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Adam Blake - 78. Chapter 78

Into each life comes sadness and hope

Breakfast was quiet. I looked at James, he looked perplexed. I looked at Johnny, he had tears in his eyes. I left the table, Johnny followed me, “Johnny, what’s happening.”

“Gerry’s dad is in the hospital. He wanted to go and see him and his stepmother said no.”

I then knew the problem. Tell Gerry to pack a suitcase I’ll take him to see his dad.”

“Sir, his dad is in Liechtenstein.”

“Tell him to pack and meet me out front in 30 minutes.” I had my armor on.

James had arranged a private plane to meet us at the helicopter port. “This is the hospital and room number. Take this, it is your school id and your passport.”

Gerry came with a little suitcase and very wet eyes. I put my arm around him as he leaned into me, watching the helicopter land.

Every boy was out on the steps to see Gerry off. “Have you ever flown in one of these?” He nodded yes. “Good cause I haven’t, you may have to hold my hand.” Yes a smile

“Will my dad be alright?”

“I don’t know too much Gerry but I do know he’ll be glad to see you.”

“My mother won’t let me see him.”

“Yes, she will. I’ll take her into a room and then you sneak in. We’re not coming this far without you seeing your father.”

We rushed from the helicopter to a waiting plane and we were off. One of the men introduced himself as Hans, he was assigned as security to protect the prince and his escort.”

“He must see his father, if you have to use force, do so.' I’m an ignorant American so what do I know. I wink at Gerry.

I noticed Gerry was very comfortable with Hans. Gerry cuddled into me, I put my arm over his shoulder and drew him in closer, he ended up on my lap. Soon he was fast asleep. “He must think a lot of you to be so comfortable in your arms?”

“Gerry is one of my students, he’s important to me as are all of my students. I’m holding a child who is hurting, I’m hurting because of him as well as 59 students at the Academy.”

Hans and I chatted about Gerry and his parental problems. We talked about the Academy. Hans asked about the medal Gerry was holding, I told him about the Knights of the Square Table. About the Oath that medal represented. He said it looked like it was gold. I told him it was. The usual question, who paid for it. “The medal was paid for by me with a contribution from one parent.”

We watched Gerry, the pilot announced in a foreign language, something which Hans translated. “We will be landing at a private airport and met with a private car. That will take you and Gerry to the hospital.”

“You aren’t coming?”

“I haven’t been invited.”

“Are you not his bodyguard?” Now I was getting scared.

“I’m inviting you, Hans.”

“Yes my Prince”

As soon as the plane stop, the doors were open and two men got on. They spoke to Hans, he indicated for us to get off the plane. I took Gerry’s hand and we followed to the car. When we got in, Gerry resumed to his seat in my lap. The other two men looked at Hans, Hans said something, they smiled and relaxed.

Arriving at the hospital, Gerry handed Hans his luggage and stood very straight and walked slightly in front of me. Hans walked behind me. People along the way, bent their heads as Gerry passed. When we went to entered the hospital, a woman started to yell. Hans moved in front of Gerry, Gerry spoke, the two men behind us moved in front and blocked the woman, we walked to a nurse, who led us to a room. Han’s stopped outside of the room as Gerry went in, Gerry came out took my hand, and led me into the room. There were doctors and nurses all around his father. Gerry walked over to the bed, he said something to his father, I guess one of the nurses realized I didn’t speak the language.

She translated for me. (the translation) Father, I am here - How can that be?- My teacher brought me from school. Yes father I was sad because I couldn’t come to see you, he brought me. " He said you are a good man and he wants to look at you."

I moved close to the bed, Gerry took my hand. “My son, tells me you’re a good man. That you take good care of him. He has sent me a letter explaining the medal. You are doing a good thing in an evil world.”

“Thank you, sir, The students do not serve me, I serve them. I have the greatest job in the world, interacting with smart, polite students who will change the world. There’s no better position.” I felt Gerry squeeze my hand.

He looked over at a man, indicated for him to come over. “You are Dr. Adam Blake, correct?”


He took a piece of paper and signed it. I could see tears in Gerry’s eyes, I removed my handkerchief from my suit jacket pocket, stooped down, and dried his eyes. I smiled at him. He leaned into me.

They brought a chair over for Gerry to sit in, he asked me to sit and with a little help, sat on my lap. His father smiled and said something in his language. He took the ring off of his finger and place it on Gerry’s of course it was way too large. Gerry started to cry and placed his face into my chest as sobs racked his body. I had tears in my eyes. I knew what was happening and his stepmother didn’t want him to see his dad. I cuddled him to me, as he cried. His dad said something, I was asked to stand, I carried Gerry with me, as if we were to leave, he turned and said something to his dad. Later Hans told me he told his dad he loved him, forever.

There was a commotion out in the hall, I covered Gerry’s ears so he wouldn’t hear it. Hans closed and locked the door. Eventually, Gerry calmed down. He looked at the ring. “Can you keep this for me until I’m 21”

“May I put it in a safe deposit box at my bank. On this day every year, until you are 21, we will go to that box and take this ring and think of your dad.”

“And say a prayer”


There was a knock on the door, “Dr. Blake, this is the King’s solicitor. He has papers that make you the Prince’s guardian until he’s 21 when he’ll assume his role as King. This paper gives you control of his assets until he is 21 and this document permits you to draw upon his expense account for his benefit. You’ll be paid for this function.”

“Which document states that I’ll be paid”

“This one sir” He handed me a one-sheet document with a number on it. I took the document and tore it up.

“I won’t be paid for a job of love. I’d take care of this boy if he was Hans’s son. He’s smart and in my eyes is worth more than a piece of paper.”

Gerry looked at me, smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. I opened his medal and slipped the ring on. “Put it under your shirt until we get home. Then you and I will take it to the bank.”

We sat there for a while. “What happens next?”

“The priest will come, hear his confession, and then he’ll go to sleep.”

I mouthed what is wrong. “He has cancer and a bad heart. The heart is failing and there is nothing they can do. He’s too old for a transplant and cancer complicates things.”

“I’m going to miss him. We use to chat a lot”

“Gerry, he hasn’t gone from your life. He’s right here (pointing to his heart) and you’ll see something and then remember him, you’ll hear something and you’ll remember his voice. Our loved ones don’t leave us, we carry them with us all of our lives in our heart and memories.”

“Do you believe that?”

“Yes on the Knight’s Oath”

He smiled and with his head on my chest, he fell asleep again. He has had a stressful day. “What’s next Hans?”

“There will be a visitation, then the funeral in the cathedral, and then burial in the family crypt.”

The visitation went very well I was provided clothes to wear as well as Gerry. I helped Gerry to dress, we didn’t let anyone see where the ring was. He was brave as he stood by the bier, I noticed a similar ring on his father’s hand. Hans said it was a copy. We watched his stepmother putting on a show. Hans told me she hated him. After all of the Dignitaries left including the Ambassador, only the immediate family were left. I moved to the front of the bier, there were kneelers there, I knelt Gerry looked at me, knelt beside me. I prayed, Gerry heard me, "Father accept this soul in Heaven. Permit him to be a saintly guardian for his son. Heal his son’s grief, grant me the wisdom to guide Gerry to his rightful place in our world and history. Protect us, Lord, in Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.”

We knelt there a little longer, I offered a silent prayer, "Help me Lord and guide me."

I felt Hans's hand on my shoulder, I stood up and Gerry stood with me.

Hans whispered to me, "It is customary for the heir to walk out first." I stepped back, Gerry grabbed my hand. Hans nodded and we walked out together. There was a podium, It was customary for the heir to say something.

“My father was a good man. I know because I know other good men as well. Before my father went to a place to watch over me, he gave me a new father, a man who is as good as my father was, a man who’ll remind me how good of a man I’ll become. Grieve not for my father he’s in heaven, grieve for us who remain here. ”

Hans looked at me, he bowed to me. “Hans stop, stand up.”

“Sire, he has abdicated to you until he is 21. You are our leader until he can take over.”

This can’t be happening. Gerry what did you do? “Hans, how can I undo this.”

“You can’t. The administrators will meet with you once per month to review grievances and policies matter.”

“Gerry, what have you done. I can’t guide a country, I’m a teacher.”

“You are the only person who I have faith in that will do the right thing. The Knights talk about you all the time, we remember what it was like and what it is now. If you can do that in less than a year, what can you do for my country.”

I hugged him, “You’re going to have to help me, a lot”

We stayed for a full week, “Gerry, we need to go home.”

“I have, you have, one more piece of business to do before we leave.”

“Your stepmother?”

“What are our options?”

“Minister, please tell my father what the options are.”

“The options are, she can be arrested and punished for actions taken against the prince. She can be exiled to another country or she can be sent back to her family.”

“Are there any monetary considerations or obligations?”

“No your highness”

“How much money does she have now?”

“The equivalent of 1 million dollars”

“Gerry, that’s a lot of money, how much should we let her keep?

“She was married to my father for 5 years, 100,000 dollars equivalency.”

“Bring her forth for judgement.”

“You are accused of insubordination which carries the penalty of death. However, I am a merciful man, you’ll be sent back to your family with the sum of 100, 000 dollars in current equivalency. All rights and privileges have been revoked.”

The scribe, handed me the document, Gerry read it, I signed it and I asked Gerry to sign it as well.

“Are you ok? Shall we go home?”

The smile answered it all.

just a reminder this is fiction

Copyright © 2021 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

38 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Wow what a powerful chapter. Adam thought he was busy before, nows he's guardian to a Prince and Leader of a country. He's going to need to delegate duties and have someone help him run the country.

I am always amazed as how much people can shoulder in life.  I had an employee who had much potential, I keep assigning projects to him until he cried 'uncle' then I started to take projects away from him. He came and asked for them back plus additional work. He's now president of his own company.

Adam will rise to the challenges, he has the support of an army and staff

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Holy Moses!!! Like Billy Martin said, "I didn't not see this coming, at all." Heartwarming, sadness, anger, frustration, ... how could anyone with a soul not want a son to see his father before he died??? Greedy, horrible, despicable individual that yes, saw the mercy of 2 very generous men who are great leaders. 

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1 hour ago, Kev said:

WOW WOW WOW ! ! ! ! ! All hail King Adam the great.:2thumbs:

I absolutely did not want this chapter to end. The best chapter that I have ever read in all of my 247 years on  this earth (OK, slight exaggeration:facepalm:)... Gerry made the right decision in choosing Adam to be his proxy, as the Knights trust him in all things it makes sense that he would get his father to name his mentor as his guardian until he is of age. Just think, if this was to happen with all of the boys, Adam could become "King of the World!"

Ps...Not many people can make me cry... You just did. :thankyou:

I am sorry I made you cry. With the devotion that Adam has earned, it would be natural for him to accept this role in Gerry's life.  You can be assured any decisions Adam makes will be in the interest of Gerry and his people. I would guess that Adam and Gerry discuss everything.

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20 minutes ago, Chris L said:

Holy Moses!!! Like Billy Martin said, "I didn't not see this coming, at all." Heartwarming, sadness, anger, frustration, ... how could anyone with a soul not want a son to see his father before he died??? Greedy, horrible, despicable individual that yes, saw the mercy of 2 very generous men who are great leaders. 

The woman is evil and I know she wanted to rule, but Adam's devotion to the boys saved Gerry and teh kingdom from a wicked woman. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of her.

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Wow, what a twist of events. 

What's next? Probably only one man knows.

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7 minutes ago, Hlasota said:

Wow, what a twist of events. 

What's next? Probably only one man knows.

They are on the plane home. I think there is still some grieving to do.

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An incredible chapter, full of all the emotions, well done Sir!!!

Can someone pass a spare hankie???

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1 hour ago, drsawzall said:

An incredible chapter, full of all the emotions, well done Sir!!!

Can someone pass a spare hankie???

Thank you. I just write what Adam tells me. 

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4 minutes ago, DelrayDad said:


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter

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