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All Stories Updated in 2022



Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. On Fire by Cia
  2. A Fresh Start by Comicality

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. A Home For Christmas by Comicality
  2. Winter Haven's Dyrpath by Cia
  3. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose by AC Benus
  4. On Fire by Cia
  5. Gap Year by Mark Arbour
  6. On The Outside by Comicality
  7. Left Without Words by Comicality
  8. First day of Christmas by northie
  9. The Cockney Canuck by Dodger
  10. Flying Circus by Carlos Hazday
  11. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry by AC Benus
  12. The Cat Burglar by Aditus
  13. GFD: Children Of Sunset by Comicality
  14. By Chance or Appointment by Parker Owens
  15. Ancalagon by Cia
  16. After Practice by Comicality
  17. Translation Trashbin by AC Benus
  18. GFD: Fanboys by Comicality
  19. Lucid Truth by Stellar
  20. GFD 12: Blood Ties by Comicality
  21. A Plethora of Prompts by Valkyrie
  22. Savage Moon 06 - The New Breed by Comicality
  23. Elias by Krista
  24. Get Into James Shorts by JamesSavik
  25. Sharp Shorts by Aditus
  26. Jay's Loelife: A GA Exclusive Epic-logue by Mrsgnomie
  27. The Company by JamesSavik
  28. Picture Me And You by Comicality
  29. My One True Weakness by Comicality
  30. rima fragmenta, Fragments of a Rift: Fifty Sonnets for Kevin by AC Benus
  31. On Track by Headstall
  32. New Arrivals by northie
  33. Bellini by Cole Matthews
  34. The Purple Door by Valkyrie
  35. tim's Bits and Pieces by Mikiesboy
  36. Fireworks & Rain by Aditus
  37. Pardon My Polari by Dodger
  38. Faithful to the Cause by Mrsgnomie
  39. Self-help by northie
  40. Loving Anniversary by Carlos Hazday
  41. S-K-Y-L-I-G-H-T by Comicality
  42. Boundaries: An Old West Tale by Headstall
  43. One Hundred Forty-Five Candles by Aditus
  44. Poems for Sunday by Valkyrie
  45. Odes to Life, Love, Loss, and Loyalty by Headstall
  46. On the Grass by AC Benus
  47. If Memory Serves by Comicality
  48. The Plateau by Comicality
  49. Everhope by Carlos Hazday
  50. Carême in Brighton — a mystery novel by AC Benus
  51. Wheels by Carlos Hazday
  52. Waiting Outside The Lines by Comicality
  53. Operation Hammerhead by JamesSavik
  54. Key West by Carlos Hazday
  55. Whistle And Pop by Comicality
  56. Audre Lorde Knows What I Mean – 2021 in review by AC Benus
  57. GFD: King's Order by Comicality
  58. Headstall's Reflections by Headstall
  59. Chemist by Carlos Hazday
  60. Jay's Loelife by Mrsgnomie
  61. This and That Prompt by Cole Matthews
  62. Kiss Of An Angel by Comicality
  63. CDMX by Carlos Hazday
  64. Never Too Late To Believe by northie
  65. GFD: Divine Right by Comicality
  66. Krista's Prompts by Krista
  67. Our Hopes for Tomorrow Began Yesterday by JamesSavik
  68. The Best Year by Krista
  69. A Fresh Start by Comicality
  70. Musings of a Mongoose by Cynus
  71. New Kid In School by Comicality
  72. Erato's Olio: Poems for NaPoWriMo 2022 by Parker Owens
  73. Around the Bend - NaPoWriMo 2022 by Valkyrie
  74. JUMP! NaPoWriMo 2022 by Aditus
  75. Coral Castles by Carlos Hazday
  76. Little Things by Mikiesboy
  77. Jessie-101: Online Celebrity by Comicality
  78. GFD: Bloodstained Duet by Comicality
  79. Terpsichore Behind the Mask by Parker Owens
  80. My Only Escape by Comicality
  81. James Songbook by JamesSavik
  82. Fanfic by Comicality
  83. Spudhunter! by northie
  84. GFD: Dead Language by Comicality
  85. GFD: High Jinx by Comicality
  86. Ridley by Krista
  87. GFD: Dark Web by Comicality
  88. GFD: Sins Of The Father by Comicality

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. Taking Off the Mask by Ronyx
  2. Ouroboros, Inc. by Dabeagle
  3. The Wrong Guy by Kyle Aarons
  4. A Lottery Win for Christmas by Bill W
  5. Christmases I’ll Always Remember by Bill W
  6. The Spirit of Christmas by Bill W
  7. The Fraternity House by Bill W
  8. Finding Good Trouble by Ronyx
  9. Working the Night Shift by Bill W
  10. Salem Revisited by Bill W
  11. In a Stupor by Bill W
  12. The House Sitter by Bill W
  13. Founder's Day by Myr
  14. It's Been a Long Time by Bill W
  15. Happy Anniversary, Honey by Bill W
  16. House of Frost by Dabeagle
  17. The Brilliant Boy Billionaire by Altimexis
  18. My Prompt Stories by Bill W
  19. Comfy by Dabeagle
  20. The Sons of Memory by Stefan

Recently Updated 'Promising Author' Stories

  1. Engineer Benson by Wayne Gray
  2. Storyverse: Stealing the Show by kbois
  3. Tales of Inanimate Objects by astone2292
  4. Last Reels by Mawgrim
  5. Therapeutic Rant by astone2292
  6. Shadow Effect by kbois
  7. Corrupting the Innocent by kbois
  8. Death in the Shadows by astone2292
  9. Primal Park by astone2292
  10. A Thousand Years of Hope by lilansui
  11. For Better or For Worse by kbois
  12. Ten Years After by Mawgrim
  13. Sticks and Stories by astone2292
  14. To the Weyr by Mawgrim
  15. Rocky Prompts, Tennessee by astone2292
  16. Wayne's Poems by Wayne Gray
  17. Hidden Secrets by Mawgrim
  18. A Declaration of War by Mawgrim
  19. Dear, Grocery Shoppers by astone2292
  20. The World of Pern by Mawgrim
  21. Mawgrim's Prompts by Mawgrim
  22. Baby + Teach by Sasha Distan
  23. Spirit Wolves by kbois
  24. Corporate Galactic by astone2292
  25. Puppy by Sasha Distan
  26. Empty, Open, Dusty, Dead by Mawgrim

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. The Retreat by Backwoods Boy
  2. The Closing Act by Arch Hunter
  3. The English Year by Jwolf
  4. Solitary by RichEisbrouch
  5. In Chandler's Hands by MrM
  6. It's Just a Matter of Time, Charlie Boone! by Geron Kees
  7. The Six Swans by Refugium
  8. Never walk alone- Walk on by Andre Delport
  9. Unearthly Delights by Littlelovestories
  10. Maddog & The Pope (Learning to fly on Broken Wings) by Georgie DHainaut
  11. ARROW by CLJobe
  12. More Than Nothing by Littlelovestories
  13. Stolen: Unearthing the Lore by lomax61
  14. Coming of Age by Tim Hobson
  15. A Love to Last by vanalas
  16. More Than Christmas by D.K. Daniels
  17. Brandon Smiling: From the Billy Chase Chronicles (2) by MrM
  18. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox
  19. Ash's Marriage Trigger by Thirdly
  20. Heat by MythOfHappiness
  21. The Princess Who Danced with Fairies by Refugium
  22. Plattenbau by Thirdly
  23. Unspoken by Late to the party
  24. Ark II by R. Eric
  25. Canaan Club by Westley D.
  26. The History of British Currency - A Brief Introduction by Refugium
  27. The Golden Bird by Refugium
  28. Love Is Everything by Ajbt2001
  29. The Fear of Fairies by Refugium
  30. The Naughty List by Ken
  31. A Slice of Life by Xfighter1984
  32. Goofy-foot by Geron Kees
  33. Merry Christmas, Baby by Ajbt2001
  34. Oklahoma! - Deleted Scenes by Refugium
  35. The Second Circlet: The Old Places by MrM
  36. Caliban and Miranda by Refugium
  37. A Metabolic Malady (parody lyric) by Refugium
  38. Lord Edwin by quokka
  39. Gilgamesh in a Nutshell by Refugium
  40. Backwoods Christmas by Backwoods Boy
  41. Waltzing with Bears by Refugium
  42. Dragon's Roar by Xfighter1984
  43. Makarovia! Yes, I Know Where That is! Sophomore Year by R. Eric
  44. Collections by RichEisbrouch
  45. Warming The Cold One by garfwiz
  46. Confluence by Refugium
  47. Fix It by RichEisbrouch
  48. Blueblood 5.1: Red Alert!! by R. Eric
  49. Finding love by AquariusGuy
  50. The Next Stage by Littlelovestories
  51. Madness or Genius by VampireMystic
  52. Incandescence by Demiurge
  53. Prairie Dogs, Pronghorns, & Penis Sheaths by Biff Spork
  54. IMMORTAL by vanalas
  55. Aunt May's Magic by Mancunian
  56. Wild Flower by vanalas
  57. Goldstein, Johnson & Cole by Mancunian
  58. Come Back To Us by LittleCherryBlossom26
  59. Resentment: A Psychological Thriller by ValentineDavis21
  60. I Think This Place Is Haunted, Charlie Boone! by Geron Kees
  61. The Kid On The Bike by RichEisbrouch
  62. I Hate This Town by Demiurge
  63. Tough Times by quokka
  64. Inherited by lomax61
  65. Walking Through Dark Places by W_L
  66. The Playground by ObicanDecko
  67. Letter Found in a Desk by Refugium
  68. Raising a Rebel by W_L
  69. Dance over the Thunderclouds by Georgie DHainaut
  70. Gods and Ancients by Grumpy Bear
  71. CRYSTALLINE by Wombat Bill
  72. Good Guys Don't Date Bad Boys by Laura S. Fox
  73. The Window of Longing by Wolffang
  74. For you by Zuri
  75. Gender Bender in a Blue Blender by Thirdly
  76. The Flash of Brilliance by W_L
  77. The Earth and The Snake by SilvryArdor
  78. Touma Shimizu by Luca E
  79. WL's Mainstream Gay Book Reviews by W_L
  80. The Third Clue: A Pacha'ka Adventure by Geron Kees
  81. Sun and Moon by SilvryArdor
  82. A terrible, nonsensical poetry and others by SilvryArdor
  83. Hamilton Gode New Edition by Luca E
  84. Youngblood by metajinx
  85. Lust and Propriety by HinderToyBL
  86. The Seducer: A Gone From Daylight Inspired Story by MrM
  87. A Thousand Years of Hope by lilansui
  88. The Syndicate by BKWildenberg
  89. Kit by quokka
  90. Twist of Fate by Remijay
  91. The Trouble At Jackalope Pass by drsawzall
  92. Clovers End by Wolffang
  93. WL's Prompts- Short Stories by W_L
  94. Rock, Paper, Scissors by D.K. Daniels
  95. Ravings of a Rabid Werewolf - Poetry by Wolf by WolfM
  96. The Perfect Car by Mancunian
  97. Promises to Keep by W_L
  98. WL's Gay Manga and Anime Review by W_L
  99. Forever Yours by vanalas
  100. To Sleep in a Bed of Deer by Yeoldebard
  101. Diamond Eyes by ValentineDavis21
  102. The Travellers by Georgie DHainaut
  103. Chicago Wildlife by Young Sage
  104. Love Of Family (Revised) by Ajbt2001
  105. You Complete Me by Salander
  106. Shoulder Season by Mac Rountree
  107. Carnivorous Butterflies by Peter Wood
  108. JM Shorts: That Year With Joe (A Three Part Novella) by James Matthews
  109. The little Prince that turned into a Beggar by Georgie DHainaut
  110. Tall Ship Adventures by quokka
  111. Luke Hanson's Mind & Punishment: A Teen in Despair by James Matthews
  112. Hamilton Gode by Luca E
  113. C.E.C.O. by Thirdly
  114. La Bella Vacanza by James Carnarvon
  115. Bodark Creek by RichEisbrouch
  116. Worlds Apart by Grumpy Bear
  117. TJ by JayT
  118. Family Always Has Your Back by Brayon
  119. Sammy's Kitchen by Arch Hunter
  120. Post-Humorously by RichEisbrouch
  121. JM Shorts: Accepting The Shelf by James Matthews
  122. Cornucopia by Jdonley75
  123. The Squire's Tale by Tim Hobson
  124. The Preacher's Kid-Book 3: Nate's Story by FlyOnTheWall
  125. Elementary, My Dear Charlie Boone! by Geron Kees
  126. G-rowing Pains by WritersBlock404
  127. Amethyst Cove Chronicles by Ajbt2001
  128. Fairyfly II by ObicanDecko
  129. Tales of Three Worlds by ColumbusGuy
  130. Scene: An Abandoned Alleyway Leading to a Doorway by Young Sage
  131. Encounter on the # 3 Subway (New York) by Tallguyct
  132. Deep Space New World by quokka
  133. Forget the Moon! by Thirdly
  134. Teens In Love by Ajbt2001
  135. Lunar Love Letters by WritersBlock404
  136. A Ticklish Thriller (Revised) by Ajbt2001
  137. The New Kid by Rainscape
  138. Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy
  139. Puppy for Sale 3.19 - Life After Greenstone by James Matthews
  140. Shards & Fragments: Short Stories by SilvryArdor
  141. The North Down South by gor mu
  142. Ex gay husband by Zuri
  143. Finding Love by Ajbt2001
  144. Lanterns in the Dark by James Carnarvon
  145. Tuct Side by Westley D.
  146. The Priest's Tale by Tim Hobson
  147. David F by quokka
  148. Row Row Row your boat by WritersBlock404
  149. Farm Tales by quokka
  150. North Meets South, Worlds Collide by R. Eric
  151. John Christian Anderson by paren01
  152. A New Family Unit by Ajbt2001
  153. An Awkward Revolutionary by James K
  154. Himalayan Home by quokka
  155. Waif and Stray by AlreadyForgiven
  156. Awoken by the Wolf by Georgie DHainaut
  157. Running for Home by Lux Apollo
  158. The Knight's Tale by Tim Hobson
  159. Short Histoires by LJCC
  160. Shh! by BlueBabe85
  161. The Humpening by Arch Hunter
  162. Brothers by Yeoldebard
  163. Revelations by mastershakeme
  164. Fourth Down: Second Quarter by FrankD
  165. Sacrum by C. Henderson
  166. Taming Of The Beast by ASH PHOENIX
  167. A Ticklish Meeting In Paradise by Ajbt2001
  168. A Ticklish Story by Ajbt2001
  169. Scent of Smoke by buildercub
  170. Murder of a Moral Man by St. George
  171. The Tomcat and the Butterfly by Georgie DHainaut
  172. The Making of a Slave by and9993
  173. La Tombola by drsawzall
  174. Lux's Indulgences by Lux Apollo
  175. Juvenile Care Lovers by Georgie DHainaut
  176. The Spirit of the Plum Blossom Tree (TSPBT) by Kong Wen Hui
  177. Will you be my Verlaine? by Oliver Dean
  178. Writing Can Be Ticklish Work by Ajbt2001
  179. The Unwanted by Georgie DHainaut
  180. A Marching Band Story by Jacob Windigo
  181. Desert Vets by quokka
  182. I Believed In Leprechauns by drsawzall
  183. Silver and Gold by imogene_arant
  184. Amber Waves by Yeoldebard
  185. The World Out There by Drew Payne
  186. Pedik Russkiy by Georgie DHainaut
  187. Stranded: Heart of Black Ice Bay by lomax61
  188. Against the World by oat327
  189. The Neko's Tail by Yeoldebard
  190. Timothy by CLJobe
  191. Misunderstandings - McGees Boys Book 1 by Bndmetl
  192. Star Wars Episode 10: Return of Death by NnihhilusS
  193. Damian's Wolf by Yeoldebard
  194. In Our Darkness by C. Henderson
  195. This Strange World Needs A Kicking! by Laura S. Fox
  196. Eruption by quokka
  197. Farmers' Market by Yeoldebard
  198. Ballet of Rainbows by Georgie DHainaut
  199. Jamie - The Journey Begins by FSELL
  200. Raising Evzen by Yeoldebard
  201. Crying Wolf by Tsukihana
  202. Dutch by PhillMakracken
  203. Blue Eyed Twink by Ancient Battlecry
  204. Egaran Stars by Yeoldebard
  205. Alex & Lang by quokka
  206. Only a Matter of Hearts by Georgie DHainaut
  207. Dejection and Hope by Demiurge
  208. Dani the Hero by James Carnarvon
  209. Never walk alone by Andre Delport
  210. Live, Love, Lose by LittleCherryBlossom26
  211. The Curse of Being Beautiful by Georgie DHainaut
  212. Our Little Darlings (Revised) by D.K. Daniels
  213. A World Between by D.K. Daniels
  214. Another Brother by quokka
  215. Love's Always In Season by Ajbt2001
  216. Cyn's Poetry Collection by SoullessCynner
  217. Do vaporwave kitsune count technicolor sheep? by Tsukihana
  218. Mentally by Solus Magus

Recently Updated 'Poet' Stories

  1. Poems of Reflection by NFields1608
  2. Philippe’s Poetry - Words of Rhythm and Rhymes Summary Poem by Philippe
  3. Musings of a Wordsmith by JACC
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