can use in the back yard.  Of course she would need to deal with personal business  by using facilities inside the house.  But I think that might be just fitting for her.  Yes it was a storm and I thought it would be an earthquake.  Ann Marie must be a very  detested person.  I wonder if she even had friends at college??   

This is going to be interesting to she how she deals with her younger brother.  Will Tim be the one to bring Ann Marie into reality?  Let us read onward.


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1 hour ago, Chris L said:

I would've thought dear ole mom and dad wouldn't have put up with Ann Marie's shit but guess that didn't happen, they just caved into her bossing Randy around and ignored it. What all three of them need is a good swift kick in the ass and Randy probably has the boot to do it! It's pretty evident where Ann Marie's problem originates from ... she turns on the water works and it's 'oh poor baby'. And how the hell did she end up kicking Randy out of his bedroom??? That right there is a big bunch of bullshit!!! 🤯😡

No matter how much abuse your child gives you, it can be very hard to turn your back on them when they are hurting.  This is your child, even if the child is an adult.  Timothy has to put his foot down with his parents, especially his mother, and not let them be taken advantage of by this leech of a sister.  He can do it because he really has no ties to her. She left him so long ago that any connection has evaporated completely in the interim.  Hopefully he can find a loophole in that pre-nup that will save them all!

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How clueless is she?She signed a pre-nup even if her husband's death was unexpected and he died too young she could have planned for when this happened.I'm sure you know of some similar case like this and we will find out what the loophole is my guess is it will be the legality of the prenup.If Tim does find something I hope he tells her I did this for Mom,Dad Aunt Clara and Randy NOT for you

Edited by weinerdog
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Find the loophole in the prenup, if they were married in a state that looks at all property as property in common, she may have legal grounds to challenge. Thinking of assets that were comingled after they were married or increased in value...

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So Ann-Marie married a man 30 years older than her with money thinking that when he kicked the bucket she'd get it all. Then, perhaps not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, she signs a Pre-Nup (without a lawyer reviewing it?). 🙄

The original* saying, 'Marry in haste, Repent at leisure' comes to mind. In other words hasty decisions may come back to harm you, as the not so 'Merry Widow' has found out. 

IF she's lucky Timothy will find a loophole in the Pre-Nup big enough to push her "lazy ass" through and out the door. But don't expect a 'Thank You' Tim. 

* More current version is 'Act in haste, repent in leisure'

Edited by Anton_Cloche
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Still kick her to the curb... The old man must have known that her name was Ann Marie Moneygrabbingbitch... I reckon it will have to be one hell of a tight pre-nup to get past Tim though. Still loving my guys... Oh and Stephen build me one of those computer? I could do with a new one.

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