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    Mark Arbour
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Paternity - 40. Chapter 40

October 21, 2000

Santa Cruz, CA


They’d brought the big limo that had been built on a Chevrolet Suburban chassis, and that was a good thing, since there were four of us trying to stretch out and get comfortable. JP and Stef sat in the back, facing forward, and seemed content that things were working out with their dysfunctional family. Robbie and I sat opposite them, facing backward. I was sitting across from JP, and Robbie was sitting across from Stef. I allowed myself a playful moment, thinking that as windy as the road across the mountains was, it was entirely possible for Robbie to get carsick, and if he puked, he’d probably end up puking on Stef. That would certainly help their already strained relationship. I distracted myself before the vision of that made me actually laugh out loud. Hot Jeff had opted to sit up front with the drivers, and I was just fine with that. He’d gotten up this morning before me, and I’d pretended to be asleep until he got out of bed so he wouldn’t feel obligated to fuck me. I didn’t want to be with him any more than he wanted to be with me. What had seemed so exciting and fun just a day ago was now looking like a really bad idea.

“I am going to go down to LA with Will tomorrow,” Stef stated.

“We’ll try not to be too late,” Robbie said, trying to be polite.

“Take your time,” Stef said. “We will be just fine.”

“I never doubted it for a minute,” Robbie said. “You’re amazing with him.”

Stef gave him an appraising look, as if trying to decide whether to accept Robbie’s praise. “I am good with most men, even those with whom I only have a platonic relationship.”

“Even with me?” Robbie asked. He was letting his guard down, and it made him really attractive.

“Yes, even with you,” Stef said dismissively. “You can be very difficult, and extremely annoying, but you have such good underlying traits it is hard not to love you.”

Robbie grinned, and that just sealed the deal. He was really good at using his facial expressions to charm people, something Matt had inherited from him. “I think you’re pretty amazing too, Stef.”

“And you have never even slept with me,” Stef observed, cracking us all up.

Robbie moved forward and took Stef’s hands in his. “I’m sorry for being an idiot. I really do love you.”

JP was trying not to chuckle, and so was I, both of us knowing how Stef would have absolutely no choice but to melt at that. He did. “I love you too. I sometimes forget that you process things differently, and that it can take you a bit longer to grapple with things like this.” He seemed worried that he insulted Robbie. “I am not implying you are not smart, because you are. You just need more time for your emotions to catch up with your brain.”

“Thanks Stef. I think you’re right. I think Will and Brad get that too.”

“You seem to have forgiven him,” JP interjected.

“He came into our room last night. I felt so sorry for him. He was so upset he actually had stomach cramps. He seems so tough on the outside, but he’s a lot more sensitive than that.” Robbie got a pensive look on his face. “He’d finally gotten his emotions under control, and then I think the reality of all this hit him. He’s like Brad. No one can make him feel worse than he can make himself feel.”

“That is why I was so belligerent when you were bringing up consequences and retribution. Nothing we can do will compare to what he will do to himself,” Stef said.

“Maybe,” I said, daring to contradict him, “but I think that by healing the rift with Robbie and Brad, he’ll be able to heal the rift within himself.”

They considered my words, and JP typically validated them. “I think you may be right,” he said. “Personally, this has been both traumatic and amusing for me.”

“And how has it been amusing?” Stef demanded, getting slightly irked.

“There is nothing quite so ironically humorous as seeing your child, who was somewhat difficult to deal with when he was growing up, have to turn around and deal with his own son as he exhibits similarly difficult behavior.”

“Payback’s a bitch?” Robbie paraphrased with a smile, cracking us up.

“That is another way to put it,” JP said.

“They really are a lot alike,” Robbie said.

“Actually, Will reminds me of another relative”, JP replied. “I think their similarities are more pronounced than his similarities with Brad.”

“Stef?” Robbie asked. “God help us.” Stef gave him a dirty look.

“No, he only reminded me of Stef when he was in Rome,” I joked. That got a predictable laugh.

“And the humorous irony can sometimes apply to grandparents as well,” JP said, laughing even as he gave Stef a loving look.

“So who is this mystery relative that you think Will has so much in common with?” Stef asked.

“Hmm,” he said, teasing us. “Let’s see. Who was willing to take on the world if she thought her cause was just and right, and was more than willing to go to extremes if she had to?” That registered with Stef, who snickered, but not with Robbie and me. “Who had a sharp tongue and an acerbic wit that sometimes made people very uncomfortable?”

“Tonto!” Robbie said, referring to Stef’s grandmother, and JP’s aunt. “Holy shit.”

Stef was really laughing now. “I cannot wait to tell Bradley that he gets to raise Tonto.”

“She was tough to handle, but one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. If he is like her, and he turns out like she did, he will be a man we will all be proud of,” JP said sagely. I only knew of this formidable woman by her reputation, and from the diary Stef’s father had left him. She was definitely a force to be reckoned with, but if JP felt that way about her, she must have indeed been something special.

“What do you think her biggest achievement was?” Stef asked JP.

“Integrating Claremont, especially the schools,” he said. “She had a combination of intelligence and chutzpah that made that possible. She out-thought the ignorant, and bullied everyone else, and the end result is obvious.”

“Doesn’t Claremont have race problems?” I asked.

JP shook his head. “Compared to other cities in Ohio, that is one of Claremont’s bright spots. It hasn’t always been that way, and the city is still segregated in certain neighborhoods, but it is much better than it used to be. And as I noted, much better than in other cities in the state.”

“That is an impressive achievement,” I agreed. Talking about race relations always made me uncomfortable, because it conjured up memories of my slave-owning ancestors, and the efforts of their descendants to maintain segregation even after slavery was abolished.

“I remember when I had returned from college for a visit in 1962,” JP reminisced. “Tonto drove a huge, white Chrysler Imperial, and someone had painted an obscenity on the side after she’d integrated the high school. She got some black paint and changed the letters so it read ‘negro lover’ instead, and drove around town until Barry made her get it fixed.” Barry was Tonto’s husband. “She said it was great, because none of the ladies asked her to drive when they went out to lunch.” That was really funny.

“Isn’t she the one who was there for you when you came out?” I asked.

JP got a contented smile on his face. “She was. It was after Andre was killed in Vietnam, and I’d told my father that we were lovers. I’d left the room, and he’d apparently asked my mother if I was a faggot. Tonto slapped him across the face so hard they heard it in the kitchen. Knowing that she was in my corner made dealing with my father possible.” They reminisced about this woman who supposedly had reincarnated herself in Will until we got back to Escorial. I abandoned them, probably a little more quickly than was properly polite, and headed straight to the nursery. I found Tiffany sitting there reading while Riley was squirming around in his crib.

“Hey there, Riley-boy,” I said, as I picked him up affectionately. Tiffany just looked at me as if I were an idiot, but I didn’t give a shit. I’d just watched the complete implosion of a father-son relationship, and then I’d seen it start to heal again. That whole incident made a powerful impression on me. This bond, this father-son relationship, was really intense, whether it was good or bad. I thought about my own relationship with my father, and how much I’d hated him for the years of abuse he’d subjected me to. Even in the depths of despair over that, I’d still felt the need for that kind of bond, and that had led me to JP. He’d filled that void in my life, giving me that same unconditional love that I had unknowingly craved. He was so much like me that it made communicating with him so relaxing and tranquil. Even tough topics were easy to grapple with, because we understood each other so well.

Yet when my father had finally pulled his head out of his ass and figured out how badly he’d hurt me, and he’d come to me and apologized, it had almost been inevitable that I’d forgive him. I hadn’t seen that then, I didn’t think it was even possible, but my father had that same determination that I did, that need to succeed, and we both approached our relationship with that kind of tenacity. Witnessing what happened with Brad and Will, it was much easier to understand why I’d reacted the way I had. There were some fathers and sons who were so fucked up, or pigheaded, that they couldn’t find a way back to each other; I got that completely. But I was prepared to believe that for the most part, that draw was so compelling, that those two individuals would have to really be adamant that they were going to lead separate lives and completely divorce each other if they were going to overcome the basic natural forces trying to pull them back together.

Perhaps my theory wasn’t something that could be generalized, I thought, sounding quite academic. JP would be proud of me, I concluded, and almost giggled. But at least for me, and for those close to me, it seemed to hold true. I’d witnessed it with my father and me, with Brad and Will, with Brad and JP, with Brad and Stef, and with Matt and his father. I held Riley in my arms, feeling him wiggle around restlessly, and determined that I would do better than all of those men. I would learn from their mistakes, and I would make sure that Riley never once questioned that I loved him.

“We need to talk,” Tiffany said, breaking in on my intimate moment. She looked nervous and worried, and I knew this wasn’t going to be a pleasant conversation.

“So talk,” I said, prompting her to go on.

“I’m going back to Malibu next weekend,” she announced. From the tone of her voice, it would be easy to think she was challenging me, throwing down the gauntlet, but I knew her well enough to get that she was just being that way because she didn’t like upsetting me.

“I’ll miss having you two around,” I said sincerely. She swallowed hard, and that just confirmed my impression that she was worried about me. “Are you and Jeanine getting back together?”

“I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

“That’s some amazing progress, though. I mean, you’re not ruling it out,” I noted.

“No, I’m not.” She sighed, and dropped her shields, letting me see her sincerity as she spoke. “I’m not sure how I feel about her, Wade, but I think my future is in LA. I want to watch JJ as he gets ready for Norway, and I want to be there to encourage him.” It was easy for me to forget sometimes how tied up in JJ she was. That was probably because I largely found him to be a bitchy but talented little thing, a true diva.

“Will Jeanine think you’re going back for her?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she demanded rudely. I’d hit a nerve.

“Look, you seem really confused about your feelings for her,” I reasoned. “I’m just hoping she knows that too, so she doesn’t get her hopes up.”

“I get that,” she said. She was pissed off for a few seconds, and then mellowed. “I appreciate what you’re saying.”

“It’s going to suck not having you and Riley around,” I said, and found that I had to bite my lip to generate pain so I didn’t start crying. “I want you to know that if things in LA don’t work out, you can come back here. And if you don’t want to be here, at Escorial, I’ll buy us our own big fucking house.”

She leaned past Riley and gave me a really sweet kiss on the lips. “You’re an amazing man, Wade Danfield. Inasmuch as a dyke can love a fag, I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said sincerely, and then I chuckled. “You’re such a romantic. You keep that up and you’ll have to turn in your flannel shirt and pick-up truck.”

“I look hot in a flannel shirt,” she said, flirting. “Especially when that’s the only thing I’m wearing.”

My body reacted to that vision as quickly as my mind did, and I had to adjust my erection. “Now that I’d like to see.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said, winking at me, and then got serious again. “I didn’t want to spring this on you right before we left. I wanted to give you some time to think it through.”

“It’s not what I want to happen, you know that. But I totally get why you have to make that move. I’m kind of stuck here with all of my commitments. I’m already on Matt’s shit list for missing this trip to Oregon. I’m going to need your help, in traveling to visit me, so I can see you two, at least until summer.”

“We already worked that out in our agreement,” she reminded me. “But if you’re stuck, and I’m free, I’ll try to make it up here more often.”

That got her a big smile. “Thanks.”

“No, thank you,” she said. “For making this much easier than it could have been.”

I spent most of the day with her and Riley, just catching up on my homework and studying for a test, and pausing to be a dad from time to time. Will came home from the beach, looking really happy. He came in to see us, and that prompted Jeanine to make an appearance. She was predictably cool to him, but he handled her really well. It was the strangest thing; it was as if he had suddenly drastically matured, and had actually gotten much more patient. It was almost weird. JJ had also come up to visit, so he could see Will.

“What’s with that?” Tiffany asked, after Jeanine, JJ, and Will left. “Did you guys find some kid that looked like Will and bring him back instead?”

I laughed. “I think the old Will ran away, and this Will came back home,” I said cryptically.

“This may make my life in Malibu a lot easier,” she joked.

“No, because even if Will has suddenly gone from acting like a 15-year-old to acting like an 18-year-old, JJ still acts like a 12-year-old,” I pointed out.

“Men are such a pain in the ass.”

“Only the really hung ones,” I joked.

“Speaking of which, what’s the deal with you and Hot Jeff?” I gave her a dirty look, and she just laughed at me.

“We fucked.”

“At least one of us is getting laid,” she said, letting me off the hook.

“Dude, I had you all set up at the GLBT Club. You had a hot chick sucking on your titties, and you freaked out,” I said, giving her shit.

“Asshole,” she said, but in a friendly way.

Dinner was only mildly dramatic, with a touching reconciliation with Brad and Stef, and an unpleasant exchange between Will and JJ and Darius. These people were just a little overwhelming at times. I’d finished up my work, and I was pondering my options for the evening. If I stayed around here, Hot Jeff may want to fuck around, and I just wasn’t into being with him. Things had gotten really strange, really fast with him. He wanted so much more than I could give him, and his antipathy to Matt was going to make any kind of relationship with him almost impossible. I realized suddenly that this was what I had been talking about with Matt when I’d said that if we found a person who was a threat, we had to nip it in the bud. Hot Jeff was a threat, because his goal would be to just be with me, and that meant he’d always be at least hoping that Matt and I wouldn’t be together. If I let him get close enough to me, he might try to more actively make that happen. I wondered if Matt would be able to see this kind of thing, these motives, as clearly. He certainly hadn’t done that with Carl. Still, JP and Stef had both cautioned me about having faith in his ability to learn from his mistakes. Maybe he’d do better in the future. I had to hope that he would. I didn’t want to deal with another Carl, or worse, someone who wasn’t as stupid as he was, but wanted the same kind of thing from Matt that Hot Jeff wanted from me.

The rumination convinced me that I needed to go out. I had no reason not to, and I had the perfect place to go. The A-Hos, our nickname for one of the sororities on campus, were throwing a big party tonight. The guys on the team had been pissed off because they’d be playing tonight, and then making the long-ass bus trip back to Paly, so they’d miss it. I felt a brief twinge of guilt for not booking my ass up to Oregon to play in tonight’s game, but I gave myself a pass. I’d worked hard to get Will back, and I’d succeeded. I’d done all my homework, and it was time to celebrate. It was time to party.

I was going to go say goodbye to Will, but there were distinct moaning sounds coming from his room. He and John had been gazing at each other during dinner, so presumably he was closing the deal. I said goodbye to Tiffany and drove myself down to campus. I managed to find a parking place and took a few minutes to make sure my car was locked up. It was highly unlikely I’d be driving it home tonight.

When I’d first gotten to Stanford, going to parties had been a blast, both because I was a freshman, and because people didn’t know who I was, who my father was. Later in the year, that had changed, and then I’d had to grapple with that, with being the son of a senator, and a super-rich senator at that. It had been pretty weird, with women throwing themselves at me like if I fucked them, I’d just fall in love with them and whisk them off to a life of leisure, and give them credit cards with no limit. After I’d come out, that had changed their zeal a bit, since they knew I was primarily playing for the other team, but then I’d been hit with the same thing, only from the guys. There’s no one quite so motivated as a gay guy who thinks I’ll take him shopping and spend a fortune on him if he lets me fuck him. All of that had made me pretty aloof, kind of a cold fish, at least when it came to sex. People seemed to get that, and by the end of last year, going to parties had started to be fun again. I knew a lot of people from classes and other stuff, so I was rarely alone at parties, but people seemed to respect that I wasn’t a complete slut, and they didn’t hit on me like their next pair of Nikes depended on it.

I walked up to the A-Ho house and a cute sorority sister named Mandy took me under her wing and led me to the keg. “You haven’t been to our parties in a really long time,” she said.

“You haven’t had a party in a really long time,” I said. “I think you plan them so I can’t make it.”

“Now why would you think that?” she demanded, flirting with me.

“Because I’m supposed to be playing hockey in Oregon right now.”

“But you’re here,” she said, winking at me. “This party must have been really important.”

“It must have been,” I agreed. I drank a few beers, and then did a shot with a couple of guys on the lacrosse team. I’d never thought I would be in this situation, an acknowledged gay guy, hanging out and having a fun time with a bunch of fellow student athletes. That didn’t even seem like an option when I’d been in high school. I kept on drinking, copping a nice buzz, but not getting too hammered, and was just enjoying myself, socializing like a fiend, when my phone rang. I smiled when I heard that familiar ring tone: Hot blooded.

“Hey!” I said cheerfully.

“Hey,” Matt said, much less cheerfully. I went outside where it wasn’t so noisy.

“What’s wrong?”

“We got our asses kicked,” he said. “It totally sucked. We just couldn’t make anything happen.”

“Bummer,” I said, and felt really guilty for not being there. I’d have to try and make it up to the team next weekend by playing my ass off. “Who played the best?”

“Besides me?” he asked, trying to work his way out of his bad mood.

“Yeah, besides the obvious,” I agreed.

“Probably Klip. He’s been on his toes, trying to keep away from me.” I heard Klip agree with him in the background. “We’re on the bus now. We won’t be home until fucking late.”

“That sucks,” I said sympathetically.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m at the A-Ho party,” I said.

“Wade’s at the A-Ho party!” he said to the other guys. I heard them booing and bitching. “Asshole,” he said to me.

“Dude, it’s lame without you here. I’m not even drunk yet,” I said.

“Better get to work on that,” he joked. “I thought you’d be at Escorial with your boy toy.” It was almost funny how jealous he was of Hot Jeff.

“Nah, I was sick of all the drama there, so I came down here to see if I could find something different.”

I heard him moving around, and I knew he was finding a quiet place on the bus to talk to me. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, it’s just fine. Well, other than Tiffany told me she’s moving to Malibu next weekend.”

“Dude, that sucks,” he said sympathetically. “We’ll have to make sure we get to see Riley a lot.” I smiled, a huge smile, at him acknowledging Riley’s importance both to me, and to himself.

“Yeah, we will,” I agreed. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” he said. He was uncomfortable about something, like he wanted to talk about an issue but didn’t know how to raise it. I was starting to worry that he’d done something really stupid, because if he had, this is how he would act. “So how was Hot Jeff?”

And then I got it. This thing with Jeff was really bothering him. “He was pretty fun,” I said, then got to the core issue. “Why does he bother you?”

“I don’t know,” he said, at least admitting that Hot Jeff did bother him.

“You’re just mad because he doesn’t want to sleep with you. You know, you were bound to find someone who could resist you,” I teased.

“Ha ha ha,” he said flatly. This was bugging him a lot more than I’d guessed.

“What is it, Matt?”

“I don’t know, I told you,” he said, all pissed off now.

He was frustrated about something, and he’d tell me about it later, but there was no reason for me to keep torturing him. “It’s over with him. It was fun, and it was intense, and now it’s over.”

“Really?” he asked. I tried not to be annoyed that he seemed so happy. “What happened? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I said honestly. “Look, I bitched at you about your thing with Carl because I told you that wouldn’t be good for us. It could have hurt us.”

“I know. I got it. You’ve only told me that a million times,” he bitched.

“It’s relevant,” I snapped, then got some control back. “I thought Jeff might be a threat to us, so I’m going to stop it.”

“Going to?”

“Well, we haven’t had a meaningful conversation since last night, so when we finally do have a chance to talk, I’m going to end it. I mean, I’ll still be his friend, but not his fuck buddy.”

“Wow,” he said. I didn’t know what he was referring to. “I wish I was there right now. If I was, I’d wrap my body around you and show you how totally in love with you I am.”

“Dude, you cannot talk like that,” I chided. “You’ll make me hard as a rock in the middle of this party.” He chuckled at that. “I love you too.”

“So what did he do that made you worry about us?”

“He told me he was a monogamous kind of guy,” I said. “He wants that kind of commitment, and I can’t give that to him. Ever.” I could feel his grin.

“You know, I haven’t gotten laid since I left,” he said. “I’m so fucking horny I can hardly stand it.”

“I’ll take care of you as soon as you get home,” I promised.

“You will, eh,” he said, in his sultry voice. Damn he was turning me on.

“Don’t I always?”

“Yeah, you do,” he agreed. He must have realized that getting each other all fired up while he was on a bus with the hockey team and I was at a sorority party probably wasn’t the best idea. “I’ll see you in eight hours or so. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said, and ended the call. I sighed, pocketed my phone, and headed back inside. Once I got there, I started drinking a lot more heavily. It didn’t take long before I was pretty fucked up. I had a blast, talking to people and just being the social beast that I can be when I’m on, and boy was I on. But doing that wears me out after a while, and I felt myself fading as the night went on until it was as if I’d hit a wall. I almost yawned when I was talking to one of the sorority sisters. That would never do. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and checked the time while I did. 2am. I decided that I’d had enough fun for one night, and made my way out of the party. I’d just walked down the steps and turned a corner when I plowed right into someone. It was a guy, and a really big guy.

“Watch where you’re fucking going,” he said loudly and aggressively, but I just smiled, because I knew that voice.

“Watch out yourself, you stupid asshole,” I snapped.

“What the fuck?!” he demanded, grabbing my shirt roughly.

“Let me go, Carullo,” I ordered. “Dumb fuck.”

He started laughing. “I’m a dumb fuck? You ran into me.”

“How would you know? You’re drunk off your ass,” I said. He was, but then again, so was I.

“Yeah, so?” I just laughed at that. “Where you going?”

“I gotta call and get a ride home.”

“Think you can help me get back to my room first? I’m not walking real well,” he said, only that’s not what he was saying. He was walking just fine. But I was drunk, and he was really attractive, probably the most masculine man I’d been around, at least on campus. The dude was a linebacker, and big as a car. He had handsome Italian features, and every part of him seemed huge. He was the kind of guy who could pin you down and just fuck your brains out. That idea had a lot of appeal, especially right now.

“Sure,” I said, and put my arm around him to steady him, even though he didn’t need it. He put his big, beefy arm around my shoulder, and pulled me firmly against his side. I could feel the heat emanating from his body as if he were a furnace.

“Thanks,” he said. “Where’s Matt?”

“In Oregon,” I said. “I just talked to him. We lost the game tonight.”

“How come you’re not there?”

“I had some family shit to deal with here,” I said. I didn’t know if Matt had told him about Will or not. “I finished it up in time to go to the party.”

“I’m glad you did,” he said, and squeezed me a little tighter. “I keep hoping I’ll run into you.”

“Only this time, I ran into you,” I joked. He laughed, a big belly laugh. We got back to the dorms and we both struggled to make it up the stairs. We finally got to his room, and he fumbled around with his key until I got frustrated and took it from him. I opened his door and he kind of pushed me in, and then followed behind me. He shut the door, and I heard the lock click as he did.

“So I hear you like me,” he said, moving closer to me.

“I like you,” I said. “I hear you like me.”

He moved close to me and pulled me into a hug. “I like you a lot,” he said. Before I could say anything, his mouth was on mine, and he just shocked the shit out of me. This guy was one amazing kisser. I’d known that he was dragging me back here so we could fuck around, but if I’d had any doubts, or thought about backing out, those doubts would have been erased by that kiss.

He maneuvered me over to his bed and pushed me onto it, then collapsed on top of me, but in a real considerate way. He fell on me enough that I knew he was big, and in charge, but he was careful not to let all of his weight land on me. We started making out again, only now he was lying on top of me, and thrusting into me as he did. I felt like I was completely at his mercy, this huge, powerful muscle of a man, who had me pinned down and could do whatever he wanted to me. God, it was erotic.

He finally heaved himself off of me and pulled his shirt off. I ran my hands up his abdomen up to his massive pectoral muscles, and brushed my fingers across his nipples, getting a deep moan for my efforts. He stood up and took off his pants and underwear, then all but ripped my clothes off of me. He was so in charge, so primal, it was awesome. He moved forward, pushing his dick toward my mouth, telling me to suck him without saying anything. I did. His dick was a nice size, big enough to be fun, but not so big as to be a challenge. He pulled it out of my mouth and fumbled around in his nightstand for a condom.

“I’m gonna fuck you, now,” he said, more of an order, and put the condom on his dick really fast. He squirted lube on it in a haphazard way that would have normally bothered me, but this time, it just seemed hot. He rolled me over, and I braced myself for his dick, but instead, I felt something warm and wet. It only took me a second to realize he was rimming me, and doing it with the same skill he’d used when he kissed me. Wow. I just lay there, moaning and writhing against his bed, until he finally stopped. I felt his whole body lying on top of mine, pinning me down. Only after he had me completely immobilized did he line up his dick and push gently into me.

“Aaah,” I heard myself moan. The first moan had a little pain in it, a little discomfort, but not the other ones, the string of moans I emitted as he fucked the shit out of me. God, he was such a man. He didn’t talk to me while he fucked me, but he grunted, almost like a cave man. On and on he went, sending waves of bliss through my body, until I felt him stiffen up and really let out a growl.

“Cumming,” he managed to say, and he seemed to spasm for an hour. When he was done, he collapsed on top of me, panting, and then gently pulled his dick out of my ass. I was hard as a rock, and totally fired up, but I wondered if he’d help me out, or if it was over. I should have known better. He spun me around and slowly jerked me off to a really good orgasm. When I was done, he carefully wiped the cum off my abdomen, and lay down next to me. “I liked that.”

I giggled like a girl. “It was alright,” I said, deadpan, and then laughed at his crestfallen expression. “You rocked.”

He gave me the cutest smile. “So did you.” He rolled over onto his back and pulled me to him, and I passed out with a smile on my face

Copyright © 2013 Mark Arbour; All Rights Reserved.

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Why does everyone seem to be pushing at JJ to grow up and act more mature? I personally find it refreshing that he's been able to stay a little kid for just a little bit longer.

I did kind of figure that JJ would be a big factor in why Tiffany would decide to come back to L.A. Of course, it's a mistake and in a few years JJ is out the door anyway, but of course she's just seeing a little boy that needs her.

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Whew Hoo, what a hot ending to the chapter!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Wade seems to fall into it with hot guys while poor Matt is stuck on a bus.....sceptic.gif

Great job on a nice transitional chapter. cool.png

Now for the dragon lady and the campaign? evil.gif

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On 05/19/2012 02:25 AM, PrivateTim said:
Just confirms what I always knew, Stanfurd football players are all fags :P


Cool chapter.

You wish.
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On 05/18/2012 02:01 PM, KevinD said:
I wonder what got Matt uptight? Maybe he did sense that "Hot Jeff" had his sights set on capturing Wade all for himself?


Looks like Wade & Tiffany have gotten over their 1st serious hurdle since working out their complex situation...


After the intense action of that last several chapters, this one felt like a "catch your breath" easy chapter...


Thanks Mark & Team!

Yeah, we're in a calmer mode right now. Go ahead. Relax. I dare you. :-)
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On 05/18/2012 03:54 PM, methodwriter85 said:
Why does everyone seem to be pushing at JJ to grow up and act more mature? I personally find it refreshing that he's been able to stay a little kid for just a little bit longer.

I did kind of figure that JJ would be a big factor in why Tiffany would decide to come back to L.A. Of course, it's a mistake and in a few years JJ is out the door anyway, but of course she's just seeing a little boy that needs her.

I'm not sure it's as much JJ as the skating that's drawing Tiffany back, but they are, at this point, pretty linked.
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On 05/19/2012 03:47 AM, Daddydavek said:
Whew Hoo, what a hot ending to the chapter!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Wade seems to fall into it with hot guys while poor Matt is stuck on a bus.....sceptic.gif

Great job on a nice transitional chapter. cool.png

Now for the dragon lady and the campaign? evil.gif

Matt will probably wonder about that himself. :-)
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Carullo has always been one of my favorite auxillary people in this story. I hope that we get to see more of him, a three way with Matt and Wade and him would be really hot...


Tonto has always been my favorite person in this saga with the exception of JP, of course... Not getting to see her passing has always been one of the biggest regrets that I have in this saga... If Will is like her, he will be an exceptional person...

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I keep thinking that there are like a million guys who would be better suited for Wade than Matt, yet Wade is so committed. Compliments to Team Arbour for the quality work.

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